Name: Kho Jan Airstrip
Coordinates: N13*23.4 x E101*19.0
Frequency: 122.3
Runway Heading: 01/19
Length: 460 meters
Surface: grass / sand
Slope: none
Altitude: 100 feet (unconfirmed)
Obstructions: there is a small pointed hill and a lake 2 miles Southeast of the airstrip.
Location: Chonburi Province 
Activities: Kho Jan Flying Club. Quicksilver based there. Visitors welcome. Originally opened by Captain in July 2003.
Contact Information: Yutana (Noom) Tel: 0958281818. Noom is a former Thai Army Tank driver. Loves flying.
Other links: Airstrip now for HS aircraft to land. Mar 2016.
Map of Airstrip: photograph below

Photo by Tom (2016)