Name: Eastern Airport
Coordinates: N12*54' x E100*56'
Frequency: 122.3
Runway Heading: 01/19
Circuit: Runway 19: LEFT HAND CIRCUIT. Runway 01: RIGHT CIRCUIT.
Length: 500 meters -- DANGER -- poles and wires on North end. Towers on South end.
Surface: grass
Slope: 1/2 degree down to the South
Altitude: 200'
Obstructions: Towers on the South end of the airstrip. Several Radio towers, masts, and bungee-jumping tower to the Southeast and around airstrip. Radio-controlled aircraft airstrip North of the airfield. Cement poles and wires and small metal shacks on the North end of the airstrip
Location: 4 km East of Pattaya
Activities: EAA CHAPTER #1566 THAILAND -- www.eaathai.com -- The Spirit of Aviation in Asia //
Flying club and paragliding // Khun Tiki Bar & Grill // Breakfast every Sunday morning -- Pizza Dinners every Sunday evening (best Italian pizzas in Thailand)
Contact Information:
Jim Matonti
- 0818292107 -- jmatonti@yahoo.com / hangar rental / VP of EAA THAILAND /
George Macak - 0898317272 / Paramotor, Trike and Quicksilver instruction and rental - Paragliding
Dr. Bumrung Tel - 038 720102 //
Other links: For additional information: DCA Aeronautical Information Service, Tung Mahamek, Bangkok 10120, Thailand -- tel: 02 256 0922 // 02 286 0922 // fax: 02 287 4060 // AFTN: VTBAYOYX. // Airport was closed Oct 2004 by DCA. Now it is open again. Map of local Golf Courses. Map of Airstrip: click to enlarge road map to airstrip.

Pre-Jim House -- Runway shortened (Jul 2011) -- still short (Jul 2012)

Khun Tik opens the "Khun Tiki Bar & Grill" in Dec 2008. Featuring the Sunday "Out-of-Town Breakfast"
The Precision Flying Event held at EAA Thailand HQ Chapter #1566 on 29 Nov 2014