25 FEB 2018 -- PARTY AT THAI FLYING CLUB -- Lek and Nuni are sponsoring a party at TFC this coming Sunday at 5:30pm. The club will be on the grass next to the TFC Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome. Exciting news will be presented at the party, because Nuni is now working on opening the TFC Flying School again. The Flying School has been closed for 3.5 years while the club was trying to repair some of the planes. There are over 30 people who have expressed interest in learning to fly, so we will be contacting them with updates on the process. The exciting news is that the club will hopefully be working with the University and supporting their AIT (Aviation Institute Technology), so that we work together and share our knowledge and experience in aviation. Come to the party.


FEB 2018 -- KHUN CHAROEN & KHUN CHARN IN THE EXTRA -- The action was all above over the weekend in early February as Khun Charn took his outstanding Extra through its paces over the skies of Thai Flying Club. Up in front was none other than Khun Charoen, one of the most enthusiastic aviators you can find in Thailand. Khun Charn and Charoen are some of the most senior members of the Thai Flying Club, and Charn is famous for his love of aerobatics. If you ever want to witness an Extra in Action, call the club and find out if Khun Charn will be flying on a Saturday or Sunday late afternoon, and you will be in for a treat.


23 JUL 2017 -- BANG PHRA AIRPORT OPEN AGAIN -- Our airport was closed from 19 Jun - 23 Jul for the Kasetsart Agricultural Fair. This year, it was big and the entire runway was full of tents. There were no notams indicating that the airport was closed for a month, and no one can explain why.  

14 MAY 2017 -- ENTHUSIASTIC AVIATOR ED FLYING TRIP TO CHINA -- Flying Ed and Mike Wlson have made it back from China. Ed was the first guy to fly into China "This Time" and this was a highly celebrated event in Central China. There is a lot of interest for General Aviation in China, and they are getting the money to do it, but.... The Chinese PLA Air Force still owns the air, so we don't have any private aviation yet. Check this link for a review of Flying Ed's First Flight into China "This Time" --

15 APR 2017 -- FERNANDO'S MAGIC MYSTERY TOUR -- He is on his way. Captain Fernando and our own TFC member Harry have touched down in Muscat, Oman. The mission is to get to Europe, and after that, who knows... Fernando has informed us that the plane is flying very well and that he wants to enjoy the beautiful weather in Europe for the summer. Stand by, as we follow the mystery tour...
14 APR REPORT -- Greetings from Muskat!! This is my 5 stop since I started my World Tour on 10/Apr. I took off from VTBT to VTPM VGEG VANP OPKC and OOMS tomorrow I will continue to OKBK and then OJAQ HELX LGIR LICT LEPA and LERS, and then I think I will need to relax some days in beautiful Europe. This will be the first part of my trip if everything goes well. Harry has offered to fly with me this first part of the trip and he is being and excellent co pilot. If you don't have nothing better to do you can follow our trip
in flight tracker. Just search for HS MAR -- I hope to see some of you during the trip an thanks to all of you who helped me to prepare this trip
17 APR REPORT -- Yesterday arrived to Luxor. Amazing flight over the Red Sea!! Tomorrow Greece!
-- Fernando has successfully completed the Magic Mystery Tour and he is now back in Bang Phra.
Follow the Mystery Tour --

18 FEB 2017 -- TFC PARTY AND VISIT THE WHITE HOUSE -- Khun Tui organized a TFC Hangar party up at Fernando's Han gar with delicious fare and plenty of wine. Many current club members were in attendance. Khun Tom recounted his Friday afternoon forced landing in a field near Bang Saen. The TFC team and the A Team were incredible in their service and assistance with the accident. Then Khun Fernando recounted his previous engine failure and tree landing in a Quicksilver at CMT airport many years before. Khun Worawoot then explained that Khun Pee will be making a Thai Language Facebook page for the club and he will put the video in the webpage of the drone flying over the club aircraft on the runway at Bang Phra. Khun Pee says that he has 50,000 friends on his webpage, so his new Thai language TFC webpage would have many friends. Turbo san also gave a very hilarious recount of his accident in a Cessna 150 when he told the story of him standing on the brakes to stop the plane, and the instructor pushing in the throttle to go around. These two actions together did not solve the problem. Captain Rolf and Tony and Special visitor Khun Suchard and Am. Khun Charn and Noy were also in attendance. After the party, Khun Pee invited all the members to visit his new "White House of Erry" up on the hill overlooking Sriracha. It was a stunning view, and the house is almost finished, so perhaps, we were some of the first visitors. Pictured right is TFC visitor Anthony from France who came to fly with Kruu Sirapol and was over the moon. He thoroughly enjoyed is flight over the Gulf of Thailand and was so impressed that he could arrange a scenic flight that he could fly himself over Thailand. If you want to come to the FREE TFC TUI PARTY -- email the club, so they know you are coming -- 

22 OCT 2017 -- AIR VICE MARSHALL PIAK VISITS TFC -- This weekend, Khun Damri brought down a special visitor to TFC. About to celebrate his 70th birthday on 18 Feb 2018, AVM Piak is a very keen aviator. He has flown 14 types of aircraft through his tenure with the RTAF. He has 5,000 hours in the "Spooky" C47 over Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. His plane has been hit by bullets 11 times, and he was hit once during a night op, when he touched his shirt, it was wet. Only later did he realize that there was a hole and he was bleeding. He has had over 100 engine failures in the C47. He said that the 6 barrel 7.62mm guns would shoot off 6,000 rounds per minute. He could fire 3 guns at the same time out of the Port side Cargo door and there was a gun sight outside the Captain's left seat window. When all 3 guns were firing 18,000 rounds per minute, he could feel the tail of the C47 swing to the right, so have to put some left rudder. AVM Piak was Khun Damri's R/C Airplane Instructor when he was 10 years old (about 40 years ago). There is plenty of passion for aviation, and it was an honor to have him visit the club.

25 NOV 2017 -- FERNANDO TFC "WINTER TOUR" -- Hi Pilot friends, This Year the Winter Tour will start on 25 Nov in VTPT and finish on 2 Dec in VTUU. As usual I will block the hotels, maximum of 10 Rooms in bases of first come first serve. The prices are similar to previous Years, average of 1500 per night. I avoid the first week of December as many Holidays together and the hotels will be very full and more expensive. If you want to Join let me know asap with pax per airplane and rooms needed. Find below itinerary. Happy flights --
From // To // Heading // Totals // Leg
VTBT VTPT 336°M 240nm ----- ----- 240nm ----- -----
VTPT VTCT 11°M 426nm ----- ----- 186nm ----- -----
VTCT VTCH 251°M 541nm ----- ----- 115nm ----- -----
VTCH VTCS 183°M 608nm ----- ----- 67nm ----- -----
VTCS VTUL 102°M 829nm ----- ----- 221nm ----- -----
VTUL VTUW 92°M 997nm ----- ----- 168nm ----- -----
VTUW VTUU 175°M 1,125nm ----- ----- 128nm ----- -----
VTUU VTBT 242°M 1,383nm ----- ----- 258nm ----- -----

HS MAR (Fernando) 2 Rooms
HS NUT (Tony) 2 Rooms
HS EQK (Hanspeter) 2 Rooms (Will Join only VTUL VTUW VTUU)
HS RAM (Rolf) 1 Room
HS AMM (Suchart) 1 Room
HS BON (Andy) 1 Room
HS CRZ ( Mike) 1 Room
HS NYE (Gunter) 1 Room (Will join VTPP VTCT VTCH VTCS)
HS ROB (Robert) 1 Room (Will join part of the trip to be advised)
Khun Charn planning to join part of the tour.
Khun Alistar will attend the Catalonia Independence Party.
Find below the update of our Winter Tour
UPDATE -- As you see this Year we have more airplanes joining, which is very good but probably a little bit more complicate to coordinate. Please if you have any change or you can not join inform Ms Elle at least 7 days before departure at before 7 days there will be cancellation charges on the hotels. Please don’t forget each Captain is responsible for his own flight planning and permits. Khun Tui from VTBT will help with any issue. Please comply with safety regulations in flight and on ground as this can affect the hole grouped. Don’t forget all your documents!! Happy flights and see you soon

Following the TFC "Winter Tour" this year, Fernando will be hosting a WORLD FLIGHT PARTY in Bang Phra. This will be the biggest party we have ever seen since our previous president. Everyone is welcome. Free food and Free wine. If you need a hotel (less than 1,000 Baht per night) -- email Tui -- and if you fly in with your plane and camp under your wing, Fernando will give you a free bottle of wine. During the party, Fernando and Juan will recount the highlights of the "Magic Mystery World Tour" in HS-MAR.
Date Saturday 9 December at VTBT
Party will start at 18.30 P.M.
For Fly Inn please try to land not later than 16:30 P.M.


18 FEB 2017 -- POSTPONED AGAIN __ PRECISION FLYING EVENT -- The 2016 P.F.E. Blogsite is up at and the event has been postponed due to the very sad passing of his Magesty the King. We're still making some final touches to the scoring-arithmetic but most of the information in there is correct. NEW DATES UNKNOWN. These new dates have been postponed again. Standby for More info -- Email Mike

21 JAN 2017 -- FLYING TRIP TO CAMBODIA CANCELLED -- We have just been informed that the 21 Jan Flying trip to Cambodia has been cancelled because of lack of sponsorship on the Cambodian end. The trip was originally scheduled for Sihanoukville, then rerouted to Battambang, and then it fizzled out. Thank you to everyone that had tried so hard to make this possible. Perhaps, next year -- PREVIOUS POST: Mike has informed us that members of the dynamic EAA THAI are organizing a Flying Trip from U-Taphao to Sihanoukville, Cambodia early next year. This is one of the most exciting events that we have seen in years. There has been practically zero General Aviation activity in Cambodia since the activities and training of the Cambodia Flying Club ceased about 10 years ago due to politics in Cambodia. General Aviation has become too expensive (up to us$2,000 just to fly in and out in fees alone). This trip could completely change that. All Air Fees and Landing Fees have been waived, so we can fly in and support the event in Sihanoukville. So far, 15 Aircraft have confirmed they will join the trip. Experimental aircraft are joining, and it is very likely that Ultralight Aircraft will join as well.
Here’s what we know right now: 1. The date will be on/around the 21st January 2017. 2. The venue looks like being Sihanouk, about 100 miles past Koh Chang, on the coast. Lat/Long of field: 10 34 30n, 103 38 04e. 3. We’re being invited by the National Motorsport Association of Cambodia. The purpose of our visit will be to add spice to their “Speed Festival”. 4. The trip will probably last about 4 days. 5. We have been assured that no charges will be made upon us for visas, parking, landing fees, air navigation charges, etc. 6. It’s likely we’ll need to pay our own food, hotels and fuel costs. 7. They should have fuel available. 8. We'll clear Customs/Immigration at U-Tapao.
What you need to do now: If you’re interested in joining this trip, please email me stating: a) Registration of aircraft. b) If you have a Certified or Experimental - I’m pretty sure Ultralights won’t be able to attend. c) Check your insurance is valid in Cambodia d) Check all your paperwork will be current in January. e) Give the name of the registered aircraft owner, as it’s written on the 5-year permit. f) Give the name of the Pilots and Passengers for the trip. For more information --

21 JAN 2017 -- CLUB AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY RULE -- If you wish to use our club aircraft to take photographs of a specific site on the ground, we please ask for you to obtain a written permission from the owner of that location before your flight to show to the club. If you want to go on a sight-seeing flight with your camera, then there is no need for a letter of permission. Thank you for understanding and helping us to keep General Aviation a positive and helpful activity in Thailand.

NOV 2016 --KENG KRAJAN FLY IN A SUCCESS -- Admiral Tanakrit organized a fantastic fly-in at the newly certified Kengkrajan Airport West of Hua Hin in Thailand. We have visited this airport before, but it is only now that the airport has received certification. Admiral Tanakrit took a balloon flight from the newly certified airport and several aircraft flew in (Suchard, Mike, George, Others). There is a beautiful golf course about 8km from the airstrip, and the same owner will come and pick you up -- Keng Krajan Airport


24 SEP 2016 -- FUG BIN FREE -- The winners of "Fug Bin Free" (why do you want to fly) essay competition at AIT Rajamangala University will come to fly at TFC --

10 NOV - 15 DEC 2016 -- BANG PHRA WILL CLOSED AGAIN -- Bang Phra may be closed these dates for the annual Agricultural Fair at the Rajamangala University Campus. For more info -- email Khun Tui --

03-11 DEC 2016 -- FERNANDO WINTER TOUR -- Join TFC member Fernando on a Winter Tour of Thailand. He likes to fly up North and all the great places in Thailand at a very relaxed pace over the Thai Holiday. If you have any questions about Navigation Apps for your iPad, you can ask him, because he has all of them. Email TFC if you want to join the Winter Tour --

02-03 DEC 2016 -- CHIANG KHAM FLY IN -- Admiral Tanakrit is once again organizing his fantastic Children's Day Fly-In to the North. If you have never been up here, then you have no idea how special it is. Last year, we had over 6,000 spectators and delicious Northern Thai cuisine and everybody stayed all day for airplane rides and free fuel. It is a beautiful airstrip up in Chiang Kham with a very interesting history. If you want to join --

25-26 JUN 2016 -- PRACHUAP KHIRI-KHAN AIR RALLY -- A great success. 604 Squadron was in full force for the weekend at Prachuap Khiri Khan, certainly one of the most beautiful airstrips in Thailand. RASAT did an outstanding job of welcoming the visiting aircraft and hosting the event to FAI standards. Prachuap Airforce Base is the home base of the U-23 Peacemaker and is surrounded by limestone karsts and beautiful golden Thai temples. Aircraft flew in from Wings Over Asia in Singapore, from Malaysia, Ed and Mike came in from Nok (Chiangmai) and Fernando and Tom flew in from Bang Phra.

JUN 2016 -- YASOTHORN'S "LEONG NOK THA AIRPORT OPEN AGAIN -- Khun Gik has shared great news with us. He is opening a flying school in the retired old airstrip and is currently fixing up all sorts of airplanes to take to his flying school. His Flying Club will be called "FRIENDS FLYING CLUB & TRAINING" and he has 2x C172, 2x Jabiru, 1x Sonex, 1x Quicksilver, and a twin coming from CATC. He is using the A Team for his maintenance and he will be offering UPL and PPL (60 hour) flying courses. For more information -- LEONG NOK THA AIRPORT

11 SEP 2016 -- SINGAPORE FLYING CLUB MANAGER LEE BUCK CHOON -- Sunday, Pizza Night, 6pm at EAA EASTERN FLYING CLUB -- We welcomed the Manager of the Republic of Singapore Flying Club who gave a very interesting history and current affairs of the club in Singapore. Lee also enjoyed the best pizza in Thailand. Thanks to Lee from Republic of Singapore Flying Club and EAA Thailand for hosting the evening on flying in Singapore --

29 JUL 2016 -- BANG PHRA AIRPORT NOW OPEN AGAIN -- We are open again (as of 29 Jul 2016). We were closed on 27 Jun, because we were trying to get the 2 year permit for the airfield (instead of renewing month by month). However, the CAAT has informed us that they need more documents and pictures, so the airport was closed for a month. Now we are open again.

JUN 2016 -- TFC HERO KHUN NIN -- Khun Nin has done it again. He has just completed painting the roof to the TFC Clubhouse for the second time. This prevents the rust and corrosion of the roof, so the roof lasts longer and we don't have to replace it. This is preventative maintenance just like mechanics do on aircraft. Congratulations TFC for this forward thinking and keeping the clubhouse in good shape.

JUN 2016 -- KRUU JIRA CELEBRATES 83RD BIRTHDAY -- The TFC staff were on full alert to celebrate Kruu Jira's 83rd Birthday recently. There was a birthday cake and a delicious seafood cookout prepared by Khun Tui. There are not many flying clubs in the world with both instructors in their 80's, but here at TFC you can come and fly with both of them.

JUN 2016 -- TURBO SAN FIRST SOLO -- It was a fantastic landing and the entire club staff and active members were on hand to celebrate as Turbo san soloed the C172 with a perfect greaser landing after 2 and half years of training. Kruu Sirapol was very proud to have Turbo solo, and now he can accelerate his training so he can fly his recently purchased C150. Congratulations Turbo san -- Watch Turbo San first solo and the "smoothest" landing.

JUN 2016 -- CHEROKEE 140 HS-ATJ BACK IN THE AIR -- It was truly unbelievable. After almost 15 years of being grounded, the club Cherokee 140 took off on a test flight with Kruu Sirapol and 2 mechanics with full fuel to make a test flight. This has been an incredible journey, but the TFC team and mechanics have done it and gotten this plane back in the air. Congratulations to everyone for keeping this plane alive.

JUN 2016 -- A TEAM NUNG BECOMES A MONK -- We have had no shortage of celebrations this month, and our very own A Team sent Khun Nung to Mahasalakam to become a monk. The team was in full force for the celebration, and we look forward to Nung's return with his renewed spirit.

COMING SOON 2016 -- CAPTAIN ED TRIPLE 3,000 HOUR PARTY -- Enthusiastic Aviator Ed is all set to cross the 3,000 hour threshold. He enthusiastically announced to us in Prachuap Khiri Khan that he will be hosting 3 parties as soon as this happens -- In Chiangmai, In Bangkok, and In Phuket -- the three zones in which Ed hangs out. All keen aviators are invited to any and all of the parties. As soon as we know the date, we will let you know. Congratulations to Ed.

Kruu Jira turns 83 -- Turbo san First Solo Party -- Captain Worawoot "Unplugged"

TFC Team gets HS-ATJ back in the air after 15 years -- A Team Nung becomes a Monk

06 MAR 2016 -- KHO JAN AIRPORT OPEN AGAIN -- EAA Thailand organized a fly-in to visit Khun Yutana at his newly refurbished Kho Jan Airstrip. Now the airstrip is authorized for HS Aircraft to land. 4 Aircraft flew in on Saturday to honor Khun Yutana and were welcomed with a delicious lunch.

03 FEB 2016 -- BANG PHRA AIRPORT OPEN AGAIN -- Thai Flying Club is open again. Finally. Bang Phra has been closed for almost a month while the club was sorting out the airport permit with the CAAT (which used to be the DCA). So now everyone can come and fly again. Khun Toon says that now TFC will apply for a 2 year operating permit like Khun Alex has done for Pattaya Airpark.





18 MAR 2016 -- TREMENDOUS PROGRESS AT TFC -- The TFC Staff have been working overtime recently. The club is looking very nice. The A Team has prepared the club 150 and Cherokee 140 for a test flight maybe even next week. This is very exciting. It will be the first time the Cherokee has flown in 15 years. This means that we will have to have a TFC TUI PARTY with free beer for all the A Team and TFC Staff in the clubhouse. Not only this, Khun Tui is building a wall. It is a huge wall to stop the jungle from coming into the club. It means that we can park one more airplane in the back part of the club that can undergo maintenance without rain and the jungle disturbing the process. When Khun Tui finishes the wall, we will have another TFC TUI WALL PARTY. Stay tuned for all the upcoming parties !!! Well done TFC.

05 MAR 2016 -- PHUKET AIRPARK HOSTING ATC TRAINEES -- Khun Suchard and Khun Tony and Captain Watana were busy giving introduction flights and a full day of fun and activities for new trainees from Phuket ATC. Phuket Airpark works very closely with Phuket Control Tower and has very good relations with all the ATC staff. Khun Tony was on a quick visit to Phuket with his Commander but was very happy to help with the flying and fun.

5-12 DEC 2015 -- TFC WINTER TOUR A SUCCESS -- Against all odds... The TFC Annual Winter Tour was off and running. Many airports in Thailand were suddenly closed as the DCA (now the CAAT) requires more documentation on the original airport construction and Bang Phra was closed for the annual agricultural fair, but this did not stop the intrepid aviators of TFC. This year, the Winter Tour will have Fernando, Rolf, Harry, Charn, Tony, and Khun Suchard. The Itinerary will take the aviators to the far North.
05 DEC - Bang Phra to TAK (VTPT)
06 DEC - to PRAE (VTCP)
08 DEC - to LOEI (VTUL)
09 DEC - to NAN (VTCN)
11 DEC - to MAE SOT
12 DEC - to BANG PHRA (VTBT) if the Agricultural Fair is finished and if Bang Phra has its permit from DCA (now CAAT)

30 JAN 2016 -- PRECISION FLYING EVENT AT EAA HQ EASTERN -- You saw all the excitement last year at the EAA HEADQUARTERS EASTERN for the Precision Flying Event. This year was even more exciting with the arrival of the Hooters Cheerleaders and about 16 aircraft competing. We had airplanes from SAA TANTAWAN and EAA EASTERN and RASAT PATTAYA AIRPARK and THAI FLYING CLUB and even some visitors from NOK CHIANGMAI AIRPORT. Everyone was there. The food was amazing with Tiki Bar and Noemi working flat out and then the annual pig roast. RAF Vice Admiral Boz was on hand to present the winning trophy -- and this year, the winner again was Norwegian Ship Captain Fritz.... from Pattaya Airpark. Congratulations Fritz. This year's obstacle course was 76NM and there was a spot landing competition. It was an all-in-one event followed by BBQ and award ceremony. Thank you all for coming to celebrate will all the EAA aviators in Thailand -- -- and thank you Mike for excellent organization amidst airport closures and all sorts of adversity -- New dates! (previousl postponed from 28 Nov 2015, because of airport permit).

26 DEC 2015 -- SAA TANTAWAN FLY-IN -- Tantawan Fly-in and Xmas/New Year party December 26, flying games in afternoon, dinner and entertainment in evening, overnite camping or budget accommodation, all welcome... This is an event not to be missed, and Tantawan is the new home of the SAA. Fly in and meet the guys. -- Any questions --

AEROSHOP NEW OWNER -- KHUN LEA -- For Aviators in Thailand, it is very hard to find good aviation maps, good training materials, and good flying gadgets. Recently, we met Khun Lea from France, who is now the "Commandant D'Abord" of the AEROSHOP in Bangkok. The first thing we noticed about her, aside from being very friendly and welcoming, is that she is genuinely interested in providing the aviation items that aviators in the Kingdom need. She welcomes everyone to her shop on 2nd floor AMARIN PLAZA in Bangkok and if there is anything you need, let her know so that she can try to stock it for you -- --

27 SEP 2015 -- FERNANDO AIR AMBULANCE HANGAR PARTY A SUCCESS -- Fernando invited all staff to the opening Hangar Party to celebrate the arrival of this new DA-42. He now operates the only Air Ambulance operation on the Bang Phra airfield and he would like to thank AOT for all the documentation confirmation that allowed him to come to Bang Phra. The main project now is to find a good name for the orange thing that pushes the Diamond back into the hangar. Fernando is now ready to start planning the TFC Winter Tour for December 2015. As soon as we have details on this exciting annual event, we will let you know.

19 SEP 2015 -- "FUG BIN FREE" -- On Saturday at 4pm the WINNERS of the TFC "Fug Bin Free" (why do you want to fly) essay competition at Rajamangala IAT (Institute of Aviation Technology) came to take their First Flight at TFC. Kruu Jira and Khun Fernando were on hand to assist to take up our new young aviators. All 7 students were presented with a certificate and taken up in the air. This year, we received 13 essays, and we had 4 winners. The Alongzo "Hangar Party" was postponed by the AOT, and our special mysterious aviator whose name begins with "W" was MIA. See you all next year for Fug Bin Free --

25 NOV - 15 DEC 2015 -- BANG PHRA AIRPORT CLOSED -- It is time for the annual agricultural fair in Bang Phra at the University, so the runway will be closed for parking for about 2 weeks. For more details on the exact dates of closure and any chance of an early opening, then email Khun Tui --

28 NOV 2015 (6pm)-- BREAKING NEWS -- ALONGZO "HANGAR PARTY" -- Just in.. Fernando will be hosting a sudden "Hangar Party" at his Air Ambulance Hangar this Saturday afternoon. Come and see the new hangar and look at the Diamond DA-42. Fernando will be explaining the upcoming winter tour and demonstrating how to take the plane in and out of the hangar with the Machina Naranja. The party starts at 6pm. For more information if there are drinks or any food, Email Toon --

23-24 MAY 2015 -- CHIANG KHAM FLY-IN GREAT SUCCESS -- Rear Admiral Tanakrid in coordination with RASAT organized the best Expeditionary Fly-In that we have seen in Thailand since OSHTAK 2003. This was the opening of Chiang Kham Airstrip which had been closed for over 30 years. Yes, there were some trees on the end of the runway, and some trees next to the taxiway, but it was nothing that intrepid "Nak Bin Looktungs" (Thai Bush Pilots) could not handle. 9 aircraft joined the trip and flew up via Tantawan, Phitsanoluk, and Prae. Khun Damri came over from Nan, and we all joined Damri back to Nan for a night with the "Lost Squadron." There were over 6,000 spectators and children on the edge of the runway in Chiang Kham. And no one left all day. This was a great event for these young children who came for different schools all around the Phayao and Chiang Rai area. Chiang Kham is a beautiful lush remote part of Thailand, with beautiful temples and waterfalls and hot springs. All the aircraft flew air displays for the spectators and gave rides to enthusiasts. There were R/C aircraft and Paramotors conducting aerobatic displays. Rear Admiral Tanakrid is the President of the Thai Children's Development Foundation, and this event was organized to inspire young Thai Children to expand their horizons. Payao is Southeast of ChiangRai, and this verdant green remote part of Thailand is beautiful. Also assisting with the event will be the Chiang Kham Tourist Association as it is the 111th anniversary of Chiang Kham District and it line with the TAT 2015 campaign "Discover Thainess." Over 10 schools were assisting with the flyin. Everyone was invited to fly up on the 22nd. The 23rd was a day full of events and flying demonstrations with a big party on the Saturday evening of the 23rd. The AVGAS and 95 fuel and hotels were all sponsored free for the pilots and passengers. These 9 aircraft joined this event  -- HS-LOW (wilga), HS-UKY (husky), HS-GIL (big al), HS-PMM (gunter), HS-POP (ben), HS-CPM (stinson), HS-CHP (c337), HS-FER (fernando), HS-AZZ (c206).

Our organizer Rear Admiral Tanakrid

Suchard and Amm made it from Phuket

Thank you RASAT

Welcome to Chiang Kham

Captain Ben and his Columbia joined the trip

And There We Were.... in Chiang Kham

The Husky Team

You know I am the AIRCREW

The AERO Magazine Team

Black Dog Support

Damri gives airplane rides to everyone

Mr and Mrs Wilson with their beautiful Stinson

Wherever Next....

Maybe Chiang Klang next year

26 MAY 2015 -- TFC HEROS SAVE PLANES FROM BUSH FIRE -- TFC Mechanics Tui, Nung, Chan, and Nin were heros on Tuesday night when a huge bush fire approached right behind Khun Pee's upper hangars. From 7pm until 11pm, our TFC heros pulled planes out of the hangars and took them to safety to avoid the towering inferno approaching the hangars. No planes were damaged and our TFC heros are to be congratulated for being on standby and alert and springing into action to save the member's planes. Airplane owners from the Khun Pee hangars are welcome to give a tip to the TFC heros.

01 APR 2015 -- RUNWAY RESURFACED AT EASTERN -- Eastern Airport has been graded and is very smooth. They are in the process of watering and planting grass, so we could see one of the smoothest grass airfields in Thailand if all stays according to plan. This June, Khun Jo will give a presentation on Rotax Repair 912 and 914 after he attends the Rotax Repair Course in Germany. More information on Khun Jo's talk on "Pizza Sunday" at EAA HQ EASTERN AIRPORT --

16 MAR 2015 -- EAA PRESENTATION AT EASTERN -- EAA THAILAND and the THAI BUSH PILOTS hosted South African Bush Pilot CC Pocock on Monday 16 Mar 2015 for an evening of instruction on Advanced Bush and Mountain Flying and Safety Techniques at EASTERN AIRPORT on Monday at 5:30pm. There were about 35 people who attended the presentation and asked questions of CC, also present was the Founder of Wild Winds China. EAA Eastern HQ is well known for the best pizza in Thailand, so all attendants left well nourished. Thank you CC for your time and sharing your experiences. More info --

6-8 MAR 2015 -- WOA FLY-IN KHANONGPHRA -- Khun Jules informs us that the Thai Wings Over Asia squadron will be flying into Rancho Chavree at KhanongPhra North of Khao Yai on Friday thru Sunday in March. This is a chance to play golf and socialize with real live VIP's. If you are interested to join -- Email Jules --

01 NOV 2015 -- "5 IN 1" BREAKFAST FLY-IN -- Come Join EAA THAILAND for a 5 in 1 breakfast Fly-In. Trip leader Mike will command a squadron from EASTERN to SRIRACHA to BANG PHRA to NONG KOR to EASTERN all before breakfast. The total distance is 52NM. All aircraft can join the expedition at any point and finish for the grand "As much as you can Eat" breakfast at Jim's Bar and Grill at EAA HQ -- -- If you want to join --

14 FEB 2105 -- TFC NEW YEAR PARTY AT BANG PHRA -- Khun Tui has announced that 5PM on Saturday, There will be a famous TFC TUI NEW YEARS PARTY in Bang Phra at the Bush Pilot Clubhouse. Starting at 5pm. All of the Nak Bin Looktungs will be there. FREE BBQ and drinks and wine. Fly-in, Camp at the clubhouse, enjoy the evening. Everyone welcome. If you want to come, just come, or email Tui -- -- The party was a great success with 50 people coming and Rolf was there and so was Worawoot. Thank you Turbo san for the photo of Worawoot's back. A lot of LEO beer was disappeared by the nak bin looktungs.

10 JAN 2105 -- CHILDREN'S DAY AT THAMAI -- Khun Suchard and the Black Dog went to Thamai Navy Airfield in Chantaburi on Children's Day to participate in the aviation demonstration for children. We were informed that 30,000 people were on the airfield. We are not sure of the exact number, but it sure felt like that number. George Macak from Eastern Airport organized the event and coordinated the invitation from the THAMAI RTN AIRBASE commander. This is a beautiful remote place down the coast near Trat. Suchard then went on to visit Klaeng, Pattaya Airpark, Eastern, and Bang Phra. "Wan Dek" is always a full day. (Khun Suchard pictured right)

11 OCT 2014 -- FUG BIN FREE -- TFC invited students form IAT at Kasetsart University to write an essay in English "Why do I want to fly." The winners came at 4pm on Saturday, 11 October to come and fly with our members. There was a small TFC TUI PARTY with coke and chips in the clubhouse, then we started to take the students on their First Flight -- -- This year's winners Khun Aoom (Worakamon Yodsuntie) and Khun Oat (Prapansak Raithong). Congratulations. Thank you Fernando, Harry, Tony Scragg, and Kruu Jira for volunteering to take our student winners flying. It was a great day for our student friends.

27 DEC 2104 -- EAA SIGN UP AT EAA HQ EASTERN -- Khun Mike was back in Thailand to help erect the new EAA sign at Eastern EAA HQ. Mike has recently fallen in love, and he was celebrating and sharing his joy with fellow aviators at the EAA HQ. Mike says that he received full permission before supervising the erection of the new EAA sign, and he invites everyone to come join the Spirit of Aviation in Asia --

27 SEP 2014 -- ARAI SAN BACK AT THAI FLYING CLUB -- It was a very busy weekend at TFC. Marek came all the way from Vietnam to do some flying, and he brought his amazing video helicopter to display to all the members and hover spectacular images of the clubhouse and planes and horses as we watched the sun set. Araisan was back after many years. He is one of our most enthusiastic Japanese members, and Khun Charoen and he took the Robin for a flight over Koh Samet and back. Dr. Choladhis was back flying and riding and presenting many new TFC models complete with Hermes hand bags. The Damri Squadron was in full force flying the Grumman. We also celebrated with Kruu Jira (whose son just became a RTAF General). Kruu Jira is our great and long-standing TFC insturctor.

Araisan and Charoen ready to go -- HS-SKY in formation back from Koh Samet with Araisan at the controls -- Marek about to film from his helidrone

New Thai Pilots Eig (Bang Phra's first AIT student), Aob, Nat, Tik visit TFC -- Khun Mau back at TFC -- Marek filming TFC by remote controlled helidrone


01 FEB 2015 -- TFC TUI PARTY -- "WE ARE NOT HERE FOR FUN" -- It is time again for another TFC TUI PARTY. This one will have Dr. Rolf back from Germany and Fernando Alongzo John back from Spain. Everyone will be coming. Khun Lek will be sponsoring with Fernando and Rolf and a secret co-sponsor. The event will be on Sunday evening after a fun day of flying in Bang Phra. All are welcome to fly in and camp out and have an enjoyable evening on the grass next to the Bush Pilot Clubhouse. Khun Suchard may be on hand to show his photos with Khun Am from the Winter Tour. Fernando will recount tales of his arduous trek on "El Camino Portugues" and Khun Harry will be telling us about the dog at TFC that keeps biting him. There will be horses at the party and everyone can enjoy the new lights and plants in front of the clubhouse. Maybe we will even be able to see the TFC aircraft HS-ATJ take a flight. It has now been almost 6 months since the club started repairing this plane to join the line. Come join us. For more info -- email Khun Tui --

13 DEC 2014 -- GUNTHER BUTZMAN WINS SPOT LANDING AT TANTAWAN -- Tantawan Flying Club invited aviators for a spot landing competition and delicious on the field dinner at Tantawan Airfield on December 13 for an early New Year party. Free dinner, free accommodation (tents - local resort at cut rates for those who need the comfort). Gunter took up his beautiful fully restored classic Bolkow HS-NYE built in 1960's. This is the same model that he used to train in in Germany before beginning his life as an ATC and airline pilot for Lufthansa. Seen here is Police Captain Chatchawan presenting the First Prize to Gunther at Tantawan.

1-10 DEC 2014 -- BANG PHRA RUNWAY CLOSED FOR KASET FAIR -- We have just been informed that the Runway at VTBT will be closed for 12 days so the University can use the runway for parking during the Agricultural Fair. Any questions, please contact the TFC office.

29-30 NOV 2014 -- MIKE & BOZ "PRECISION FLYING EVENT" TREMENDOUS SUCCESS -- Hats off to Mike and Boz and Jim for organizing a tremendous event. Boonyarit and a host of fine aviators flew in from Onkarak, and 26 planes total attended the Precision Flying Event at EAA HEADQUARTERS EASTERN AIRPORT. Fritz and Mike Wall won the overall competition and Black Dog tied with Zenair Reggie from Tantawan in the landing competition at 3 meters after the mark. The cookout was delicious, and the sunset spectacular. There was some rain and mountains on the route, which made the event all that more spicy. Very well organized and safe and great to see so many keen aviators from all corners. Gerry was down from Chiangmai. Nimit was up from Koh Chang. Jim accepted the position of "Vice President & Special Tools" for the new EAA Chapter in Thailand. Thanks again Mike and Boz and all the aviators who flew in. NEWS FLASH -- Mike has produced and outstanding YouTube account of the trials and tribulations of Precision Flying Event Aviators operating on the edge... Well done Mike.

The Precision Flying Event at Eastern EAA HQ
Participants in PFE 2014 at EAA HQ Eastern Airport

05-12 DEC 2014 -- WORAWOOT FLOATILLA ON TFC WINTER TOUR -- This year, the trip was a great success. The highlight was the "Worawoot Floatilla" on the river passing through Mae Sariang. Our TFC intrepid aviators ventured north to Loei, Pai, Mae Hong Son, and all sorts of other places. Alongzo did an amazing job with his co-leader Rolf. Khun Suchard joined the expedition with chief co-pilot Khun Am. Harry was there. Others were in and out, and the weather was cool and perfect. The Itinerary was roughly as follows. 5 Dec Kanong Phra Breakfast and VTUU( stay in the city) -- 6 Dec VTUU-Sawan Den Din (posibility to fly the Mekong), in case Sawan Den Din not available thenVTUW -- 7 Dec Sawan Den Din VTUL (posibility to fly the Mekong) -- 8 Dec VTUL VTCN VTCT -- 9 Dec VTCT VTCI If they allow us to stay overnight, if not VTCH -- 10 Dec VTCH VTCS -- 11 Dec VTCS VTPT -- 12 Dec VTPT go home. We can also 0rganice some cultural activities like visit de a golden Triangle in Chiang Rai or the SALAWIN River in Mae Sariang etc. Let me know if you have any sugestion and who is interested to join so I can proceed to look for hotels. Finally we will have to change the night in Pai for Mae Hong Son. The reason is because the hotels in Pai they don’t accept pre booking, they need full payment when making reservation and the prices will be too high if we wait to make reservation to the last moment. Pai is very high occupancy this period of the Year. This is not a big problem because we still can make an off stop in Pay and then continues to VTCH. The hotel selected in Mae Hong Son is the Imperial Tara, we stayed there last year, it is a very nice a comfortable hotel and the price is 1900 Bath per room including ABF. So I block 9 rooms for all the confirmed airplanes until now. If somebody else needs more rooms let Ms. Elle know. Here is the list of participants at the present moment: HS-RAM Rolf and Andrea, HS-AWS Tony and Bob, HS-JON Harry and Tom, HS-EQK Hanspeter,Rolf and Ricardo, HS-FER Fernando and Worawoot. There until now 4 airplanes more joining us for some portion of the trip: Mike, Alasdair, Eduardo, Giorgio. Please boys let us know about your plans ASAP. I suggest to have a have a briefing about the flight on Sunday 30 Nov in Bang Pra airfield about 4 p.m. . Let me know participation. Happy flights, Fernando

24 AUG 2014 -- DR. PISIT MAKES SECOND FIRST SOLO -- Khun Mau did it... His second First Solo. So we congratulated him again. Khun Mau lives in Phuket, but he loves to fly at TFC. He is getting ready to take his DCA test ride and he has been converting onto the C172. Contratulations Khun Mau.

24 AUG 2014 -- NEW GARDEN AND LIGHTS AT TFC -- The TFC Staff has been working hard to clean up the clubhouse. 15 trees removed. A lush garden of tropical flowers has been arranged around the clubhouse entrance. New electrics and a new fan. The most important improvement is the TFC TUI PARTY LIGHTS installed. Now, at the throw of a switch, an instant "TFC TUI PARTY" can be assembled. If you want to sponsor a party at the flying club and try out the new lights -- EMAIL TUI -- Thailand's first Bush Pilot and one of the founders of "Oshtak", Khun Mau Choladhis, came by to inspect all the work on the clubhouse with his son James. He was very pleased with the progress. Khun Mau is an experienced equestrian, so he did not miss the chance to jump on one of Chan Tui's Thai Horses that are grazing around the clubhouse. He brought his riding helmet too, so no one can say that Doc is not always prepared. It was Doc's dream many years ago to have horses at the flying club, so after flying, members could jump on a horse and go for a ride.

28 JUN 2014 -- 10 AIRFIELD MARATHON -- Khun Mike organized a flying one-day 11 aircraft marathon ending with a BBQ Cookout at Eastern Airport. Everyone was welcome to join. The Force-4 from Eastern consisted of Mike (Husky), George (Citabria), Alex (Skyfox), and "TCAS" Andreas (CTLS), and they were joined by a Squadron of 6 aircraft from Tantawan: JIrawat, Reggie, Num, Peter, Paiboon/Samrong O07, Chamrat/Suthep (Storm) for a total of 18 persons on the mission. It was hot and bumpy, with 20kt westerly winds at River Kwai across the runway. Sam was there. Always a great aviation supporter. He still is having some problems with his Rotax 914 in the Pelican, but he keeps River Kwai open. Congratulations to all for a fine mission. The Itinerary:
Eastern to Bang Phra - 20 nm
Bang Phra to Best Ocean - 41 nm
Best Ocean to River Kwai - 65 nm
River Kwai to U-Tong - 31 nm
U-Tong to Tantawan - 64 nm
Tantawan to Klong 4 - 36 nm
Klong 4 to Klong 16 - 16 nm
Klong 16 to Nong Khor - 59 nm
Nong Khor to Pattaya Airpark - 20 nm
Pattaya Airpark to Eastern - 4 nm

Mike and George exhausted after 10 airports

"No problem...  I have TCAS"

Jim in tears as he receives "Bungee" at Eastern Airport

"Double Dog" Airshow -- Huskey and Black Dog19-22 JUN 2014 -- RASAT PRACHUAP RALLY FLYING COMPETITION -- Khun Tang announced that there would be an RTAF and RASAT Fly-in at the beautiful and mysterious Prachuap RTAF Airbase. Khun George was liaison for the event. The Prchaup kirikhan fly-in was held from 19 June, with planes flying in from 07:00 till 17:00. the event started on the 20th till 22nd. Pilots were able to return before the 22nd if they wished. The event photographers Panurat Uthaichan and Mr. Settanan Memungboon did an outstanding job captureing the event, and each participant sent their details to George --  
- Aircraft Reg
- Aircraft type and model
- Pilots name / POB
- Passangers names
- Approx time of arrival
- Fuel needed
Tango Squadron will arrange a permit to land in Huahin (VTPH) for those that need to refuel along their route, Since both Prachuap and Huahin need a prior permission, please send the above details ASAP so there is enough time to submit. This event will be a great opportunity for pilots to get to meet each other, enjoy a well organized welcome dinner party, and participate in the rally & precision competition such as spot landing, powder bombing, and contract navigation. The competition rules are now being deciphered into English "by 604 squadron," and we will post them here, when they are ready. Any questions, So Far, the following aircraft have confirmed -- HS-FPD (citabria), HS-DOG (starduster), HS-TOM (malibu), HS-UKY (husky), HS-APM (piper), HS-ZEN (alegro), HS-BOB (cessna), HS-NOK (cessna), HS-KAI (diamond), HS-JON (diamond), HS-SEX (cessna), UD19 (autogyro), UP99 (zenair), UA50 (jabiru). For more information, contact George --
RESULTS -- George Macak wins THE KING'S CUP and THE CROWN PRINCE'S CUP at Prachuap. The event was well attended with competitors from all corners of Thailand and from Johor, Malaysia. There was a tremendous turn out from RTAF 604 Squadron with very enthusiastic support. The event took 3 days with Day 1 for the Navigation point-to-point exercise. Day 2 with the Spot Landing and Day 3 with the Flour Bombing. Very well organized and one of the most beautiful airstrips in Thailand. Thank you to everyone to attended this event and thank you to Khun Tang and to Khun Patty and everyone at RASAT and RTAF Prachuap for wonderful hospitality and exciting event.

General Aviation Pilots across Thailand joined the event at Prachuap Khiri Khan Airforce Base

Tremendous turnout and spirit from 604 Squadron -- We were honored to have Tengku Abdillah and Sith Thammarangsy on the Jury

Gibbons on alert -- View from the 902' mountain summit of Prachuap Khiri Khan RTAF airbase -- RTAF out in full force

01 NOV 2014 -- ASIAN BEACH GAMES AIRSHOW IN PHUKET -- A week of flying activities at Phuket Airpark. Updates will come -- -- ALSO... Phuket Airpark wants to hire a "Plane Helper" who likes to work with planes and who speaks some English. They will pay 15,000 per month plus room and board. Live on the airfield and learn about maintenance and operations --

23 OCT 2014 -- ONGKARAK FLY IN -- Klong 16 is one of the most active airports in Eastern Bangkok. Khun Boonyarit has been working hard to get people up in the air. He is organizing a fun rally and get together at Klong 16 -- so come out and have fun. All welcome. For more details Maj. Boonyarit -- 081 8665810 -- Email

01-02 NOV 2014 -- TAK LOY KRATONG FLYIN -- If you have never seen it, don't miss it. The Ping River resplendent with Loy Kratong and candles in their thousands floating down the river. Led by Thailand's first Bush Pilot and TFC member, Dr. Choladhis, Fly up on Saturday. Dinner on Ping River "Look Tung Style" with Loy Kratong on the river. Sunday fly to Mae Sot for "Tod Krathin" with sight-seeing and meet the founder of Tak Air. Join by emailing

21-22 AUG 2014 -- SAREX 2014 HUA HIN -- This year the Royal Thai Police will host this year's SAREX exercise in Hua Hin. Khun Peter is up on the details and will update us in due course. If you have any questions --

28-31 AUG 2014 -- ELEPHANT POLO -- Come have fun and watch one of the unique events in Asia -- Elephant Polo. This year, the polo will be held in Lat Krabang at VR Sports Club -- Elephant Polo Schedule

29 MAR 2014 -- TFC TUI PARTY -- The TFC TUI PARTY is becoming famous all over Thailand. This Time, Nagashima san returned to feature at the party and to capture the action. Bon Cafe Andy was there. Fernando was in full form singing the Karaoke with Khun Tui, and Rolf was there and reminded everyone that "we are not here for fun." The food was delicious and Captain Jin was there with Captain Toon and Kruu Jira and Kruu Surapol and many Nak Bin Looktungs. The club had a recent visitor Mr Brian with his son Keng to come and check out the flying school and meet all the team. Khun Toon was on hand at the party. He is the faithful TFC "Documentary Officer" who answers everyone's emails and is very kind and polite and helps everyone with their DCA documents. He has now retired from TFC team. Everyone is reminded that you can sponsor a TFC TUI PARTY at anytime -- Just Email Khun Tui to get the ball rolling --

Tui & Alongzo singing together -- Nagashima Gang at "TFC TUI" Party -- Brian with Num, Tui, Captain Jin and Keng

7 MAR 2014 -- SUDDEN PHUKET FLY-IN & AIRSHOW -- Khun Suchard has announced that there will be a sudden fly-in and airshow with special visitors from Phuket ATC and Immigration. Tandem skydiving and airplane rides. You can climb the new Phuket Airpark Control Tower and visit enthusiastic aviator Ed's new tent hangar. For more info --

MAR 2014 -- THAI FLYING SCHOOL ACTIVITY -- Khun Jules reports that there is a lot of General Aviation flying instruction underway at Best Ocean Airpark. It appears that now Thai Flying Club and Best Ocean are the most active airports for private flight instruction. The best schools for commercial flying instruction appear to be IAT at Nakhon Phanom, BAC at Klong 15, CATC at Hua Hin, Royal Sky at Don Muang, and Sriracha Aviation at Sriracha. If you hear of more schools and activity, please let us know. Here is a picture of Kruu Piya at Best Ocean with his students Khun Mikae and Khun Jessadokorn who just soloed their Piper Warrior. Yin Dee.

12-15 JUN 2014 -- SUBANG AIR CARNIVAL -- there will be an international air carnival celebrating the wonders, might, and glamour of the aviation world at the SkyPark Regional Aviation Centre, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SkyPark Subang) on the Shah Alam side of the airport in the state of Selangor, Malaysia this year. The biennial Subang International Air Carnival will be held from 12 – 15 June 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014. The four-day event will be organized in partnership with SkyPark RAC Sdn Bhd and is fully supported by the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Defence together with all its agencies. Subang IAC 2014 has been created to establish awareness and provide further knowledge on education, career and business prospects that the world of aviation can offer to the expected crowd of more than 100,000 people . The Subang IAC 2014 will feature static and air displays of flying clubs & academies, business jets, military aircraft and assets & commercial airliners together with other industry players. In addition to that, there will also be an exhibition showcasing the future of education and career opportunities in the aviation industry. Therefore, we are extremely excited to cordially invite all of you to join the big celebration. All aviation companies, flying academies and clubs, business and private aircraft owners interested to support this biennial aviation bash by contributing a few assets for static displays as well as a corporate booth for education and career, are most welcome. Space* is FREE and LIMITED and therefore, kindly confirm with us in advance on your interest and participation as well as flight plans. In the meantime, please feel free to communicate with us should you require any assistance. Raja Ridzlan --

19 JAN 2014 -- NEW STUDENTS IN BANG PHRA -- We have 6 new students in Bang Phra, and Kruu Jin is working hard flying with them on the weekends. So Far, Roy, Aung, Blues, Johnson, Jerome have started their flying and Turbo from Japan is now ready to go too. Kruu Jin is very happy for the opportunity to get real instructing experience, before possibly moving on to an airline. This is the format that is used in the USA and around the world, where commercial pilots build their flight hours instructing before moving into commercial transport. It is an excellent opportunity for a young Thai instructor to improve his English up to an international standard before working in the airline world. Kruu Jin has already had several of his former fellow students ask him about his experience at TFC, and he says it has been very positive. He also is very proud of his students. Roy has been studying hard for a long time to start flying. Aung wants to start a flying club in Myanmar, so he is very keen. Everybody seems pleased. If you are at TFC and meet any of our new students, please say hi and welcome them to our flying community. Kruu Jin started at TFC in December 2013. He is a graduate of BAC and Royal Sky in Bangkok. He has his CPL, IR, MEL and IP ratings with now over 400 hours. Kruu Jin will also be running the Groundschool at Thai Flying Club. We have the study materials for our students. They can arrange group or solo groundschool sessions with Kruu Jin at the cost of 400 Baht per hour. Study your materials, and then write down your questions for Kruu Jin. If you want to book a lesson --


DEC 2013 -- IAT STUDENTS VISIT TFC -- Kruu Piya invites students from RMUTTO Institute of Aviation Technology to visit the club and learn about General Aviation. TFC Documentary Officer, Khun Toon, gave a lecture to the students about his duties and then Kruu Piya treated the students to a breathtaking aerobatic display in Khun Charn's Extra-300. TFC is always excited to have young University students come and visit to learn more about flying.

28 NOV 2013 -- PHUKET AIRPARK MAKES NORTHERN TOUR -- TFC had honored guests recently. Khun Suchard, the owner of Phuket Airpark, arrived in the beautiful club Zenair U-P99 with their newest invester, Khun Ben, on a grand tour of the North. Ben has been learning to fly at Phuket Airpark under the expert tutelage of Kruu Suchard, and he has also bought a C-172 (HS-BOB), so this was his introduction flight. They flew 6 hours up from Phuket to Bang Phra to visit old friends and to check on all the local airstrips. Then they proceeded up to Klang Dong, Khun Anutin's Golf strip, then to Tantawan. Ben has been overwhelmed by the general aviation activity in Thailand and is really excited about helping Khun Suchard with Phuket Airpark.

NEW RESTAURANT NOW OPEN IN BANG PHRA -- Under new management with Faii, Kwang, Leiw, and Mot Dang -- our very own Bushpilot Restaurant in the clubhouse at Bang Phra is open now and the food is decicious. Also, these ladies offer good food at a good price. Now a coke has gone from 30 Baht per bottle to 12 Baht per bottle, so these girls are keen on business. If you have some time, fly into Bang Phra and have some delicous Thai or Western food on Sat and Sun. Some prices -- Omlette 35B - Breakfast Set 50B - Sandwich 15B - Spaghetti 40B - Stirfried Vegetables 30B - French Fries 20B - Singha Beer 30B.

Thai Sky Adventures "Miss Air Sea Land" at Nong Kor Airport

JUN 2013 -- THAILAND BECOMES SKYDIVING HUB OF ASIA -- Congratulations to Thailand DCA and to Thai Sky Adventures and to Bird Paradise for making Thailand the only place in all of Asia with properly functioning Skydiving Operations. The skydiving operation at Nong Kor Airport near Sriracha now operates up to 22 flights per day with state of the art equipment, instructors, and Pilatus Porter aircraft that climbs to 9,000' in less than nine minutes with up to 10 jumpers (Members and friends of TFC are able to have a 10% discount on Tandem Jumps if they email TFC). Bird Paradise has been in operation for 6 years with an Airvan that climbs to 12,000' and is based in Northeastern Thailand at Sawang Dandin Airport (between Udon Thani and Sakorn Nakorn). Well done Thailand to pioneer general aviation in Asia.

Click to enlarge - FRONTClick to enlarge - BACK26 SEP 2010 -- TFC MEMBERSHIP CARDS ARE READY -- The Thai Flying Club now has TFC MEMBERSHIP CARDS available for members. As of 10 October, we have already made 25 of them. The cost is 300 Baht each. Any member can request one. We need your 1. Name, 2. Membership No, 3. License No, 4. JPG photo, 5. Payment of 300 Baht, and we will make your TFC Membership Card for you in 5 days. The back of the TFC membership card is an IAOPA AIR CREW CARD for Airport Security to allow access to your aircraft and to Hotel Operators requesting the normal courtesy discount for Air Crew. If you lose your TFC membership card, you can replace it at any time, so this is a safer and more convenient way to gain access to your plane on the ramp -- ORDER YOUR TFC CREW CARD.

7 DEC 2013 -- NEW INSTRUCTOR AT TFC -- Kruu Jin will be starting at Thai Flying Club on 7 and 8 December 2013. He is a graduate of BAC and Royal Sky in Bangkok. He has his CPL, IR, MEL and IP ratings. He speaks English very well and has a great sense of humor. Kruu Jin has 400 hours and is very excited about teaching in English at Bang Phra. TFC has a good relation with Thai Sky Adventures and they have kindly permitted Kruu Jin the opportunity to fly at TFC on the weekends. Kruu Jin has 4 students lined up for the weekend. Blue and Johnson are flying in from China. U Aung has been waiting years and years for an English-speaking instructor, and Khun Roy will be joining the class too as soon as he returns from his fly-fishing trip in New Zealand. Kruu Jin will also be running the Groundschool at Thai Flying Club. We have the study materials for our students. They can arrange group or solo groundschool sessions with Kruu Jin at the cost of 400 Baht per hour. Study your materials, and then write down your questions for Kruu Jin. If you want to book a lesson --

20 SEP 2013 -- TFC FRIEND OZZIE SAN RECEIVES FAI HONOR -- We are very pleased to report that our long-time TFC friend Ozzie San is still enjoying flying in Japan at 87 years old. He now has 2,500 hours, and recently was awarded The "Air Sports Medal" from FAI (Federation Aeronautic International) on 20 Sep 2013. His friend Mickey HARAMOTO is now flying actively at TFC and you can hear him on the radio speaking with the "Samurai Pilot." Ozzie has a famous flying history, and you can read about him on our Wilga Pilot Page. He has informed us of his new email address -- -- Ozzie (Azusa OSHIMA)

16-17 NOV 2013 -- CHOLADHIS TAK FLY IN -- The Ping River afloat with thousands of lights is one of the rare treasures in Thailand during Loy Kratong Holiday. Dr Choladhis Sinrachtanant, a long-time flyer and supporter of aviation in Thailand, and former Senator for Tak, has invited all fliers to Tak and Mae Sot for relaxation at Tak and merit making at Mae Sot. Float yourself and your kratong in the Ping River at Tak, and admire the beauty of the mountains to Mae Sot. Ten planes and 17 aviators flew to Tak for Dr Choldadhis Loy Kratong party and "tod kathin". Planes came from Cholburi, Nakhon Nayok, Saraburi, Lopburi, Phitsanulok, and Chiang Mai. Dinner on the banks of the Ping River, with all the lights, on the river and in the sky. Thanks Dr Choladhis - let's do it again

9 NOV 2013 -- VIP VISIT TO BANG PHRA -- We were very honored today to have some VIP visitors come to Bang Phra. Khun Chakkaphan is one of the original "Nak Bin Looktungs" at Thai Flying Club. Now he has 7,000 hours and is flying in the Airbus 320 for Bangkok Airways. Next to him is Khun Tuey, who is a Senior ATC at Suvarnabhumi Control Tower. Her former ATC instructor is our very own ATC Khun Kitti, so we had a reunion photo of these VIP special visitors on the front lawn of the TFC.

17-19 JAN 2014 -- UDON THANI AEC INTRODUCTORY AIRSHOW  -- AEC introductory airshow, Udon Thani. Come and meet fliers from all over. Learn more about What is SAA ? – this is Siam Aviation Association, the new name for SFAT. We are about flying for fun and recreation. If you were a member of SFAT, you are now a member of SAA. If you want to know what AEC means or what the airshow is all about, email SAA --

JUL 2013 -- SMALL AIRPORTS STRUGGLING TO STAY OPEN (KLANG DONG NOW CLOSED) -- According to the DCA regulation from the 7th floor of the DCA. Every Temporary Airport in Thailand has to renew the airport license every month. We are not aware of any country in the world that has this procedure. It requires the owner to go to the DCA and file the documents, pay a 2,000 Baht fee, and then pick up the documents a week later. This regulation is causing extreme difficulty to general aviation and airport owners in Thailand. Previously, the airport operators could renew the airport permit every year, which was a good policy. No one understands the reason for this monthly airport renewal procedure and it is causing extreme pressure on small airport owners. Hopefully, for the benefit of General Aviation and Tourism in Thailand, this regulation will be updated and more in line with International ICAO practices. Recent news is that Klang Dong airport is now closed. This rule is causing a lot of difficulty and expense for small airport owners like Khun Prasert. Having small airports open is a great benefit to the country in times of natural disasters, because aircraft can fly in quickly and provide assistance.

30 NOV 2013 -- "PEGASUS 2013" -- FLY-IN EQUESTRIAN AIRSHOW -- Khun Tao, Helena Gabrielson, Khun Damri and Khun Uthai have confirmed that 30 November will see the first ever FLY-IN EQUESTIRAN AIRSHOW ever held in the Kingdom of Thailand. The event will be held at KLONG 15 AIRFIELD where aircraft from Malaysia, Singapore and all over Thailand will fly in for an airshow and then to watch the competition of Thai worldclass Show Jumping at EQUESTRIAN PARADICE. This exciting event will be followed by the first ever PILOTS-RIDERS BBQ at the Equestrian Paradice pool. The Klong 15 airstrip is walking distance from Equestrian Paradice and Khun Tao will share is passion for flying and horses and welcome all participants. The first 10 aircraft to arrive on 30 Nov will receive FREE HOTEL and the nearby golf club. Aircraft arrive on 30 Nov and depart on 01 Dec. The Pilot-Rider BBQ will be delicious and FREE for all pilots and riders on the night of Saturday 30 Nov. SPONSORS: TrueVision, AirAsia, EADS, King Power, SFAT, and more coming... Any Questions -- EMAIL PEGASUS 2013

13 MAY 2013 -- CESSNA C172 FOR SALE AT KLONG 15 -- Khun Tao has confirmed that he is selling his two Thielert Diesel Cessna 172 airplanes. You can come to view the planes at KLONG 15 AIRFIELD. More info -- AIRCRAFT FOR SALE

5-9 DEC 2013 -- TFC PONSA TOUR TO THE NORTH -- Doctor Rolf has informed us that Alongzo is in charge of this years TFC Tour to the North. Alongzo has just updated us with the particulars of the tour and who is going. Everyone is welcome for a week or a day --
Dec 5 VTUL stay Loei
Dec 6 VTUL VTUW follow Mekong R. stay Nakhon Phanom
Dec 7. VTUW VTUU.follow Mekong R. stay Ubon
Dec 8. VTUU VTUK VTPP stay Phitsanulok
Dec 9. VTPP VTCS stay Mae Sariang
Dec 10 VTCS VTCH stay Mae Hong Son
Dec 11 VTCH VTCT stay Chiang Rai
Dec 12 VTCT to home
Total distace -- 1785 NM
Dear Friends, Please note the itinerary of Winter Tour has been changed because this year all hotels are very full in Thailand for this dates. Check the itinerary below. Planes confirmed at the moment -- HS RAM, HS GIL, HS AWS, HS JON, HS FER. Finally the winter tour in finalized!! I have considered many factors and try to make comfortable for everybody and different than the two last editions. I thought to start in Loei as this is a very pleasant place, we all like it and we can have the welcome dinner at our friend Chris restaurant with swaine have included. After that I thought it will be interesting to follo the Mekong over Nong Kai, down to Nakon Phanom and next day to Ubon. After Ubon we could fly to Petchaboon and Pitsanulok for overnight After Pitsanulok takes of to Mae Sariang via Takand Mae Sot. It is always interesting to overnight in this beatifull town. Next day fly to Mae Hong Son It is a short fly so we can prepare some tourist activity in the afternoon. Finally we will fly over Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai for our farewell dinner and the next day back home. The departure this year will be on December 5 (King’s birthday). Questions -- Email Alongzo --

1-9 DEC 2013 -- KASET FAIR IN BANG PHRA -- This is a great time to fly to Bang Phra and walk over to the Agricultural Fair next door. Lot's of things to eat and students displays and plenty of exotic tropical plants. OTHER NEWS -- Dr. Rolf is back and working on planning a SUPER TOUR with Amigo Alongzo to the North or somewhere for a week from 5 Dec. When they know something, they will tell us. Some people may be welcome to join them for part of their tour. Rolf reports that he was in Germany this summer and attended the Mid-August TANNKOSH FLY-IN in Bavaria, Germany. He says that over 2,000 small planes flew in from all over Europe -- Truly the Oshkosh of Germany. If we get some pictures, we will share them.

14 OCT 2013 -- A PASSING AVIATOR FRIEND -- It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Tony Smallwood earlier this morning. He flew his last solo flight today after a noble one year battle against cancer. For those of you who knew him personally, he remained a true gentleman right to the end, never losing his sense of humor despite what must have been some horrific pain during his final hours. Tony was a keen aviator who gave much to general aviation in Thailand. The funeral will be this Friday 18th in Chiang Mai. Blue skies Tony. Gone but not forgotten. For more information on the funeral --

WHAT IS GENERAL AVIATION ? -- What is the EAA ? -- Mac sent us a little reminder from OSHKOSH --

12 SEP 2013 -- BLACK DOG ARRIVES IN BANG PHRA -- Khun Toon from TFC main office arranged a warm welcome with Khun Tiffy and Khun Ploy for the Black Dog upon arrival in Bang Phra. The "Ma Dam" has been in Klong 15 being assembled and following the procedure to obtain documents for the past year, but all the procedures have been followed and we had a successful test flight and ferry flight to Bang Phra. On Saturday, TFC Aerobatic Specialist, Khun Charn, demonstrated the correct procedures for landing in Bang Phra. The Black Dog is a member of the "Damri Squadron" based at Klong 15 and mechanic Tui did an excellent job assisting with the re-assembly and TFC Avionics did an amazing job at installing the vhf and transponder. Thank you everyone for your help.

31 OCT - 04 NOV 2013 -- BIG-WAY BOOGIE AT BIRD'S PARADISE -- Please join us for a Big-way camp, Jumping and training with Asia’s best RW organisers: Nao and Eiko Shimura. This event is the first step towards setting a new Asian big-way formation record. No experience necessary, all training will be given. Maximum 20 participants, to be split into groups depending on skill/experience level. 6-way and 7-way formations, and lots of ground training and video de-briefs. Price: 41,000 THB includes 14 jumps. (Participants may of course arrive early and leave late if they wish to do more jumps, but attendance from the afternoon of the 31st to the evening of the 3rd is compulsory).

6-7 SEP 2013 -- SAREX AT UDON -- SAA has informed us that SAREX (search and rescue training exercise) SAREX 2013 was hosted by DCA and RTAF Wing 23, Udon Thani. It had a good attendance by all sections of the flying community - RTAF, army, navy, police, training schools, and GA. The new SAA (old SFAT) had 5 aircraft from Tantawan, Bird's and Udon Thani (Captain Pornthep). Exercises included medivac under fire, and escape from a 747 (parked at Udon some years. Khun Jim and her team did the usual great job of organising, along with support from Wing 23. Best lady singer was ATC Udon, Aerothai. Great show!

24 AUG 2013 -- TFC REUNION "DELTA-04" -- TFC Member David Ma has organized a reunion for the most successful TFC Groundschool class that we have ever had. They will be meeting this coming Saturday at the Blue Elephant in Bangkok at 7pm for a reunion dinner. David has worked tirelessly over the years to stay in touch will all the members of the Delta-04 TFC Groundschool class, and he has organized this reunion to find out how everyone has progressed. In this class we had students from Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, India, USA, Japan and England. Congratulations David for your TFC Spirit.

2 JUL 2013 -- SFAT BECOMES SAA -- Sport Association of Thailand invites all members to a General Meeting at 5pm on TUESDAY in the Hotel of the Elephant Building, Zone A, 3300/116 Phaholyothin Road, Jomphon, Jatujak, Bangkok // The result of this General Meeting and then a subsequent meeting was that SFAT is now changing their name to SAA (SIAM AVIATION ASSOCIATION).

JUN 2013 -- TANGO SQUADRON CITABRIA BACK IN THE AIR -- Khun George and the Tango Squadron team have put a lot of effort to get the Citabria back in the air. The plane was under 3 feet of water in the Tango Squadron hangar at Don Muang Airport last year, but now it is back in the air. George is currently planning for the RASAT (Roy Aeronautical Sport Association of Thailand) trip to France to compete in the PARAMOTOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (10-20 Sep 2013). Khun George, Khun Eed, and Khun Daniel are going to represent Thailand. The RASAT is FAI sanctioned representative in Thailand in charge of paramotor sports. The DCA of Thailand has authorized RASAT to oversee all paramotor sport activity in Thailand as well as all skydiving activity as well, so they are pretty busy. Everyone may be surprised to learn that Thailand is ranked second in the world (behind France) for Paramotor International competitions. Congratulations RASAT for this excellent performance, and we look forward to hear the results after September.

12 JUN 2013 -- TFC TEAM CLUBHOUSE MAINTENANCE -- The TFC Team never rests. This past week, Khun Nin, Khun Tui, Khun Toon, and Khun Rin have been on the job -- under the Bushpilot Clubhouse -- cleaning all the earth from the concrete foundations that support the clubhouse. The Bushpilot Clubhouse was built in 2001 by donations from TFC club members and friends and constructed by everyone on the weekends when they would come to the club. This is the 12th year of the clubhouse, and it is still going strong. We would like to thank the TFC team for their hard work in maintaining the TFC clubhouse in top shape.

7-10 OCT 2013 -- AOPA CHINA SHENZHEN -- Greetings form AOPA China. We'd like to welcome you to join AOPA China International Flight Training Exhibition on October 7-10 in Shenzhen, China. We're also looking forward to discuss all types of possible cooperation to make your participation in this event as fruitful as possible.We’re able to assist all of you who are interested to come and participate and strengthen Chinese GA presence abroad, and international GA presence in China. We’re also interested in developing cooperation agreements between our communication networks (TV, internet, magazine, etc.) to ensure the fruitful future of GA in and out of China. For more information on AOPA China, please contact us or go to: For info about the event, please go to: Additionally, some info on our most proximate event FYI: 2013 AOPA China “Nadamu Flight Fair” in Inner Mongolia- July 1-October 15 (a month of flight, nature, culture and entertainment).
Newslink: --

APR 2013 -- NEW PLANES ARRIVE AT TFC -- Exciting news as some new planes have arrived at the club. Khun Tanet brought his Red Grumman back to the club with his family. His plane is now kitted out with the latest video technology, so he can film and fly recording the beautiful images from 3 cameras mounted on the plane. He says that he is planning some activities for educating young students. It was great to see him again with his family back at TFC. Our friend for many years George Stobel from Dubai has finally arrived with his plane. He has been planning for about 10 years to bring a plane here and base it at TFC, and now he finally has. His plane is named "Uliana" from Ukrane. It is a two-seat Foxbat with 100hp Rotax. It trues out at 100kts and is the first one in Thailand. The endurance is 10 hours with 114 liters of usable fuel. The plane will be U-registered. There are now 50 of these planes flying at the "Jazeera Flying Club" in Um-Al-Quaim, UAE. Anyone interested in more information on this plane can contact --

JUL 2012 -- MOUNTAINVIEW CAFE -- One of the best reasons to visit Bang Phra these days is because of Khun Gop and her Mountainview Cafe located in the Bushpilot Clubhouse. Khun Gop is faithfully manning her shop every weekend, even when there is barely a flight a day, she is there. We sampled her food this past weekend, and it is simply delicious. Khun Gop has been decorating the clubhouse with beautiful plants and she has really put a lot of love into the club. We would like to encourage all our friends and members, even if you cannot fly these days for whatever reason, come and have some delicious food at the Mountainview Cafe. Khun Gop has entered the world of Hi-Tech now, so when she is not preparing fine meals, she is studying her laptop for all the latest news. You can phone or email Khun Gop if you have some special culinary desires for your weekend visit -- Khun Gop -- -- Tel: 0811508755.

31 AUG 2013 -- ELEPHANT POLO HUA HIN FLY-IN -- This is the weekend to fly to Hua Hin. The 2013 King's Cup Elephant Polo tournament has 16 teams this year with over 70 players from all over the world. The event is held to raise money for Thailand's Elephants and to support the Elephant Conservation Center. Admission is FREE and the best dressed ladies can win substantial prizes --

26 AUG 2013 -- AOPA INDIA VISITS THAILAND -- Ramesh Rao has been exploring the aviation scene in Thailand, and he is impressed. Ramesh is a Winemaker at Mandala Winery in Bangalore, Southern India. He is the President of AOPA INDIA and is a member of Bangalore Flying Club. He has been on a fact finding tour in Thailand visiting Tantawan Airport and Nong Kor Airport where he also went skydiving. We were able to catch up with Ramesh and share information between AOPA THAILAND and AOPA INDIA. AOPA India has about 100 members. It is based at Bangalore Flying Club which has 4 Zenair Aircraft (2 601s and 2 701s). India has about 20 private aircraft. AOPA India has 3 main objectives: 1. They are trying to get all pilot and owners together, so they can speak with a united voice. 2. India does not have a G.A. Policy at the moment. The Security Clearances and Fees are an obstacle to growth. There used to be 3 aircraft manufacturers in Bangalore (Zenair, Albatross (Trike), and X-Air), but they have now all be closed by the government, and no more manufacturing licenses are being issued. Private aircraft ownership is not allowed now in India. No microlight is allowed to fly within 50 km of the coast (this is a law from Tamil Tiger days). Now, the GA pilots in India are old. There are no instructors, no planes, no schools. India is not only making airline pilots, and they don't have the feel and passion for flying. AOPA India's mission is to try to change all this.

29-30 NOV 2013 -- INDIA's FIRST GENERAL AVIATION FLY-IN -- AOPA India is organizing the first Indian Fly-In in Baramati (near Pune in the area of Mumbai). This is "wine country" in India, and it is a beautiful area to fly around. India has some fine Sauvignon Blancs and Shiraz, and Ramesh should know, because he is a winemaker. For more information on this fly-in, check Bangalore Flying Club or email Ramesh --

6-7 JUL 2013 -- PHUKET FLY-IN -- Khun Pat has been given approval by Khun Suchard to organize a Navy League Phuket Fly-In. The Phuket Flying Club Zenair is back in the air and being ferried back to Phuket by Captain Watana for the grand fly-in. The event is being Organized by the Navy League Phuket to raise funds for community service projects….free entry and everyone welcome…there will be NO landing or parking fees during the event for visiting aircraft -  US embassy and American Chamber of Commerce are just a few of the supporters, together with the Lions and Rotary Clubs … For more information, send us an email -- -- Pictured right is a Sports Cruiser that has recently arrived at Phuket Airpark.

30 APR 2013 -- SFAT NEWS -- The SFAT trip to Phetchabun was a good success. Gerry and Peter joined the seminar on aerial seeding of forest, organised by Palat Veera. Trees planted from the air two years ago are now 5 meters tall. Capt Pridi flew HS-FAG from Sawang DaenDin, along with 2 x Jabiru 170's, Gerry's fast Virus, and Reg and Jirawat with Zenair 701 and 750. Nice, cool and green surroundings at Khao Kho Valley Resort. Trips for the future - Chicken and som tam lunch Mae Sot, seafood dinner on the beach at Chumpon. The process of Aerial Seeding of Forests has caught the attention of the THAI BUSH PILOTS and this will be a tremendous activity to encourage to boost the positive benefits of General Aviation in Thailand. If you have any ideas, please share them with us --

18 Mar 2013 -- GENERAL AVIATION HELPS DUGONG SURVEY FOR FIFTH YEAR -- Enthusiastic Aviator Ed has reported that the Dugong Survey conducted in Thailand was assisted by General Aviation for the 5th year in a row. The Dugong's are a quiet and valuable part of the Thai Ecosystem and it is very exciting to see General Aviation assisting with this important environmental project. Congratulations Ed and Team --

10 Mar 2013 -- TFC STUDENT PILOT STATUS -- Congratulations to Khun Toon and Khun Tui who have been working VERY HARD to get the SPL, Validations, and PPL from the DCA. Some have taken as long as 7 months, but at long long last, they are here at the club. All of our student pilot members can now come and start flying. Please email -- -- to book a flight. You can book with Kruu Samran and fly during the week. Weekend is no extra fee. Weekdays, you must book 2 hours minimum and pay an additional 1,000 Baht Instructor Transport fee. Here are the new licenses just received at the club. SPL (student license) -- Babu Indergand, Alexandre Vaillant, Vincenzo Agostino, Kaixin Liang, Bruno Aldeert, Daniel Monk, Aung Kyaw Moe, Tony Scragg, Jinjing Fu, Min Yeob Ji, Bavid Ma, Luzvimindo Cabaluna, Pisit Kampeera, Martin Luoni, Michael Gebbie. Validation -- Derek Buckley, Peter Glaum, Joshua Clements, Sangchol Bang, Shashank Sharma, Gerard Malledant, Iain Flitecroft. PPL -- Marek (waiting medical), Torleif (waiting Khun Joy apx 1 week).

Jan 2013 -- NEW CEO AT PATTAYA AIRPARK -- Thailand was very sad to lose our dear aviation friend, Khun Neil, this past January. Neil was one of the most enthusiastic private pilots and sport aviators you could meet in Thailand. He loved flying and his passion for anything that flew was infectious. He has tirelessly promoted General Aviation in Thailand for almost 15 years, and he has been one of the forces behind the growth of Pattaya Airpark as a "home for aviators" in Thailand. We will miss Khun Neil, but at the same time, we are very excited that his lovely daughter, Khun Alex, has assumed the position of CEO of Pattaya Airpark and will be working closely with her mother to continue to make Pattaya Airpark a success. Alex has decided that Pattaya Airpark will focus primarily on Sport Aviation and Private Pilots who wish to hangar their plane on the field and fly for fun. Pattaya Airpark has many lovely hangars and a lot of room for more aircraft, so this is the perfect place to import your plane and base it in Thailand. Khun Alex will primarily be assisting local and foreign aviators with the processes involved in importing and certifying aircraft for flying in Thailand. In addition, several friends of Khun Neil have decided to honor his memory and enthusiasm for aviation by creating the "Spirit of Aviation" trophy to be awarded at sport flying events to the "most enthusiastic aviator" at the show. Khun Alex has offered to fly down to Phuket for the upcoming airshow later this year, and present the first "Spirit of Aviation" award in Thailand. Our memories are with Neil, and our warm wishes are with Khun Alex and her mother as they continue the family tradition of flying at Pattaya Airpark. Chok dee. For more information, please visit --

9-10 MAR 2013 -- GEORG MACAK WINS PRECISION FLYING EVENT -- The 2013 PFE will be held at Eastern again on 9th and 10th March 2013, as part of the runway-extension celebrations. This year, George led the field, followed by Britain and Norway. We are waiting for some photos. TFC's Fernando Alongzo was there in spirit and loved the event so much that he will be back again. View Highlights of 2013 PFE

1 DEC 2012 -- DOKKRAI AIRPORT CLOSED -- Dokkrai Airfield is now closed to air traffic. The previous permit holder has cancelled it from 30th November. Efforts are being made to reinstate the permit as soon as possible. The runway will continue to be maintained in a serviceable condition. Please monitor this and the hotel site for updates --

7 Dec 2012 -- NEW AIRPORT IN PRACHINBURI -- Khun Joe has been roaming the Thai countryside and found a new airport. We are always excited at the appearance of a new airport. The new airport is PRACHOM KLAO located at King Mongkut University, South of Prachinburi. It has a N/S runway, 800' elevation, 800 m length. We need a PHOTO and a GPS location, so start your engines and send us some info. For more information on this airstrip --

Feb 2013 -- SFAT NORTHERN TRIP TO PETCHABOON, LOEI, KHON KAEN REPORT -- SFAT adviser Captain Sunny supervises refuelling in (not so) early morning at Loei VTUL. The SFAT trip was a great success, khanom jin Lomsak, Winter Festival Loei, and lunch in Khon Kaen. Five aircraft - 2 HS- and 3 U-. Three newer pilots and one new radio operator (thank you, Kai). Visibility was demanding.

19-20 Jan 2013 -- "OSHTANT" TANTAWAN FLY-IN -- Thailand's Greatest Homebuilt Aviation Event
1. Thailand's biggest gathering of light sport aircraft (45 on site now)
2. Come and meet old friends and make new friends
3. If you can't fly in, drive in.
4. Free dinner and breakfast, camping - bring a tent - free beer
5. Fun flying - spot landings, rides for kids (and big kids?), local flights easy to Pasak Dam, Khao Yai, Ban Mee
6. SFAT Award for Best Homebuilt
7. Discussions on flying in Thailand - Aerothai and DCA
Everyone is invited to fly in to Tantawan Airfield for two days of fun, flying and talking. Saturday night dinner, Sunday breakfast and tents FREE ! (Softer beds available too, at Tantawan and locally.) Please come, with family, planes, gear to sell. And reply if you want more details ! Uthai -- -- Peter -- The focus for this event is on homebuilt aircraft and sport aviation in Thailand. AOPA CHINA is growing fast, with their head office in Beijing, they are very keen to learn more about General Aviation and specifically GA in Asia, so they are coming. Khun Uthai is one of Thailand's leading aircraft builders, and Col
Uthai at Tantawan -- beautiful repair and paint jobChatchawan has said "There is parking for 100 planes at Tantawan." Tantawan airfield, with its two parallel grass runways, is affectionately referred to as "Suvarnabhumi of the North." This is one of the most active and charming airports in Thailand today. On a recent visit, we discovered 44 General Aviation Aircraft under the 4 hangars with Khun Uthai working flat out assembling and painting and repairing airplanes. Not only that, Uthai has been receiving visits from CATC and other schools in Thailand with Aviation programs and he is very enthusiastic that students should receive "hands on" experience if they are going to study the field of Aviation. This February, Tantawan invites all General Aviators to fly in for camping and fun to see the Spirit of General Aviation in Asia. We have received inquiries from AOPA CHINA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and India about a great aviation event to attend. Khun Uthai and SFAT will set up booths and plan airshows to entertain spectators during this fun aviation weekend. Come and join the fun at Tantawan. Pictured here is Khun Uthai with the Phuket Airpark Zenair CH701 that has been completely repaired and restored in pristine condition and repainted by Uthai at Tantawan Airfield. Congratulations Captain Watana of Phuket Flying Club and Khun Uthai for this great job. OSHTANT UPDATE (Nov 2012): Fellow aviators, the Tantawan fly-in Jan 12-13 arose from Sunny's idea to make this a fly-in camping, BBQ FUN weekend, for which he would provide some budget. Our idea was to attract a large part of Thai aviation, highlight home builders and Thai light aircraft, and provide some education (e.g. voice procedure from Aerothai, fly safe and legal from DCA). Capt Chatchawan said all welcome and will provide tents. (Also there is other accommodation at or near Tantawan). Tom suggested inviting some foreign friends. eg AOPA China group, and we want to get large part of Thai aviation to attend the event. The Nai Amphur is a good supporter, and so I hope we can expect support from Saraburi province, Tourist Authority. We should be able to get good publicity from papers. TV news. If you have ideas for OSHTANT and want to participate in the planning of this great aviation event -- EMAIL OSHTANT

JAN 2013 -- PHUKET FLYING CLUB WELCOMES AEROTHAI ATC AT PARTY -- The group hosted by Phuket Airpark and Phuket Flying Club was Aero Thai ATC. A group of 17 new and current ATC controllers together with their supervisors visited the Phuket Airpark for the airway approval renewal signing. Phuket Flying Club provided airplane flight, skydiving demonstration, hot air balloon and large buffet meal. More than 60 members and guest were in attendance for this educational, networking, and entertaining event.

05 JAN 2013 -- KHUN DENNY & KHUN SAVATE BACK IN THE AIR -- Very exciting news on Saturday, as Khun Denny and Khun Savate completed a successful flight to Hua Hin and back. They have been on vacation from the club for about 5 years as Khun Savate because the Champion Skeet competitor in Thailand for 12 guage and was representing Thailand. However, Khun Denny said that "flying is in the blood," so how can they forget. Khun Tarn has been working very hard to get HS-SKY back in the air, and everyone was thrilled to welcome these experienced veteran TFC pioneers back to the club. Congratulations to everyone for getting the Robin back in the air and welcome back Denny and Savate.

JAN 2013 -- MAREK STILL WAITING FOR HIS LICENSE -- TFC Documentary Officer Tony is working hard to find out what has happened to TFC Member Marek's PPL license. He completed all his training at TFC and took a flight test, and now he has been waiting about 6 months for the license. No one is sure what the problem is and Khun Tony is actively pursuing Khun Chatchawan at the DCA to find out where about 20 SPL applications, Validations, and PPL licenses have gone. This is an exciting story and we will keep you posted.

Mar 2013 -- US$1,000 ROYALTY FEE FOR ALL PLANES LANDING AT SIEM REAP -- The Cambodian SSCA charges us$1,000 Royalty Landing Fees for any aircraft that lands in Siem Reap. However, no one can confirm where this money is going and who is actually charging it. This is a direct obstacle to General Aviation in Asia. Cambodia has already cancelled their flying school activities and has greatly restricted General Aviation over the past few years -- -- We are grateful for the positive support of General Aviation in Thailand from the Thai DCA.

3 Mar 2913 -- SFAT PHILIPPINE TRIP A SUCCESS -- SFAT President Col. Amrung Chitpakdee, and committee member Joe (Chanatip Seevaranont) landed VTBD Don Muang at 0816Z today, having flown to the Philippines Balloon Festival and back via Malaysia, Indonesia and over a lot of water ! HS-COB C172 was the bird. Total for round trip is 60++ Hr. Start From 12feb2013 Bangkok-Had Yai-Subang-Johor bahru-(406nm.Cross over the sea) Kuching-Kota kinabalu-Puerto Princesa(Parawan Island Philippines)-Manila-Clark (5 days in 2013 Ballon Fiesta). Return Back track from Clark-Dumaguete-Puerto Princesa-Kota kinabalu-Kuching-Johor bahru-Subang-Had Yai-Bangkok. Congratulations ! The 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was scheduled from February 21-24, 2013 at Clark Field in Pampanga, Philippines. We encouraged balloon ride operators to join us-earn while playing! This will not just be a balloon weekend. It will also be the biggest sport aviation meeting in Asia! The BREITLING JET TEAM will be performing for us on the opening day! There will be Genav aerobatic displays, Paragliding exhibitions, Ultra light and homebuilt aircraft displays and flying, motorized glider flights, Aeromodeling demonstration, Rocketeering, kite-flying activities, helicopter owners fly-in, and private planes flying in from all over Asia and Japan. There will be a lot of static displays from aeronautical schools and manufacturers. There will also be an Asian Music fest on the weekend. More information --

WHY WE DO IT... DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST FLIGHT -- For anyone in any country around the world who wonders what is the purpose of General Aviation... Please have a look at this. This is why we fly... Enjoy --

23 Mar 2013 -- BREITLING JET AEROBATIC TEAM COMING TO DON MUANG -- At 9:30am the Breitling Jet Aerobatic team will be visiting Thailand and giving a performance for free. This is in celebration of 27 March Commemoration Day which marks the formation of the Siam Army Flying Corps in 1914. There will also be some Thai Airforce Aerial displays. Don't miss this exciting event --

20 DEC 2012 -- 3 INCURSIONS INTO BKK ATC -- As a result of three unauthorized incursions into BKK ATC by U-registered Ultralight aircraft the following results were announced from Aerothai at a recent meeting in Bangkok. Thank you to Peter Thompson for his excellent summary to share with all in the interest of aviation safety -- Following three U- aircraft incidents in Bangkok TCA in 3 weeks, one of which involved diversion of two commercial flights on final approach, Aerothai called a meeting at their Suwannaphum office. The main points from this meeting are:
1. U- aircraft to use 125.8MHz primary, 122.35MHz secondary frequencies when operating in Bkk APP areas, including TCA and CTZL
2. Continuous two-way communication required
3. Must operate transponder for SSR
4. Any aircraft not complying will be instructed to return to origin
5. Immediately before departure to fly in the APP areas, pilots to phone 02 1313621
Notes: The VFR transit routes are in BKK CTLZ (35nm radius BKK VOR) which is GND to FL110. Handout ENR 2.2 (attached) show aircraft can arrive at the entry points for VFR route at levels consistent with radio contact. Northern points are as high as 3500', lowest is Bang Pakong 1500'. Pilots can request any altitude. Approved altitude will depend on ATC. Pilots can track outside the TCA, which is 50nm radius on BKK VOR, on Oscar 127.0

12 JAN 2013 -- TFC NEW YEAR PARTY AT 5:00 PM -- Chief Documentary Officer at TFC has announced that there will be a TFC NEW YEAR PARTY in the Bush Pilot Clubhouse at TFC on Saturday. Everyone is invited for FREE FOOD and maybe beer. 7-9 dogs who live on the runway in Bang Phra will be there for sure, and there will be a SECRET SURPRISE VISITOR arriving at 5pm. Also Mrs Gillian from Queensland, Australia will be coming to visit us. Her husband is a 767 pilot and they both love aviation and are excited to become involved with TFC. Our new TFC instructor Captain Sumran Gettong will be at the party. He is from RTAF 604 Squadron and is a good friend of Kruu Pok. Kruu Ran has 1200 hours on a 747-400 as a "loaned pilot," so everyone is welcome to ask him what that means. So far, Khun Worawoot, Charn, Fernando and Tony have shown great interest in the event. If you have any questions about what to wear to the TFC New Year Party, email TFC --

8-9 NOV 2012 -- THE GREAT MAE SARIANG AIRLIFT -- At his own expense, Khun Samnao Noysakul, "Capt. SkyHawk" who does the Channel 7 SkyNews with a Robinson R44 (and who came to VTBT to cover Sarex 2011) invited SFAT to help show Mae Sariang school kids that they too could be aircraft mechanics and pilots. SFAT sent Uthai, Sunny, Reg, Peter and Adjarn Arkom, who talked with the Pathom 4 and 5 students, and gave some lucky passengers a look at their school from the air. Mae Sariang is tucked in a beautiful mountain valley in Mae Hong Son province, close to Myanmar border and to Thai hill tribes. By road, it is one of those places reached by a "two thousand curves". Take the time to fly in - you'll love it. Of course, the inimitable Khun ALI and his son Khun Chakrin (now caretaker of VTCS) were there ,and we all had a nice lunch afterwards. Now that he has passed the baton, Khun Ali has time to raise his fighting cocks, goats and cattle. The Airport Shuttle often has 4 legged pax -- View the great Mae Sariang Airlift by Channel 7

9 DEC 2012 -- NEW TFC OFFICE -- TFC chief Documentary Officer Khun Tony has been working hard to redecorate the TFC office. Now the office has a sofa and many desks and is very well organized, so that visitors can sit and relax and chat with Khun Tony and Khun Tui in the office. TFC was honored at a surprise visit by Papa Dave who had just returned from USA. Papa Dave came and inspected the new TFC office and sat on the sofa and was very impressed. He has fully approved the new TFC office and is happy to be back at TFC. Thanks also to Khun "Commander" Tony for performing an FOD inspection on the runway after the Kaset Fair which left the runway with a lot of bags and debris. Khun Tony has approved the runway for use again. Welcome everyone to the new TFC office.

16 NOV 2012 -- 26 AIRCRAFT NOW BASED AT KLONG 15 -- Khun Mac is a keen Thai Aviation enthusiast, and loves to visit Klong 15 Airfield near Ongkarak in Nakhon Nayok. He has enthusiastically reported that Klong 15 now has 26 aircraft based on the field. This shows the growth of General Aviation in Thailand -- -- A list of the planes currently in the hangar: HS-ATB -- HS-ATG -- HS-AZZ -- HS-CLP -- HS-COB -- HS-DOG -- HS-JAT -- HS-LAX -- HS-MTG -- HS-SBA -- HS-SBB -- HS-TFC -- HS-TII -- U-B08 -- U-B92 -- U-C05 -- U-C15 -- U-C89 -- U-C99 -- U-ILL -- U-M99 -- U-S14 -- U-S91 -- U-T02 -- O-1 Birddog, #5044/ 53154 -- one SOCATA TB-9.

21 or 28 DEC 2012 -- PERAK AIR CARNIVAL IN MALAYSIA -- Refer to the above and we are pleased to inform your good self that in conjunction with the Visit Perak Year 2012, MATTA Perak in cooperation with Tourism Perak and Tourism Malaysia is planning to hold an air carnival at Lapangan Terbang Sultan Azlan Shah, Ipoh tentatively on 21 – 23 December 2012 or 28 -30 December 2012. The main aim of organising this event is to provide the tourism and aviation industry players an avenue to promote their products and services which include attractive and beautiful tourist destinations in Perak and also to expose the aviation related products and services to the visitors coming to the event under one roof. Further to the above, with great pleasure we are inviting your esteemed organization to participate in the air carnival. Kindly advise us your terms and conditions on the services that your company is going to provide and participate i.e. Static display of aircrafts, Joyrides - airplanes & helicopter, Skydiving, Free Fall Displays, Para jump activity Aerobatic show, Fly-past and General Aviation Fly-By by Flying Clubs. For any further enquiries and clarifications on the above event, please contact Mr. Amin at 012-5754039 or Ms Aiza at 05-2552261 or email us at

7-17 Dec 2012 -- HIMALAYAN PARAMOTOR YATRA -- Certainly an aviation event not to miss. Khun Natasha Shrestha and Avia Club Nepal will be back in the air organizing a great aviation event in Nepal. 219 km cross country aviation exercise for paramotors. Why not fly in for it? For more information -- -- or contact Natasha --

14 Oct 2012 -- KHUN MAU PISIT FIRST SOLO -- It was a great event at TFC this weekend at Khun Mau Pisit executed a brilliant First Solo at TFC. All the members and staff turned out to cut off his shirt tail, and then to pour cold water on Mau Pisit, and then Khun Tui presented her new baby daughter Nong Prai to Khun Mau. Mau Pisit flying from Phuket every weekend to pursue his aviation training with Kruu Jira, and he is very passionate about flying. Even the Bang Phra dogs were excited and they walked across the runway just as Khun Mau was coming in for his landing. Congratulations Khun Mau, and we look forward to the next party when you get your PPL.

26 Oct 2012 -- DOG REPORT "GAMNAN STYLE" -- The Dog population living around the runway in Bang Phra is active again. TFC Documentary Officer Toon has removed 5 puppies from the club last week, and now there are only 8 dogs remaining on the runway. Recently, Khun Tony has started to make the TFC RAP VIDEO "GAMNAN STYLE" with the dogs dancing back and forth across the runway. Please exercise caution when operating from Bang Phra.

28 Oct 2012 -- HOT NEWS !!! -- EASTERN AIRPORT TO EXTEND LENGTH TO 500 METERS -- Thanks to Khun George, his new Citabria, and his fluent Thai skills, politics may have won the day and increased the length of Eastern Airport back to 500 meters. This airport fluctuates in length depending on the cassava season and the relations with the farmer at the end of the runway, but things are looking very good at the moment. Thank you all for your friendly support and safe flying and let's help make this runway longer. Jim informs us that the cable on the threshold of runway 19 has been buried (25 Nov 2012).

28-30 NOV 2012 -- KRABI ASEAN GA FLYIN -- Exciting news, as Khun Neil from Pattaya Airport reports the KRABI flyin will have free parking and wave all fees. Malaysia, Singapore are coming up for this great aviation meeting with Thai DCA former DG Khun Vutichai and RASAT Khun Neil giving an aviation conference about the "Vision of GA in ASEAN Countries." Col. Amrung from SFAT will also join this conference. The actual meeting is on the 29th. This is an exciting General Aviation Event, and we look forward to welcoming the Malaysia Sports Flying Association to Thialand. If you want to attend or any questions -- EMAIL NEIL

31 OCT 2012 -- SPIRIT OF NOUMEA LANDS AT BAN THI -- We have heard from Marc Perdu, and he made a successful visit to Ban Thi in Northern Thailand where Robert Hupertz looked after them. "Spirit of Noumea", Marc and Christian landed 10:02 at VTCM, Lanna Airfield yesterday and did the maintenance on their AERO SPOOL UL aircraft. It was interesting meeting these two pilots, unfortunately they did not have much time. They left Lanna at 17:00 for Chiang Mai international airport to fly today to Yangon, Burma.we are excited to hear of this planned visit to Thailand from the remote isle of Noumea --

25 Oct 2012 -- DCA INSPECTION -- Khun Chumpol and his co-workers from Thai DCA came to visit Eastern, Bang Phra, and Pattaya Airpark recently. Then came to check the airstrip and the documents of all the planes. At Eastern Airport, they were welcomed by Khun Jim and they proceeded to check everyone's paperwork C of A and C of R. The DCA contacted Jim one week in advance. The Inspection took 3 hours, and everything was in order and they were very pleased with the proper order and 100% legal status of the flying community at Eastern. They also visited Bang Phra. Khun Toon reported that there were 10 flights on the weekend, so this was a very active day indeed for Bang Phra. Khun Neil said that he had a very good visit from the DCA, and he said they were very pleased with Khun Neil's good progress and safe flying.

1-9 DEC 2012 -- IMPORTANT -- BANG PHRA AIRPORT MAY CLOSE DURING KASET FAIR -- We have just heard that there is a chance that Bang Phra may be closed during the Kaset Fair at Rajamangala University. The runway is on University property and they may need it for parking during the fair. If you are unsure about this status of the runway, please call the NOTAM OFFICE 022859087 -- or you can call the club and ask to speak to Khun Tui --

1-8 Dec 2012 -- TFC WINTER TOUR READY TO TAKE FLIGHT -- Fernando Ponza is CEO of the 2012 TFC Winter Tour. This year, we have members of SFAT, TFC, PFC, AOPA, various Flying Clubs. Fernando has promised a very exciting venue. If you are interested in signing up for this exciting week long flight around Thailand, please email --
Saturday 1 - Bangkok-River Kwai. We planning to fly to Sams airfield and spend the night in Sams guesthouse in Kantchanaburi. For planes that can not land at Sams airfield, we suggest Kanchanaburi military airport (request permision).
Sunday 2 - River Kwai-Nan. Khun Damri has ofered to sponsor dinner in his house and Tom Claytor will organize an air show
Monday 4 - Nan-Pay. Fly over Chiang Mai and planes who need Av Gas can land there
Tuesdey 5 - Pai Mae Hong Son-Mae Sarian-Mae Sot
Wednesday 6 - Mae Sot- Phitsanulok(Av gas refuel)-Petchaboon-Loei
Thursday 7 - Loei-Nakon Phanom-Ubon. This day we are planing to follow the Mekong River from Nong Kai to Ubon.
Friday 8 - Ubon-Roi Et-Kon Kaen. Farewell dinner in Kon Kaen
Saturday 9 - Return home
NOTE -- Bang Phra airport is closed from 1-9 Dec for the Kaset Fair parking on the runway. Check Notams for more info. For accommodation, is up to every one, but I will be staying in the following hotels where we got a special rate. Kanchanaburi. Sams Guesthouse. For reservation contact Sam at Nan. Nan boutique hotel (about 2000 bath for superior room+ABF). Pai. We are still looking for a hotel. Mae Sot. Centara Mae Sot Hill (1600 bath for superior room+A.B.F). Loei. Loei Palace (1400 Bath for superior room+ABF). Ubon. Sunee grand hotel (we still no have price) or Khun Tarn Resort on MOON RIVER -- Kon Kaen. Pullman Kon Kaen (2700 Bath for superior room+ABF get a discount voucher for 550 bath on food and beverage). If you like to stay in this hotels book directly with them, they now about the Winter Tour. If you have any problem you can e mail Khun Elle in my office on Fernando will be back from Europe on 28 Nov, But please remember, this is not a organized event, we just do it for fun and invite you to join if you like, you may do all the tour or just join the days you like but in any case you have to arrange your own permits and reservations.

Jul 2012 -- THAILAND GOLD MEDAL IN CHINA -- Thailand won the gold medal at the Paramotor Competition in China this past month. Earstern Flying Club Ace Georg came back with 3 Gold Medals and a Silver from the competition. It was a very exciting victory for Thailand and everyone is thrilled.

Jul 2012 -- AFFORDABLE AVIONICS REPAIR NOW IN THAILAND -- As everyone who flies in Thailand knows, maintaining avionics and radios is a problem. The humidity is hard on aviation electronics, and it is very difficult to find a place to repair them. The TFC Avionics Shop has several million baht of spare parts in stock and a technician full time available to look at your radio and give you a quote for repair. If you are interested in buying a Dynon for your Experimental Aircraft or if you want to know the correct procedure for importing a radio and obtaining the radio permit in Thailand, then TFC Avionics is the place for you. Please check out their webpage or email them directly --

22 Jul 2012 -- FOR THE LOVE OF FLYING -- Khun Charn is one of the leading civilian aerobatic pilots in Thailand. He has been flying for many years, and most of his 1,200 hours are in tailwheel aircraft like his Grob, his former Cap 10, and his beloved Extra 300. This Sunday, however, Charn hired the club's Cessna 150 and practiced and took it around the patch. When he hopped out, he had the same smile on his face that he has after he has flown the Extra. Charn told us that he likes to keep current in many different types of planes, and while his two planes have some paperwork issues, it was a perfect time to take up the 150. Watching Charn fly the 150 took some of us back for a moment, and reminded us why we started to fly in the first place -- for the love of it. Thank you Khun Charn for reminding us what it is all about.

04 Sep 2012 -- TFC GROUNDSCHOOL -- There are now 7 new students enrolled in the TFC Self-study groundschool. Mr Babu from the Swiss Embassy and Mr. Alex from France have been waiting for 6 months for their SPL. In the USA, the SPL is issued immediately upon completion of the medical exam, but in Thailand, the DCA has to pass the name of the foreigner on to some separate departments for clearance. This process seems to take 6-7 months, and really slows down the process of foreign students learning to fly in Thailand. However, our faithful students are waiting patiently, and they will be very excited when their receive their SPL and can start to fly. We are waiting for exciting news of Marec and Torleif passing their DCA checkrides. Info on TFC Groundschool -- NEWS -- our TFC member Khun Alex made a 4 hour cross-country flight with our TFC Student Khun Marek to Best Ocean and to Pak Chong. Marek has already taken his DCA checkride 3 months ago, and he is just waiting for his PPL license. Then we will have a big party at TFC -- stay tuned.

15-16 Sep 2012 -- ELEPHANT POLO FINAL IN HUA HIN -- Thailand’s famous Elephant Polo tournament returns again to Hua Hin. This is an exciting opportunity for a fly in to the beautiful seaside resort of Hua Hin to witness 12 international teams battling it out on the field in one of the only Elephant Polo Tournaments held anywhere in the world. The event is hosted by Anantara Resort in Hua Hin and tickets are available for the dinner at the hotel on Saturday evening. Elephant polo is free held at the Army camp about 10 minutes South of Hua Hin --

13-15 Sep 2012 -- SAREX IN KHORAT -- The well-known Search and Rescue exercise will be in Khorat this year. We will update with photos asap.

18 Sep 2012 -- GRAND CARAVAN DISPLAY AT SRIRACHA -- Cessna will have a Cessna Grand Caravan come to Thailand during its Asia tour. We will have the Grand Caravan at Sriracha Aviation Park for static display on September 18 in the afternoon. We would like to invite you and member of Thai Flying Club to see this aircraft at Sriracha Aviation Park on that day. Everyone is welcome --

15 Sep 2012 (3pm) -- PHUKET FLYING CLUB MEETING -- There will be a PHUKET FLYING CLUB meeting at PHUKET AIRPARK to organize the flying club. Here is a message from Khun Pat -- Gentlemen, The Phuket Flying Club is far from dead!!! Requesting your input and support: The future of the Phuket Airpark is in question, but our passion for aviation is alive and well and very separate from the Club. The Phuket Flying Club (association) has an approaching members meeting mid Sept. Please help spread the word that members, non-members, pilots, and aviation enthusiast are all most welcome. Without a plane this year the Flying Club actives have slipped to zero, together with membership payments and new members. You, as current and future members of the Flying Club (living on or visiting Phuket), let’s find a way to turn our passion for aviation into an active social, flying, and aviation educational association. A Club that offers (in the future) not only flying but the many different facets of aviation that has captured our imagination: Safety seminars, guest visitors and speakers, air shows and fly-ins, ground school courses, tower and Airport visits, and buddy seat flights with other aero clubs in the region….the list is endless. Phuket and aviation minded persons need and want the shared knowledge possible from, and freely offered by the future Phuket Flying Club. Please attend the Club meeting Sept 14th at the Airpark. Please invite everyone you know that shares your interest in general aviation. Thanks in advance for the support -- -- email Pat --

Khun Damri with EAA founder Paul Poberezny21-29 Jul 2012 -- TFC MEMBER VOLUNTEERING AT OSHKOSH 2012 -- TFC member, and SFAT Secretary, Khun Damri is in Oshkosh right now. He is a volunteer in the EAA INTERNATIONAL tent and is representing Thailand. Last year, he had the great honor of meeting Paul Poberezny, the founder of the EAA, and this year, he is bound and determined to learn as much as he can about why Sport Aviation is so popular in USA, so that he can try to bring back some of this wisdom to Thailand. Sport Aviation in USA is so successful, that it has become a thriving business that boosts the income in the private aviation sector. Nowhere is this more evident than at Oshkosh. Damri's dream is to start an EAA Chapter 619 in Thailand for Thai Aviation Enthusiasts to design and build aircraft and to show the world that Thai Aviation is alive and strong. Thailand was the first country in Asia to have an aviation program, but some restrictions have recently slowed down the growth process. If any TFC members or Thai Aviation Enthusiasts are at OSHKOSH this year, call Damri -- 920-216-3731 -- REPORT OF INTERNATIONAL VISITORS TO OSHKOSH 2012 -- Thailand 6 - South Africa 181 - Brazil 211 - Australia 269 - China 35 - Argentina 68 - England 54 - France 87 - Israel 40 - Japan 26 - New Zealand 83 - Russia 22 - Mexico 23 - Germany 121 - South Korea 5 - Switzerland 30.

09 Jul 2012 -- TAI MAINTENANCE TEAM AT TFC -- The Club C172 is back in the maintenance hangar. TFC member Fabian flew in from Hong Kong to fly the plane for a week around Thailand, but the mission was aborted when Khun Num noticed that one of the valves may be leaking. The TAI maintenance team was called in to the rescue and they have been trying hard to find the cause of the problem. So far, we have had a week of maintenance, but the valve problem still seems to be evident. Safety First, so the club is continuing its close work with TAI to get the problem solved. Thank you Khun Narongsak, Khun Tanatpong, and Khun Teerasak for all your help so far.

Jun 2012 -- NEW STAFF AT TFC -- Exciting news at TFC. Khun Saknarin Ammaraporn is the new "Documentary Officer" at TFC. His nickname is now "TONY" and he loves his new name. Khun Tony is from Chonburi and is 23 years old. He majored in English at Burapha University with a Minor in Cultural Resources Management. He comes from a Navy family, and his girlfriend, Khun Tiffy, lives right next to Thai Flying Club. When he used to visit her, he would run up and down the runway past TFC, so when his Senior, Pee M, suggested to him that TFC needed a man to stand in for Khun Tui as she gives birth to her new new daughter, he knew this was the job for him. Secretary Worawoot was called to order and interviewed Khun Tony for this very important position and hired him instantly. Khun Tony is now on active Documentary Duty at TFC. He will be answering the TFC hotline when Khun Tui is away having her baby. He is very happy to meet the TFC team, and he is looking forward to taking his first flight with anyone at TFC. We welcome all our TFC members to come and meet Khun Tony who speaks perfect English and is ready to learn and help everyone at TFC. Chok dee Khun Tony and welcome to TFC team --

May 2012 -- CLUB 172 BACK IN THE AIR -- After 7 months on the ground, the club has replaced the seatbelts and some hoses in ATE, so the plane can fly again. David Tuck is a keen TFC member who has been very excited to get back in the air. Khun Tui is busy making a new daughter but took time out to welcome new TFC member Min from Korea. Min has joined the new self-study TFC groundschool and will start flying at TFC soon. In the last weekend of May, TFC member Rolf, organized a monthly chicken party for members and staff. TFC member Damri came to visit with Khun Aom and were welcomed by Secretary Worawoot. The Chicken was delicious and Fernando "Alongzo" Ponsa was in very good form. Rolf has promised that there will be a TFC chicken party every month at TFC.

Apr 2012 -- TFC MAINTENANCE TEAM NEVER RESTS -- We recently found the TFC maintenance team hard at work on Monday, when the club is normally closed. Captain Ngeun and Major Bieow with Special Operations Assistant Nin were conducting compression tests and servicing the C150 engine to make sure the plane was on line for TFC duty. The C172 has also been completely repaired and should have the DCA permission to fly right after Songkran holiday. We are very grateful for the TFC mechanic team working hard and over time for safety and keeping the fleet flying.

Mar 2012 -- PAT LUCEY VISITS FROM TFC IN IRELAND -- The club has many enthusiastic followers around the world, and recently Pat Lucey was here with his friend Noel. They enjoyed flying with Kruu Surapol, and then Pat when to explore the RTAF Museum in Bangkok and sent us his photo by one of the very first TFC aircraft -- a DeHavilland Chipmunk -- Here is Pat's Thank you to the club -- Many thanks for facilitating our recent visit to the Thai Flying Club. We certainly enjoyed flying in such a beautiful location with such eminent instructors. As promised I attach a few photos of myself and Noel Whelan at the Thai Flying Club. We are both members of TFC or Trim Flying Club which is based in Trim, Co Meath, Ireland. We fly off a grass strip which is 560 meters in length where I fly the club C172's and Noel flies his Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six, G-CCFI -- -- A big thank you to all staff including Tui, the instructors, ground staff and last but not least our reliable driver Tim Khun who looked after us so well. Many thanks and I hope to see you all again next year ! Thank you Pat Lucey and regards to your fellow members at TFC in Ireland --

ICON A5 SPIN RESISTANT AIRCRAFT -- Exciting news from General Aviation in USA. Finally, the USA is designing and building pioneering General Aviation Aircraft again. Congratulations on what looks to be a safe, fun, pragmatic and pioneering design.

22 Mar 2012 -- PPL VALIDATIONS -- Validations of PPL licenses are now taking over 4 months to process at DCA. PPL validations submitted in November 2011 are still "in process." We apologize for this delay, and if we find out the cause, we will try to fix it. Thank you for your patience. We are also pleased that now SFAT (Sport Flying Association of Thailand) has offered to help TFC find out why there is a delay in this process.

17-20 Apr 2012 -- AIRSHOW WING 41 CHIANG MAI -- Airshow in Chiangmai with Blue Phoenix (RTAF PC-9 AEROBATIC TEAM)
15-18 May 2012 -- AIRSHOW WING 23 UDON THANI
-- Airshow in Udon with Blue Phoenix (RTAF PC-9 AEROBATIC TEAM)
-- Exhibition at the Royal Thai Airforce Museum. Come and see the repairs after the flood damage.

29-02 July 2012 -- 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY RTAF  AIRSHOW WING 6 DON MUANG -- Airshow in Bangkok with Blue Phoenix (RTAF PC-9 AEROBATIC TEAM). View the Thai movie about the First Flight in Thailand in 1911 --

Mar 2012 -- TFC VISIT FROM LAWSON LEE (JOHOR FLYING CLUB) -- I have an unforgettable flight with Maj Surapol, he shared a lot of interesting stories during his time as military pilot (I knew even more after read the history of TFC). I did not know he is already 80 years old! We flew to U-Taphao for 2 landings, Pattaya cable car tower, Buddha mountain, Pagoda, Koh Lan and did 4 touch & go on runway23 Bangpra. Due to time constraint, I did not land at Pattaya airpark and Sirracha airport. I think that give me a reason to come back to fly with Thai Flying Club again!

26 Jan 2012 -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRUU SURAPOL -- Thai Flying Club is very honored to announce the 80th birthday of Senior Instructor Kruu Surapol. If you have ever wanted to fly with "living history" then Thai Flying Club is the place to do it. Kruu Surapol has flown almost everything and he is still flying every weekend at Thai Flying Club. From 1965-1967 he served as an instructor in Combat Training J-Unit "Water Pump" for the US Air Force in Laos. His CIA name was Lieutenant Tow Dam Neun. You can read more about TFC's 80 year old Senior Instructor on TFC HISTORY page -- Happy Birthday Kruu. Keep on flying !!!

3 Mar 2012 -- THAI FLYING CLUB WINS pcs PRECISION FLYING EVENT – In one of the most miraculous victories in recent memory, Thai Flying Club Senior member Fernando "Alongzo" Ponsa won the Precision Flying Rally at Eastern Flying Club with special navigation operations specialist Daniel Macak (George's brother). It was over 100 miles of grueling terrain with 12 reporting points. The weather was severe but fine with gusting winds, but Fernando and Daniel pressed on over all 12 reporting points. There were 14 planes in the competition, and this was the most exciting and most attended flying competition that we have seen in Thailand since Oshtak 2003 Treasure Hunt from Tak to Pai. Khun Mike organized this amazing competition at Eastern Airport. Second place went to Geoff & John. Third place went to Addy & Mike navigator. The Precision Flying Cooperation required teams of two (pilot and a hard-working navigator) to fly a prescribed course with as much accuracy as possible. At the end of the exercise there was a spot-landing event that was part of the overall score. The spot landing was especially exciting, because it was in the center of the 300 meter runway, so after landing on the spot, you had 150 meters to stop your plane RAF style. If you land before the line, you were immediately disqualified, but after the line was okay. Prizes of astronomical value were awarded to the winners of each category. Fernando reports that he won a TROPHY and a TIE-DOWN SET for his outstanding victory. He plans to use the tie-down in Sriracha at the Phoenix Club. We were very fortunate to have Boz Robinson (ex - R.A.F. and British Precision Flying Team) to mastermind this competition and pcs for their generous support. There were 30 marshals scattered along the 100 mile course. More details posted on Mike's EFC Blog -- email Mike -- There were 14 planes -- Fernando was the only member of Thai Flying Club, Kenny and Peter Millar in Kenny's trike, Dan in Corvus, Khun Nimit and Khun Dream in a Trike, Ed is coming to navigate but can't compete in his Tacnam, Neil was there. Eduardo was there. Andy Flude and Andy Dent. Jerry was there with the virus. Athem from Russia. George Macak flying. Hans from Dok Rai. Gunter with his Ecolot. Andrei from Russia. Russian TV covered the event. Alongzo was drinking wine out of his trophy until 1am. Peter Thompson and Sunny from Tantawan were there. A GREAT AVIATION EVENT. The best we have seen in 6 years. Congratulations to Thai General Aviation. View the video below. THE NEXT PRECISION EVENT WILL BE 23 FEB 2013.

26 November 2011 -- THAI DCA WORKING HARD – Even with most of Bangkok still underwater, The THAI DCA has been hard at work maintaining aviation safety and keeping General Aviation in the air. Khun Wanchai, Khun Montree, and Khun Chan took time out of their very busy schedule to visit Eastern Airport and check several light aircraft that needed C of A renewals. This shows the commitment of the Thai DCA to promoting General Aviation in the Kingdom of Thailand, and we would like to thank these officers for their very good service and the extra effort they made at this difficult time. They are seen here standing in front of the commercial skydiving Pilatus Porter which now has a new engine and propeller and is hopefully ready to go next month with -- Thailand is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia for commercial skydiving, and this activity alone has brought a lot of tourists to Thailand, because there is really nowhere else in Asia with a skydiving operation run as safely and efficiently as this one. Congratulations to the Thai DCA for extraordinary effort at this difficult time to keep everyone flying, and thank you Khun Wanchai, Khun Montree, and Khun Chan. (Thanks Khun Paul for a nice photo).

28 Apr 2012 -- 7TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER AT NOK FLYING CLUB IN CHIANGMAI -- NOK Aviation Flying Club’s 7th Anniversary Dinner to be held at Ban Thi NOK Airport on Saturday 28th April 2012 from 7pm. This special anniversary dinner will be held in the Clubhouse – fee 300 baht per person for food and entertainment with drinks available for purchase from the Club bar. In order to cater for this event we MUST know in advance whether you and your guests are coming. The cut-off date for replies is 21st April 2012. Please let us know before 21st April whether or not you wish to attend. We look forward to seeing you on 28th April --

22 Mar 2012 -- WORLD GREEN FLIGHT VISIT TO PATTAYA -- Matevz from Slovenia arrived in Thailand and visited Neil at Pattaya Airpark in his Pipistrel Virus. He is flying West around the world and he apparently flew up near the summit of Mount Everest. Very exciting project. Congratulations on making it this far -- (photo courtesy of Peter Thomson)

24-26 Feb 2012 -- PHUKET FLY-IN -- Khun Suchard reports that there is a fly-in at Phuket Airpark with a Extra 300 airshow over Patong on the 24th and a skydiving guy that glides into the beach --

17 December 2011 -- TFC PARTY IN BUSHPILOT CLUBHOUSE – TFC Wintertour Post Party to be hosted by Alongzo John Fernando Ponsa with a Trip Report to be presented by Dr. Rolf and Andrea. Worawoot will be present and we will hear all about the first TFC Winter Tour in 6 years -- which by all accounts was a great success.

13-15 Jan 2012 -- CHILDRENS DAY DOWN SOUTH -- Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat -- Don't miss this great opportunity to see the southern Thai border provinces of Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. January 13 - fly down via Chumporn and Surat Thani to Pattani Overnight: C S Pattani Hotel  January 14 - take off from Pattani 09:45 fly low pass over Princess Mother Park Pattani, then Longchangpuek Grounds Yala and Naratach Beach, Narathiwat, landing Narathiwat Overnight: Imperial Narathiwat  January 15 - return trip to home airport This trip is arranged by SFAT, and the Southern Border Province Command, and fueling has been arranged. If you would like to join, please contact Uthai, or Peter --

04-11 December 2011 -- 9 PLANES PARTICIPATE IN TFC WINTER TOUR – TFC committee member Dr. Rolf reports that the TFC winter tour was a great success with 9 aircraft participating and approximately 14 hours flown. TFC Manager Worawoot advised us that Rolf and Fernando hosted delicious dinners every night, so Worawoot will now have to go on a diet. This is the first TFC Winter Tour that we have seen for about 6 years. The itinerary was as follows -- Sun Dec 4: VTBT – VTUU (overnight at Sedhapura by Thosang Hotel, Kong Chiam) -- Mon Dec 5: VTUU – VTUW Kings Birthday holiday (overnight at River View Hotel in Nakhon Phanom at the Mekong) -- Tues Dec 6: VTUW – VTUL (overnight at Loei Palace) -- Wed Dec 7: VTUL – VTCT (overnight at Meridien Chiang Rai) -- Thur Dec 8: VTCT – VTCC (overnight either Meridien or Empress or else) -- Fri Dec 9: VTCC – MaeSariang (overnight at River View Hotel) -- Sat Dec10: MaeSariang – Umphang (if registered) – Tak -- Sun Dec 11: Tak – VTBT  -- ROLF REPORT -- coming soon: Pol Major-Gen. Attagrit, head of Loei district, who worked hard and successfully for the Loei fly-in, arranged dinner on banks of Loei River on Dec 6.

20 Nov 2011 -- CAPTAIN TAKES REFUGE AT EASTERN AIRPORT – The General Aviation community has reached out to help a fellow aviator. Khun Kasemsook Lokakalin, also known as "Captain," who has flown from Eastern for years, has joined thousands of Thais and found his house underwater this past month in Nonthaburi. His flying friends at Eastern have reached out to him and invited him to stay with them as long as he needs until he can return to his home. Captain built a sturdy sand bag and concrete wall to protect his house, but the water just rose above it all and flooded his house and car. Captain is available at Eastern Airport to share more stories and pictures of flooding in Thailand.

ATC "Num" - Ready on command30 May 2011 -- MONDAY & TUESDAY AT TFC -- 500 BAHT FEE -- TFC is closed on Monday and Tuesday. We have been exploring more about the mysterious 1,500 Baht fee for taking off or landing on Monday and Tuesday at Bang Phra. This fee has been counter-productive to promoting General Aviation. We have discovered that Khun Num is in charge of this fee on Monday and Tuesday. We have spoken to him and he has agreed to reduce the fee to 500 Baht PER AIRCRAFT PER DAY on Monday and Tuesday on the condition that you call him first. He will be on standby with a VHF radio and secure the field for operations of private aircraft. This does not include TFC aircraft. You have to call him before you fly to arrange the time of landing or take off. You pay him 500 Baht as soon as you see him (before take off or after landing). Thank him for his kind assistance in promoting General Aviation in Thailand. MONDAY AND TUESDAY -- CALL NUM ATC -- 0894088198.

07 May 2011 -- TFC STUDENT TORLEIF BRUVICK FIRST SOLO -- Torleif recently celebrated his first solo at Bang Phra. Kruu Ake, Kruu Billy and TFC team brought out the pizzas along with Torleif's girlfriend, Khun JJ. Torleif has been attending the TFC Free Groundschool which is the only self-study groundschool in Thailand.

01 Mar 2010 -- BREAKING NEWS -- NOW YOU CAN DO PPL MEDICALS AT BANGKOK HOSPITAL -- Now the DCA has finally approved that Student Pilot Medicals for PPL applicants do not have to be conducted at Phumibol Hospital, and you do not have to sit a psychiatric exam anymore. This procedure used to take 3 months and almost everyone failed the psychiatric exam. Now you can go to do your Class 2 Thai Medical at Bangkok Hospital with Doctor Kay. No more Aptitude Test. For more information, call the Worawoot Hotline or email Alex at Eastern Airport who just did the medical in one day -- -- Alex says make sure you call Bangkok Hospital first and schedule a day when both Dr. Kay and the Psychological exam are possible. You visit the Psychiatrist first (no exam) and he just talks to you, and then you visit Dr. Kay and he signs your Medical. Well done Thailand for improving this system, so that aviation in Thailand can grow. Cost information: the First Student Aviation Medical is 2,500 Baht at Phumibol Hospital and 7,000 Baht at Bangkok Hospital. Some experts feel that the extra cost is worth the reduced hassle.

14 November 2011 -- NOVEMBER IN PARADISE – Peter Thomson organized a very successful trip to the north this past weekend to photograph the new 3rd Thai Lao Friendship Bridge at Nakhon Phanom and to take in some of Khun Bird's famous hospitality at Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort, 44nm VTUD.R079. Those who have visited know this is a great place to spend a night -- The trip to Isan to see the new bridge and fly along the Mekhong went well. We stayed with Khun Bird, and sat down to dinner in Sawang Daen Din town Sat night with 20 flying friends, including Bird, Somkiat and Kru Pridi. Aircraft were -- J120 Sunny and Rakop -- CTLS Fernando and Alisdair -- Remos GX Dr Rolf and Andrea -- Aviat Husky Mike and Jim -- C182 Pornthep -- J170 Peter and Reg -- J450 Uthai, Brent and May -- A lot of laughs, and some nice flying weather. Many thanks to Khun Bird and team, including Dag - Sai Mool Control, and good luck to new UPL Gilbert for your exams, More pics and a story soon.

Don Muang Airport underwater 29 Oct 2011 - Photo by Tom Claytor29 October 2011 -- FLOOD RESCUE MISSION IN AYUTTHAYA & DON MUANG – A combined mission was executed by TFC, SFAT, AOPA, and Damri Squadron to survey flood damage to local airports (Klong 15, Klong 4, Ayutthaya, Don Muang, Best Ocean Airpark), photograph main roads for TFC member Khun Tanet to deliver boats to help evacuate children and elder citizens, and to drop food to stranded families in Ayutthaya and Bangkok. It was difficult to file a flight plan, because the entire aeronautical office at Don Muang airport has been flooded and the phone lines were not working. Eventually a flight plan was filed through ATC at Suvarnabhumi airport and the mission commenced at 3:00pm. Klong 15 was still clear.  Ayutthaya airstrip was completely submerged. The road 32 had some light truck activity and appeared that the water level along this road had dropped by 50cm. Most of the operations were conducted below 1,000' MSL in contact with Bangkok Approach on 125.80 MHZ. The air traffic controller was excellent, and handled operations in English and Thai. The TFC Rescue Team consisted of Tom, Kruu Siripol, and Joe. The TFC crew conducted two airdrops at Ayutthaya (of mama noodles, rice and canned fish), then proceeded to Don Muang Airport for a high precision airdrop at Kruu Siripol's house which was flooded to the second floor. We found Kruu Siripol's son on the roof of his house. A low run was maneuvered, and then a drop run "3-2-1-drop" with Khun Joe dropping the package. Communications with ATC handled by all three of the TFC crew, as a low level exit to Best Ocean Airpark was executed. Upon landing at Best Ocean, Kruu Siripol's son confirmed that he had the package. Then upon landing back in Bang Phra, Ayutthaya confirmed that they had received both drops. The TFC crew was extremely pleased with their 100% mission success in dropping supplies and have now confirmed that all future flour bombing competitions at fly-ins will have greater meaning and relevance after realizing the importance of practicing precision air drops. The Air drop in Ayutthaya was executed between high tension wires and antennas at 300' altitude. The Don Muang Air drop was executed at 200' altitude. Special thanks to Damri Air Squadron and to Khun Tui in the TFC office for getting the flight plan to the right person, when no one was to be found.

15 Sep 2011 -- NAK BIN LOOKTUNG AWARD – TC member Khun Damri is presented the "Nak Bin Looktung" Award for Safe Flying when he had a recent forced landing un near Khao Yai. Damri was flying when he noticed a drop in oil pressure, then an increase in engine oil temperature with some oil leak from the engine. He executed a precautionary landing while he still had some engine power. He selected a corn field, he kept his wheels up, and made an excellent landing into the corn. The aircraft wings and under fuselage are damaged, but everyone left the aircraft without a scratch. Congratulations Damri on excellent judgment and safe flying under pressure. Khun Damri flies out of Klong 15 airport and is one of the most active General Aviation pilots in Thailand today.

01 Aug 2011 -- RTN SEAPLANE PROJECT – Kruu Billy is a member of our TFC Instructor Team. He has informed us about a very exciting project underway at the Royal Thai Navy Airbase at U-Taphao. The RTN Seaplane project has purchased a kit seaplane and are constructing it at U-Taphao airbase. Kruu Billy is one of the designers and on the construction team. They have already completed the fuselage and are now working on the wing. Kruu Billy is using this opportunity to help teach his fellow aviator friends about seaplane operations and seaplane design. Kruu Billy was very interested in some of the operational techniques used with seaplanes, and one of these was the bush pilot terminology of the "greasy spot" which identifies a particular hull angle obtained on take off, which allows the aircraft to accelerate quickly to lift off speed. If anyone is interested in flying into U-Taphao and visiting this RTN project, then email Kruu Billy --

20 Sep 2011 -- TANTAWAN PIONEERS NEW AIRCRAFT ENGINE IN THAILAND – The first 5 Viking Honda 110 HP FADEC engines have arrived in Thailand. Some more photos at -- Andy Dent's is putting one in his Zenair CH701 which he is building at Eastern, another is going in CH701 at Tantawan. These are conversions from the popular Honda Jazz L-engine, and weigh about 80kg. Geared at 2.3, they will spin all day at 5400rpm. Honda uses this same VTEC engine in marine engines running continuous at 5-6000rpm, and in Formula Ford racing. It is possible to order direct at US$13000 ex hangar Florida with wait of 6-12 months (we waited 12). By the time they are landed here, cost is a bit over Bht500,000. Rotax about Bht800,000, The Honda will use gasohol 91 :) Email Khun Peter.

17 Sep 2011 -- KENNY GETS PPL IN HIS SIA MARCHETTI – Khun Kenny has been training hard in his Sia Marchetti with Kruu Piya for many months, and today was the day. DCA inspector Ga arrived at TFC to give Kenny his check ride. Kenny has 85 hours in the Sia Marchetti, and he passed with flying colors. Kruu Piya is very proud of Kenny. Kenny is now interested in learning some aerobatics. Congratulations to our new PPL member and our instructor team.

AeroPro Helicopter Training in Bangkok15 Oct 2011 -- HELICOPTER TRAINING COMING TO THAILANDAero Pro Management has relocated its operations from the Phuket Airpark up to Best Ocean Airpark south of Bangkok. Their new facilities allows for a soon to be opened Flight training center headed by Capt Akom offering both fixed and rotor wing training. Adding to the professional services provided, soon be offering full service maintenance, parts, and aircraft sales: Training-Maintenance-Parts-Sales. 15th Oct is planned opening date -- -- Questions call Pat James -- 0852580006.

10-11 Sep 2011 -- TFC ELEPHANT POLO FLY-IN TO HUA HIN – Khun Neil from Pattaya Airpark and some TFC members are planning to fly to Hua Hin to attend the finals of the King's Cup Elephant Polo Championship this year. This is the 10th year anniversary of Elephant Polo in Thailand and there will be 12 teams competing from all over the world. The tournament is held to raise money for the Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang and all the elephants used are from the streets, thus providing substantial employment to very skilled mahoots who might otherwise be begging with bananas. Using elephants in polo requires a lot of skill from the mahoot, and thus a lot of pride is taken by these skilled gentlemen when they have the opportunity to participate in this event. Entry is free for everyone --

04 Sep 2011 -- KRUU AKE & KHUN MAREC MAKE TFC HISTORY – Khun Marec is from Czech Republic and he lives and works in Vietnam. He has wanted to get his PPL for many years, but it is not possible to fly anywhere in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos nor Burma, so he chose TFC to get his flying license. Marec waited 3 months for the DCA to process his SPL application, and last weekend he started flying with Kruu Ake for 4 lessons. No one could have imagined how quickly he would go solo. This past Saturday, Marec went solo in Bang Phra, and he made TFC history by completing 7 flights for a total of 8 hours of flight training in one weekend. Learning to fly is hard work mentally and physically. Kruu Ake told us that it is not common to find a student who can do this, but Marec has been studying hard and working very diligently to please his instructor. Everyone at TFC is watching to see how long it will take Khun Marec to complete his PPL license, at this rate, he could be the fastest person ever in TFC history to get a PPL license. Congratulations to Kruu Ake and Khun Marec for your outstanding progress.

03 Sep 2011 -- DOUBLE TFC PARTY – We have not seen a TFC party like this for almost 6 years, but it was a true event held in the TFC clubhouse with a full compliment of Members, TFC mechanics and staff, and friends. Everybody had gathered to congratulate TFC manager Worawoot on his PPL license. Worawoot passed his PPL checkride last weekend, and he also makes TFC history, because he is probably the only student in the world who had about 300 hours before passing his PPL. Congratulations Worawoot. The party was also a congratulations for Khun Marec and his first solo and for Romas, our Canadian friend, who soloed last weekend. The best part of the party was the food. Dr. Rolf and Alongzo Fernando were there with Khun Charn and Lek and Nuni and a host of TFC students and friends. Kruu Ake suggested that the next TFC party should be held when all the students get their PPL, so we can host another Bang Phra Airshow and have some balloon bursting fun. At 9:00am on Saturday morning, TFC had a visit from the Subaru Club with 40 cars and about 20 young ladies wearing their sport car fashion promotion wear. It was an exciting event and the club was excited to meet the car enthusiasts who drive everywhere in Thailand -- -- -- We hope you will come back soon and try some flying.

01 Sep 2011 -- 50 MILLION BAHT TO SAVE PHUKET AIRPARK – We have 6 weeks left to save Phuket Airpark. Khun Suchard has spent several years and a fortune to create a General Aviation Airpark in Phuket. He has had to borrow 50 million Baht to buy and develop the 124 Rai of land in a prime location in Phuket. The runway is finished, but he owes the bank 50 million Baht. In 6 weeks time, he will have to sell the entire airpark to a land developer to build block houses, and we will have lost any chance for a general aviation airport ever again in Phuket. Khun Suchard is now offering for sale for 50 Million Baht any part of the airpark for 50 million Baht. Please study the diagram of the airpark and make an offer for what you would like to buy for 50 million Baht and negotiate with Suchard. It is possible that the entire Southern section of the Airpark could be developed into a resort or houses. This will allow the airport to remain. The clock is ticking. There are already 10 landowners along the runway, perhaps a group of investors can get together and help raise the 50 million Baht to help pay off the Bank loan and save the Airport. Now is the time. If you have any offers to help raise 50 million Baht, then go to Phuket Airpark and meet Suchard or send your email and we will get the message to Suchard. LAST CHANCE TO SAVE PHUKET AIRPARK.

29-30 Jul 2011 -- SAREX 2011 REPORT – SFAT and Khun Uthai requested all aircraft to join the SAREX 2011 at Pattaya and Sriracha. Activities included Flying Over Grand Opening on Koh Loy, Sriracha, then flying over the Pattaya Gulf on a Search mission. The highlight this year was the return of a single-engine helicopter R44 News Copter to Thailand from PetroChemRubber Rayong Technical College. The technology in their camera system is truly amazing. Have a look --

Jul 2011 -- SAVE A PLANE – There is a very nice Piper Cherokee airplane at Thai Flying Club. It has fallen into disrepair. Someone took the seats out and other parts off, and then they went away. The owner Khun Wichai Pettongkam loves this airplane and wants to get it back in the air. If you love to fly and want to be a partner in this airplane, this may be a good opportunity for you. Please come to Thai Flying Club to look at this plane or emaill Khun Tom (0890922711) or talk to Khun Wichai directly to help him save this plane -- phone: 0816337082. He does not want to sell the plane, but he would welcome a partner who can help to get it flying again. This could be a very good opportunity for someone to get a share in a plane for a very good price. All negotiable -- TFC aircraft for sale

Jul 2011 -- EXPERT AIRCRAFT PAINTING IN THAILAND – Adjan Eam is one of the most professional and meticulous aviation painters that we have seen in this country. He does all the painting for the Royal Thai Navy in U-Taphao. He works with his wife Khun Wee and can Strip, FCR, Paint and aircraft in about 10 days. He is very very good. He charges between 130,000 - 180,000 Baht per plane (depending on the size) which includes all paint and materials. Call him if you speak Thai -- 0894037159 -- or email Tom.

10 Jul 2011 -- VIGILANCE -- P-51 CRASH AT DUXFORD AIRSHOW – This footage shows a fly past with a P-51 pulling up and left (maybe not turning enough to pilot pre-brief heading), then a Skyraider pulls up and left without the P-51 visual. The Skyraider right wing strikes the tail of the P-51. The pilot parachuted to safety. This accident reinforces the importance of pre-flight briefings and communication during maneuvers and most importantly 100% visual contact all the time --

Jun 2011 -- Eastern Airport Runway Shortened – ATTENTION. Eastern Airport has lost the North end of its runway. The actual runway length is now about 350 meters. The farmer has decided to plant Cassava and plowed up the runway. Eastern Airport

3-11 December 2011 -- AGRICULTURE FAIR AT BANG PHRA – Every year the Rajamangala University at Bang Phra (next to the flying club) has a splendid agricultural show with students outdoor restaurants and booths. Delicious food and all kinds of beautiful plants to buy and things to do. Don't miss this fun event.

25-27 November 2011 -- TRIP TO MAE HONG SON & NAN -- for more info --

ESSENTIAL REPORTING POINT INFORMATION -- the latest on how to report around Bangkok ATC safely
AVIATION FIRE EXTINGUISHERS -- We have found a good source for aviation fire extinguishers using NAF-P-III. This is a non-CFC material for use on Solid, Liquid and Electrical fires. They also have Halon extinguishers available --
click to enlarge -- Paul's AirGuide to ThailandPILOT AIR GUIDE -- Khun Paul has been working very hard to compile an updated air guide to airstrips and frequencies in Thailand. Please have a look and send your updates and suggestions to Paul -- -- available for sale at TFC or just print your self for free -- PRINT AIRGUIDE (Airport Frequencies & Information)

May 2011 -- AIRCRAFT PARKING IN KLANG DONG -- Khun Prasert offers the most affordable hangar parking in Thailand at 3,000 Baht per month -- Klang Dong Airport. Parking for aircraft at Pattaya Airpart is now 4,500 Baht per month.

CHECK NOTAM BEFORE FLIGHT -- Aerothai now has a Notam webpage to check Notams before flight. The page has one problem, because it does not allow you access to the Notams until you register (and this takes one day), so the page is not helpful to someone new who wants to check a notam before a flight. However, the Club has created a LOGON and PASSWORD for TFC members to use to check notams right away -- 1. 2. Click GRAPHIC NOTAM 3. Enter email --> Enter password --> password 5. Click GRAPHIC NOTAM 6. Scan current and relative NOTAMS. There is also a valuable SATELLITE WEATHER map on this page. This can show you current areas of cloud cover in Thailand if planning cross country flights. Chok dee.

TFC has saved two of its fleetMajor Ngeun and First Captain Bieow saving the Cherokee 140TFC SAVE-A-PLANE CAMPAIGN -- TFC staff have been working overtime to get the TFC fleet back in the air. HS-ATE was grounded for 10 months, but it is back in the air. Now Major Ngeun and First Captain Bieow from the Royal Thai Navy are attacking the club Cherokee 140 that has been grounded for over 7 years for mysterious reasons. These guys can fix anything, and with their luck, the TFC fleet will be back to 3 out of 4 soon. Pictured right are the club C172 and C150 freshly painted and back in action. Come to TFC and find out more about the "save-a-plane campaign."

May 2011 -- COMING MAYBE -- TFC IN THAI -- TFC President Khun Pee has challenged TFC manager Worawoot with the mission of translating the TFC webpage into Thai. This way, we can get more Thai students. Standby for more news on this exciting development.... which may take some time.
Sep 2011 -- DR. MAHATHIR WILL ATTEND BERNAM RIVER FLY-IN MALAYSIA  -- TFC's Friend in Malaysia, Khun Suren (Surendrasingam Poopalasinagm) has informed us that Malaysia's former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad will open the fly-in at Bernam River in Malaysia this September. It is one of the biggest aviation events in Southeast Asia. Suren visited Bang Phra with Captain Bill in his Beechcraft Staggerwing and he then visited Phuket Airpark with flying sensation Les Vorosmarthy in January. Suren loves flying and he is the owner of BERNAM RIVER AIRPARK (WMBR) -- -- in Malaysia. The airstrip is located on a big river with class 3 rapids about 30 minutes upstream. He is also 30 minutes from the Sung Kai Hot Springs. He has 5 aircraft based on the field (172, 152, 180, warrior, thruster). His last fly-in in June 2010 was a huge success with 22 aircraft, 6 parachutes, 3 helicopters and 97 classic cars. Malaysia knows how to support and promote General Aviation. The Malaysia Government actively promotes "Malaysia My Second Home" -- -- and many pilots are basing their N-registered aircraft there to fly during vacations. Their rules and procedures are simple and easy to follow. Suren has 5 chalets (with aircon and wifi) for rent on his airpark (180 Ringit - appx US$50). There is a Flying Club and Hangars and a 32'x16' swimming pool. The airpark is based on 221 acres with 7 huge lakes. Suren flew up to Phuket Airpark in January for the Phuket Fly-In Bikini Competition 2011.

Jun 2011 -- DOK KRAI HAS A NEW OWNER -- We have recently learned that Khun Hans is the new owner of DokKrai. Hans owns the Seamax amphibious aircraft at Pattaya Airpark and he loves flying. When he saw DokKrai, he was excited to learn that it was for sale, and he bought it. If you want to meet Khun Hans, fly over to Dokkrai and say hello.
Jun 2011 -- TFC COMMUNICATION LESSON -- It is very important to practice correct communications English when speaking on the radio. TFC Manager Worawoot wants us all to review and practice correct communication procedures. Over. --
01 Apr 2011 -- 10 STUDENTS ENROLLED IN TFC GROUNDSCHOOL -- TFC Free Groundschool

16 Sep 2010 -- NEW SYSTEM -- FREE GROUNDSCHOOL FOR EVERYONE -- The Thai Flying Club is now offering a FREE GROUNDSCHOOL for people who want to learn to fly. This school is ROLLING ADMISSION, so you can join it at any time and start your training immediately. you can pursue the syllabus as slowly or as quickly as you wish. The club has teaching aids in the Student Classroom for initiation and training. You will be signed off on each Training Capsule you complete. Thai Flying Club is not-for-profit and the instructors from the Royal Thai Navy are ready to help answer any questions that you have during your training. Learn more about TFC FREE Groundschool.

June 2011 -- KLONG 15 ACCIDENT UPDATE -- It is very important to learn from accidents, so that we can avoid the same mistakes. We are getting closer to understanding what the causes of the crash of the Christen Eagle were. These are all unconfirmed, but based on comments from people at the scene at the time of the accident. It seems that  the aircraft had completed a roll and then pitched up 45 degrees entering a loop. At this 45 degree nose up attitude, the aircraft was observed to lose power (reason unknown). The aircraft continued to enter the loop, past vertical, then inverted position in the top of the loop, where with a lack of airspeed, it appeared that the aircraft entered an inverted spin and maintained this condition until it struck the ground. The ATC ceiling is 1,500 feet at that location, but it is believed that the aircraft was in touch with ATC and had received clearance to 2,000 feet (estimated and unconfirmed). There is also some speculation as to whether the front seat had a throttle or not installed. We received this message from the company that manufactures the Christen Eagle -- "The Eagle has throttle levers in the front and back. The throttle cable is hooked to the front lever. There is a pushrod that is hooked to the front and back lever that allows you to control the throttle. I hope I answered your question." Regards, Janette Casper - Parts Department, Aviat Aircraft, Inc.

17-19 June 2011 -- THE GREAT LOEI AIRLIFT -- This may be one of the greatest airlifts of all time. over 1,100 Thai children were given their first aerial experience of the SFAT fly-in weekend. Damri had both the C206 and the Mooney working. Alongzo was only taking up mature students. Balloons were bouncing up and down all day. Last year, no one showed up, but this time, SFAT and Khun Uthai really had a great organization. Peter flew in and many aircraft from Bangkok. Great success. Any questions -- -- We can tell you that Loei Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in Thailand and well worth a visit. UPDATE -- Good news. Uthai has received news from provincial governor about the aircraft which join flight at Loei fly-in. We have free Avsgas, parking fee and room. Attention all aircraft Sfat need call sign and pilot name for reservation room, stock gas, answer before 10 June 2011. About promotion by join flight with young eagle. The date fly-in, we can start on 16 June 2011. Best Regards, Uthai. Peter Thomson report: The Loei Air Show held 17-19 June was a great success. The aim was to introduce Thai young people to flying. In the three days, 1,100 new aviators took to the air. The new fliers were mostly from primary and high schools throughout Loei. Sponsors were Loei Province, PTT, and TAT. The event was organised largely by SFAT, with excellent support from Region 4 Command of Royal Thai Police, DCA, Aerothai and the Loei public. Aircraft involved were fixed wing (6 in the circuit at a time), helicopters and balloons, and everyone had a ball !

Jul 2011 -- THE BLACK MOBILE -- You have all heard of the Bat Mobile... Well TFC now introduces the TFC BLACK MOBILE. This classic motorcycle has been lovingly rebuilt by the TFC team to full operational status. It is on standby at the club FREE for use by visiting pilots who fly in, or by TFC members who need to get around while at the club. Just put some gas in it and go.
26 Jun 2011 -- KHUN PICHAI AT TFC -- TFC had a special visit from Khun Pichai over the weekend. Khun Pichai started to fly 24 years ago. He is the owner of the TB-20 (HS-ATZ) with Khun Pichit. His brother got his PPL may years ago, so then he became interested. Pichai feels that Bang Phra is the most beautiful airport in Thailand. He has flown one time to Lampoon up North. He tries to come to TFC about 3-4 times a year to fly his plane, so it is always a great surprise when we see him --

May 2011 -- TFC "PAU BAAN" KHUN NIN PAINTS CLUBHOUSE ROOF -- Our TFC Bushpilot Clubhouse is now ten years old, and it was time to paint the roof to keep it from rusting. TFC all-around-man Khun Nin was charged with the task and he did a spectacular job. Hanging and sliding across the roof and employing the use of two very young light weight friends, the roof is now a brilliant emerald green. Thank you Khun Nin for a great job.

23 Jun 2011 -- MALAYSIAN PILOT KILLED AT PADANG AIRSHOW IN INDONESIA -- A Malaysian pilot was killed in a Christen Eagle during an aerobatic performance at the Minang Aerosport air show. He crashed in an open area at Kompleks Perundam III Tunggul Hitam, Padang, West Sumatera. The pilot was Col (Rtd) Zakaria Salleh, 56, from the Royal Selangor Flying Club. The accident occurred at 5.24pm local time. It is understood eight aircraft from Malaysia, including the ill-fated one, were taking part in the air show. The others were four C172 aircraft, two C150s and a PA28. According to local media reports quoting witnesses, the Eagle aircraft was doing aerobatic maneuvers when it suddenly nose dived and crashed to the ground. An emergency response team brought Zakaria out of the cockpit and rushed him to Hospital M Djamil, Padang but he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. In KUALA LUMPUR, a friend of the pilot who wished to be anonymous said Zakaria was formerly with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and was employed by Berjaya Air prior to his death. At RMAF, Zakaria was the captain of its aerobatic team. This is the second accident with a Christen Eagle engaged in aerobatics in Southeast Asia in the past few months.

Jun 2011 -- CHINA GENERAL AVIATION PROGRESS -- China wants to promote General Aviation. The 9th annual China General Aviation Forum, which is to be held from June 27-29 in Beijing, China. It is the real business-oriented event for international GA suppliers & operators to meet and discuss business opportunities with their Chinese counterparts. For more information, please visit us at: We also welcome you to visit the China Pavilion (booth # 256) at 2011 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh -- This is the 1st time that you will be able to arrange a one-on-one discussion opportunity with China delegation at AirVenture. Having been the major driving force in China GA industry, we know 2011 is an action year for one simple reason: China is finally opening up its low-altitude airspace for GA development!! We encourage you to come to our events, see the market, meet the people, and expand your business territories. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am more than happy to assist you in entering the China GA market! Enlin Chao --


05 Jun 2011 -- TFC FLIGHTSCHOOL NEWS -- KHUN NISAKORN WANTS TO LEARN TO FLY -- Khun Bay owns her own logistics company in Bangkok. She has always wanted to fly, so she is going to check at Phumibol Hospital to see if she can join and start flying at Bang Phra. She was brought to the club by Koju san and liked it. So let's see if she passes her medical.

04 Jun 2011 -- BELLE'S CAFE NOW OPEN AT BEST OCEAN -- TFC friend Khun Jules told us the exciting news of Khun Bell opening her new restaurant at Best Ocean Airpark. Now you can sit aloft and watch all your friends take off and land while dining on sumptuous Thai food. Khun Bell is also the owner of one of the finest restaurants in Bangkok -- The Orient Bangkok. Jules has recently purchased Yeow Ming's diesel Cherokee and is ready to fly regularly at Best Ocean Airpark near Bangkok. Yeow Ming is our friend and Commander-in-Chief at Wings Over Asia. See you all at Belle's Cafe.

POSTPONED -- AEROBATIC CLINIC IN MALAYSIA -- Dear Aerobatic Pilots - We would like to invite you to the first South East Asian Aerobatic Gathering at Bernam River Airfield. This is a private airport is about 40 Nm north-west of Kuala Lumpur (WMBR - 130.9) with a 2,100 ft good quality, 20 m wide asphalt runway. The plan is to have an aerobatic skill workshop where fun flying will be combined with an optional critiquing session. Our future judges are learning here too. We are planning to have 5-10 aerobatic aircraft with Pilots from Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. The next day is the largest Malaysian fly-in planned. This will be the 3rd fly-in for this airfield. Last year there were over 30 airplanes attending and this year we are expecting over 50 planes. All aerobatic participants may fly an air-show on this day if they want. The organizer promised to provide free fuel, food and accommodation as well as a full tank to fly home. Les Vorosmarthy -

24 Jan 2011 -- TFC REDUCES LANDING FEE TO 500 BAHT -- Big C General Manager Yves Braibant has been flying around Thailand with Royal Sky in a Cirrus. Yves loves flying and since Big C has now bought 42 Carrefour stores, Yves has to patrol all over Thailand to inspect the 71 Big C stores and now the 42 Carrefour stores. He has been doing a lot of flying. He stopped by Bang Phra on Monday to do a store inspection in Pattaya. He was very happy that Thai Flying Club has reduced the Monday and Tuesday landing fee to 500 Baht (when the club is closed). This is in line with Sriracha Aviation mechanic fee of 500 Baht on Monday when they are normally closed. Sriracha has been leading General Aviation in Thailand with their excellent maintenance and large number of serviceable aircraft.

20 May 2011 -- ALONGZO PARTY AT EASTERN FLYING CLUB -- Fernando is one of the most enthusiastic aviators on the Eastern Seaboard. He is the chief pilot for the Black Dog Polo team and now has a new airplane. Eastern Airport is throwing a celebration party for him at Eastern on Friday with a pig roast. Fernando will be there along with Jim and TFC manager Worawoot. Come and join the fun. There will be a jeep race on the runway. Eastern Airport directions

30 Apr - 02 May 2011 -- BEST OCEAN GOLF FLYIN -- Pilots from Singapore and Malaysia may be flying into Best Ocean for a golf and dinner outing. Please contact Khun Nat if you wish to join --

12-14 May 2011 -- UL KINGS CUP COMPETITION -- RASAT (Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand) will have Ultralight Microlight competition for King's Cup during 12th - 14th May 2011 at new Airfield "Nong Klor" Please spread the news that all pilots are invited to fly-in but only ULs can join the competition. I don't have schedule yet but the dates are confirmed. In the beginning, the new airfield will get approved as "Temporary" for only 14 days. I don't have more details yet but as soon as I know I'll send you -- Neil --

19 Mar 2011 -- NAO SAN JOINS TFC -- Koju San has brought a new student to TFC. His friend Nao is from Kobe, Japan, and he is working for an auto company in Bang Na. He has come to learn to fly and Koju san give him a free intro flight on his first visit. Koju has just finished a complete top overhaul of his C150 HS-SUN, and now he is overhauling his other C150. Both of his planes will have a new Garmin cockpit and instruments with intercom and will be available for TFC students to fly. Congratulations Koju and Nao. Welcome to the club.

23 Mar 2011 -- BREAKING NEWS -- TFC CLUB C172 ENGINE OVERHAUL COMPLETED -- The engine is back, and now HS-ATE the C172 is being painted. So soon, we may have the club C172 back on flying status.

Feb 2011 -- KHUN THOS ON WINTER TOUR 2011 -- This year Khun Thos was the only person who braved the weather and went on the TFC Winter Tour. He flew his Robin 2160 from Hua Hin up to Pai, and he took this excellent photo of Runway 01 at Pai showing the paved runway and the extension. Pai airport was almost never used until 2003, when the TFC "Oshtak" Air Rally included Pai airstrip and 40 airplanes flew in there. After that, there was a surge of interest in Pai airstrip, and it was paved and now there is a computer airline that flies into Pai. Congratulations to General Aviation and the first Oshtak for revitalizing and saving this airport. Thanks Khun Thos for your Winter Trip report.

Apr 2011 -- TFC MOURNS LOSS OF A GREAT AVIATOR AND FRIEND -- Khun Kraivuth, the founder of the Grasshopper Flying Club at Klong 15 and the owner of a Christen Eagle and Curtiss Jenny and a Senior 777 Captain for Thai Airways has sadly lost his life in a plane crash near Klong 15 airfield. The Christen Eagle was near the airfield, when it struck the ground. A funeral ceremony was held in Bangkok and many aviation friends from Thailand gathered to honor the passing of a great aviator and generous spirit.

31 Mar 2011 -- BIRTHDAY SALUTE TO TFC MANAGER -- Khun Worawoot arrived at TFC today to celebrate his birthday. He was fully dressed in jeep uniform. The entire TFC staff assembled in the jeep to celebrate the birthday or Commander Worawoot and his new helmet. Everyone at TFC is very excited that soon maybe the club C172 with a new paint job and new engine may be back in the air.

13 Mar 2011 -- KHUN KENG JOINS TFC AND JEEP CLUB -- Khun Praveen Terasawathi was at TFC this past weekend, because he is now getting serious about his flying license. Keng has taken 3 flights so far, and he has decided that he loves planes. Khun Keng was not aware that there were so many jeeps in Bang Phra, so he also found himself suddenly surrounded and recruited into the Royal & Ancient Order of Bush Pilots with a "double jeep salute" organized by TFC manager Worawoot. Khun Keng is 33 years old and he drives a Nissan Navara (that looks a lot like a jeep). Keng owns an Esso station near his home in Samut Prakan and Bang Phra is the most convenient place for him to fly. He has been flying with Kruu Jira and has been learning how to do descents, climbs, turns, taxing and how to read a checklist. His favorite Thai Suphasit is "Nam Keun Hai Leap Tak," and he has completed his aviation medical. Welcome to TFC team Khun Keng.

NEW TFC MEMBER -- FAA INSTRUCTOR RICHARD PAUL -- Richard is a new member of the Thai Flying Club. When he is not flying 747's he is flying J-3 Cubs across the USA or experimenting with his French Broussard Bush Airplane. Richard loves flying and he is moving to Thailand. Richard has offered to conduct FAA BFR flights for those in need at Thai Flying Club. He can also do Instrument Proficiency Checks. If you need to do a BFR, email Richard --

TFC MEMBER FERNANDO PONSA OFFERS 20 MINUTE FREE FLIGHT TO ALL NEW GROUNDSCHOOL STUDENTS -- Active TFC member Fernando Ponsa has offered a free 20 minute flight to all the students in TFC Free Groundschool. TFC Free Groundschool Student Nagashima San accepted Alongzo's generous offer and stepped into the Red Dragon. He was thrilled with the flight and very honored to fly with such a good and generous pilot as Fernando Ponsa. If you think you would like to fly with Fernando, please send him an email --

PHANG NGA BAY -- PHOTOS BY KHUN MIKE -- Mike Gillam has shared with us some very nice photos of Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi, Dokkrai and Tiger's airport -- View TFC Gallery

20 Apr 2011 -- INDONESIA with Paramotor -- Fly over the nice Beach in Indonesia, enjoy blue water of the sea, cross green light jungle, coconut trees and rice fields, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sun bathing. Contact -- Susi Melinda -- --

AVIATION HISTORY -- NAGASHIMA PLANS TO TAKE HIS FATHER FLYING -- TFC Student Nagahima San has shared with us a photo of his father when he was a pilot for the Japanese Army in WWII. Takamitsu Nagashima was born on 5 Nov 1921. He entered the National Pilot School on 01 Oct 1938 (the first year of the opening of the school). He completed his flight training in Japanese No. 95 Ishikawajima Trainer known as "Red Dragonfly." In 1942, he entered the Higher Aviation School at Yonago as an associate professor. Until the end of the war on 15 Aug 1945, he flew the following airplanes: No 91 Jakajima Fighter, No. 95 Kawasaki Biplane Fighter, No. 97 Mitsubishi Bomber. He was in North Korea at the end of the war. His total flight time accumulated during the war was 1,500 hours. Nagashima's sister kindly asked him to share with us his advice about flying that he learned from his experience. He said: "Self-possession" & "Safety First." Takamitsu is now living in Kumagaya City. Nagashima has shared with us his dream after he completes his flying training at TFC is to take his father flying in Japan. We wish him very good luck with his dream.

CPL TRAINING -- Khun Chuto has kindly advised us that CPL training is available at CATC -- -- If you have any more information to share with us about flight training in Thailand, please let us know.

3 Feb 2011 -- PAPA DAVE FIRST FLIGHT FOR TFC VISITORS -- An early Breaking News Report from TFC Manager Worawoot. Papa Dave gave an Introduction Flight to young kids: Phor, Pan and Palm today. It was their first visit to TFC, and they were promptly hauled aloft over Bang Phra for 20 minutes. Their parents previously had a short intro flight at CMT airport many years ago, before it was closed. Worawoot believes that these young children now have a dream to be future pilots.

02 Oct 2010 -- BREAKING NEWS -- TFC NOW HAS 15 STUDENTS ENROLLED IN GROUNDSCHOOL -- The new Rolling Admission FREE Groundschool at TFC is off with a bang. In two weeks, we had 10 students enrolled in the groundschool and ready to start studying. Thank you to the TFC committee for this ground breaking advancement in General Aviation Flight Training in Thailand -- VIEW GROUNDSCHOOL PAGE

12-13 Apr 2011 -- SONGKRAN PATONG AIRSHOW IN PHUKET  -- Khun Suchard has advised the new dates of the Songkran Patong Airshow in Phuket will be on 12-13 April 2011. PFC Secretary, Khun Suchard, and PFC President, Captain Watana, invite all aviators from Thailand and Malaysia to fly into Phuket Airpark for the Patong Aerobatic show to open the Songkran Festivals in Phuket on behalf of the Governor of Phuket. Aircraft can fly in to Phuket Airpark on the 12th. The Patong Flyover will be advised upon arrival. There may be Khun Les Vorosmarthy Extra 300 airshow over Patong. For more details -- 

Mar 2011 -- ON THE JEEP TRAINING AT TFC -- TFC Manager Worawoot and Mechanic Nin were called into action recently to rescue a jeep. Worawoot has recently been given the keys of TFC President Khun Pee's jeep, and his first mission was to rescue another jeep in need. The growing population of jeeps at TFC has necessitated the formation of a Thailand Jeep Club with Bang Phra as the national jeep headquarters. Worawoot is now learning the ropes of how much time and energy is necessary to maintain a jeep and keep it running. If you want to come for a jeep ride, you are welcome to TFC Thailand Jeep Club Headquarters.

07 Mar 2011 -- NOK FREQUENCY -- The 123.00 frequency for NOK local procedure was confirmed and agreed by Khun Somboon (Aerothai CNX) - provided pilots first tell ATC on 129.60 and remain within NOK Class G airspace below 2000'. Before terminating it would be desirable to call CNX App.129.60 to tell them - you will still be required to call the tower by telephone with landing time. They (CNX ATC) will not be monitoring 123.00. We (NOK) will publish the procedure in our Ops Manual/ Club Noticeboard and website. Tony --

11-13 Mar 2011 -- BEST OCEAN FLY-IN -- Khun Nat from Best Ocean has announced that there will be a fly-in at Best Ocean Airpark in March. She welcomes everyone to come and see the exciting progress at Best Ocean. They also now have a Flight Training program and can start training students. The complete cours4e is 500,000 Baht --

14-16 Feb 2010 -- PHILIPPINE BALLOON FIESTA -- Entry Fee is US$950 per couple. 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta scheduled on February 10-13, 2011 at Clark Field in Pampanga, Philippines and the Legaspi (RPLP), Bisibis Bay Fly-In on Feb. 14-16. We hope that you will be able to find time to spend a fun-flying weekend with us. This will not just be a balloon weekend. It will also be the biggest sport aviation meeting in Asia! There will be an Aerobatic show featuring the RV4 and Citabria from Manila. Sky diving exhibitions, Ultra light and homebuilt aircraft displays and flying, motorized paraglider flights, Aeromodeling demonstration, Rocketeering, kite-flying activities, helicopter owners fly-in, and private planes flying in from all over Asia and Japan. There will be a lot of static displays from aeronautical schools and manufacturers. The annual WOA Asia Aviators Gathering and the AOPA-I regional summit for the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association will also be held during this time. For more information -- --

Feb 2011 -- GENERAL AVIATION SAVING DUGONGS -- Enthusiastic Aviator Ed is on the job again. He has been volunteering as a pilot to help conservationists conduct a survey of Dugongs in the South of Thailand. This is one of the very positive aspects of General Aviation in Thailand. There would be more aircraft assisting and volunteering with the survey except for the complications and restrictions caused by the 5 year permit. Mayaysia does not have any 5 year permit restrictions -- View Video --

15 Jan 2011 -- EXTRA-300 AEROBATIC SHOW AT PHUKET AIRPARK -- Les Vorosmarthy flew in from Malaysia and put on one of the greatest flying aerobatic shows we have seen in Thailand. There were over 1,500 spectators at Phuket Airpark for the a fantastic afternoon of flying. First we had Khun Eric and the Phuket R/C Association display all forms of model aircraft flying. We had special visitors Khun Neil from Pattaya Airpark, Khun Damri with the first Mooney Landing ever at Phuket Airpark, Captain Kraivuth honored us with a very special visit representing the Grasshopper Flying Club from Klong 15 and James Teng flew up in his Eclipse 500 jet to visit. William Lee came up specially to test to overrun on both ends of the runway, and they tested well. Sean from Epic-charters came and cooked hot dogs and delicious hamburgers. Khun Pep sent a special Movenpick display with delicious ice cream. Land Rover brought two special high performance cars for a special Zenair Land Rover air race, and they beat the Zenair. Doctor Rolf was flying his pants off giving rides to everyone. Captain Watana, the President of Phuket Flying Club arrived on the field after calling in from Happy Air overhead at 10,000 feet. Captain Ken performed a one-man music show that was very entertaining. In the evening, we had Khun Bear give a delightful Classical Thai Dance Show with a special Hulla-hoop display from the village next door. Then the highlight of the evening was 12 very classy and elegant Bikini Models doing a very polite and entertaining modeling show in front of the Extra. The winning models presented certificates of appreciation to Khun Les for his airshow and to Khun Suren for his prize sponsorship. Other prizes were donated by Phuket Gazette, Khun Suchard, Khun Chris and Khun Krittika. For more information on this event, please visit -- -- Thank you to all who attended the PHUKET AIRPARK FLY-IN BIKINI COMPETITION 2011.

Captain Kraivuth and Khun Damri have confirmed that Klong 15 is sending 3 aircraft from the Damri Airforce to the Phuket Fly-In. Khun Damri has joined Phuket Flying Club as the first LIFE MEMBER of the club. Damri has also offered to serve as a Judge for the Phuket Fly-In Bikini Competiton. More and more aircraft are confirming every day. The GRASSHOPPER Flying Club is located at Klong 15 in Nakhon Nayok next to Equestrian Paradise owned by Khun Tao. Captain Kraivuth has been very busy with his acrobatic flying there and with a Curtis Biplane. This is a very exciting airport to watch in development and they will have 3 aircraft at the Phuket Fly-in. Congratulations to Klong 15 TARNWANA airport --

MAREK JOINS TFC GROUNDSCHOOL -- Marek Hovorka has been studying the General Aviation training in Thailand very closely. He has a banking business in Vietnam. He was born in Czech Republic and received his Ultralight Pilot License in Czech Republic in 2004. In 2005, he moved to Ukraine and joined the sports flying club there training as sport pilot between 2006 and 2008. He also took courses towards PPL as well, but did not finish. In 2009, he moved to Vietnam and he visits Thailand twice a month for business. After a lengthy study and investigation, he has chosen TFC to help him get his Thai PPL. Welcome aboard Marek.

25-27 Feb 2011 -- SFAT FLY-IN TO LOEI -- Loei is a great place to visit. SFAT is planning a fly-in up there so if you want more information, then email Uthai

18-20 Feb 2011 -- WINTER TOUR 2011 RETURNS TO THAILAND -- After many years of absence, the famous WINTER TOUR is coming back. TFC member Khun Damri has announced that he will lead a 3-day Winter Tour to Nan with many activities. Everyone is welcome to join and certainly aircraft from Bang Phra, Best Ocean, and Klong 15 will be joining. If you are interested to join WINTER TOUR 2011, send us an email, and we will find an aircraft for you -- email TFC
31Jan - Khun Thossapon Wongkittikorn will join from Hua Hin with Robin HS-TPA.

DEC 2010 -- KHUN LEK STOPS BY TFC -- We were very honored to have a visit from Khun Lek Charoenrat recently with his trusty assistant Kasem. Khun Lek was the chief mechanic at TFC for almost 20 years, and he has a very good reputation with aircraft maintenance in Thaliand. Lek works from Klang Dong (near Khao Yai), and this airstrip now has a newly paved runway. Khun Lek and Kasem roam around Thailand helping out pilots to keep their planes running smoothly. Lek maintains several planes at TFC, so it is also a good chance for him to stop by and visit old frineds. TFC Manager Worawoot welcomed Khun Lek and stood in formation in front of the "Blue Nut" for a visiting photo. Chok dee Khun Lek.

29 Aug 2010 -- TFC SENIOR PILOTS TAKE FLIGHT -- It is not often that you get this much aviation experience in one airplane, but last Sunday at TFC, we had Papa Dave and Khun Charn together for an aerobatic session in the "Blue Nut." Papa Dave was shot down twice over Hanoi in his A4. Both times he landed in the Gulf of Tonkin and floated. Khun Charn has flown about every aerobatic plane you can imagine and has vast experience in the Cap10 and Extra300. His Extra 300 will be coming back from Germany next month. It is a pure pleasure to watch these guys in action and we salute them and their General Aviation Spirit for Thailand.

SPOT SATELLITE TRACKER FOR SALE AT TFC -- The very latest in technology is now for sale at TFC (7,500 Baht). The Spot Tracker is small and portable. When you push the button, it will send your exact Lat x Lon position to any email addresses that you program it to. It this email will be a link to a GoogleMap with an arrow pointing to your exact position. You have two options -- Operations Normal or Emergency. When you  push the Ops Normal button, then everyone can see where you are and know you are okay. If you push the Emergency, then everyone can see where you are and know that you are in trouble. This is the perfect way to feel confident when you are flying over unfriendly terrain. It does not need any phone signal. It speaks directly to satellites and then by email to only the people you want to communicate with and the people you trust. Come and test this one for free at TFC. If you try it out, the satellite signal will go to (until we reprogram it for you).

May 2010 -- CESSNA MAGAZINE NOW ONLINE -- Khun Dana of has informed us that Cessna now has an online magazine --

Oct 2010 -- SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST AT BEST OCEAN -- Khun Nat from Best Ocean has advised that starting on 24 October, Everyone is welcome for Sunday Fly-in Breakfast at Best Ocean. Cost is 150 Baht. Free landing and parking all day. Call Khun Nat -- 0863291036 --

17 May 2010 -- TFC MEMBER SUMMITS EVEREST -- TFC manager Worawoot reports that a TFC member successfully summitted Mount Everest on 17th May 2010. Worawoot has confirmed that this is the first time a TFC member has ever reached 29,030 feet by foot. The climber was charged with the mission to carry a TFC sticker to the summit, and the Thai Flag was provided by Krittika Toumtong (who carried it to base camp at 17,500 feet). However, on descent, the TFC climber ran out of oxygen at 26,000 feet at night in Camp 4 and was not able to comply with FAA nor DCA regulations requiring the use of oxygen at high altitude. One of the chief advisors on this expedition was Khun Nung (the first Thai to summit Everest in 2009). We apologize for the delay in updates to the TFC webpage during this 2 month expedition.

02 Oct 2010 -- GEORGE WASHINGTON VISITS THAILAND -- Dr. Rolf has yet again brought us an exciting TFC Photo of the Week when he was flying over Laem Chabang and noticed that the US Aircraft Carrier George Washington was beneath him. Rolf snapped this amazing shot as he was on final approach.

24 Oct 2010 -- KLONG 15 FLYING VISIT -- We were very fortunate to have a flying visit from Klong 15 this weekend with Kruu Pieboon and Khun Khemchart and his son. They told us about all the exciting progress at Klong 15 with the Christian Eagle and the Curtiss Jenny. It was great to have a visit from them and their beautiful Lime Green Piper.

03 Nov 2010 -- TFC MEMBER TANED GETS SEAPLANE WINGS -- Florida USA. Khun Taned got his FAA Single Engine Seaplane license. It needs only a few days to get it. I firstly send the application to FAA Office and go to FSDO to verify my foreign license to get a Single Engine Land license (Temporally). Then I took seaplane course for 6 hours with Adventure Seaplanes before going to the check flight with one of the best seaplane examiner, Jon Brown. Seaplane is fun because it’s very tricky during taxi and touch and go. If you like freedom, don’t miss it because you can choose your own runway. Khun Taned.

Aug 2010 -- MORE BREAKING NEWS -- NEW BALLS FOR TFC -- Now TFC has balls at both ends of the runway. When you land on Runway 23, you will now see the Red Ball Markers to show the barb wire fence which is abeam the new hangars. TFC manager Worawoot is confident that the termites will not be able to eat these balls, because it may be too difficult for them to climb up the wire.

Dec 2010 -- TFC ANDAMAN ISLAND EXPEDITION -- Enthusiastic Aviator and TFC member Ed is planning an Andaman Island Expedition with Khun Tom and Papa Dave in early December in his Malibu. Port Blair (VOPB) is just off the West coast of Thailand in the Andaman Islands. The GPS direct distance from either Bangkok or Phuket is just under 400 Nm, one way. The plan is for one or two nights stay. The Andaman/Nicobar islands in The Bay of Bengal are under Indian Authority, so anyone wishing to make this trip will need to apply for an Indian Tourist Visa from the Indian embassy in Bangkok prior to departure. Landing permits and availability of fuel are currently being investigated, so numbers of aircraft and fuel requirements would be useful to know as soon as possible. Life Jackets and marine survival equipment are strongly recommended due to the lack of alternates. VOCX, Car on the nearby (150 Nm due South) Nicobar islands is a military runway, which would be available in an emergency, but other than that, a return to Myanmar or Thailand would be the only viable option as an Alternate. Some useful links about the islands:- -- The Andaman Islands are famous for their population of Elephants that sometimes swim from one island to the next. If you are interested in more information on this trip --

20-21 Dec 2010 -- JULIUS WALSH AT TFC -- TFC Manager Worawoot reports that all hands were on deck for 14 year old TFC pre-student Julius Walsh. Julius showed up and was ready to fly. Called to order were Papa Dave and Kruu Jira to fly with Julius and demonstrate the finer points of aviation. Julius is not sure at this point how far he will take this interest in aviation, but one this is for sure, the TFC team were on the mission and ready to assist. Thanks to Worawoot, Papa Dave and Kruu Jira for attention to the mission. We may see Julius back again soon.

15 Jan 2011 -- PHUKET AIRPARK "ANDAMAN FLYIN & BIKINI COMPETITION" -- Khun Suchard the owner of Phuket Airpark and Captain Watana the President of Phuket Flying Club have announced that Phuket Airpark will celebrate the new year 2011 with a Andaman Flyin and Airshow. If you remember the inaugural flyin at Phuket Airpark, then you realize that this will be a grand success. Bring your tent and camp for free. There are 4 Bungalos (300 Baht per night) and 9 Rooms (800 Baht per night) and the Barbeque Dinner will be 500 Baht per head. The runway is now 800 meters with a beautiful covering of grass on it. The Phuket Flying Club now has 20 members. The fee to join is 6,000 Baht. The club has a Zenair and more aircraft coming soon. 6 properties have already been sold at Phuket Airpark and now all 5 students at Phuket Airpark have joined the TFC Free Groundschool to begin their flight training. Don't miss this flyin, because there will be the 2011 Miss Phuket Airpark Bikini Competition -- -- UPDATE: there are now 10 aircraft coming from Malaysia -- including an Eclipse 500 Jet and an Extra 300 Aerobatic Show. This event is going to be a huge success. So far, we have 8 bikini contestants -- room for 2 more!

14-16 Jan 2011 -- PATTAYA BALLOON FESTIVAL -- Being held at Thammasart

19 Dec 2010 -- KOJU SAN BRINGING TWO NEW STUDENTS TO TFC GROUNDSCHOOL -- TFC manager Worawoot poses with TFC member and double C150 owner Koju in Bang Phra. Koju has informed us that his two friends from Japan Toshi San and Nao San will be coming to join the TFC Groundschool and start their process of learning to fly.

31 Dec 2010 -- DAMRI NEW YEAR FLYIN IN NAN -- Khun Damri invites every aviator to his house in Nan for a New Years Eve party. If you are interested to join this --

09-11 Dec 2010 -- CIVIL AVIATION AIRSHOW 2010 AT DON MUANG AIRPORT -- TFC Manager Worawoot reports that the Don Muang Show was very informative. TFC members Fernando "Alongzo" Ponsa and Robert HS-BOB visited the TFC booth. There were slightly less visitors than last year, but this year there were many booths and many students at the show. Worawoot confirmed that the TFC booth was extremely popular because of the new TFC projection simulator and now Worawoot can land the Microsoft DC-3 perfectly. Khun Charn also flew his Grob to the airshow and he took a photo with TFC manager in front of an Extra at the airport. There were many interesting aircraft at Don Muang as well as a classic biplane from Klong 15. For more information --

17-Dec 2010 -- UBON AIRSHOW -- SFAT flyin up north. Gas and accommodation sponsored for all who fly in (according to Khun Niwat)

25 Dec 2010 -- CHRISTMAS TANTAWAN FLY-IN -- Fly-in on Sat 25 Dec. 2010 for dinner. Please, email aircraft Call sign and pilot. Uthai --

DEC 2010 -- CAPTAIN BIFF FAREWELL FROM NOK AIRPORT IN CHIANGMAI -- Our Friend Tony up at NOK airport in Chiangmai sent us a very nice farewell video to our TFC Nak Bin Looktung Friend Captain Biff who is now on his way to Calcutta, India. Clear skies and tailwinds Captain from TFC and all your pilot friends in Thailand --

27 Nov 2010 -- URGENT ENVIRONMENTAL MISSION AROUND BEST OCEAN AIRPARK -- Captian Watana, President of Phuket Flying Club, asks if any pilot would like to volunteer his time and aircraft for an important environmental assessment mission on 27 Nov for -- if you can help, please email Captain Watana --

16 Oct 2010 -- CAPTAIN BIFF AND STAGGERWING BEECH ARRIVE TFC -- Bill Charney is a former Fighter Pilot and airline pilot who is flying his Staggerwing Beech around the world. TFC manager Worawoot organized a Staggerwing Sunday lunch Party in the clubhouse for our visiting Bush Pilot Captain Biff. He was very excited to come and visit Bang Phra with his "Red Rockette" Beechcraft Staggerwing and to meet TFC club members. He flew in from Pattaya Airpark and is planning to visit Tantawan, Klang Dong, Nok, Ban Thi, Pai, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, Siem Reap, Hanoi, Luang Prabang. The Staggerwing will be at TFC for about a week while Bill waits for his clearances. Many members came to the Staggerwing party to welcome Bill. Lek and Noonie brought the ice cream and Papa Dave did an excellent landing on Runway 23. Everyone is welcome to come and see this very unique and beautiful airplane. Captain Biff spent several years rebuilding this airplane to pristine condition in South Island, New Zealand. For more information, have a look --

03 Oct 2010 -- KHUN KENNY RECEIVES A HERO'S WELCOME AT TFC -- Members of the Thai Flying Club were on hand to welcome Khun Kenny when he arrived recently to inspect his Sia Marchetti. Kenny is a true candidate for the Royal and Ancient Order of Bush Pilots, because he is not a normal guy. After browsing the Thai Flying Club webpage one day, he decided to buy a Sia Marchetti Military Trainer. It didn't matter that he didn't know how to fly; he figured that at age 49, he could "grow into it." Kenny joined the Royal Sky Flight Training program in Bangkok where they teach and instruct entirely in Thai language. He was there with 3 other Thai students, and he learned to read and think in Thai too. Kenny comes from New York. He has a son (age 2) and a sister in Sebastopol, California. He runs a technology consulting company in Bangkok for visuals and acoustics. He started out as a recording engineer, when he first came to Thailand in 1992, and worked and lived with the Thai musician Add Carabou. Kenny has now flown the Marchetti twice -- once in Lampang and once to Bangkok. "Apparently," normal pilots can't fly this airplane, because it is too difficult, but Kenny plays the guitar and loves physics. He feels that the physics of music and flying are related, and he is excited for the challenge. The five year permit requirement by the DCA has been complicated for him in organizing instructors for his plane, but hopefully he can work this out soon. We will keep you posted on Kenny's progress aloft.

25 Sep 2010 -- KENNY JACKEL'S SIA MARCHETTI SF 260 ARRIVES AT TFC -- TFC has a new aircraft that arrived at the club this week with Kruu Piya bringing it in from Best Ocean. Khun Kenny is from USA and is looking forward to building some experience and learning to fly his new plane. Kruu Piya reported that the airspeed indicator was a bit erratic, but that it was a nice plane and cruised at over 180 knots.

Sep 2010 -- TFC HAS JUST RECEIVED A NEW DIAMOND DA-40 AIRCRAFT FOR FLIGHT TRAINING -- The President of the Thai Flying Club has just donated his new Diamond DA-40 Diesel Aircraft to the club for TFC members and students to use for flight training. The paperwork is in process, and the plane should be ready to fly in the club's name in 3 months.

Sep 2010 -- CLUBHOUSE REPAIR -- We did a Top Overhaul of the Bushpilot Clubhouse in Bang Phra in early September. TFC mechanics and staff were recruited to replace two planks on the deck and two soft support beams underneath the deck. This lifting and replacement mission was commanded by Royal Thai Navy Mechanic Lt. Biew with support from Commander Worawoot, First Officer Nin, and Special Operations Khun M. The project was overseen by Khun Tom who inspected and procured the replacement Mai Teng wood from Bang Phra. This was the first overhaul of the clubhouse support structure since the clubhouse was built in 2001. Worawoot has promised to have First Officer Nin clear the concrete bases beneath the clubhouse to allow the air to circulate and keep the wood dry and strong. Thank you again to all our TFC members and friends who make the clubhouse possible.

Jun 2010 -- THAI SKY ADVENTURES VISITS TFC -- TFC was honored to have a visit from the PC-6 and crew Julien, Graham and Kristian this past week. We are still waiting to meet Wayne and Harry. We will let you about their progress.

15-20 Feb 2010 -- SFAT CANCELS FLYING TRIP TO LAOS -- UPDATE FROM UTHAI (07 Nov 2010): Trip Laos 15-20 Nov. 2010. It will be cancelled, because SFAT does not have the invitation from the Lao Government. Last information, the Laos DCA was going to charge for landing fee US$ 305 ,Parking fee US$ 300, and Navigation US$ 150. Total US$ 750. It is very expensive, and SFAT cannot support. SFAT will now organize the following Fly-in Events:
10-12 Dec 2010 - DON MUANG
17-19 Dec 2010 - UBON
25-26 Dec 2010 - TANTAWAN

Oct 2010 -- MALAYSIA TRIP A SUCCESS -- Khun Uthai and Sunny organized the SFAT "2nd Flight of Friendship" expeditionary flying trip to Malaysia. They all made it there and back, so it was a success. TFC members Khun Damri, "Alonso" Fernando Ponsa, General Pracha were among the participants. Alonso has promised us a full report complete with airports visited. Standby for this exciting report. Congratulations on a successful trip.

Aug 2010 -- AOPA ONLINE RADIO COURSE -- Khun Paul has sent us a link to online radio course training --

09 Oct 2010 -- ROLF PETERSEN VISITS TFC -- Our good friend and long-time TFC member Rolf Petersen stopped by the club this weekend to advise us on the TFC membership card. Rolf was born in Hamburg, Germany. He started flying 52 years ago in a Piper L-18 tailwheel airplane (supercub). Rolf has been a TFC member for 8 years. He showed us his TFC member card from 2002 while he was advising us on the new TFC membership cards. Then Jacques Warnez showed us his 1991 TFC member card. These guys were flying in Bang Phra back in the days when we had a gravel runway. Rolf is honored to have his TFC member card, because he is proud to be a member of the Bang Phra flying community. Rolf first came to Thailand to work for Lufthansa in 1967. He says that there was no GA activity at that time. His first visit to Bang Phra was in the 1990's when they had an open air repair shop. In his early days, he used to fly almost every weekend. Rolf stopped working with Lufthansa in 1992. He used to fly the 172 and 150 with RTAF Wing 6 in Don Muang. He sent us an old photo of him in front of the King's Flight Avro AV-7 with his friend AVM Vutichai taken some years ago.

Jul 2010 -- BREAKING NEWS -- NEW SIGN FOR TFC -- After the termites have attacked all the distance markers along the runway, TFC manager Khun Worawoot has launched a new initiative. There is now a new TFC sign that may be posted on the road, so that people know how to find the club. The sign employs the latest technology and has an airplane on it. We are not sure how long the sign will last, because the sticker seems to be peeling off. The sign is now positioned on the road, and it is parallel to the road, so you can see it after you have stopped and turned to drive into TFC.

Oct 2010 -- TFC MAN IN PHILIPPINES -- TFC member Shashank Sharma is our man in the Philippines. He is now in the process of becoming an instructor for Omni Aviation at Clark Airport (near Angeles City). He will also be flying at Subic Airport. Shashank says that you can rent a plane with instructor for a scenic flight for US$100 per hour. Shashank is also an advisor for the TFC Andaman Island Expedition coming up in December. If you want more information on flying in Philippines -- -- Tel +639994493499.

30 Oct 2010 -- GOODBYE BBQ PARTY FOR CAPTAIN BIFF -- Khun Nat organized a splendid BBQ event for flyin visitors at Best Ocean Airpark for Round-the-world visitor Captain Biff. Biff will be heading with Suren to Cambodia and we will keep you posted on their progress --

30 Oct 2010 -- GENERAL AVIATION ASSIST WITH FLOOD RELIEF -- Khun Paul has advised us that Colonel Amrung is organized a Flood Relief flight on Tuesday of next week. Anyone who would like to volunteer is welcome to do so. Fuel will be paid for. Email Paul --

28 Sep 2010 -- HAPPY 84th BIRTHDAY OZZIE SAN -- It is our honor at TFC to salute a great friend and TFC member from Japan -- Azusa Oshima (whose friends call him "Ozzie"). Ozzie will be celebrating his 84th birthday this September. Ozzie used to come to TFC to fly the Wilga (until the Thai DCA 5 year permit regulations grounded the Wilga). Ozzie has not let this stop his passion for flying. Ozzie used to fly in the Tokai Patrol Aircraft in the Navy Airforce of the Empire of Japan when he was 19 years old (he is on the right). We asked Ozzie his favorite Kotowaza (proverbs) and he said: "Safety First - Anzen Daiichi" and "Time Flies - Kohin Yano Gotoshi." Everyone at TFC would like to wish Ozzie a very happy 84th Birthday.

Jun 2010 -- BUDDHA MOUNTAIN AIRPORT CLOSED -- This airport is now closed because they are building a University -- BUDDHA MOUNTAIN AIRPORT (silver lake flying club)

17 Sep 2010 -- TINY VISITORS TO TFC -- 50 Primary School Students from Rayong stopped by to learn about Thai Flying Club. They were given a speech by the club manager and then assembled in formation to receive taxi practice up and down runway 23.

Jun 2010 -- "OR BOR TOR NONG KHAM" NEW AIRPORT IN SRIRACHA -- There has appeared a new airstrip (500 meters long) near the Tiger Zoo in Sriracha. If anyone has any information, please email -- // Presently the airstrip is just a dirt road next to the reservoir clear of obstacles. Runway appx 05/23. Position -- N13*08.25 E101*02.48 // Khun Rolf has completed an aerial photo mission (vielendank Rolf) and our man on the ground has completed a runway surface inspection. It is a fun airport to fly over and to inspect the progress from the air. Nong Kham Airport

OSHKOSH 2010 -- SUCCESS OF GENERAL AVIATION -- An excellent video review of Oshkosh 2010 with music by Coldplay. Enjoy.

JACQUE'S AEROSHOP FOR SALE -- PILOT SUPPLY SHOP IN BANGKOK -- Latest News: Jacques is now flying for Vietnam Airlines based in Saigon. He is enjoying his work there very much, and he therefore wants to sell his AEROSHOP in the Amarin Plaza in Bangkok. He is asking for US$60,000 (and the shop includes US$30,000 in stock at the moment). If you would like to buy this ship, please email Jacques -- -- Our TFC friend in Bangkok is Khun Pui at AEROSHOP in the AMARIN PLAZA (2nd floor) next to Erawan Hotel or World Trade on Sukhumvit Road (near Ploenchit BTS Station) -- -- 02-2569786. Khun Pui has ONC maps and books and other aviation supplies. Address: Amarin Plaza (2nd floor, shop 23), 496-502 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330.

Jul 2010 -- ROTAX OIL NEWS -- Peter reports that Aeroshell Sport Plus 4 is tested and highly recommended by Rotax for 912/914 series engines. Also information on the Aeroshell oils for air-cooled aero engines, such as Jabiru (now 11 engines in Thailand), Lycoming and Continental. Khun Uthai has arranged with the distributor to import Aeroshell Sport Plus 4. If you want some, please contact him at

SUPER SKYDIVING EVENT -- Felix Baumgartner, a BASE jumper sponsored by Red Bull – is planning to do a jump from 120,000 feet in the air.  Yes, 120,000.  That’s 23 miles.  He’ll effectively be wearing an astronaut suit and is expected to – get this – break the sound barrier upon his fall. (The air that high isn’t dense enough to generate the friction that makes someone peak out at 120mph when they jump from a more normal height). They’re not entirely sure what all this will do to his body (or so they claim, shock value).  But part of this stunt is being justified by the idea that it will collect much needed data that will help scientists understand how the body (and suit) react to such things. If successful, Felix will almost undoubtedly be qualified to join the ranks of the Royal Order -- -- We salute him on this precipitous attempt.

27 Mar 2010 -- KHUN WIRAT SOLO IN BANG PHRA -- Khun Wirat is the first TFC student to solo in Bang Phra in quite a while. He is a member of A-09 groundschool class and Kruu Aek and Kruu Billy are very proud of him. The tradition for a first solo is two part. First, you will have your shirt tail cut off (to sign and post in the bush pilot clubhouse). Second, you will be very politely doused with water by all the instructors and fellow pilots and TFC staff. Come and learn to fly!

Apr 2010 -- JABIRU EXPERT IN THAILAND -- Peter Thomson reports that Khun Uthai is doing well with Jabiru, and went to Australia last month to do their engine course. He is just starting on the builds for 2nd flying club (another 3 a/c). Of the 1st 3, the J170 is at Klong 16 with Khun Somsak, the J120 owned by Dr Chern of Ubon will be housed at Lerng Nok Tha (n. of Ubon). The J450 Sunny uses, and Uthai is just fitting a Dynon D180 EFIS/EMS, with autopilot. The original LSA is at Buriram, with Khun Win. This will make 7 Jabiru's in Thailand, up from 1 at beginning 2009. The Jabiru engine story is even more successful. There are now 10 Jabiru engines in Thailand, up from 1  at beginning 2009. Two J2200 into Zenair 701's, one J3300 into Zenair 750, and you know about the J300 powering Dan Hill's Corvus. Khun Uthai is based at Tantawan Airport and is at Sunshine Air Service.

Aug 2010 --  SUNSHINE AVIATION UPDATE -- Now Sunshine Aviation has oil for Rotax 912 - Aero Shell light sport Plus 4, Aero Shell W100, and Aero Shell 100 for new engine in stock. Sunshine Aviation is based at Tantawan. Call Uthai 081-4453236

Jun 2010 -- NOW 132 ULTRALIGHTS REGISTERED IN THAILAND -- Last year we had 126, and this year 132 -- so we are up by 6 from last year. Congratulations to Thailand for increasing General Aviation Activity -- 2010 Ultralights (Steve Darke)

18 Sep 2010 (5pm) -- FAREWELL TRAINEE MECHANIC PARTY AT TFC -- TFC Manager Worawoot has announced that there will be a small Party at TFC on 18 September. All are welcome to fly in for the party. This event is to thank our "Tam Labiat Pak" visiting trainee mechanics who have been at Bang Phra for three weeks. We have never seen a group of mechanics work as hard as these guys, and we really have been very honored to have them working with us. Here we have a photo of TFC Student Khun Niwat celebrating the receipt of this Thai PPL with TFC Committee Member Captain Noonie at TFC. Email TFC.

25 Aug 2010 -- LATEST BANGKOK REPORTING POINTS & CLUB NEWS -- TFC Manager Worawoot has found the latest publication of Reporting points for those flying to Best Ocean this weekend. Other news: Khun Sunny's Malaysia Trip has been postponed for some reason. If we hear the new dates, we will let you know. Khun Lek is returning to the position of Secretary at TFC to replace Khun Damri. The New Groundschool Party at TFC stands on the date of 18 Sep at 5pm. Worawoot informs us that he will begin a metal support construction of the Bushpilot Clubhouse. The club C172 is undergoing an engine overhaul and we will let you know when it is back on line. TFC manager Worawoot attended an afternoon seminar for Thai and Foreign pilots at DCA on 20 August in the DCA and a Public Hearing for the new Air Law. We will ask him to fill us in as soon as he can. Coming soon: will will post a TFC "Fleet Status" so you can see which aircraft are available for rent. Also coming soon: The Worawoot "Photo of the Week" (stay tuned).

KOH KUD UPDATE -- If you want to land in Koh Kud, you will have to stay in Evason Resort. The cost is about US$1,500 per night (estimate)

NEW OBSTACLE AT PATTAYA AIRPARK RUNWAY 10 - If you are landing on Runway 10 at Pattaya Airpark, be advised that there is now an obstacle at the Dolphin show which is on final for 10. If you have a picture of this, please send us. Thank you.

BANGKOK RAIN RADAR ACTIVE -- Thanks Paul for the link to the active Rain Radar to show updated precipitation activity around Bangkok and Rayong and Central Thaialnd. An excellent link to click before you go flying --

3-5 Sep 2010 -- TFC SUPPORT BEST OCEAN -- TFC members and friends went to support Best Ocean on their open day and to wish farewell and happy retirement to Khun Vutichai. Pictured left are TFC friends with Khun Sittichai and Khun Vutichai. Pictured right is TFC Manager Worawoot and chief officer Nin in formation with the aircraft set to go. Because of the 5 year permit restrictions, some other aircraft were not able to go. This big event at Best Ocean Airpark celebrated Khun Vuthichai's retirement from the Thai DCA and honor his many contributions to General Aviation in Thailand. Lots of new and exciting news from Best Ocean with their new Virus aircraft and their up and coming flying school (we hear that Captain Mai from Young Eagles has started a new Flight School with a different name). For more information, email Best Ocean --

Aug 2010 -- "TAM LABIAT PAK" -- TFC has new aviation students studying hard and staying in the Turn and Slip Inn in Bang Phra for 3 weeks. As you can see, these guys are in full uniform and standing firm in the "Tam Labiat Pak" position - which is the official position of all official people when visiting TFC. We welcome Thanachok, Khomkrit, Nattakit, Nantapong, and Surasak to TFC. They are conducting all sorts of tasks at the club and recently they have volunteered to help repair some rotting planks at the TFC "Bushpilot Clubhouse." The clubhouse has now been standing for almost ten years. The clubhouse was built by 1 bushpilot and 2 Bang Phra University Students in 3 months with the help and support of many TFC members and General Aviation supporters from around the world. This year we will replace two planks on the floor and two under deck support beams with new "mai teng" wood that the termites can't eat.

Aug 2010 -- JACKY BRINGS NEW WINDSOCKS TO TFC -- We had a visit from Jacky after he returned from Oshkosh in USA. He brought a supply of windsocks for everyone and all assembled for a team photo with Khun Wirat, Kruu Eak, Khun Jacky and Commander Worawoot. Jacky used to be a Quicksilver instructor at CMT flying club (now closed), and he reported that the Silver Lake Flying Club is now closed and that they will be building a university there soon.

Jun 2010 -- C172P FOR SALE -- Sonny is selling 2 Cessna 172P aircraft. Cost 3.2 million baht each. Aircraft now in Sriracha Airport. Full IFR equiped. New paint, new interior, and 0 time engine overhauled by Pen Yan one one and other has 500 hours. The planes are ready to register and fly. Email Sonny

CTSWJun 2010 -- ALONSO SELLING HIS CTSW AIRCRAFT -- Breaking News -- Worawoot informs us that Khun Fernando Ponsa is selling his beautiful flying Dragon the CTSW. This aircraft is in pristine condition with autopilot and every gadget you can imagine. We previously did a Flight Report on this plane with Alonso and it is on the previous TFC News page. Price is 2.xx Million Baht. For more information, contact Worawoot Hotline or

Jun 2010 -- WHERE IS IT RAINING RIGHT NOW -- Where is it raining in Thailand RIGHT NOW -- Click Here to find out -- the latest hot technology in Thailand.

Jun 2010 -- U-TAPHAO GETS NEW NAME & PROCEDURE -- Captain Piya, who is now working in U-Taphao International Terminal, has informed TFC manager Worawoot that all GA aircraft landing at VTBU must park and sign the airport log at the International Terminal only. Landing Fees must be paid before Take Off. U-Taphao Airport's name has also now been changed. The new name is -- "U-TAPHAO-PATTAYA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT." They also have a new webpage with weather information in Thai --

May 2010 -- KHOKSA IS THE FIRST GENERAL AVIATION AIRFIELD IN LAOS -- Congratulations to Khun Sonny who reports the first General Aviation Airstrip in Laos and the beginning of Lao Flying Club and Sport Aviation in Laos. This could not have been easy. CONGRATULATIONS LAOS ON BEGINNING GENERAL AVIATION. Report from Sonny: "I would like to let everyone know that we opened our first Laos General Aviation airfield called Khoksa Airfield in Vientiane, Laos. The runway is 16/34 with 800 meters at 600 ft field elevation. The hangar can house approximately ten aircrafts and we currently have two aircrafts and one paramotor. We had a good test flight over the weekend with the two aircrafts and a great crowd turn up. I flew the yellow FK9 and Mr. Sith flew the Delta wing and the history was made. We even had the head of ATC Wattay airport to come and participate the communications of the Khoksa Tower Control. It was certainly a historical day for Laos general aviation. We will continue to fly more this week. I will keep you all posted of the progress. We will send out the Airport Operational Manual (AOM) once it is fully compiled for those who are interested in flying here." For more information-- -- or Email Sonny.

Jun 2010 -- NEW TFC HANGAR UPDATE -- Worawoot reports that New Hangars on the end of Runway 23 are almost ready and all sold. The demand for these hangars has been so great, that if people wish, more hangars can be made. For more information on new hangars, email --

Aug 2010 -- RECOGNITION OF TFC SISTER CLUB IN PHILIPPINES -- -- The home of the Angeles City Flying Club is at Woodland Park on the outskirts of Magalang Pampanga. Located some 17km away from Clark/Angeles City, the club boasts a 650M Runway, 1,000square meters of hangar space, a full maintenance facility, landscaped gardens, swimming pool, restaurant, training rooms and office. The club is open 6 days a week (closed on Wednesday). ACFC is dedicated to the furtherance of Sport Aviation in the Philippines. The club has been operating safely for over 12years. Our aircraft, pilots and club have an excellent safety record. In this time, we have trained 150 pilots. We have a full time instructor and 4 part time instructors. Our club (and sport) is self regulating. We put our pilots through a comprehensive ground school training program and provide approximately 15 hours dual instruction to the new pilot. Providing they pass the requisite check rides, examinations and medical. They are released (under supervision) to complete a further 15hours of solo flight. Thereafter, we issue a Sport Pilot Certificate that allows them to rent and fly club aircraft and take family members, friends and associates up for a flight. Our training is usually done in Quicksilver Mk II’s Rans S-12 Airaile.

Jun 2010 -- RMUTTO HAS 49 NEW AVIATION MANAGEMENT STUDENTS -- The Aviation Management course at Bang Phra University is bursting at the seams. There are 49 new students enrolled and this shows the increased popularity of aviation and General Aviation in Thailand. Pictured here are some 2nd year students who stopped by to visit the Bush Pilot Clubhouse at TFC.

Jun 2010 -- 6 NEW STUDENTS READY FOR TFC GROUNDSCHOOL -- TFC Manager Worawoot reports that 6 new students have signed up and are ready to start the new groundschool. If you want to learn to fly,  then contact Worawoot Hotline above. (addendum -- the ground school never got started, because the numbers decreased. Old system needed a minimum of 5 students to start).

Jun 2010 -- PHOTO OF THE WEEK -- Worawoot captures Charoen on a fly past over Khun Lek. Last weeks photo by Khun Rolf captured this graceful image of Chief Student at TFC Khun Worawoot over Sriracha Bay. Khun Worawoot says that Khun Rolf is a great photographer and if you want to have a photo of your plane taken flying over the Sriracha Bay, you should ask Khun Rolf.

Jun 2010 -- TFC FRIEND IN ENGLAND -- My name is Steve Whyatt, I am a British airways cabin crew member and we visit Bangkok now and a again with a day off. I would love to look at flying ,not only in Thailand, but many other countries that I visit too. Your link is probably just what I need. In return I can offer advice, and indeed flying opportunities to foreigners to fly here in the Cotswolds district, Central Uk Oxford area. I am the CFI at a local military club which is a little harder for foreign visitors to fly at, but I also own my own plane which is not military and would be more than happy to take someone flying, for a small fee to cover nominal costs. ( £25). I can also give info for flying in other parts of the UK but the UK as you may well know is generally an expensive place to fly. I am a CAA authorised Examiner too, so can grant conversions to a UK licence after appropriate training and flight test. My contact details follow if you would like to add me to your list -- Steve Whyatt, 3 St. Leonards court, Church Lane, Bledington, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 6XR, United Kingdom -- Tel: 01608 659295 -- Email:

DATES: To be confirmed later, tentatively:-
Trip A - 3 nights in MALAYSIA
1st day, Sat, 28th Aug - Fly and meet up at VTSS (CIQ) - WMKP (Penang) CIQ
2nd day, Sun, 29th Aug - WMKP - WMSA (Subang) - WMKM (Maleka) or WMKJ (Johor)
3rd day, Mon, 30th Aug - WMKM or WMKJ - WMBT (Tioman Island, about 30 miles from east coast)
4th day, Tues, 31st Aug (Malaysian National Day) - WMBT to RENDANG Island (further up the east coast, near Trengganu) or to TAMAN NEGARA (National Park in Pahang State)
5th day, Wed 1st Sept, RENDANG Is. - WMKI (Ipoh)
6th day, Thurs 2nd Sept, WMKI - WMKP (CIQ) - VTSS (CIQ) - VTSP(Phuket) or VTSE (Chumporn) - HOME!
Trip B - 4 nights in MALAYSIA
1st day, SAT, 28th Aug - Fly and meet up at VTSS (CIQ )- WMKP (Penang)
2nd day, SUN, 29th Aug - WMKP - WMSA (Subang) - WMKM (Maleka)
3rd day, MON, 30th Aug - WMKM - WMBT (Tioman Island)
4th day, TUE, 31st Aug (Malaysia National Day) - WMBT - WMSA - WMKP (CIQ) or if enough day light - VTSS (CIQ)
5th day, WED, 1st Sept - WMKP (CIQ) - VTSS (CIQ) - HOME
If you are interested in joining this trip -- email Uthai --

Jun 2010 -- 7 PLANES NOW PAINTED AT TFC -- The TFC Paint Shop with Khun Gai has been very busy painting planes and now a total of 7 have had beautiful new paint jobs. Now Khun Gai has suddenly disappeared and lost interest in painting planes due to some situation. For more information, call the Worawoot Hotline.

TFC PAINT SHOP -- Now many people are repainting their aircraft at TFC. Khun Gai is from Sriracha, and he is  now specializing in repainting aircraft. He uses Dupont paint and does an excellent job. To date, he has repainted 6 aircraft at the club and is about to start on number 7. This is a two step process involving stripping your plane, and then repainting it. The total cost is 140-150,000 Baht. If you want to paint your plane, contact  Khun Gai directly -- 0850877496 -- or TFC Manager Worawoot can arrange for you --

Apr 2010 -- GPS FOR SALE -- Garmin 695 Pacific International GPS unit for sale (used once) its to big for the Marchetti. I would like to sell on the Thai Flying Club web site. Garmin 695 pacific and international database, perfect condition. Yoke Mount. Double suction Ram Mount. Knee Pad mount. Cigarette Power adapter. 12V cabin power connector. Carrying Case. 76,000 Baht complete -- Email -- Tel: 081-7503618.

Mar 2010 -- ED REPRESENTS AOPA THAILAND IN PHILIPPINES -- Enthusiastic Aviator Ed flew his Turbine Malibu to Philippines to attend the AOPA meeting there and filed this AOPA REPORT.

Jan 2010 -- BEST OCEAN PROGRESS - Best Ocean Airpark now has 2 new Virus Aircraft. The Hangars are in process and will be finished in the end of February. The Showroom is in progress and will be ready in the end of February. They are in the process of setting up a club. Congratulations on your great progress.

KHUN VUTICHAI NEW DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THAI DCA -- Khun Vutichai has been the new Director General of the Thai DCA since October 2009, and there have been so many positive changes to General Aviation in Thailand that everyone is very happy. This positive step in the right direction is a great boost to investor confidence in Thailand, to students coming to learn aviation in Thailand, to the promotion of aviation industry and aviation jobs in Thailand, and to high-income tourists visits in Thailand. One of the new positive changes in the DCA has been that now any aircraft can have as many pilots as the owner wants. Previously, you could only have one pilot "married" on one aircraft (with one spare). So it was impossible for people to keep their planes safe by having them flown often, and it was very hard for pilots to keep safe by being current. It was also not possible for young pilots to build time by flying with experienced pilots, because if they touched the controls, they would be flying illegally. Thanks to Khun Vutichai, this has all changed and now Thailand General Aviation can move forward again. Congratulations Khun Vutichai and thank you. You still have to submit some forms to the DCA with the names and information on the additional pilots, but now there is no limit. We will put the forms up here soon with specific information on how to add names to your plane.

04 Jul 2010 -- USA INDEPENDENCE DAY FLY-IN BREAKFAST AT EASERN -- Khun Jim has confirmed that there will be an Independence Day (USA) Fly-in breakfast at Eastern. More details with Paul --

8-10 Jul 2010 -- SAREX 2010 IN UDON -- Khun Uthai reports that this year SAREX will be held up in Udon Thani. Worawoot has invited all TFC members to just go. If any members wish to join the trip and need to find a plane to join, then contact the Worawoot Hotline above. If any ultralights would like to go, then contact Uthai -- 081-4453236.

Apr 2010 -- PHUKET'S DESTINATION AIR OUT OF BUSINESS -- Another seaplane company closes their doors. Destination Air owners decided to close the business effective 1st May 2010. The company had been non-operational for the past year and the owners needed to focus on their core property development business, hence the closing. Both planes are now on the market, Cessna 208 and Cessna 206. For more information -- Pat James / Tel: 66 815 362069 /

Jun 2010 -- HANGAR FOR SALE IN PHUKET -- Destination Air is no more. Their hangar is for sale. It consists of 2/40’ containers, one set up as for engineering and one as their office. The office is lined with 2 air cons. and the Eng. Cont. is not lined but has shelving and a toilet. There is also some tools, spray lubricants, oils and furniture, water tanks, pumps etc. There are also 430 x 2mtr pre stressed floor slabs on a bed of sand, "we weren’t allowed to use concrete on the airstrip." Dimensions about 30m wide x 14m deep x 8m high in the centre. The 2 containers can be removed from inside to make more space under the roof. The monthly rent is 7,000b to AOT - Airports of Thailand, The whole structure could be moved to another location and re-erected (for example at the Phuket Air Park). Sale price is about 390,000 baht (negotiable). If to be relocated I believe it would cost about 80,000b to dismantle, move and re-erect as per photo. For more information, email TFC --

Jul 2010 -- APPARENTLY NOW THIS IS UNTRUE AND THE HUMAN FACTORS WILL STILL BE REQUIRED -- WE HAD HEARD PREVIOUSLY THAT NO MORE HUMAN FACTORS TEST REQUIRED BY DCA TO VALIDATE FOREIGN LICENSE -- BUT NOW APPARENTLY THIS IS NOT TRUE -- Jun 2010 -- Khun Neil has reported that the DCA will soon be canceling the requirement to pass the Human Factors test in order to validate a foreign license. Most foreign pilots and experienced foreign airline pilots in Thailand are aware of this test, because most of them failed it and had to take it over several times so they could keep flying in Thailand. The Thai Air Law Exam will still be required, but this test is very straight forward and can be passed if you read and study the Thai Air Law Regulations.

31 Mar 2010 -- TFC MANAGER WORAWOOT CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY -- Today is our TFC manager's birthday. We know that after cycling his bicycle around the Bang Phra reservoir, Khun Worawoot reported that his bike is now in a hundred pieces, so he is probably spending his birthday fixing his bicycle. He also won't tell us how young he still is, so you will have to guess.

13 Mar 2010 -- TFC MEMBER DAVID MA STOPS BY TFC -- We were very lucky today, because our TFC representative in Laos stopped by to say hi and renew his pilot's license. David Ma was in TFC Class B-04, which was our most enthusiastic class of student pilots. Even today, David is still in touch with all of them with his weekly emails. David was thrilled to hear that the DCA no longer requires the Aptitude Test for PPL applicants. He remembers that half of his student pilots had to drop out because of this requirement, so he sees this as a positive step for aviation. David reports that fellow student Rajan and Oh have just had a second baby boy in Bangkok and Rajan is also keeping his PPL active. David was also excited to hear that maybe TFC will start to issue a TFC MEMBERSHIP CARD with the member's NAME, PHOTO, MEMBER NUMBER, and IAOPA CREW CARD on the back. This would be a great step forward for TFC and the members. Jasper Van Riel was also at TFC today. He is from Amsterdam and he joined the TFC one year ago and began the process. Today, he came for his first flight at TFC. He is very excited to now have his Thai Validation of his JAA PPL. With 300 hours TT, he is looking forward to learning to fly in Thailand. Dr. Rolf and Fernando were also at the club today to meet with Worawoot to have a pre-sight inspection briefing before going to look at the new hangars being constructed on the North end of the runway.

02 Mar 2010 -- DR ROLF BRINGS NEW PHOTOS BACK FROM KOH CHANG -- Dr Rolf and Shmirmaxie recently returned from a flying trip to Koh Chang and brought back some beautiful photos of the 350 meter airstrip there in Koh Chang. Khun Fernando also flew to Koh Chang along with Khun Dan Hill. Now Dan Hill is selling his airplane, because he is moving to set up an aviation business in Philippines where aviation is growing very fast. Khun Dan's airplane for sale.

21 Feb 2010 -- NEIL AND DAVE AT TFC -- Our ATC controller in Hong Kong, Khun Neil, has already logged an impressive 500 hours as he is pushing the envelope to get an airline job. Neil already has his FAA CFI and CFII and he has been flying the pants off of Papa Dave doing IFR approaches in the Commander at U-Taphao. Well done Neil. The entire staff of TFC conducted an "and there I was" salute with Neil and Papa Dave to congratulate them.

09 Mar 2010 -- CARAVAN MAKES SAFE LANDING IN BANG PHRA -- Two female pilots from SGA made a safe landing at Bang Phra after their PT-6 engine lost a turbine fan chip and began to deteriorate. The pilots were able to divert and land 8 minutes after the failure was noticed. Suvarnabhumi ATC Khun Kitty was on duty and sent the pilots direct to Bang Phra. Khun Kitty is also the chief ATC at Bang Phra every weekend, so he could advise them very quickly. Congratulations to good teamwork and well trained pilots who kept cool and acted very professionally. 31 Mar: Engine replaced and ready to fly out.

27 Mar 2010 -- SUCCESSFUL FLYIN AT PHUKET AIRPARK -- Khun Suchard organized a very successful flyin at Phuket Airpark. About 4 aircraft flew down and many local visitors attended. Phuket Flying Club President Captain Watana was the guest of honor. The club Zenair gave an airshow performance. There was some difficulty, because the Aerothai representative in Phuket said that every aircraft need a DCA permit to fly in, but apparently the DCA said this was not necessary. Khun Suchard will be getting a letter from the DCA to confirm what exactly the procedure is for next time, so that we can keep general aviation in Thailand moving in a clear and organized way. Khun Suchard now reports that the grass is growing on the runway and the club is looking fantastic. Phuket Airpark is the first airpark in Phuket and in Southern Thailand and it has been extremely popular for aviation enthusiasts. Come and join the fun in Phuket. Bring your tent or stay in the bungalows on the airfield. Everyone is welcome --

MOVING TO PHILIPPINES -- Dan Hill is selling his plane and moving to Philippines. Dan reports that it is very easy to operate aircraft in Philippines for anyone (Philippines or foreigner) and for this reason, aviation is growing rapidly. Dan is moving to set up at Subic Bay. He plans to rebuild antique airplanes. He will start with 2 Curtis Jennys. He already has a contract to rebuild aircraft engines (and they have an FAA IA there to sign off). He will be selling aircraft and parts and refurbishing interiors and repainting aircraft. He will also be working with an FAA approved flight school so they can train and give FAA PPL and CPL flying courses. They will also be manufacturing Custom Flight Simulators, and they will have float planes for charter (they already have the AOT for this) and for a commuter cargo service. Dan will be forwarding us a photo of Angeles City Flying Club. They have bungalows to rent and a swimming pool. Dan explains that the regulations in Philippines are so conducive to General Aviation growth, and this is why Philippines is fast becoming the most progressive country in Southeast Asia for General Aviation. Congratulations to Philippines. For more information on flying in Philippines --  

CATC UPDATE - Khun Sonny reports that CATC now has over 100 students, including foreign students from USA and Singapore. This means that the previous regulation that foreigners could not learn at CATC must now have been revised. Congratulations to CATC for your great success with teaching students to fly.

TFC MEMBER TONY FLYING TO VIETNAM - The first private tourist flight into Vietnam by a Cessna 180 was in October 2001, and now TFC member Tony is planning to fly his Commander into Hanoi. We will keep you updated about this exciting trip.

Mar 2010 -- CHIANGMAI FLYING CLUB IS STILL OPEN -- We have just heard exciting news from Khun Nine that Chiangmai Flying Club is still open. This is wonderful news. We had previously heard that the club was closed, but now we are happy to report that it has 100 members and is still strong. Khun Nine tells us that Khun Supap is still the President of the Chiangmai Flying Club. and she informs us that the club webpage is -- -- Nine says that the club is now back and flying out of Lampoon airstrip South of Chiangmai. They have recently moved from Ban Thi and Nok Airports where they were based before. All of the revised Club details on on the Lampoon webpage. Yin Dee Chiangmai Flying Club.

Mar 2010 --  KHUN PEE BUILDING 5 NEW HANGARS IN BANG PHRA -- Khun Pee, the president of Thai Flying Club, has begun construction for 5 new hangars at his end of the runway. These will be closed hangars with a storeroom and toilet. They should be finished in a few months, and there is one still available. If you are interested, email

20 Feb 2010 -- TFC STUDENT OLIVER GETS THAI PPL LICENSE -- There was great excitement at Thai Flying Club this past weekend as TFC member Oliver Finkeldey from Germany was presented with this official Thai PPL license. Oliver has been working very hard with his fellow students at the club to complete his PPL license, and he has finally done it. Warm congratulations to Oliver and we will try to interview him soon to share his experiences of learning to fly in Thailand with you.

Jan 2010 -- KLONG 15 IN NAKHON NAYOK NOW OPEN -- Khun Tao now reports that his new airport at Klong 15 - Nakhon Nayok in Bangkok (near Ongkarak Airport) is now open. These two airports are very close to each other, so be aware of the proximity of other aircraft. If you have any more information on radio frequencies, etc, please advise us, so we can update the webpages. Thanks Mac for all your research. Thanks Khun Tao for making a great airport.

Jan 2010 -- 1/2 SHARE IN C206 HS-AZZ FOR SALE 2 MILLION BAHT -- There is a C206 at Thai Flying Club which has a half share for sale now for 2 million Baht (reduced from 3 million Baht for quick sale). The other owner is club Secretary Khun Damri who is a very enthusiastic aviator and owner of Mooney, Beechcraft, and Grumman. Anyone interested in buying the share of the C206 and being a partner with Khun Damri, please email the club --

Apr 2010 -- CHIANGMAI LANNA AIRPARK IN BANTHI WILL RESURFACE RUNWAY AND EXTEND TO 660 METERS -- Khun Robert has reported that Ban Thi will be resurfacing their runway with tarmac in April. They have excellent news to report that they have now sold 2 plots at the Chiangmai Lanna Airpark, they have 3 plots in negotiation, and there are 8 plots still available. The Lanna Airpark is one of 4 AIRPARKS now in Thailand including Best Ocean (Bangkok), Pattaya Airpark, and Phuket Airpark. For more information, contact Khun Robert --

Jan 2010 -- SKYDANCE HELICOPTERS IS UP AND RUNNING -- Thailand is finally allowing Helicopter Charters and tours. The company Skydance is marketing tours for Advanced Aviation with a EC135 based in Bangkok and a EC130 based in Phuket. They sell the price per seat for Tours, and some tours are as low as 4,900 Baht per seat. Shuttles and Charters are also available. For more information, visit --

09 Aug 2009 -- KHUN PRACHA PROMNOK STOPS BY TFC TO KEEP CURRENT -- TFC member Khun Pracha stopped by TFC with his brother to do some flying and stay current. We saw some very good landings from his brother who has a CPL from Hua Hin and now works for Aerothai. Khun Pracha was enchanted by the idea of becoming a "Nak Bin Luk Tung," so we hope we will be seeing more of him again soon.

Jan 2010 -- TIGER MOTH FLYING AT NOK -- Apparently, the Tiger Moth at Nok Airport in Chiangmai is up in the air. This is only a rumor, but if we receive any confirmations or photos, we will let you know. Yin Dee.

28 Nov 2009 -- TFC MEMBER JACKY WINS KINGS CUP ULTRALIGHT COMPETITION AT KLONG 15 -- All of Thai Flying Club was celebrating for the stunning victory of their fellow member Khun Jacky who brought home the King's Cup Trophy for Ultralight competition that was held at Ongkarak Airfield at Klong 15 in November 2009. Here is pictured Khun Jacky with TFC Super Manager Worawoot. Now TFC is gearing up to send an airwing delegation to the OSHTAK airshow in Udon early next year from 8-10 Jan 2010.

22-24 Jan 2010 -- KHON KAEN FLY-IN -- Fun trip to Khon Kaen organized by SFAT.

NEW AIRPORTS NEAR BANGKOK -- We have confirmed positions of two near airports near Bangkok -- Klong 15 in Nakhorn Nayok and Ongkarak. These are two different airports, but they are very close to each other. Exercise caution and proper pre-flight briefing.

10 Jan 2010 -- TIGER BREAKS INTO TFC OFFICE -- BREAKING NEWS -- Last night a Tiger fell through the ceiling of the TFC office in pursuit of a cat. Now we know who has been eating all the cats at TFC. The Tiger proceeded to ransack the office and devour several portions of TFC T-shirts throughout the night. TFC Manager Worawoot said, "this was not a normal situation." TFC Secretary Damri said, "This is the Year of the Tiger, so we feel honored to have had such a visit." All TFC staff have been put on full alert to protect all cats from the Tiger in the future, because the cats have done a marvelous job of keeping the mice in check at the TFC. TFC Manager Worawoot has announced that, in light of recent events, all TFC members will receive one FREE partially eaten T-Shirt to celebrate the YEAR OF THE TIGER at TFC. Please ask Worawoot for your free Tiger Signed T-shirt on your next visit to TFC.

12-13 Feb 2010 -- AOPA CONFERENCE IN PHILIPPINES -- IAOPA will be conducing a General Aviation Conference in the Philippines. This will be during the Philippines Balloon Festival and we will update with more details when able.

8-10 Jan 2010 -- OSHTAK SUCCESS IN UDON THANI -- Oshtak 2010 in Udon Thani was a great success. There were over 60 airplanes with great aviation pioneers Khun Vutichai, the Director General of the Thai DCA, and General Pracha who hosted the event and Khun Porntep from Udon mastertech who sponsored the fuel and hotels. The Royal Thai Army flew up a Black Hawk and Apache helicopter and there was a Royal Thai Airforce Alpha Jet low pass along with a Royal Rainmaking Kaset Formation Flight. Everyone was extremely pleased with the turnout, especially the 5,000 children who were thrilled on National Children's Day. Thank you very much to everyone for making this year a tremendous Oshtak Event. View previous Oshtak event. Any questions --

09 Jan 2010 -- ENTHUSIASTIC AVIATOR ED HEADING SOUTH FOR DUGONG SURVEY -- One of Thailand's most enthusiastic aviators is heading South to assist with Thailand's Dugong Survey. The survey will last for 2 weeks, and it will be conducted from the airports of Trang, Krabi, and Hat Yai. This is a very good example of how General Aviation and the Government Wildlife Department can work together for the benefit of wildlife conservation. We wish Ed luck with the flying and will update you on the progress.

Nov 2009 -- SKYDIVING IN SRIRACHA -- According to Mac, Skydiving is finally up and running down in Sriracha with a Pilatus Porter. This could be a great step forward for General Aviation in Thailand. We will keep you posted on the progress of this exciting project --

FUNERAL CEREMONY FOR ADJAN KRISDA -- The TFC is very sad to report that our dear friend and former President of the club, Adjan Krisda, has passed away. Adjan Krisda was very instrumental in the pioneering development of the club in the early days and he will be missed. His funeral ceremony is being held at Wat Benjamobpit, Sala 100 year, starting at 7pm on 14 January 2010. Present on the first evening were Khun Chuan (former Prime Minister) and Khun Suthep (Vice Prime Minister). The ceremony continues until 25th January with the Buddhist ritual lasting for 100 days. If you have any questions, please email Khun Worawoot --

NEW AIRSTRIP NEAR BUDDHA MOUNTAIN -- We hear that there is a new grass airstrip near the Buddha Mountain near U-Taphao. If you see this, please send us a photo and a name and perhaps some runway and contact information --

NEW AIRSTRIP IN BURIRAM -- click here. Tel: 044-602466 / 083-7757070. Please check with DCA to make sure this airstrip is licensed and approved. We do not know.

26-27 Dec 2009 -- PHUKET AIRPARK CHRISTMAS FLY-IN & AIRSHOW -- Khun Suchard has announced that PHUKET AIRPARK will have a Fly-In and Airshow this Christmas Boxing Day 2009 in Phuket. Everyone is welcome to come, but if you want to fly-in, you will have to receive an invitation first. Khun Suchard is planning special airshow events and competitions for all the visitors and many businesses in Phuket will be setting up booths for a fun weekend of activities and aviation fair in Phuket. For more information Call Khun Suchard -- 0818104510..

BANG PHRA AIRSHOW 2009-- Over 500 people came to Bang Phra on 29 August 2009 to see the finest airshow and flyin competition that the club has seen in the past 6 years. Old students received their certificates. New students were welcomed. 7 Students from Bang Phra flew for their first time ever, there was Flour Bombing (won by Khun Rolf) and balloon bursting (won by Khun Rolf). Khun Damri took the Cessna 206 up in the air and made two successful flights. Past presidents Khun Thira and Khun Wichai were present to give awards to students and instructors. There was a fantastic cookout and dinner with Khun Rin cooking up a storm. The TFC instructors and ATC team did an amazing job of coordinating and keeping everyone safe with sometimes up to 7 aircraft flying in and out and dropping bombs at the same time. Kruu Piya gave an Extra 300 aerobatic show. Khun Charn and Lek and Nuni were there. Sonny brought many of his friends from 604 Squadron. Shashank and his friend set up a fantastic bar in the clubhouse. Khun Suchard was flying and representing the Phuket Airpark. Khun Norman was back from Canada and represented the Earthrounders. Khun Pakamas came to visit with her friend. Khun Dana from Thai Cessna brought the MJets team and her Bill. Khun Rolf received a trophy in honor of his 1000th flying hour and he presented 100 cans of Singha beer to the party. Papa Dave was sadly not with us, but Tony was and Alistair and Ron from Pattaya and Khun Neil from Pattaya Airpark were there. It was a great day for General Aviation in Thailand. If you have any questions about joining the next groundschool class, please call or email Instructor Speedy -- 0818440823 -- Information on the TFC Groundschool.

BEST OCEAN'S FIRST FLY-IN-BREAKFAST WAS A GREAT SUCCESS -- On 23 August, 7 aircraft from Bang Phra, Pattaya Airpark, and Don Muang flew into Best Ocean Airpark for Breakfast. The group of 7 aircraft were greeted by DCA Deputy Director Khun Vutichai and Best Ocean Owner Khun Sittichai and an armada of golf carts and staff from Best Ocean Airpark and Golf club. Everyone was very impressed with the quality of the new airstrip. TFC member Khun Pracha was the last to land and he sprung into action after a quick brunch to hit the golf course. Khun Sonny then took Khun Sittichai's son, Golf, up for some touch and go's and the 7 aircraft returned. Amidst the intrepid pioneering aviators were Shmirmaxie and Khun Rolf on the cusp of 1000 hours, Commander Worawoot freshly soloed on a solo cross-country adventure, Khun Suchard all the way from Phuket, Commander Tony and Dave "you're damn right," trip idea originator Alonso Fernando, Khun "Thai Cessna" Dana, and special appearance from Khun Nawaporn and AJ. If you have any questions about Best Ocean, you can call Khun Sukanya on Best Ocean Airpark.

Khun Vutichai from the Thai DCA comes to welcome the 7 aircraft that flew into Best Ocean Airpark.


10-13 Dec 2009 -- BALLOON FESTIVAL PATTAYA -- For more inforation, contact SFAT.

6-8 Nov 2009 -- NOK FLY-IN -- Fun Fly in to Nok Airport and find out the latest news up there. Organized by SFAT.

DCA PPL VALIDATION TEST DATES -- TFC Club Manager Worawoot is informing all TFC members that the DCA is now requiring applicants for foreign license validation to take a Thai Air Law and Human Factors written exam before rendering foreign licenses valid for flight in Thailand -- view the new validation procedure flowchart. If you want to take the test on any other date, the fee is 1,500 Baht. You can check Thai Air Law on  -- for Human Performance details or any other questions, contact Worawoot -- email Worawoot

20-22 Nov 2009 -- FAI KINGS CUP COMPETITION -- ONGKARAK AIRPORT -- Khun Virayudth Didyasarin has announced that Tango Squadron will organize King's Cup Ultralight and Microlight competition at Ongkarak Airport (Klong 15) in October or November. The King's Cup competition will be for UL (Medium and Low Power) and for Microlight (one class). These will be the two events. Aviators are welcome to attend. If you have questions, you can call Tango Squadron Tel: 025345012/13 or 025238725. More information on Tango Squadron -- Khun Tang recently visited Pattaya Airpark to drop off the application forms for the King Trophy for UL competition at Onkarak Airfield. The event organized by The Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand (RASAT). More information -- Email FAI

LEFT BASE 24 -- LUANG PRABANG, LAOS -- OCTOBER SFAT TRIP TO LAOS CANCELLED -- The October planned trip to Laos by SFAT was cancelled because the cost of flying a private airplane in Laos is too expensive. Every General Aviation private flight in Laos has to pay US$160 air navigation fee per flight leg. This fee does not exist in Thailand for Private Aircraft and this is the reason that General Aviation can grow in Thailand. If Laos were to cancel this navigation fee for private aircraft, then there would be more private and general aviation activity and growth in Laos. If you want more information, try contacting SFAT.

01 Aug 2009 -- 3,425 AIRCRAFT AT OSHKOSH AIRSHOW IN USA -- TFC Committee Member Khun Damri is at Oshkosh Airshow in USA and he reports that there are 3,425 aircraft at the Airshow this year. The reason that there are so many Private and General Aviation aircraft in USA is because the FAA does not over-regulate and inhibit the growth of aviation. When the rules are simple and easy to follow, then the industry will grow. It also makes for safer pilots who can fly with each other in their aircraft and learn more about aviation safety.  

28 Nov 2009 -- R/C MEETING FROM KLANG DONG -- Meet at Klang Dong then fly to airstrip nearby --

NEUPORT-28 COMING TO THAILAND -- Khun Damri has been busy at Oshkosh in USA. He bought a Kit Neuport-28 Biplane and a Sopwith Pup. Both Kit planes will be arriving in Thailand in late October 2009. Damri estimates 4 months to build the experimental aircraft. He also bought the Rotex 7 cylinder Radial engine (110hp) for these aircraft. Damri has his leather flying helmet ready and the skies of Bang Phra will never be the same again. We will update with photos of the Neuport-28 soon. DAMRI WILL GIVE A SLIDE SHOW FROM HIS VISIT TO OSHKOSH 2009 AT TFC ON 29 AUGUST 2009. Damri reports that there were 3,425 aircraft at Oshkosh 2009 in USA.

126 REGISTERED ULTRALIGHTS IN THAILAND -- As of July 2009, there are 126 Registered Ultralights in Thailand -- VIEW THE LIST

WIN A FREE BOSE HEADSET -- GENERAL AVIATION SURVEY FOR AOPA THAILAND -- All pilots welcome. The Thai Flying Club and AOPA Thailand have been asked to participate in a market study of the general aviation industry, being conducted by L.E.K. Consulting. The study consists of a broad internet survey of general aviation aircraft owners and pilots to gain insights on the state of the market, and identify the levels of activity and any unmet needs in the marketplace across a number of aspects. Please take the opportunity to provide insights from your perspective by clicking on the link below and participating in the survey. Feel free to forward this link to any other aircraft owners or pilots across Asia Pacific you may know outside of the TFC and AOPA Thailand as well. As an incentive, L.E.K. is holding a sweepstakes giveaway for a Bose Aviation Headset X which survey respondents may enter if they wish upon completion of the study. Click here to enter the survey -- 

INCREDIBLE JOURNEY -- C206 RETURNS TO BANG PHRA -- After so many years, finally Damri and Lek's Cessna 206 has returned to Bang Phra. Kruu Sirapol did a fantastic emergency landing between the high tension wires many years ago, and then the plane was disassembled and went to be repaired at Don Muang airport. Many many years passed and finally the Cessna 206 is back in the air and made a triumphant return to Bang Phra on 11 August 2009. There are not very many C206 in Thailand, and this is a very popular plane all over the world, because it is a workhorse. It can carry 6 people and 6 hours fuel and still take off on a short airstrip. The groundspeed is 120 knots which is 2 nautical miles per minute for easy bush pilot navigation with your thumb on a map. Congratulations to Kruu Toy from 604 Squadron and Khun Damri for a successful flight back to Bang Phra. As you can see all the mechanics are thrilled.

BANG PHRA STUDENT "CAPTAIN NU" VISITS TFC -- Rajamangala University is the only University in Thailand with an airstrip in its back yard. Now they have a very active Aviation Program. First year student Khun Nu (Panupong Nusing) stopped by the Thai Flying Club on Sunday 09 August 2009, because he wanted to watch airplanes. ATC Khun Kitty called Fernando who was about to take off, and said that he had a passenger for him, so Nu was up in the air. Khun Nu is in his first year of the Aviation program in Bang Phra. There are 2 CPL candidates (Khun Nu from Bangkok and Khun Film from Chiangrai). There are also 18 Aviation Management students. Khun Nu chose Bang Phra, because he was able to enter the aviation program with just a High School Graduation Certificate. Upon graduation from Bang Phra, he will receive his Bachelor Degree from RMUTTO and his CPL from CATC. He said that he also looked at BAC and CATC, but they only accept CPL candidates who already have a BA degree. Khun Nu could not wait that long. He has 8 other pilots in his extended family who now fly for Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, RTAF, and Thai Air Asia. Khun Nu is very good in his English, because he has been going to AUA for 2 years to practice. Khun Nu is an example of someone who wants to follow his dream to be a pilot and will hang around the airport as much as possible to learn whatever he can. He has already flown with Kruu Mong in an Eagle, with Kruu Piya in a C150, and now most recently with Fernando in the Red Dragon. Khun Nu found out about the aviation program in Bang Phra by visiting the Aviation Career Camp 18-19 Oct 2008 at Bang Phra. He found this on the University website -- -- and now he is a student following his dream to fly. We wish Khun Nu chok dee and we are sure to see him hanging around TFC in the future. Email Khun Nu --

MANY AIRCRAFT NOW FOR SALE IN THAILAND -- The Newly enforced 5 year permit regulations in Thailand now make it very complicated and difficult for multiple partners to own an aircraft together. This makes it impossible for young pilots to build time in their logbooks by flying with friends in their airplanes. This means that a young Thai pilot who does not have a lot of money, cannot build hours and get experience to be a safer pilot to reach the airlines. Many aircraft are now sitting on the ground, because the owners do not have time to fly them and no one else is allowed to fly them. Aircraft that do not fly regularly are not safe. The new regulations stipulate that only the owner can fly the aircraft and one other pre-designated person. Because of this regulation, there are many aircraft now for sale in Thailand, and they will probably be sold out of Thailand. There are currently for sale: a Socata TB-9 (4 seats), Grumman AA-5B (4 seats), Beechcraft Musketeer (4 seats), Socata TB-20 (4 seats), another TB-20, and a Siai Marchetti for sale at TFC. For more information -- visit Aircraft for Sale or Email the manager.

07 Aug 2009 -- BEST OCEAN AIRPARK IS NOW OPEN -- Khun Sukanya has informed us that BEST OCEAN AIRPARK has received its Landing Permit from the Thai DCA and is now open for aircraft to fly in and land. Best Ocean is 30 minutes by car from downtown Silom in Bangkok. Best Ocean is a private airpark for businessmen and aviators and golfers to fly into for golf or to live. Best Ocean Airpark is now constructing hangars and a flying clubhouse and building private homes along the airfield. If you have ever dreamed of flying and want to live next to your plane and a 45-hole golf course, then Best Ocean is your place. If you want to fly in or if you have any questions, please call Khun Sukanya -- 0899227622 -- and she will arrange a welcome party for you.

FUG BIN FREE 2009 -- 13 students from Rajamangala University and Burapha entered FUG BIN FREE competition this year. We had 3 winners and 7 people came to fly with us during the Bang Phra Airshow. We would like to thank Khun Robert for taking all the Fug Bin Free students up in HS-BOB.

WHO SAYS MAN CAN'T FLY -- We found this, and you are going to like it -- SPOT LANDING

AVIATION PROGRESS IN THAILAND -- CLASS G AIRSPACE -- Enthusiastic Aviator Ed has just reported that there was a presentation from Aerothai designating VTCP (Phrae), VTUL (Loei), VTPB (Petchaboon), VTUJ (Surin), VTPT(Tak) and VTPM (Mae Sot) airports as no longer having controlled towers effective from August 1st 2009. This means that the approach to final within 10nm of these airports will be on the CTAF basis of self announcement. The existing tower frequencies will be used as CTAF frequencies from now on unless there is a VIP flight being operated in which case they will temporarily bus in a controller and the airspace will revert to class C. Over 75% of the airports in USA and Canada and South Africa are operated this way because it saves money and it is a safe procedure. In USA, these are called UNICOM airports, where the pilot is responsible for communication and safe separation from other aircraft. Congratulations to Thailand for taking this very wise and economic step forward in General Aviation development. We would also like to thank Dr. Jarung (Head of Airspace) in the DCA for his considerable role in this great step forward. Dr. Jarung is a very keen pilot who loves aviation and is helping to move Thailand in the right direction. Thank you Sir.

EXTRA 300 AEROBATIC INSTRUCTION -- NAKHON PHANOM -- Nakhon Phanom University's Extra 300 is now available for Aerobatics Instruction in Nakhon Phanom. You cannot just walk in and fly this plane. The school will be putting together a series of ground briefings to prepare individuals who wish to fly the Extra 300. NPU will charge 20,000 Baht per hour for instruction in the Extra 300. For more information -- Email Khun Choo and Kruu Kaew.

IAOPA NEWS FROM KENYA -- The Aero Club of East Africa is a very old and established flying club in Kenya. It is similar to Thai Flying Club in that it is the representative to IAOPA. This is a link to recent General Aviation news from Kenya -- IAOPA KENYA NEWS

SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST AT EASTERN 8-10AM -- Everyone welcome. 150 Baht. Just show up at sunset and have great fun with pilots and delicious food. Jim will be cutting a hole in his fence, so people can move between the clubhouse and the porch.

NO MORE LANDING FEES AT SRIRACHA AIRPORT -- TFC Manager Worawoot has announced that TFC President Khun Pee and Khun Nophorn of Sriracha Airport have had a discussion and agreed to waive the landing fees at Sriracha Airport for all TFC members. Previously all aircraft that landed were required to pay a 100 Baht landing fee. This is a great step forward for General Aviation in Thailand and we want to thank Khun Nophorn and Khun Pee for this great initiative.

WATER CONTAMINATION IN FUEL -- Khun Paul recently reminded us about the dangers of water contamination in your fuel when refueling. Water in your fuel tank is extremely dangerous and it usually causes engine failure right after take off on the climb out -- the most dangerous stage of flight. This is a good time to remind people about Mr Funnel -- -- and this is one way to prevent water contamination. Remember: Complacency kills.


AIRSTRIP UPDATE -- We conducted a visual inspection of Koh Chang and Trat Military airstrips recently and have good news to report the excellent condition of these airstrps. We will put new photos up shortly.

CAPTAIN TREVOR DAVENPORT JOINS IAT IN BANG PHRA -- Captain Trevor Davenport has been appointed Aviation English Instructor at IAT Bang Phra. The University Flight School in Bang Phra welcomes Trevor to the campus. Trevor is a FAA CFI, CFII, MEI, LMT with certification to teach Aviation English. He is based in Bangkok, but will be teaching in Bang Phra on Monday and Friday mornings. He may be available to assist with FAA BFR currency if needed --

Aug 2009 -- PIPER LOOKING TO HIRE PIPER AVIATION MANAGER ASIA -- Piper is keen to re-enter the General Aviation Market in Asia and are looking for a qualified person to fill this position. Take the Piper Survey -- -- If you think you have what it takes -- email Peter

25-28 Aug (now postponed to mid-September) 2009 SABAI DEE ADVENTURE TOUR TO LAOS -- Khun Sonny Souvannavong is organizing an adventure flying trip to Laos on 25 August to recce the trip for TFC in November. If anyone is interested in an adventure trip to Laos, Sonny and Papa Dave will be going in their C150. Other aircraft are welcome to join, but Sonny stresses that it is an adventure trip, because no one has done this trip in a while, so there may be adventures on the way. They will fly from Bang Phra to Udon and clear out of customs and then fly to Vientiane, then down to Suvannaket. Returning on the 28th. Sonny estimates the cost to be US$300 to 400 in fees. He will sponsor the hotels and dinner in his hotels there. Sonny's dream is to set up the SABAI DEE FLYING CLUB in Laos and his philosophy is "Passion for Flying." If anyone is interested in joining this adventure flying with their aircraft or as a passenger, then email TFC

8-10 Sep 2009 -- ASIAN AEROSPACE 2009 -- Exhibition will be held from 8-10 September 2009 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong -- Email

Sep 2009 -- TFC TRIP TO KLANG DONG -- Dr Rolf flew up to visit Khun Prasert in Klang Dong recently, and Khun Prasert said that it was too quiet up there. His face lit up when Rolf suggested that TFC should make a flying tour up to visit. Now, Rolf is organizing a Klang Dong Flying visit for sometime in September or October. If you are interested in joining -- please email Khun Rolf.

5-6 Sep 2009 -- OSHDOK ANNUAL FLYIN AT DOKKRAI -- One of the great General Aviation Fly-ins in Thailand today is the annual flyin to DOKKRAI -- where everyone is camping under their wings and participating in spot landings and water bombing competitions at Khun John's Dokkrai Resort. This is a very fun weekend for all aviators and friends. There is a swimming pool, hotel with delicious food, waterskiing on Dokkrai Lake, and the annual Fly-in Crocket competition. Don't miss the Annual "OSHDOK" at Dokkrai 2009. Previous OSHDOK 2005 Fly-in. For the latest update on when OSHDOK will be held -- Email Paul and Andy UPDATES: Rod has a 35 knot speedboat (water level permitting) and offers conventional water skiing as well as an inflatable armchair ride for 2 people which is great fun. The idea is to have a fun event at a great resort. The main day is Sunday with John doing the catering but everyone is welcome to arrive on Saturday or leave Monday. Accommodation is available in the resort and there will be 2 tents and sleeping bags also provided. We will arrange to make 95 Octane fuel available. Proposed events - balloon busting, flower bombing, spot landing, maybe a simple formation flight locally. More information: Call Jim 081 8282107. Johns rooms are available. 1,000 Baht for BBQ and Room and Breakfast (2 people/room). 350 Baht just for BBQ. 

30 Aug 2009 -- TFC SALUTES CAPTAIN WATANA ON HIS 60TH BIRTHDAY -- Captain Watana is one of the early members of Thai Flying Club and is also the current President of Phuket Flying Club. He is a very active general aviation pilot and one of the nicest people you can meet. All the the members of TFC and PFC salute Captain Watana on his birthday and wish him good luck in his retirement where he will be flying a lot in Phuket. If you want to come to his birthday party in Phuket, then call Khun Suchard -- 0818104510.

"Three Musketeers" - Worawoot, Alonso, Dr. Rolf with the "Red Dragon" in U-Taphao - warming up for the Bang Phra Airshow29 Aug 2009 (14:00pm) -- BANG PHRA AIRSHOW -- Everyone is coming to Bang Phra on 29 August. We will have a slide show of Khun Damri's adventure trip to Oshkosh in USA. We will have the students from IAT in Bang Phra coming to visit and 3 winners of FUG BIN FREE will receive a free flight. We will have Water Balloon Bombing with Judge Worawoot as the official and final say on the contest. We will have Dr. Rolf fly past to celebrate his 1,000th flying hour. We will have a dinner in the Bush Pilot Clubhouse. We will award the Groundschool and First Solo certificates to all the TFC students. We will welcome the 4 new students to the opening Groundschool in Bang Phra. We will have Papa Dave here and everyone can tell him "You're damn right!" We will probably have an aerobatic show by Kruu Piya or Khun Charn. We will have all club aircraft on display. Everyone is welcome to fly in and have dinner and camp out. Dinner is free and drinks are available. If you have any questions about joining the next groundschool class, please call or email Instructor Speedy -- 0818440823 -- Information on the TFC Groundschool. If you have any other questions, call the WORAWOOT HOTLINE -- 0868342636. Don't miss the greatest airshow in Bang Phra!
9:30am - Groundschool Welcome for new students
11:30am - Lunch (free for students)
13:30pm - Airshow Pilot Briefing
14:00pm - Airshow Flourbombing
15:00pm - Fug Bin Free Standby
15:30pm - Aerobatic Show
15:45pm - Dr. Rolf 1,000 hour Flyby
16:00pm - Airshow Balloon Burst
18:00pm - Certificate Presentation + BBQ + Damri Party
18:20pm - Kruu Jira and Kruu Surapol recognition plaques.
Thank you.

19 Apr 2009 -- VISIT FROM TOP 40 STUDENTS -- Thai Flying Club was very honored to have 40 of the top engineering students in Thailand come to visit the club. These students are building an aircraft in Bangkok, and they were very pleased to receive a tour of the club from Manager Worawoot and to watch an aerobatic display from Kruu Piya and then to have a photograph in front of Khun Charn's Grob motorglider. As soon as we receive the name of the teacher and the school, we will share it with you -- these will be great students to follow and we want to see how their plane turns out too!

THAI DCA CIVIL AVIATION EXHIBITION 2009 AT DON MUANG WAS A SUCCESS -- On 24-26 July 2009, there was a Civil Aviation Exhibition at Don Muang Airport. Several aircraft flew into the event -- including Miss Siam, and there were aircraft from Pattaya Airpark and a Malibu which have not been able to fly because they are waiting for 5 year permits that were given a special clearance to fly just for this event. The event was a great success, because thousands of Thai students and aviation enthusiasts in Thailand were able to walk around and visit booths about all the different schools, companies, and airports growing in Thailand. The general consensus among aviators and visitors to the show was that if the Five Year permit process could be simplified or eliminated, then more people could fly and there would be more General Aviation activity and growth in Thailand that would allow the growth of Thai Aviation Industry for engines, avionics, propellers and more Aviation companies to provide jobs for all the Thai students that are learning Aviation Management in different Universities in Thailand at the moment. The events were posted --

EXOTIC DESTINATION -- KHAO KHEOW ESTATE BOUTIQUE SAFARI -- Thailand has its first Luxury Tented Camps Resort. The Estate - deep in the jungle at Khao Kheow - has beautiful air-conditioned tents in a very beautiful setting. If you are looking for an "adventure" near Bang Phra, then this is the place to go. Off season rates are 1,800 Baht. There is a beautiful tented restaurant. Worth a visit --

NEW AIRPORT UNDER CONSTRUCTION NEAR BANGKOK -- Khun Sittichai has announced his plans for Best Ocean Airpark near Bangkok -- -- construction of the runway is in progress and should be completed in the end of February. There are plans for a 54-hole golf course. 18 holes are already open.

MESSAGE FROM TFC MEMBER DOUGIE CAIRNS WHO JUST FLEW TO ALL 48 STATES IN USA IN HIS BARON -- If you do get a chance to put the details of on the webpage to share, that really would be great. we're really trying hard to get the messaging out for flying with diabetes with this project - endurance flight highlighting how well the US system for flying with diabetes works. I had the pleasure of using a continuous blood glucose monitor, so in additional to hourly blood sugar tests, I had an automatic reading every five minutes. This has some potential to opening doors around the world to allow more pilots with diabetes to fly. (we still only have five countries around the world allowing private flying for pilots with diabetes using insulin.) Perhaps with a small note that we "completed an attempt to break the existing record on 20th June in 97 hours and 32 minutes. Subject to ratification by the National Aeronautic Association, this cut 33 hours off the existing record......"

ROTAX UPDATE FROM PAUL & JIM -- Just to keep everyone informed and address current safety issues concerning Rotax Engines: Rotax has issued a new service instruction about operating fluids for the 912 -- -- Summary and Jim’s recommendations: FUEL: Gasahol E10 (10%) has been approved for use. However there are two problems. 1. Check with the manufacturer if your fuel system is suitable for gasohol because it may attack certain fuel lines and fibreglass tanks. 2. If the aircraft is not used regularly, water will separate out of the fuel. Jim recommends continuing to use normal 95 fuel. Avgas 100LL is not recommended but can be used. OIL: Mobil 1 SAE 15W-50 full synthetic. Top up with the same oil. The oil should reach at least 100 C once every operational day. COOLANT: Evanscool waterless coolant is recommended. Standard 50% water-glycol can be used but may boil at 120 C. Never mix Evanscool with standard coolant.

4 May 2009 -- GENERAL AVIATION HELPS WITH POLICE SEARCH -- On 04 May 2009, Bamrung called the Eastern Flying Club after there was a Gold Shop robbery, grenade explosion and M16 shooting in Jomtien. The thieves made off with 1/2 million Baht in gold. Officer Nipop (from Tunong Pleu Station) arrived with one other officer at Eastern Airport at 11:15AM. General Aviation pilots Alistair Stewart and Paul Keohane volunteered their time and aircraft and flew 1 hour each from Route 36 to Rayong and back and then to Plek Dang in search of a gold Vigo Truck and black Fortuna vehicle. The police officers were very grateful for the opportunity to search for these vehicles from the air and Eastern was pleased to be able to help the officers with their mission. This is a good example of one of the benefits of General Aviation to society as we saw during the Tsunami as well. Thank you to everyone for their support and promotion of General Aviation in Thailand --

24-26 Jul 2009 -- THAI DCA CIVIL AVIATION EXHIBITION 2009 AT DON MUANG -- The Thai DCA is hosting a Civil Aviation Exhibition at Don Muang in July. Thai Flying Club aircraft are flying in on 23 June before 4pm. Landing and Parking fees are free. If you wish to fly in, then email TFC to join. The events are as follows --
23 Jul
- aircraft fly in before 4pm.
- the Extra 300 from Nakhon Phanom is coming.
- 11am - Direction of Flight Industry.
- 1-4pm - Being a Pilot and Angel.
25 Jul
- 9am - Policy of Free Sky.
- 9:30am - Flight Safety (Khun Sampan).
- 10:45 - Legal Division (Khun Somchai).
- 1-2pm - Being a PPL and owning an airplane in Thailand (Khun Vuttichai)
- 1-4pm - How to make a safe flight (Capt Pisut).
26 Jul
- 9am - Aerodesign (Dr. Nattaporn).
- 10:30 - UAV Tech (Dr. Nattaporn).
- 1-4pm - Future of Sport Aviation in Thailand !!!!!
These seminars are Presentation with Question and Answers at the end. They will be in Thai language.
PHUKET FLYING CLUB COCKTAIL PARTY on Saturday - During the Civil Aviation Exhibition, Captain Watana and Khun Suchard from Phuket Airpark will be hosting a cocktail party at their General Aviation Flying Booth at Don Muang. Everyone is welcome to come and talk airplanes and meet new flying friends. For more information -- call Khun Suchard -- 0818104510

TFC STUDENT STATUS (MAY'09) -- Thai Flying Club now has seven students currently training. JACKIE and IVAN have both recently completed their first solo. OLIVER and ANAEK are in their pre-solo check phase and should be soloing very soon. NIWAT, ADAM and ANDREAS are in training and progressing rapidly. We also have new students MOHAMMED from Kuwait and KOJU from Japan who have successfully passed their Medical exam and are ready to begin the next Ground School Course. THE PROCESS TO JOIN THE GROUND SCHOOL -- 1. Come to the club and find out how to register for the Medical Exam. 2. After you pass the Medical Exam, you can join the club. 3. When we have 6 students who have passed the medical, we will start the next Ground School (we have 2 now; need 4 more). Any questions, Email the club manager -- -- and visit our TFC Flying School Page

JOIN THE NEXT GROUNDSCHOOL CLASS -- TFC is now putting together a list of students for the next groundschool. We need 6 students to start. Our first student has arrived at TFC and signed up. If you are interested in joining -- -- and here is a list of the students so far: Greg White tel: 0818909460 // Samuel Desmier 0899671629 // Shan Wang from beijing in sing +65 98261610 // Peter Read tel: 0806442511. // John Carter // Alan (guy who called Worawoot) // Dominique Perregaux (based in Hong Kong and wants to join) //

14 May 2009 -- NEWS FLASH -- HS-PIA C150 NOW READY TO FLY AT TFC -- Club Manager Worawoot has gleefully informed us that HS-PIA is now under TFC registration and available for members to use. Another C150 to the fleet.

18-19 Jul 2009 -- SAREX 2009 AT SONGKLA -- This years SAREX sponsored by the DCA and the Military will be at SONGKHLA AIRPORT VTSH.

7-9 Jul 2009 -- ASIAN AEROSPACE SHENYANG CONGRESS IN CHINA -- Participate in the next growth spurt of China’s civil aviation industry --

23 May 2009 -- TFC MANAGER WORAWOOT FIRST SOLO -- Club Manager Worawoot has been flying for almost two years, but this past Saturday, he finally went solo. The TFC manager must be the most qualified student pilot in the world, because he has been flying with everyone all over Thailand. Now that the club aircraft are getting on line, he was able to finish the job.

3 May 2009 -- NEWS FLASH -- NEW C150 AT TFC -- Club Manager Worawoot has informed us that TFC now has Sonny's two newly arrived C150 aircraft on line for dry rates of 3,500 Baht per hour. There is also a C172 in Customs which will be arriving at the club soon. For more information --

CTSW instrument panel


Fernando in his CTSW at Thai Flying Club

CTSW FLIGHT TEST WITH FERNANDO PONSA -- TFC member Fernando Ponsa is the official distributor in Thailand for the new Light Sport Aircraft CTSW. He invited us for a test flight in his new aircraft. The aircraft is made by Flight Design in Berlin, Germany. The price new is 60,000 Euro (basic) and 100,000 Euro (with full options). Gross Weight is 600 Kg and Empty is 300 Kg. Vso Stall Speed is 35 Knots, so on Take Off, you rotate at this speed too. Take off distance is 200 meters, but you can come off in 100-150 meters depending on your loading. The aircraft cruises easily at 100 Knots and with 130 Liters of fuel, there is 8 hours endurance (including the 30 min reserve). The aircraft comes with the Rotax 912S engine and a Sirrius Parachute (for emergency use). The engine runs on 95 octane car gas and the manufacturer states that Ethanol should be less than 10%. The cabin of the CTSW is wider than a C172, so it is a very comfortable plane for big people. There are two aft storage compartments of 25 Kg each. There are also compartments for storage under your feet and beneath the instrument panel. The aircraft has 3 manual trims, so you can trim off all control pressures. The brakes are operated by hand for both wheels, so maintaining directional control with the rudder and nose wheel are important. The electric flaps allow selection of preset flap settings for TO and Landing and Cruise. Take off is with 15 or 30 degrees. As you accelerate through 80 Kts, you can select -6 degrees flaps and feel the aircraft accelerate to cruise speed. There is also a propeller pitch lever for Fine, Medium, and Course pitch (Take off to Cruise). Fernando's plane also has an autopilot, so you can fly hands off tracking a heading or a GPS track. The altitude hold works very well. You can open the doors in flight if you maintain below 70 Kts, or you can easily remove the doors. Special attention should be noted with respect to using the Choke, Fuel Valve and Carb Heat -- all easily accessible on the control panel. The plane has a visual fuel gage in the wing roots for checking quantity. After Take off, you can level the aircraft to reach 60 Kts, then pull back the throttle into the green and pull the prop lever to middle and flaps to 0 degrees. The plane climbs comfortably at 600-700 FPM with an RPM of 5000. At level, you can pull the prop all the way back to cruise setting and RPM to 4700. For landing, come in at 52 Knots (flaps 0 at 60 Kts, then flaps 15 or 30 or 40 as required). Prop forward. With the throttle closed, the plane comes down slowly at 350 FPM. However, with the flaps down on final, you will need some power to keep your speed up. The plane seems to lose speed easily on final. For landing, keep your directional control, flare level to the ground and hold it off until it stalls onto the ground. Fernando says the trick is to full stall it on, or it can give you difficulty on the landing. There are approximately 1,400 CTSW flying in USA now. This is a very comfortable, long distance cruiser, with splendid take off performance and good baggage capacity. Because it is a composite aircraft, it is more resistant to the Thailand sun than a fabric aircraft. Shipping of the aircraft to Thailand is less than 1,000 Euro. Fernando offers support for maintenance and importation and paperwork. If you are interested in learning about the CTSW, please contact TFC member Fernando Ponsa -- -- 026560882 // 0818081450. (Mar 2009)

TFC 2009 SPRING TOUR TO NAN -- The TFC Spring Tour to NAN 27-29 Apr 2009 was a great success. The trip was led by TFC Club secretary Khun Damri and Club Manager Khun Worawoot. Several aircraft flew up to Nan and went rafting on the Wa River and then were invited for "open house dinner and camping" at Khun Damri's house.    


THAI AIRCRAFT REGISTRY CHANGES -- Nov 2008 -- Nov 2008 Thai Registry Changes

NEWS FLASH -- FOUR C150 & ONE BEECHCRAFT MUSKETEER & ONE GRUMMAN & ONE CHEROKEE 140 & ONE C172 IFR COMING TO TFC IN MARCH/APRIL -- Khun Worawoot has informed us that the club will lease 4 C150, 1 Beechcraft, 1 Grumman and 1 IFR C172 for students use in March. The club Cherokee 140 should be ready in 2 months. This means the TFC fleet will be 10 aircraft. Plenty for the new students. The prices of the leased aircraft will be slightly higher, but they will have excellent working radios and navigational radios. Also, a new Ground School class will be starting soon -- keep watching here! The IFR Cessna 172N coming to the club will have the following avionics on board:
• Cessna 300 Audio Panel 3LMB
• Cessna 300 RT 385A NAV/COM VOR/LOC/GS
• Cessna 300 RT 385A NAV/COM VOR/LOC
• Cessna 300 ADF
• Cessna 300 Transponder/Mode C
• Cessna 400 Glideslope
• Intercom/PTT

FAA BFR IN BALI -- Our TFC friend John Mellor is now in Thailand (until 23rd) to help with BFRs if you need. He has been in China, Nakhon Phanom, Borneo and now he is headed to help with a flying school in Northern Bali. So if you need a BFR in Bali, then send him an email -- -- John mobile: 0849233346 (Thai) / 081236416370 (Bali).

WORAWOOT OMLETTE -- If you want to try something new and exciting in your life, then come to Bang Phra on Saturday or Sunday and ask Club Manager Worawoot to cook you the "Worawoot Omlette." It is a mouth-watering special that you will return for again and again.

US AIR 1549 LANDS IN THE HUDSON RIVER -- Listen to the FAA radio transcript of the pilot's comms with ATC after the birdstrike --

KLANG DONG CAMPER -- Khun Prasert has been perfecting his KLANG DONG CAMPER. If you are interested in a Camper Truck for traveling and camping around Thailand, then you can visit Khun Prasert at Klang Dong Airport or you can call Khun Lek -- 0818521847.

8-10 May 2009 -- SFAT TRIP TO SAKHON NAKORN -- If you want to join, email Paul -- -- Colonel Amrung rang to advise that the route will include Surin. Now: Udon - Sakhon Nakhon - Nakhom Panom (back to Sakhon?) - Surin. Colonel needs to know how many aircraft from Tantawan to book the hotel. Other questions in Thai, please call Uthai -- 0814453236.

2-3 Apr 2009 -- POLICE AERIAL FORESTRY MISSION AT EASTERN -- The police are looking for volunteers for aerial patrol of the forests in Chantaburi. This has been organized by Dr. Bamrung who will visit Eastern and give more details. The Itinerary is as follows:
02APR: High-ranking police will visit Eastern.
03APR: In the morning, aircraft and paramotors will fly with Police. In the Afternoon, seminar to explain the program. In the evening, there will be a reception at the Ambassador Hotel to receive ID cards, etc.
04APR: Fly to the new Police airstrip in Chantaburi (near Tah Mai RTN). If you want to volunteer, Jim has applicant forms which Noom has translated. (You must own a plane or paramotor and be a pilot; You need signed copies of: passport, tabien barn, C of A, pilot license, and 2 one-inch photos). This is an important event for Eastern Club. Even if you do not want to be part of the program, please come on the 3rd and show support. It would be great to get all the aircraft out on display to welcome the police. For more info -

25-29 Mar 2009 -- ELEPHANT POLO IN GOLDEN TRIANGLE, CHIANGRAI -- There is an elephant polo tournament at Anantara Resort in Golden Triangle (near Chiangrai) --

9-20 Mar 2009 -- CAUTION -- There are military exercises from 9 to 20 March except Saturday and Sunday. The areas are approximately:
East West - Lop Buri to Surin and
North South - Sa Kaeo to Petchabun

TFC BOOTH AT BITEC -- Khun Damri the club secretary organized a TFC booth at BITEC Industrial Fair -- -- In addition, Khun Damri is making a webpage for Thai Flying Club in Thai which will have a Web board (members chat), Maintenance section, Admin section, School section, Events section. Standby for this --

Khun Adrian and Khun Suchard -- Directors of Phuket AirparkPHUKET AIRPARK FLYIN -- On 17 January 2009, Khun Suchard organized the first flyin to Phuket Airpark -- -- the event was a great success with 10 aircraft flying in from Bang Phra, Bangkok, Chiangmai and other places. Khun Adrian made the first ever Hot Air Balloon flight in Phuket and landed right in the middle of the airfield. Construction is underway for this very grand scheme and all people are welcome to come and visit.

6-7 Mar 2009 -- WINGS OVER ASIA WEEKEND GETAWAY IN THAILAND -- Meng has informed us that he is organizing an Aviators Getaway Weekend in Thailand. The details will be updated as available --

4 Mar 2009 -- HAWKER BEECHCRAFT 1A LIGHT JET COMING TO BANGKOK -- Dear Sirs, As a valued member of the aviation community and one who has a vested interest in the progress of aviation in Thailand, Hawker Pacific & Royal Sky cordially invite you to attend a flight demonstration of Hawker Beechcraft’s Premier 1A (Very Light executive Jet) at Don Muang airport on Wednesday 4th of March. The aircraft will be parked at Royal Sky’s Fixed Base Operation and be available for a personal tour and local demonstration sortie. Lunch will be provided as well as the opportunity to network with senior executives from one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world plus their South East Asia Main Dealer (Hawker Pacific Asia). I appreciate this is short notice but I would be grateful for an early indication of your availability as we have to submit ID card or passport details on Fax No. +662-504-3838 for access to Don Muang air-side as well as obtaining permission to fly. Yours sincerely, John Carter -- -- Call John -- 0851535430.

12-15 Feb 2009 -- PHILIPPINE HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA scheduled on February 12-15, 2009 at Clark Field in Pampanga, Philippines and the Bohol Island Fly-In on Feb. 16-18. Everybody welcome. Email Joy --

Worawoot at the new entrance road to TFCNEW IMPROVEMENTS AT TFC -- Khun Worawoot proudly demonstrates a brand new road at the new entrance to the club. The Club President Khun Pee has built a new road called "05L" on the Northeast side of the runway for people to drive to the club smoothly. In addition, all of the Eucalyptus trees on approach to runway 23 have been cut down, so now there is a very clean and safe approach to landing on runway 23. The new entrance to the club will have a new sign too and will make the runway safer because cars will not have to drive across it to reach the club. Thank you Khun Pee for these great new improvements and that you to Manager Worawoot for showing them to us. If you have any creative ideas or logos for the new TFC sign, please email them to Worawoot --

Click map23 Jan 2009 -- 604 Squadron Lopburi Flyin -- 604 Squadron will be hosting the King's Trophy and the Crown Prince's Trophy at Koke Krathiem Lopburi VTBL Airfield (Squadron 201) in late January. There will also be an air rally over Ban Mi Airfield. For more information -- contact Tango Squadron or email Q at Ban Mi Airfield --

NEW RESTAURANT -- Gae and Gop have opened a new restaurant at TFC. They welcome you to visit on the weekends, and if you want to organize a function during the week which requires their culinary expertise, then you are welcome to call them and speak Thai with them -- 0810498904.

NEW TFC PRESIDENT -- The Thai Flying Club had and Annual General Meeting in the Bushpilot Clubhouse on 22 November 2008, and Khun Piya Malakul is the new TFC President. The club also elected new committee members. Next month, the President will appoint the positions for Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary General. The Thai Flying Club has a long history of Presidents who have served to promote General Aviation in Thailand and the the club's efforts have made Thailand one of the leading General Aviation countries in Asia today. Recent news at the club is that trees on the approach path to Runway 23 are to be cut down, a new road is to be built next to Runway 23, and a new entrance from the road near the mountain is to be opened, a large welcome sign to TFC will be erected, and Khun Damri is designing new TFC/IAOPA membership cards to use for Hotel and Car Rental discounts. There may also be a 20% discount at King Power with use of the TFC membership card. If you have any questions about joining the next groundschool or how to get involved at TFC, please call the Worawoot Hotline -- 086 834 2636 -- or email We all thank TFC for the splendid party and music that followed the AGM.

NEW AIRCRAFT ARRIVES & "KHUN TIKI BAR" OPENS AT EASTERN AIRPORT -- Khun Tik has finally opened her restaurant specializing in the "Out-of-town" Breakfast and another new aircraft has arrived in Thailand.

PICASSO HARD AT WORK -- Khun Worawoot was recently sighted at Bang Phra with his sleeves rolled up and painting numbers on the new runway markers. He looked like Picasso, because he was drawing all of these beautiful numbers freehand. Now, we will wait and see how long they last until the termites eat the wood that holds them up (starting date: 22jan09).

Khun Ammy -- Thailand's General Aviation JournalistKHUN AMMY -- GENERAL AVIATION JOURNALIST -- Khun Ammy is Thailand's Special General Aviation Journalist. She is very active in covering all of the aviation activities and sharing them with the Thai public. She can be reached at or tel: 086-7898630. Her latest article appears on --

OSTAK UBON 2008 SUCCESS -- Oshtak was held in Ubon this 12-14 Dec 2008, and it was a great success. NOK Flying Club took 3, Chiangmai Flying Club took 2 and TFC took 2 aircraft to the event. There were approximately 45 aircraft that flew in. The highlight was a F5 formation airshow. HRH The Crown Prince also piloted an A319 to Ubon. Khun Piya put on an aerobatic show in Khun Charn's Extra. Khun Supap ferried people back and forth from Bangkok in his new Mustang jet. This was the first Oshtak show for the people of Ubon - VTUU - and they were thrilled to see so many aircraft. Congratulations to the DCA and all the sponsors for a great event. More information on - View the webpage of the first ever Oshtak.

13 Sep 2008 -- TFC GROUND SCHOOL OPENS WITH 12 NEW STUDENTS -- TFC Manager Khun Worawoot and Club Secretary Lek and Ground School Head Nuni and Chief Instructor Billy were thrilled today as the new Ground School class of 12 students met at the club. There was an orientation session from the TFC instructors and Khun Norman was also on hand to share some of his stories about the power of a dream and what happens when that dream is flying! It was a fun afternoon and now there are a lot of new student pilots at the club for everyone to meet. If you would like to join, email -- -- The cost of the Ground school is 27,000 Baht and this includes the following materials -- Flight Bag, Map, Flight Computer, AIP Thailand, Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual. For more information, visit Ground School page.

3-7 Dec 2008 -- THAILAND BALLOON FESTIVAL IN KHAO YAI -- Another amazing balloon festival up over Khao Yai --

27-30 Nov 2008 -- PATTAYA INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA -- Khun Niwat has done it again, and this year the Pattaya International Balloon Fiesta will be back in Pattaya. There will be 80 hot air balloons from all over the world. Stay tuned as we bring your more details of this hot uplifting event.

PHUKET AIRPARK IS NOW OPEN -- Khun Suchard has received DCA approval for Phuket Airpark on 14 Mar 2008. The airstrip is 500 meters long. Congratulations to everyone for this magnificent step forward for General Aviation in Thailand. Planes and people are welcome to fly in -- any questions, please email ROSY -- They are organizing a grand opening ceremony for January 2009 after they have some hangars built. They have also purchased a C182 and Zenair for the club.

23 Nov 2008 -- 7pm -- CAPTAIN TANED & KHUN YING WEDDING PARTY -- STATE TOWER, BANGKOK -- On 28aug08, Captain Taned received his wings from Thai DCA, and on 19aug08 Taned had his your fiance, Khun Ying, strapped into the Eagle aircraft and off they went on a romantic "First Flight" together. Khun Taned invites all TFC members to join his wedding reception at 7pm on 23 November at the State Tower. Please wear a black tie or a flying suit -- up to you. For more information --

MACAU & HONG KONG -- Here are interesting links to 360* views of Macau and Hong Kong -- --

THE GOLDEN DAYS OF AVIATION -- If you want to recall the days when airplanes were made of wood and the pilots who flew them were made of iron --

LADY PILOT PROMOTION -- TFC welcomes women to come and learn to fly at the club. Learning to fly in Bang Phra is a very relaxing and fun. There are plenty of members to share experiences with. There is a full ground school with students, and the oldest and most active flying club in the country. If you have some free time and are trying to find a new and challenging activity, then come and learn to fly in Bang Phra. The procedure here is you join the club, then you enroll in the ground school. After you have your Student Pilot License, you can learn to fly. It is fun. TFC is also the only school where you can PAY AS YOU FLY. You don't need to put a huge deposit down before you learn. Fly when you want. Fly when you have time. Pay as you go. If you have more questions, then please contact the club manager -- Worawoot -- 086 843 2636.

Photo by Miss OhWorawoot lifts Papa Dave into the air after winning the Balloon Bursting Trophy at TFC with Khun Damri on location -- photo by Khun Oh.PAPA DAVE WINS THE BALLOON BURSTING COMPETITION AT BANG PHRA -- In a stunning display of flying ability, Papa Dave took to the air in the club 150 and flew a consecutive hat-trick bursting 3 balloons in a row on 18 Oct 2008. Having previously flown F4s in Vietnam and being shot down twice, Papa Dave was well aware of what it takes to hit a moving target. We also had a fantastic popping display by the team of Worawoot and Kruu Ake as they took the first balloon of the day. There was heavy rain in the midst of the activities. The balloon making truck complete with Sodium Hydroxide and plenty of aluminum cans was cranking out the cherry red balloons as fast as we could pop them. Neil brought a German ace up from Pattaya Airpark and Jim brought a full compliment of aviators from Eastern Flying Club. Alonso was on form with his flying dragon and Martin was also airborne with two hits. Tony was on hand to witness and plan for the next event. Khun Damri was at the club with action photographer Khun Oh to present the trophy and Kruu Sirapol was on hand to explain the "Finger Formation. Fernando tied with Martin for second place. Neil and Worawoot/Kruu Ake tied for 3rd place. More than 140 spectators were thrilled by the awesome flying demonstration. Thank you all for a great event and for coming -- -- or call the Worawoot Hotline -- 086 834 2636. View Khun Saranya's Excellent Photos of Balloon Bursting in Bang Phra. Thank you Khun Damri for bringing a professional photographer to the Balloon Bursting!

SGA team visits Bang Phra -- for avionics overhaul.SGA VISITS TFC -- Thai Flying Club was very honored on 03 July 2008 to have a visit from former Mechanic Boomrung who now works for SGA in Bangkok. He was also joined by fellow mechanics Latthi Singhasut (Tua) and Pharkphum Suksanguan (Pom) who are radio specialists for SGA. Khun Worawoot put them right to work on the radio for HS-ATE, the club's C172, because the radio has some reception problems. The SGA team told us that if anyone has any problems with aircraft radios in Thailand, that SGA has all the mechanics and facilities to repair them. Email or call 0853203180 or 025043302 and SGA is happy to help you. We also hear that Koh Kud airstrip may be open in 3 months time.

AEROSHOP BANGKOK FOR SALE -- For people who have needed quality aviation supplies or pilot gear in Bangkok, was the place. Captain Jacques has announced that the Aeroshop is now for sale. If you are interested, please email Jacques. Aeroshop is located on second floor of Amarin Plaza (next to Erawan Hyatt Hotel). Posted July 2008.

NOK AIRPORT NEWS -- Khun Niwat is now the new president of Nok Airport in Chiang Mai. Nok is right next door to Ban Thi (actually 270 meters away). If you have any questions about Nok, then Email Khun Niwat.

Buleleng Fly In 2008  Bali Indonesia 1-4 August 2008    เนื่องจากสมาคมฯได้รับเชิญจากประเทศ Indonesiaให้เข้าร่วมงาน Buleleng Fly In 2008 North Bali บินเหนือ ภูเขาไฟ ซื่งสวยงามมาก เราจะบินไปรวมกันที่ Subang Malaysia แล้วบินไปพร้อมกัน โดยงานนี้จะจัดขึ้น  ในวันที่ 1-4 สิงหาคม 2008 นี้สมาชิกท่านใด สนใจจะเข้าร่วมบินไปกับฝูงบินสมาคมกรุณาแจ้งที่ เว็บบอร์ด สมาคมฯ แล้วเราจะติดต่อกลับไปหรือสอบถามรายละเอียดได้ที่ 089 788 8474 เนื่องจาก ต้องประสานหลายหน่วยงาน ถึง 3 ประเทศ

TFC NANG SATICK INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BANG PHRA -- Khun Num takes the Black Label Trophy and the Klung Bin Trophy on Saturday 12 Jul 2008 at the BushPilot Clubhouse in the first international Nang Satick competition in Bang Phra. The competition was extremely fierce as Khun Mai and Khun Phu and Poojagan Worawoot competed late into the night, but Num won through in the end. The competition will be held monthly and Bang Phra feels they are the best of any airport anywhere in Thailand. They welcome any competition anytime. Stay tuned for more info.

TFC General Manager Worawoot helping Papa Dave land the Bearcat at Hua Hin on the simulator at Sarex 200830-31 May 2008 -- SAREX AT HUA HIN -- The Royal Thai Police and Department of Civil Aviation organized a very successful SAREX08 this year at Hun Hin -- VTPH. There were participants from many different flying schools in Thailand and from Thai Flying Club as well as interesting aircraft from the Army, Airforce, Police, Navy, Agriculture, Rain-making aircraft and SFAT. Visitors were welcome to view the many booths inside as well as walk around and look at aircraft.
ELT NEWS -- On 01 Feb 2009, the International Cospas-Sarsat [1] Organization (U.S. included) will terminate processing of distress signals emitted by 121.5 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). This means that pilots flying aircraft equipped with 121.5 MHz ELTs after that date will have to depend on pilots of over flying aircraft and or ground stations monitoring 121.5 to hear and report distress alert signals, transmitted from a possible crash site. Why is this happening? Although lives have been saved by 121.5 MHz ELTs, the downside has been their propensity to generate false alerts (approximately 98 percent of all 121.5 MHz alerts are false), and their failure to provide rescue forces with timely and accurate crash location data. Both of which actually delay rescue efforts and have a direct effect on an individual's chance for survival. Rescue forces have to respond to all 121.5 MHz alerts to determine if they are real distress alerts or if they are being generated by an interferer, an inadvertent activation (by the owner) or equipment failure. Is there an alternative? Yes, the Cospas-Sarsat System ( U.S. included) has been and will continue processing emergency signals transmitted by 406 MHz ELTs. These 5 Watt digital beacons transmit a much stronger signal, are more accurate, verifiable and traceable to the registered beacon owner (406 MHz ELTs must be registered by the owner in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation). Registration allows the search and rescue authorities to contact the beacon owner, or his or her designated alternate by telephone to determine if a real emergency exists. Therefore, a simple telephone call often solves a 406 MHz alerts without launching costly and limited search and rescue resources, which would have to be done for a 121.5 MHz alert. For these reasons, the search and rescue community is encouraging aircraft owners to consider retrofit of 406 MHz ELTs or at a minimum, consider the purchase of a handheld 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) which can be carried in the cockpit while continuing to maintain a fixed 121.5 MHz ELT mounted in the aircraft's tail. Remember, after February 1, 2009 , the world-wide Cospas-Sarsat satellite system will no longer process 121.5 MHz alert signals. Pilots involved in aircraft accidents in remote areas will have to depend on pilots of over flying aircraft and or ground stations to hear emergency ELT distress signals. For further information concerning the termination of 121.5 MHz data processing visit -- [1] The Cospas-Sarsat Organization provides a satellite based world-wide monitoring system that detects and locates distress signals transmitted by Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs), Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) and Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs). The system includes space and ground segments which process the signals received from the beacon source and forwards the distress alert data to the appropriate Rescue Coordination Center for action.

Mar 2008 - GLIDING IN NEW ZEALAND -- TFC Member Khun Charn was recently on a 5 day mountain soaring course in New Zealand and took this spectacular photo from aloft -- "One of the pictures is of the cloud covered peak of Mount Cook. Fantastic views of the world around viewed from lying position inside a clear bubble canopy. We averaged over 4 hours covering 300 nm a day, with just one take off and landing. This is the magical land of the Lord of the Ring (where the movie was made) with wide open plains surrounded by tall peaks and deep gullies. We were learning to read the terrain and wind and to explore. Clouds are high above, around us surrounding the peaks and over the plains. On the lakes below are ripples. They are all signs of the ways the winds blow at different level. The sun heats the ground unevenly forming hot spots that warms the adjacent air that rises from the cooler surrounding air in a vertical column. These invisible columns of hot air are everywhere, with interstitial sinking air that comes in to fill the void left behind. The NZ mountains are the fastest rising in the world, having grown 66,000 ft just in the past few million years, but the soft rocks are been worn down by weather and glaciers just as quickly as they grow. The old glacier formed valleys between the ranges are filled with small pebbles on which emergency landings can be done without likely permanent damage to the pilot. The lectures also covered emergency landings on the lakes - with wheel down and brake on to skid over the water and slow down to a stop, hopefully on the edge of the shore and up on the beach if exist. Of course there are lots of small grass landing strip on farms every where, well marked on the map and GPS. These slender 420 kg (empty) light weight twin seat gliders with 20m/66ft wide wings are amazingly strong, made of mostly carbon and glass fiber held together in a plastic matrix."

General Aviation assists with Dugong surveyGENERAL AVIATION HELPS NATURE -- Enthusiastic Aviator Ed Loigorri has filed his report on assisting with the Dugong Survey in Thailand. This is a perfect example how General Aviation assists with many conservation projects around the world. For additional information, please visit -- -- download PDF report -- email Ed.

5-6 Apr 2008 - TANTAWAN FLYIN -- On the weekend of 5-6 April, SFAT organized a very successful Tantawan Sunshine Flyin. Khun Supap was there with Dr. Choladhis and SFAT secretary NIWAT. All food was free and it was an exciting event with over 10 aircraft flying in.

Rak Siam Tao Fah "FIRST FLIGHT - "รักสยามเท่าฟ้า" - will open in theaters in Thailand on 31 jan 2008.31 Jan 2008 - "Rak Siam Tao Fah" Opens in Thailand -- -- This is a film about the early days of aviation in the Kingdom of Siam before World War I. Siam was the first country in Asia to have an aviation program in 1913 -- (English).

26 Jan 2008 - NAKORN PANOM UNIVERSITY AVIATION OPENING CEREMONY -- -- Nakorn Panom University is organizing an OPEN DAY for anyone interested in learning aviation to visit the University. They have the first aircraft DA40 and DA42 arriving and they have trainers for B797, X48B to give the CPL/IR certificate. They are also planning to open an aerobatic school with an Extra 300. If interested, call Khun Pui -- 042+551137. She can help arrange your flight up there.

SINGAPORE AIRSHOW -- If any of TFC members happen to be in Singapore during the Singapore Airshow period, Meng and team would like to inform and invite all TFC members to the event specially for GA aviators --

20 Dec 2007 - FIRST SOLO PARTY AT BANG PHRA in the Bushpilot Clubhouse -- All of the Young Eagles Students and instructors turned out for a splendid first solo party as the group of students all finished their "First Solo" in less than 21 days.

29 Dec 2007 - YOUNG EAGLES AT OSHTAK -- Oshtak was a great success this year with over 40 aircraft in attendance. There was heavy fog on Saturday morning, but all had lifted by 10:30AM. The Air Rally was cancelled, but the two balloons were the hit of the show. DCA deputy director Khun Vutichai enjoyed the show and the 4 star General from the Royal Thai Army flew up to visit Oshtak.

21 Dec 2007 - NORM & LEC RETURN -- Norman and Khun Lec returned from their 7 month flight around the world in their Mooney. Khun Lec was the first Asian person to fly around the world in a small airplane. Captain Charoen, ATC Kitty, and Khun Worawoot were on hand to welcome them back to TFC and to cut off their shirt tails to post in the clubhouse.

12-20 Jan 2008 - FLY IN TO RAJAMANGALA UNIVERSITY AGRICULTURAL FAIR -- Located next to the airfield in Bang Phra

28-30 Dec 2007 - OSHTAK at Mae Sot -- SFAT and everybody will be organizing Oshtak at Mae Sot this year. Don't miss it.

15-16 Dec 2007 - AIR FORCE SQUADRON 2 LOPBURI FLY IN -- Air Rally Celebrating The King's 80th birthday at Air force Squadron 2 Lopburi from 15th - 16th Dec. You may fly-in to the airbase from the 12th - 14th. Most aircraft will fly-in on the 14th. For Ultralights, the form to apply flight permit is available from Neil. If you have problem fill in the form in Thai you may send info to the Foundation email 

8-12 Dec 2007 - Pattaya International Balloon Festa -- -- Royal Thai Army Sport Centre and SFAT will jointly host as part of celebrations to mark the 80th birthday anniversary of His Majesty the King. The event will take place at Thammasat University's Pattaya campus.

18 Aug 2007 -- KASETSART AVIATION STUDENTS VISIT THAI FLYING CLUB -- Thai Flying Club Manager Khun Worawoot was very excited to receive a visit from Aviation students at Kasetsart University in Bangkok. The students came to Bang Phra to learn about General Aviation and to understand the current aviation activities in Thailand. The club's chief mechanic Num took three students for a taxi along the runway in the club Eagle, and Khun Worawoot gave them a very exciting lecture on aviation. Many of the students are interested in careers in aviation management, mechanics, and some are interested in becoming pilots. Chok dee.

12 Aug 2007 -- GENERAL AVIATION ASSISTING WITH SEARCH AND RESCUE -- Long time member of Thai Flying Club Eric Bodart assisted with a Search and Rescue Mission over Khao Yai wilderness. A BAC Cessna 172 was lost somewhere in the jungle 3 days previously with two 22 year old students on board. There was no elt signal to track. A telephone signal was used to locate an approximate position, and then Thai military aircraft and many volunteers on the ground have been searching for any trace of where the aircraft may have gone down. They may have encountered a thunderstorm or low cloud and become disoriented in the mountainous terrain. Everyone is still searching hard and hoping for the best.

31 Aug 2007 -- SFAT MALAYSIAN ADVENTURE TRIP -- SFAT secretary Khun NIWAT and advisor Sunny Yong flew down to Phuket to meet with Inche ISMAIL (PRESIDENT of the MALAYSIAN SPORT AVIATION FEDERATION - MSAF), who flew into PHUKET on Monday, 30th April in a LEAR JET belong to the DCA of Malaysia on his way to Berlin. Inche Ismail of MSAF is the organizer of the KUKL 2007 - KARNIVAL UDARA KUALA LUMPUR - the major ANNUAL GA event in Malaysia (supported by the Malaysian Government). He has invited SFAT to participate in KLKU 2007 in SUBANG (WMSA) on 31aug2007 - 01sep07. ALL GA planes (INCLUDED ULTRALIGHTS, TRIKES, BALLOONS) are welcome!!! He will officially invite SFAT to organize the THAI GA and THAI U-registed AIRCRAFT TO FLY INTO MALAYSIAN AIR SPACE to SUBANG WMSA (as well as other places, like exotic TIOMAN ISLAND, PENANG, PANKOR Island or the grass strip airfield in their NATIONAL PARK - TAMAN NEGARA in Central Malaysia!!) LATEST NEWS ON MALAYSIA TRIP AND HOW TO JOIN

3-6 Sep 2007 GA MEETING IN HONG KONG -- SFAT Secretary Khun Niwat is taking a Thai Aviation Team to the Asian Aerospace Convention in HONG KONG this September -- -- SFAT is organizing a large delegation of Sport Aviators and General Aviation enthusiasts from Thailand, and if you would like to join -- Email Khun Niwat -- Asian Aerospace 2007 is the world’s premier commercial aviation with 25 years of experience for Asian Aerospace from Reed Exhibitions, the event featuring over 500 international companies will show of latest products, services and innovation in MRO,  Air freight, Aircraft interiors and Aviation training from 27 countries including 12 national pavilions. It will be the largest dedicated civil aviation exhibition where it will offer the most comprehensive civil aerospace platform on the international industry calendar in an exclusively all-business B2B environment. The show will be held in Asia World Expo, Hong Kong 3-6 September,2007. Further details -- Ms.Sutthipun Nujjaya -- Phone +668 1720 6822 --

DAMRI'S MINI-WILGA -- TFC Member Khun Damri has built a flying scale model of the Wilga. We can't wait to see this thing fly and to take a picture of it next to the real Wilga. We also want to know if he has as much trouble landing the mini-one as we do the big-one. Chok dee Damri. Learn to fly the "WILGA" (tail-dragger)

May 2007 AROUND THE WORLD -- TFC Member Norman Livingstone & "Nang Fah" will attempt to fly around the world in a Mooney Ovation starting from USA --

17-19 Aug 2007 -- Malaka Air Festival -- MALAYSIA --Thai Flying Club has been invited to this flyin in Malaysia. Anyone who flies in will get free room, food and gas. For more details call Khun Worawoot hotline -- 0868342636.

23 Jun 2007 -- GRAND OPENING OF FLYER RESTAURANT -- Khun Neil has promised that he will not change the date. 23 June is the grand opening of the Flyer Restaurant at Pattaya Airpark. Fly in for a meal and enjoy the scenery --
Dear All, I will have the opening of "Princess Siribhachuthaporn's Center of Volunteer Pilots for Preservation and Rescue (Eastern Chapter - Pattaya Airpark) + Opening of our Airport Restaurant "The Flyer" + Introduction of Ultralight "Beaver" from Canada by CPA Product + Introduction of "Virus" the high performance kit plane - powered glider from Pipistrel, all at Pattaya Airpark on this Sat.23rd June started at 09:30 am. The opening ceremony by Vice Admiral Charnchai, Commander-in-chief of Thai Navy Base at 10:00 am after fly-in of "The O-1 Birddog" to base here at Pattaya Airpark. All fly-in pilots are requested to sign-in and will be invited to have a free lunch (we expect you to buy some drink). All fly-in please do it before 09:35 or after 10:10. Please call-in 122.30 for landing instruction before landing. I'm sorry for my late notice as many of you might have known that one of our plane, Cessna-206 had a bad accident last month and the pilot had injured seriously (now survived after 3 operations but still in the hospital) so I have been very busy. However, life must go on and here is the invitation and the program.
09:45 - Vice Admiral Charnchai arrive and The O-1 Birddog fly-in and low pass
09:50 - Cheer leader from Asian University dancing, The plane land then taxi to park at the position
10:00 - I read the report and Vice Admiral Charnchai have a speech opening the Center and The planes
10:10 - Vice Admiral Charnchai go to cut the ribbon at the Office of The Center, visit the Center and Restaurant
10: 30 - Having coffee, snack and watch the planes flying at the restaurant
10: 45 - Visit the hangars then go back to the reception area in front of the Tower
10:50 - The planes land and Vice Admiral Charnchai take a look at the planes
11:00 - End of the opening ceremony
There will be RC flying show and some flying, introduction flight, etc. all day so please follow the controller instruction for safety
Cheers, Neil

24-25 Nov 2007 - Loy Kratong Flyin at NOK -- SFAT and Chiang Mai Flying Club will be joining for a flyin at Nok Airport for the Loy Kratong Ceremony. Everyone is welcome and foreign aircraft are invited to visit too.

Photo by Captain Mike in Chiang Mai Flying ClubCAPTAIN ED WITH HIS NEW PLANE -- TFC Member Eduardo Loigorri has completed his PPL License up at the Chiang Mai Flying Club. Ed is one of the most enthusiastic aviators in Thailand today, and probably the only guy who bought his airplane before he passed his flight exam. After Ed passed his exam he embarked on a solo 25 hour flight across Thailand in marginal weather to test out all the things he had learned. This is called "jumping into the deep end and seeing if you can swim." Ed had a grand adventure and he has posted his story to share with all of us.

Captain Watana and Rolf in the 777Captain Watana on approach to Suvarnabhumi AirportTFC REUNION ON THAI AIRWAYS -- Thai Flying Club Membership has great surprises. Dr. Rolf was on a flight from Japan to Thailand with Thai Airways. After Takeoff, he heard this voice "Welcome to Thai Airways, I am Captain Watana...." and Rolf immediately recognized the voice of our Senior TFC Member Captain Watana. A few minutes later, Rolf was invited to the cockpit to see Captain Watana at work in his 777 office. Captain Watana is a great lover of General Aviation, and is one of the driving forces behind the Phuket Flying Club. Captain Watana made a very smooth landing at Suvarnabhumi.

04 April -- SFAT NORTHERN TRIP -- SFAT organized a successful trip to the North. This time about 6 planes flying to Tantawan, Udon, Khon Kaen, and all sorts of places over 5 days. SFAT is a very active General Aviation Organization in Thailand that is doing much to promote safe flying in Thailand. Thank you for your leadership. 13 April 2007 -- SONGKRAN NORTHERN RALLY -- SFAT organized a successful Rally to the North for Songkran festival. They had a fun stop with splendid VIP treatment at MAE SOT and then a music band and gliding and lots of fun at NOK AIRPORT and then off to Pai and Chiang Rai. Khun Prasert was on this trip with his tailwheel Kitfox and Khun Suchard was his passenger. Khun Niwat and SFAT are one of the most active General Aviation Organizations in Thailand and they invited all aircraft to join them. More information -- Email Khun Niwat

1-4 Sep 2006 -- Bali Fly In to INDONESIA - The Bali Flying Club is arranging a fly-in and invite all members of Thai Flying Club and other flying clubs in Thailand to attend this exotic event. Please check out --

Click here to visit Aero Shop Bangkok Grand Opening of AERO SHOP BANGKOK -- Thailand's new PILOT SHOP for pilots. Everyone is invited to visit AERO SHOP on 2nd Floor Amarin Plaza (next to Erawan Hotel) in central Bangkok (Chitlom BTS). Discount for all flying club members. Meet Jacques Sabirou who used to fly in Bolivia, Madagascar and now is flying for Bangkok Airways. It is great to have a dedicated Pilot Shop now in Bangkok. Shop hours 10am - 8pm (7 days a week). Jacques and Khun Pia came to visit Bang Phra to fly this past weekend and met with club members and staff for a photograph. Thai Flying Club is excited about the new pilot shop and are looking forward to the grand opening this coming Friday.

Khun Savas Funeral -- The Thai Flying Club would like to share with club members the news that Khun Savas -- The previous Director General of the Thai Department of Civil Aviation -- has sadly passed away in early November. He was a friend to many club members and was a great supporter of General Aviation in Thailand. His Royal sponsored cremation was on Saturday 11 November in Bangkok.

MISS TANTAWAN 2007TANTAWAN SUNSHINE 2007WONDERFUL SUCCESS -- SUNSHINE TANTAWAN FLY IN 20 & 21 January was a great success. 15 aircraft flew in to Tantawan Airport in Saraburi. Thank you to Sport Flying Association of Thailand and to Khun Chatchawan and to Khun Niwat and to Dr. Choladhis and to Sunny for a really fun fly in and camping and delicious Barbeque dinner. The highlight of the event was the Helium Balloon Bursting competition (previously introduced in Thailand by Dr. Choladhis), but this was the first International Balloon Bursting festival. Khun Uthai was the chief ATC and did a spectacular job of controlling and organizing everyone. We had 10 aircraft competing, and Khun Sunny surprised everyone by bursting all 4 balloons in a row (after missing every balloon in the practice). Second place went to Khun Oody, with his expert navigator Col. Amrung. Khun Suchard surprised everyone too, because he hit every balloon in the practice, and then only hit one in the competition. Khun Prasert brought his KLANG DONG CAMPER to demonstrate, Miss Tantawan was there, and Sunday morning we assembled for a GROUP PICTURE with the SFAT Banner. Thank you Sunny for a delicious BBQ dinner and the cigars! The furthest distance airplane was Khun Robert from Chiang Mai. Kruu Piya put on a fantastic aerobatic show. Thank you Tantawan and thank you SFAT for a wonderful event. OUR NEXT EVENT IS THE CHANTABURI DOLFIN FLY IN -- DON'T MISS IT.

Worawoot with King's CupKruu Speedy and TFC studentsKhun Tang with CG Team from "First Flight"Captain Charoen with "Blue Nut"TFC CAPTURES KING'S CUP at SUN & FUN -- Khun Worawoot led the Thai Flying Club Aerial Dive Bombing Team to victory at this year's Sun & Fun Flour Bombing Competition. His fearless tactics and precision command surprised everyone -- especially the judges on the ground -- and he ended up bringing home the King's Cup!!! Congratulations to our club manager. It was a great Fly-in and we are all grateful to Tango Squadron and Pattaya Airpark for hosting this fun aviation event. Khun Supap gave an excellent helicopter display. Khun Lek and Nuni also gave a helicopter demonstration. Khun Charoen landed in the Robin and gave a fly past demonstration. Kruu Piya gave a thrilling aerobatic show in the Eagle. Kruu Speedy stopped by with some of his students. Khun Tanet flew in from CMT airfield, and many of Thai Flying Club's students and members were there. The ATC from the Thai Navy did an excellent job controlling the air traffic. Khun Tang and Tango Squadron brought in Miss Siam, a Birddog and a Citabria. Aircraft flew in from Chiang Mai and many flying clubs in Thailand. Khun Padet and Khun Wichai and many other VIPs came to the opening. There were skydivers and paramotors everywhere. Khun Neil was on his bright yellow motorized wheelchair. BMW cars raced up and down the runway. Thank you again to all aviators and friends for coming to Sun & Fun 2006.

CATC AND KASETSART STUDENTS TRAINING AT TFC - In May, The club was very pleased to have CATC second year students working at the club. Jup, Wach, Bank, Hackerkoong, Boy, Tong, and Jippy are studying instrument mechanics at CATC and gained practical experience at the club for two weeks. In April, the club was very lucky to have Engineering Students working at the club to gain practical experience and learn about general aviation. Thank you NAT, PAO, ART and SAN helping out. The students received their First Flight with Club Secretary Khun Lek, and they have received a club orientation lecture from Club Manager Worawoot and Mechanic Num and Groundschool Head Nuni.
21 Apr 2006 -- WORLD FLIGHT FOR HEARING visits TFC
Exciting News as Thai Flying Club has had very interesting visitors Henrik and Johan from Sweden in their Diesel powered Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft (with 1.7 liter turbo-diesel engines). They are the on their way around the world, and they were warmly welcomed by the staff and members of the club. We wish them well on their journey to Saigon, Vietnam --
Dr Alex flew his MD500 helicopter to visit TFC on Sunday 07 Jan 2007 and was greeted by the club Manager, club Secretary and lots of Members and Friends. Dr Alex has made it down to Hat Yai, where he was briefly detained for some problem with his flight clearance and landing at the wrong place in Thailand. Otherwise, he had a very enjoyable General Aviation Tourism Friendship visit to Thailand.

TFC Member Khun Suchard and SFAT secretary Khun Niwat and Nok Air Yves flew to Philippines and back in February 2007 for the Philippine International Balloon Fiesta. Khun Niwat flew the first Thai Registered Hot Air Balloon in the Philippines. This is a great celebration of General Aviation activity in Thailand. Congratulations on this successful journey.

17 Feb 2007 -- TFC ANNUAL MEETING IN BANG PHRA (3PM) FOLLOWED BY PARTY & DAMRI BAND -- TFC ANNUAL MEETING was held at TFC on 17 Feb 2007 (3PM). Khun Worawoot recorded the minutes of the meeting (in Thai) and Khun Norman will get some photos of the party from Khun Lek (the club secretary) for us to post here.

23 February 2007 -- SFAT SUMMER RALLY TO NORTHEAST -- SFAT is organizing a summer rally to the Northeast of Thailand. Aircraft meet at Eastern and leave on Thursday 23 February. Eastern - Khon Kaen - Sawan Dandin - Sakon Nakhon - Ubon - Korat - Tantawan or Eastern. Any questions, contact Uthai -- 0814453236

31 March -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHUN WORAWOOT -- Our club manager celebrated his birthday this Saturday. The best possible present that he could have was that TFC Students -- DAVID TUCK and UCHIDA SAN -- passed their DCA Flight Tests. We hope Rajan will soon too. Worawoot has had a busy week at the DCA, and thanks to his hard work Khun Rolf was able to get his C of A, and the returning Eagle was permitted to fly back and operate on its Thai registration, and the TFC students were able to complete their flight test. Thank you Khun Worawoot for a great job -- now relax and enjoy your birthday!!

New coconut palm trees at club. We are very grateful to Adjan Parida from Kasetsart Rajamangala Plant Science division for coming to the club to help us plant 5 new coconut palm trees. She was our advisor on the correct positioning and the healthy procedure for the transplant operation. Thank you Adjan Parida.