Khun Wichai in the PZL-104 WILGA


The Wilga is now available with a safety pilot for pilots who are interested in learning to fly "tail-draggers" and to operate a radial engine. The Wilga is a very unique STOL aircraft which can land and take off in very short distances. The leading edge slats and the unique wing design of this aircraft enable it to fly as slow as 35 knots, and the aircraft will not stall.

Members can use the aircraft for 9,200 Baht per hour and Member's Guests can use the aircraft for 9,900 Baht per hour (price subject to change). If you are interested in flying this airplane, please contact the flying club. Tel: 038 777348. Mobile: 01 9962957. Email Thai Flying Club

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Click above photos to view detail nose art of the Wilga in Thailand named "Takatan" (grasshopper)

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