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In Celebration of H.M. The King Bhumibol's Birthday,
The 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight,
A celebration of the progress of General Aviation in Thailand,
And in support of Tourism Authority of Thailand's  promotion of

Winter Tour 2003 Flying Expedition to Thailand's Northwest Frontier
Friday 5th - Sunday 7th December 2003


Map of Siam


The year 2003 is a very exciting year for aviation around the world. It is the 100th Anniversary of the "First Flight" by the Wright Brothers in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, USA. This year also marks the creation of the Thai film "First Flight" (Raak Bin) about the pioneers of aviation during WWI in The Kingdom of Siam. Many people do not realize, that Thailand was the first country in Asia to have an aviation program, and today, Thailand is the leader in promoting general aviation in Southeast Asia. In celebration of these achievements, The Thai Flying Club would like to organize an adventure flight to Thailand's Northwest Frontier. We are calling this Winter Tour for 2003 - "OSHTAK" - because it is our own version of "Oshkosh" (the USA airshow) and it is going to celebrate the opening of the "Tak Flying Club" up in Tak province. (Special thanks to Wally and Christine Anderson from Sri Lanka who pioneered the research flight to the North to help make Oshtak possible).

view TFC "Oshtak 2003" program
view Oshtak Treasure Hunt Maps

1. For visiting aircraft in Thailand, the club has TFC Flying Regulations that will help you to fly safely in Thailand.
2. You will also need to print this INVITATION LETTER to submit to the Thai DCA for permission to land in Bang Phra, along with your:
3. FLIGHT CLEARANCE REQUEST that you fax to the Thai DCA for flight clearance into Thailand (send this fax two weeks in advance). 
4. DCA flight clearance: Fax: 66+2+2873139 // Tel: 2868258 // 24 hr Tel: 2861503 // Questions Email: (Kannikar Kemavuthanon - Director, Air Transport Regulatory Bureau). 
5. Send a copy of your FLIGHT CLEARANCE REQUEST to Thai Flying Club fax 66+38777348, so we can follow your clearance. Email TFC.


DAY 0 - Thursday - 04 Dec 2003

Welcome COOKOUT and CAMPING party at the Bushpilot Clubhouse in Bang Phra

We have many aircraft arriving from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, UK and USA. We will all meet on Thursday evening at Bang Phra for a cookout and camping party at the Bushpilot Clubhouse. Pilots and friends are welcome to pitch their tents on the grass in front of the clubhouse or stay at a local hotel. BRING YOUR OWN - after landing, everyone can buy steaks and food at TOPS supermarket in SriRacha, and we will have a charcoal BBQ on the clubhouse porch under the stars. We can discuss the flight to Tak and get to know each other, then get a good night's sleep. We will take off early the next morning for OSHTAK.

DAY 1 - Friday - 05 Dec 2003

BANG PHRA to TAK (240nm)

05 December is H.M. The King of Thailand's Birthday. We will begin our Winter Tour in the morning by flying from Bang Phra (VTBT) to Tak (VTPT) for an airshow and to open the new Tak Flying Club. We will spend the night in Tak. Fuel will be available at Tak. Visiting aircraft from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia should fly into Bang Phra on Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning. Visiting aircraft will need a flight clearance from the Thai DOA and will need an invitation letter from the Club to land in Bang Phra to send to DOA. Print copy of TFC invitation letter.

Breguet 14 landing in Chiang Mai in 1924.

Khun Charn's new "Cap10" aerobatic airplane

This Winter Tour will feature the Thai Flying Club aerobatic team - "The Red Cherry" and "The Blue Nut" in a daring aerobatic display to open the Tak Flying Club. On the flight to Tak, you can route to fly over TeeLorSu near Umphang. 

TeeLorSu Waterfall in Tak Province

DAY 2 - Saturday - 06 Dec 2003

(Survey flight sponsored by Khun Suchard)

On the morning of 06 December, we will begin the first flying Treasure Hunt in Thailand. Each airplane will be given a packet of pictures and a route to fly (with GPS coordinates). It is their duty to navigate along this route and to try to find the images in the photographs on the ground (examples: lakes, old airfields, temples, distinct ground features). Then the pilot writes the GPS position of the feature on the back of the photograph. The airplane team that can identify the location of the most pictures wins the "Treasure Hunt." The more spotters you have in each airplane, the greater your chance of winning! 

Mae Sariang Airstrip

DAY 2 - Saturday - 06 Dec 2003
Breakfast in Mae Sariang
On our "Treasure Hunt" to the Northwest Frontier, we will fly up through the Ping River Gorge which begins North of Phumipol Dam (VTPY) and then we will fly West to Mae Sariang Airstrip (VTCS) (15 NM from the Burmese border) to land and have our morning Tea and snacks on the airstrip. After Tea, we will continue North through the valley and past the airport of Mae Hong Son (VTCH) to the Northwest corner of Thailand and then to PAI for lunch. The entire trip for DAY 2 from Tak to Mae Sariang to the Northwest Corner of Thailand to Pai to Ban Thi is an estimated 320 NM. Please make sure your fuel range is capable of this.

DAY 2 - Saturday - 06 Dec 2003
Lunch in PAI
We will finish the Treasure Hunt at the beautiful mountain grass airstrip of Pai (VTCI). We will have lunch on the grass next to our airplanes and collect the photographs from all the aircraft. This will be the first time any general aviation aircraft have landed in Pai and this is part of our adventure to the Northern Frontier of Thailand. We may have to buzz the airstrip to get the cows off of it.

Pai Airstrip

Yves House at Ban Thi Airpark (Chiang Mai)

DAY 2 - Saturday - 06 Dec 2003
Dinner in BAN THI (Chiang Mai)
The Lanna Flying Club is hosting a "Nak Bin Look Tung" cookout dinner at the new Ban Thi airport (VTCM) which is just 12km East of Chiang Mai. Aircraft can land at Ban Thi (600 meters gravel - land on runway 27) or can land at Chiang Mai (VTCC) and take a taxi to Ban Thi (map on Ban Thi webpage). We will award the prizes for the winner of "Thailand's first Aerial Treasure Hunt." Everyone is invited to camp out at Ban Thi airport, or there will be transport available to transfer to your hotel in Chiang Mai. Email Khun Add to book a hotel room.
DAY 3 - Sunday - 07 Dec 2003
BAN THI to HOME (or wherever...)
Wake up whenever you want, get your plane ready and fly back home. Fuel will be available at Ban Thi (35 Baht per liter). The Lanna Flying Club will have coffee, tea and light snacks at the flying club. You can plan your flight at the club to return to Bang Phra or to continue to visit other parts of Thailand (Foreign Aircraft must have a flight permit). Or you can just stay in Chiang Mai to relax for a few days. We look forward to seeing you and exploring Thailand together.


This Winter Tour invites all enthusiasts of General Aviation in Southeast Asia to come and join the adventure and celebrate 100 years of aviation and the progress of General Aviation in Thailand. We will be flying, camping, and exploring the beautiful mountainous Northwest of Thailand. Our flying friends from Wings Over Asia, Cambodia Flying Club, EAA Malaysia, Johor Flying Club, Elite Flying ClubSingapore, Phuket Flying Club, Forego Flying Club, Pattaya Airpark, Klaeng Airport, Chiang Mai Flying Club, Ban Thi Airpark, SiamGA, Balloons and Paramotors will be joining us on this adventure. 

If you want to join OSHTAK 2003, Please email us - We welcome your ideas and input.

WHO IS COMING TO OSHTAK 2003  --  (please send us your name if not on the list)

1 HS-ATK Wichai Chris (?) TFC confirm
2 HS-SKY Doc Jum TFC confirm
3 HS-ATR Thira Nit TFC confirm
4 HS-ATF M.R.Opas Sirapol + Prof. Krisda TFC confirm
5 HS-SSR Tom Boon + 2 TFC confirm
6 HS-AAA Tarn + crew TFC confirm
7 HS-ATA Captain Watana Pakamas + Jules TFC confirm
8 HS-ATY Prabhakorn Wattana, Kaew, Nuni TFC confirm
9 HS-PRS Chief Justice Chakapan + son TFC confirm
10 HS-ATI Suchart + 3 TFC confirm
11 HS-ASP Eric + 3 TFC confirm
12 HS-HER Rolf ? TFC confirm
13 HS-BSC Charn Jaroen TFC confirm
14 HS-SMC ? ? TFC 7500
15 HS-PAS ? ? TFC can go
16 HS-ATE Ron Fleitman Jira + Penti Hara TFC can go
17 HS-ATH Thomas Decker Somboon + ? TFC can go
18 HS-WPE Hubert Yeow Meng TFC confirm
19 HS-FAA ? ? Tak Air can go
20 HS-NDL Norman Gen.Pompet + NangFah TFC confirm
21 HS-BNW Robert ? Lanna confirm
22 HS-ARJ Prawut 3 TFC ?
23 HS-VDM ? ? Lanna C172
24 HS-FAG Prasert ? Forego confirm
25 HS-FAE Mr. Sombat Colonel Prapan Forego confirm
26 HS-AKI Sammy San +2? Forego confirm
27 HS-ATG Denny ? SriRacha ? not confirm / if aircraft ready
28 HS-ASA Apachai ? CMFC Arrow / confirm
29 HS-TVS Taeng ? CMFC 172 / confirm
30 HS-OOY Ooy ? CMFC 172 / confirm
31 HS-CMA Chris - CMFC 152 / confirm
32 HS-CMB Tony - CMFC 152 / confirm
33 9M-EAX Zulhamin ? Malaysia not confirm
34 9M-EPA Michael ? Malaysia not confirm
35 9M-EAJ Ismail Ashaari ? Malaysia not confirm
36 PK-SLK see below see below Indonesia JABIRU J-400 experimental / confirm
37 PK-SKK see below see below Indonesia JABIRU J-400 experimental / confirm
38 PK-SKE see below see below Indonesia Vixen Skystar experimental / confirm
39 PK-SDK see below see below Indonesia C185 / confirm
40 N68JT James Teng + 2 Singapore confirm to VTBT
41 G-ATTM Richard Tomkinson ? Singapore Jodel / confirm / now in Phuket waiting for DCA clearance to Bang Phra
42 G-SIAM David Tuck many UK Confirm / Cameron V90 Balloon
43 HS-MIH Lek Kruu Forego 152 / Captain Lek's big trip
44 HS-NOK Yves ? Ban Thi confirm / Ban Thi to Tak
45  HS-RGR Bill Heinecke  ? Minor confirm to Tak
Pilots coming from Indonesia - Federation Aero Sport of Indonesia : 1. Ir. Purnardi Djojosudrdjo, Chief of the mission, 2. Philip H.Soelistiyo, 3. Chepy R.Nasution, 4. N.Pudjo Basuki, 5. Ibnu Satar, 6. Faizal Zen, 7. Donny, Indonesia DCA, 8. Capt. Sukandar, 9. Arief, FASIDA, 10. Herry Rudiyanto. 
01 Dec 2003 Update - This Monday early morning three plane of PK-SLK, PK-SKK and of PK-SDK leave from Jakarta head to Palembang and from Palembang will go to Pekan Baru in order to attend OSHTAK event.The plan is, after RON at Pekan Baru we fly to Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, I am in Jakarta manage closing of insurance on the chance if insurance problem solve I will fly with comercial to Pekan Baru and join
from there. After one hour flight plane asked to return Jakarta because weather in
Palembang very ugly that is existence of torrential rains. Therefore three plane return to Jakarta. Until afternoon we still wait weather information of palembang and in the reality still is unfavourable. Besides, we also get bad information from Pekan Baru that there is no
avgas available there. See this situation hence lamentably I advise that Indonesian team
perforcedly have to cancel its plan to attend OSHTAK event. Again on behalf of Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia allow us to apologize that this time we are not able attending OSHTAK event exclusively because of situation which we cannot avoid. We thank you very much for your kind attention and strong support, and we hope OSHTAK will be sucesfull event. We really look forward to seeing Bang Phra by our eye. Kind Regards, Chepy Nasution  
People looking for an aircraft to join if seat available: Steve Nyirady (Cambodia Flying Club) , David Bignell , Takahiro (Sammy San's son) , Edwin Wouters and Erik Kaats , Didier Pogu (c/o Uthai Konwong 099886503) , Kong (safety pilot FAA CFII - no thai license - tel 078109432) , Neil McGreevy (New Zealand - Cathay Pacific Pilot) , Ammy (Thai news reporter).
IF YOUR NAME and aircraft are not on this list -- PLEASE email TOM so we will put it up. Thank you.



9M-JJG Beech Baron = JJGraffin and patrick Denegre from Royal Selangor Flying Club. We intend to attend your Celebration. Waiting for details. Regards JJ Graffin 
Dear TOM, Yes we will be coming for OSHTAK. We planed to depart from WMSA (Subang) on 2/12/03 via Hat Yai for CIQ and refuel, then proceed to Surat Thani for refuel and night stop. The next day we will continue upnorth to Hua Hin and cross direct for Bang Pra. Our ETA Bang Pra on 4/12/03 in the evening. 
Our crew is as follows:
Capt Zulhamin / Dr Lee Boon Leong - RV 9A - 9M-EAX
Capt Michael / TBN - RV 6A - 9M-EPA
Capt Ismail Ashaari / TBN - RV 6A - 9M-EAJ
Together with us are 4 aircraft from Faderation Aero Sport of Indonesia. Thanks.  
Chiang Mai Flying Club - 5 aircraft - Hello Tom, Still haven't got the final figure - will let you know asap. Tony
Dear Tom, Yes we confirm will be coming to Thailand for Oshtak, we plan flying with four aircraft, we will join with Malaysian group and we plan arrive Bang Phra December 4, 2003. As this is our first flight to Thailand can you please inform us what paper work or such clearences we must obtain before we made ou flight. Your soonest information highly appreciated. Kind Regards, Chepy Nasution  INDONESIA.
A quick email to confirm that I should love to join you this December in OSHTAK 2003 and shall be going you in my Jodel DR250/160 Regn G - ATTM. Kind Regards, Richard Richard W. Tomkinson, The PPS Group, 400 Orchard Road, #11-08 Orchard Towers, Singapore 238875, Tel: +65 67349124, Fax: +65 67371403. Email-direct: 
It is indeed very excited to learn the progress of the OSHTAk in the Thai Flying webpage. The event will be very interesting to all and generate goodwill and good news to the public. By the way, i am just wondering whether you have any seat available on returning to Ban Phra trip, even on the floor is OK too; if no extra fuel tank install. i will share fuel expense. In case your plane full of (ladies) pax then kindly check other planes for the empty seat or has someone to make the arrangement for others and me as well. Thank you very much for arranging the wonderful event and nice webpage.
Your friend - Kittipong - 
Dear Sir, This is to confirm that the Republic of Singapore Flying Club would like to participate in OAHTAK 2003 with one maybe two aircraft. Please send us more information as and when they are available. Thank you and with best regards.
Lee BC - Flight Operations Manager 
I plan to join the Dec winter tour too with a Piper Cherokee. Feel free to include my name - Meng - Editor of Wings Over Asia webpage - (Thanks Yeow Meng for your great promotion of General Aviation on your webpage)

1. Ultralight Pilots send email to "Audy and Khun Add"
2. Paramotor Pilots send email to "Captain"
3. R/C Pilots send email to "Damri"
(All Ultralight and Paramotor Pilots will receive FREE food and accommodation if they arrive in Tak on Thursday, 04 December 2003 - Sign up Quickly)

TAK ACCOMODATION: Food and Camping in the "Rim Ping House" on the Ping River in Tak is free for all pilots (sponsored by Khun Nuthawud). There will be a grand Gala Buffet Dinner on the evening of 05 December at the Rim Ping House overlooking the Ping River. If you want to stay in a very nice Hotel in Tak - Suansin Hotel (350 Baht/night) - please send email to Khun Nut Sinrachatanunt for your advanced booking.  ***********************************************************************

Dear Friend, My Name is Chepy Nasution from Jakarta, Indonesia, me and my friend Phillip Soelistio interested to be part of the OSHTAK 2003. We are member of Indonesia Aero Sport Federation, we intend to use our experiment category aircraft "JABIRU J-400". We never fly to Thailand by our self before, there for we would like to get more information in regard of entering Thailand especially using our experiment category aircraft. Your soonest reply highly appreciate.
Kind regards, Chepy Nasution Sender: 
We are interested on participating in OSHTAK2003. Kindly email us the invitation letter.
Capt Zulh, Chief Pilot, Systematic Aviation Services Sdn. Bhd., DCA Hangar B, Subang Airport, 47200 SUBANG, Selangor D.E., Malaysia, Tel: 603-7846 9015, Fax: 603-7846 9016, Email: 
I am seriously interested to be part of the above flying event. I am a low-time PPL and own a Canadian Kitplane -PELICAN PL914 - capable of cruising 100knots p hour. Kindly put me in your list and shall be most grateful if you will enlighten me with the rules and conditions for the participants. I am from Kuching, Sarawak East Malaysia. To view my plane, please turn to  Looking forward to you reply. 
TEL: 60 82 246993 (H-PHONE 60 19 8861 999)
FAX: 60 82 421266
Lee Boon Leong - I fly a Trike (Powered Hang Glider) and is a member of both the Royal Selangor Flying Club Kuala Lumpur, and the 4B Flying Club of Melaka Malaysia. Please include me in your list of foreign participants. I would need your help to get the necessary clearance to fly the trike in Thailand. As you are aware, being an experimental aircraft, it has a Permit to Fly instead of an Airworthiness Certificate. Thank you - 

Email us if you want to come, and we will add you to the list

River Kwai Fly-In 2000

This was the 2000 "TFC Winter Tour" to River Kwai Airfield in Kanchanaburi with 23 aircraft !

Oshtak progress updated by Tom Claytor