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Low Pass at Dokkrai (Photo: Mike Gillam)
Mike's Husky at Dokkrai (Photo: Mike Gillam)
Phi Phi Rushhour (Photo: Mike Gillam)
Phang Nga Bay (Photo: Mike Gillam)
Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley Island (Photo: Mike Gillam)
Wat Tam Khaowang 80 km Southwest of Uthai Thani (Photo: Tom Claytor)
Monks on horseback North of Mae Chan at Wat Pa Archa Tong (Photo: Tom Claytor) -

Diamond DA-42 flying over Khao Kheo Forest in Eastern Thailand (Photo: Tom Claytor)

60th Anniversary Celebration of The King's Coronation at Dokkrai (Photo: Tom Claytor)
Oshdok Annual Air Meeting and Croquet Tournament at Dokkrai
Oshdok 2006 with 9 planes
Eagle 150B over the forest near Bang Phra (Photo by Tom Claytor)
On Approach for Runway 05 at Bang Phra
On Approach for Runway 23 at Bang Phra - the new Malaysian Eagle Aircraft
Malaysian Eagle landing at Bang Phra
Khun Charn landing the Cap-10
Thailand's General Aviation Pioneers - History of Thai Flying Club
Thai Flying Club "Bushpilot Clubhouse" in Bang Phra
Thai Flying Club "Bushpilot Clubhouse" - May 2005 (late afternoon).
Bang Phra Sunset - Thai Flying Club (Photo by Wally and Christine)
TFC President Adjan Krisda at the controls of the Wilga.
Khun Tarn and Khun Damri - Returning from "Tsunami" Search & Rescue Flight over Phuket, PhiPhi, Kao Lak and Similan Islands (31 Dec 2004)
Thee Lor Su Waterfall - West of Umphang (Tak Province)
Thai Flying Club trip to Buriram for Khun Suchard's wedding with Khun Niang - Kruu Sirapol is assisting Khun Wichai with refueling of his aircraft.
Khun Damri and Mae Mot Samantha
Captain Tarn, Captain Watana, and Captain Charoen about to fly the "Blue Nut"
First Fly-in to Cambodia to celebrate Cambodia Flying Club - Jan 2004
Khun Supap's new Pilatus PC-12.
Khun Saravudh Boon-Long with his beloved 1962 Cessna 150 HS-ETV. Khun Saravudh started flying in a Chipmonk with 604 squadron in 1989. He bought his 150 after it was retired from the Hua Hin training school. A graduate of Cornell University in USA, flying has taught him to think - to be calm and cautious and disciplined.
"First Flight" Poster - Thai movie about the beginning of aviation in Siam -
Waterfall at Khao Yai National Park
Old map of Siam
Buddha Mountain near U-Taphao airbase
Viewing Thee Lor Su waterfall from below
Old image from Siam
Oshtak River gorge - Ping river above Phumipol Dam
Fog along the mountains in Bang Phra - Thai Flying Club
Remos G3 in flight over the Gulf of Thailand - Khun Rolf & Andrea.
Remos G3 cockpit - notice the Dynon Flight System
R/C replica of the PZL-104 Wilga "Takkatan" in Bang Phra (made in Spain)
PZL-104 Wilga "Takkatan" flying near Bang Phra -
PZL-104 "Wilga" named Takkatan making a stall turn at Pattaya Sun & Fun 2004. (Photo: Khun Jirrayu - Tango Magazine). Very beautiful photograph.
Chiang Mai from the air - courtesy of Chiang Mai Flying Club
TFC member Boon Lee with his Trike in Malaysia Email Boon
Skydiving in Thailand --
Chonburi Flying Club - Quicksilver landing
Chonburi Flying Club - Quicksilver
Chonburi Flying Club - Quicksilver from below
Elephant Painting - courtesy of Chiang Mai Flying Club
Northern Elephant Camp - courtesy Chiang Mai Flying Club
New Virus Aircraft in Thailand
Khun Nitt and his new Virus
Jennifer Murray visits Thai Flying Club in Bang Phra --
Tango Squadron O-1 flying past Aircraft Carrier Kittyhawk - April 2001
Landing Lampoon Airstrip - Chiang Mai Flying Club
Cessna 172 taking off runway 23 at Bang Phra - Photo by Patrick
Tak Air "Kitfox" taking off runway 23 at Bang Phra - Photo by Patrick
Socata TB-9 taking off from Bang Phra - Photo by Patrick
Cessna 150 climbing up over the wires at the end of runway 23 - Photo by Patrick
Wilga airborne (Photo by Patrick Mollier)
Wilga taking off runway 23 at Bang Phra (Photo by Patrick Mollier)
Nagasawa san "Japan Air Photo System" and Captain Boon
Mae Sariang Airstrip in Northwest Thailand - location for filming "Air America" - Khun Suchard lands his Mooney at the airstrip in preparation for "Oshtak 2003"
Koh Samet (near Rayong)
Ping River - near Chiang Mai
Bangkok from the air
Cirrus - visitor to Bang Phra
Temple of Peace in Pattaya.
Sonram Teppitak in the filming of First Flight
Filming the Dogfight against the blue screen for the Thai movie First Flight
Horseshoe Point Equestrian Estate from the air
Miss Siam #1 - HS-IAM
Miss Siam #2 - HS-PSP
Thai welcome at Pai Airstrip during Oshtak
Early morning Balloon take-off at Ban Thi during Oshtak
Young Leonard Behrens at the controls of the Wilga
Hard-working YM at Oshtak -
Boon from Malaysia flying the Wilga on Oshtak 2003.
Models at Bang Phra
Khun Preecha - A member of Thai Flying Club who is head of the Tae Kwon Doe Sport Association in Thailand and headed the Thailand teams participation in the Olympics.
Khun Denny - One of Thailand's lady pilots and member of Thai Flying Club
Royal Selangor Flying Club from Malaysia visits Bang Phra
SGA Grand Caravan pioneers Commercial Bush Flying in Thailand -
Nevada Sport Copter in Thailand - Khun Surachart Phannikul (right) -
Khun Suchard in at the controls of his Mooney HS-ATI
Mae Hong Son Valley
Red Arrows visit Thailand - 2003
Swiss visitors to Bang Phra
Punching out of Jet
Thai Sky
Warm welcome to Pai during "Oshtak 2003"
New Cessna 182T visits Thailand -
Cessna 182 cockpit -
Chiang Mai Flying Club - Lampoon Airport
New Umphang Terminal
Viruna Yacht Club - Pattaya
Getting married by the CAP-10
Coming in for landing - Runway 05 at Bang Phra
Old photo of Breguet 14 in Chiang Mai
ABAC Campus - South of Bang Na
CP Estate in Pattaya
Northwest corner of Thailand - near Burmese border
Royal Cliff - Pattaya
Umphang Aerial - Tak Province
Western Thailand
Aerial of Tak along Ping river
Aerial of Sri Racha
David Tuck taking off at Oshtak - photo by Khun Niwat (submitted by Khun Nawaporn)
David Tuk's balloon in the air at Oshtak - photo by Khun Niwat (submitted by Khun Nawaporn)
Flitestar-II on floats in Nakhon Sawan - pilot unknown
Islands from the air - photo by Khun Nawaporn
Tango Squadron J3 Cub "Formation Taxi" - Captain Nawaporn
"Miss Siam" - Travel Air 2000 - "First Hop in Chiang Mai - 14 July 2001 - Pilot Group Captain Veerayuth Didyasarin - photo by Khun Nawaporn
"Miss Siam" test flight in Chiang Mai - Piloted by Group Captain Virayuth Didyasarin - 21 Nov 2001 - photo by Khun Nawaporn
Sunset at Pattaya Airpark - - photo by Khun Nawaporn