If you are interested in Paramotors or Microlights in Thailand, then you can visit the Eastern Flying Club in Pattaya - home of the BMG Paramotor Team. George Macak is a young and very enthusiastic Paramotor pilot with several models for Instruction, Sales and Service. He is one of the top paramotor pilots in Thailand and he is fluent in Thai and English. You can call him to arrange Introductory Flights in the Paramotor, or just stop by.

George Macak - Tel: 0898317272
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Directions to Eastern Airport

George and BMG Team preparing to set a Thai Paramotor Speed recordKhun Suchard ready for his first solo flightGeorge offers a certified paramotor course to learn to fly up to your first solo for 25,000 Baht. The course involves 10-15 hours ground handling instruction (including 5 hours of theory), and if you come every day, you can finish the course in a week. The BMG Paramotor Team has 35 members. They have 5-10 competitions per year. George has consistently placed in the top 5. After you have completed your Paramotor Flying Course, you can rent a paramotor from George for 1,000 Baht per hour. If you bring your paramotor license & logbook, then after a brief checkout, you can hire George's paramotors for local flights around the airfield. If you want to buy your own paramotor, George has for sale the ADVENTURE (made in France). This comes with 14hp, 20hp, or 28hp engines. The Engine and backpack cost 170,000 Baht and the wing canopy costs 90,000 Baht (2006 prices). Cobra Company (in Amata Nakorn, Thailand) makes the frame, prop, fuel tank. The Canopy is made in China or Vietnam. The Engine is made in Germany, Italy, or Sweden. There are currently 1,000 paramotor pilots in Thailand, and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.



Lady Paramotor Student  George with his student