Phuket Flying Club



** if you have any questions, you can call Khun Kanchana - mobile: 018954041.






Captain Watana Thinphanga (Wat) Thai 01 9183467  Acting President of Phuket Flying Club / Thai Airways 747 Captain / Mooney co-owner / Phuketian / Founding Committee Member
Julesak Yosamitra (Jules) Thai  01 8369100 Founding Committee Member / Private Pilot / Mooney co-owner
Preecha Kraitat (Noi) Thai ? Former Founding Committee Member / Pilot
Natawut Chonchawarit (Sun) Thai ? Founding Committee Member
Rewat Arreelop (Rewat) Thai ? Founding Committee Member
Mana Chonchawarit (Jee) Thai ? Founding Committee Member
Navy Captain Saliporn Pibaankun Thai ? Founding Committee Member / Navy
Wayne Red Graham Canada 01 7970358 Real Estate Consultant and Agent / Pilot 
Bill Callahan USA 01 8299694  pilot / architect
Kanittha Laomaitree (Jem) Thai 06 8544295  Publicity Officer / Phuket Gazette Reporter / Future bush pilot up in Jangwat Loei /
Lawan Thai 09 8903042  student pilot
Suchart (Robert) Thai 01 8104510  Private Pilot / Phuket resident
Philip Lawson USA ?  sailor
Alan Mathews Australia 01 8935849  enthusiast
Jim Reimchen Canada 0812745418 photographer, Cub pilot, and Zenair partner with Robert and Red
Brad Kenny USA 01 6334279  enthusiast
Yeow Meng Ng Singaporean (65) 96863777  Pilot in Malaysia, Johor Flying Club.
Ken Carver Canadian 09 8736740  commercial pilot
Gil  Israel 01 8913509  ultralight pilot
Richard Hayes ? 09 8664401 ? Commercial pilot
Ian Mitchell British 01 0861233   Property development
John Everingham ? 09 6679194 ? Ultralight pilot
Peter Molyn English 09 8754205 ? enthusiast
Vicki Gregory English 01 8626428  enthusiast
Daniel Boychuk Canadian 01 6930766 enthusiast
David Kirk ? ?  enthusiast
Blair Canadian 01 3700898 ? enthusiast
Ivan Serod Swiss ? 06 661 7620  Company produces ultralight aircraft
Ian Mitchell Canadian ? ? Heli / Unical
George Stobel German  06 2798566.  I live in Dubai but moving to Phuket in the summer. I own a two seat Aeroprakt 20 and a half scale F4U. I hold the current licenses from the US, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. I would love to join you guys to support you as much as I can to get our bodies in the sky over Phuket island. 

Michael Muehlsteff, Reutlinger Str. 35, 74074 Heilbronn, Germany


In the TFC website, I read about the intention to found a flying club in Phuket. I am interested to join. I'm also a member of TFC since Jan 2003. 
Rolf-Peter Baumann German 01 8916036 
Private Pilot / Phuket resident 
David Van Oppen
GEMS (HK) Ltd., 2108 Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, Central
Hong Kong
American Tel: +852 2838-0093
Fax: +852 2838-0292  Will try to make it to Thailand some time but no immediate plans. I am, however, eagerly awaiting the establishment of the Phuket Flying Club!

James R Martin


England. Living in Ko Phi Phi Don I'm interested in finding out more about any aviation business opportunities and look forward to hearing more about Phuket.
Mike Stark Canada 01 8920528  ultralight pilot / scuba
Richard Tomkinson British +65 96309844 What a wonderful idea. I am a British Private Pilot living in Singapore and have a 'bent wing' wood and fabric Jodel (Capitaine DR 250/160) based at Seletar Singapore. I first flew it to Phuket in 1992 while her out from UK and have visited many times since. Owner Jodel Dr 250/160 Regn: G - ATTM. I would openly support the idea of establishing a grass airfield for club.
Kevin Muk Singapore HP : (65)96858576  I am a Helicopter Flying Instructor in Singapore. I am interested to be a member of Phuket Flying Club. Cheers and happy flying.

Tony Lau Boo Koon

Singapore (65) 96640304 

Retired accountant. Australian Ultralight Federation (AUF). Certificated UL Pilot. Fan of Thai Flying Club Website. Have been flying Skyfox in Melbourne, Perth, Pattaya and Johore Flying Club. Plan to own an UL aircraft.

Brajesh Bharadwaj
Indian Commercial Pilot, Malaysian Flying Academy,
Melaka Malaysia. I have visited Phuket last week & was charmed by its natural beauty. It's a wonderful & wise idea to have a flying club so near by phuket to promote aviation scene. I'll be glad to be founder.
Ian Smith British in Hong Kong  Could you add me to your list for founder membership of the Phuket Flying Club. I'm a commercial pilot based in Hong Kong and I would be very interested in doing some light aircraft flying in Phuket.
Hans Broennimann Swiss ++ 41 43 2116300  Private Pilot and Board Member AOPA Switzerland (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Switzerland with 3700 members), every year in Phuket. Interested in getting GA facilities in Phuket and to join PFC
Benno Brandon   German 01-8948588  I live in Phuket. I am a Private Pilot and Airframe and Power plant Mechanic
(FAA License)
Sunny Singapore 01-8158002  I am interested in being a member of Phuket Flying Club. I am a member of TFC. I have a Grumman Tiger, and I just bought a used Zenair CH701. Thank you.
Gerd Richter

German 49 89 30000639  I'm a commercial pilot and I love Phuket.
Jose Luis Gay Cano Spain 01 894 08 81  I love flying and want to be a member of the Phuket Flying Club.
Mark Higson Kamala  ? ?  What is your progress on this? I have only done 2 hours but would love to learn to fly in Phuket where I now live. 
Steve Heaney UK 072780266  My wife and I have just moved out to Phuket to 
live. I am a young, retired, ex Royal Air Force pilot, with 4000 hours and a QFI rating. I also have a UK ATPL and would be very interested to help with any flying related matters. Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance
Peter Zabell Australia  I think I will put my name down as a founder member of Phuket as I like it here and might decide to retire here.
Len Macleod Australia n/a 

I am  working in HK (Approach Control at CLK), hold Australian CPL and owned Mooneys previously in Australia (WA). Looking to retire in Phuket. Interested in the formation of the PRC ,and any GA activity there and maybe ultralights in the future. Keen to be a founding member of the PFC when it gets going. 

John Chadwick American 01-892-8822 

I am a retired US Navy A-4 Skyhawk attack pilot who is now living permanently in Phuket.  Please add me to your list of interested members in the PFC.
Steve Eyre England LCG MSc Fello in Manufacturing  I am from Oxford, England, UK and married to a Thai. I live in the UK but want to retire to Thailand sometime in the future hence my interest. I am a non flyer at the moment but hope to get my PPL shortly. Love Thailand and Phuket and would like to take an interest in your flying club on the island.
J. I. Logan USA ?  I'm currently living in Korea and training to be an ultralight flight instructor (BFI equivalent). In February I will be visiting Thailand on a scouting mission for retirement sites and would love to become a member of your flying club. 
John Clark, New Zealand Canadian Tel. ++64 21 519 880 (that's a New Zealand mobile).  Tom, Had a look at the idea of a Phuket Flying Club and think it's a fantastic idea and I would love to be a part of it. I am heading to Thailand at the end of the year and will be doing some door 
knocking in and around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia in hopes of securing my first flying job! Anyway, having lived in BKK for a little more than a year and heading to Phuket for relaxation from the city I think it's a great place to setup. So, where do you go from here? Anything you are looking for from members, etc?
Jean-Paul French ?  I am base in Phuket but work all over the world for contract in telecom buisiness. I am interested to learn flying. I am French.
Larry Amsden ? 076 342998 ? Keen to open a flying club in Phuket. He runs a company called MCS
Bill Strahle ? ?  I am planning on having a Quicksilver Sport 2S, which is considered an Ultralight in Thailand but experimental aircraft in USA, in Phuket November of this year. i see that you have floats on one of you sight pictures and this is what i would like to accomplish in the Phuket area 
(landing on water) as well as starting a land based flying club in Phuket. have you any suggestions for our project. Water and/or land strip.
Mathias von Bescherer German in Hong Kong Tel 852 2526 2620
Mob 852 9467 2970  Living in HK but coming to Phuket frequently. Would be great to be able to fly there, what a wonderful place on earth. Put my name, you guys have my full support. Director Channel Sales & Marketing Targus Asia Pacific Limited, Suite 2007, 20F, West Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Marc Salvisberg USA 415 491-5920 work
415 271-7239 mobile
Managing Director
Factory Pro Tuning
179 Paul Drive
San Rafale, CA 94903 
Love to be a founding member. Private pilot, based in Novato, Calfornia, KDV0 - X-winds are king! 300 hours, ~1100 landings, 1099 t/o's. 1 1/2 years experience - Fly mostly Piper PA28-181 Archer and PA28-140 Cherokee, depending on task - Just visited Singapore for business and just couldn't quite get to Malaysia to fly - damn!Fell in love - hated first day back to States (especially the first day) - I'm pretty sure that I'll be back - Will work harder on Southeast Asia market to justify it!
Antonio Costa Portugal  Private pilot (PPL), own a Cessna Reims rocket 172. I want visit Phuket next January and to know some related with aviation. I look for a place where to spend part of the second half of my life with a lot of fun and safe aviation, nice beaches and quite places.
Mark Diamond South African 069 404962 South African  I am interested in being part of the founding membership of the Phuket Flying Club. Could you please add me to the list? I am a commercial pilot.
Frans Otten Dutch  I am living in South Africa. I have a SA MPL and have travelled the last 25 years to Thailand. I would like to be a member of PFC.
Gonen Yuval Israel Flight Instructor. Happy to be a founding member, and I want to help with any flying matters.
Marcus John HK number is: +852-2575-6946
Thai number is: 06-7877-341.  I have read with great interest your announcement regarding the creation of a flying club in Phuket. Given the big tourist attraction it is for both locals and foreigners, this would be a great idea. I'd be happy to become a founding member. 
Look forward to an active flying community in Phuket.
Alan Mead British?  I am a PPL currently based in UK, but relocating to Australia next year. I have been managing a small airfield here and would be pleased to offer help in your new venture. Like the sound of your yacht, may want to hire it for a day! 
Lee Boon Leong Malaysia  Cardiologist and avid Trike Ultralight pilot in Malaysia. Member of Royal Selangor Flying Club. I think it is a wonderful thing to have a place to land my experimental aircraft in a holiday resort like Phuket! Please include my name and email address as one of the interested members.
Ray Ferreira, Jr. ? ?  Very interesting concept. I'm building an expermental RV-6A and would like to visit and tour Thailand as one of the project objectives. Let me know how I might perhaps help and share ideas.
Peter Wright  Swiss ++41 56 310 3987
++41 78 852 1566
Swiss Nuclear Safety Inspectorate
Section for Mechanical & Civil Engineering
5232 Villigen HSK 
I am interested in your activities and the successful operation and opening of the PFC (or is it already open?). I'm an engineer presently living in Switzerland and have Swiss, British and S. African citizenship, (born in Warwick U.K.). I have a British PPL revalidated this year to JAR so that I can use it here CH. I usually fly a PA28R "Arrow". I am seeking to arrange some sort of flying holiday next year in Thailand/Malaysia and wonder if your club will be in operation by (say) July. If so, would it be possible to rent an aircraft from you? Can you include my name on the founding member list?
James Riley

Oxford University graduate.
I am learning to fly in my own plane (Europa XS). I will be moving to live in Phuket in 2004 hoping to bring my plane there if it is allowed. I am a Freelance Software Engineer.
Man Sooksawee Sonkla, Thailand

I would like to be a founding member of the Phuket Flying Club as I visit Phuket very frequent. I am interested in flying a light aircraft in  and around Phuket. Please let me know if I can contribute in any way.

Daniel Pasquelin Australia 
I think to retire soon in Thailand. I hold Australian PPL. In Australia I own a Cessna 180 (mod. 1954) and an unlimited aerobatic YAK 54. I am very interested if I can continue to fly here and becoming a founding member of Phuket Flying Club.
Steve Thai?  I am trying to contact the Phuket Flying club.. I was just wondering
whether you have any contact details ?
Alan Mead
I have just found your web site. I am a PPL currently based in UK, but relocating to Australia next year. I have been managing a small airfield here and would be pleased to offer help in your new venture. I will be staying at Kamala Bay Terrace Hotel in Phuket from 18th to 28th November, so perhaps we could meet?  pps - Like the sound of your yacht, may want to hire it for a day! 
Stefan Hammer Germany Phone: +49-89-43549580
Mobile: +49-172-6433658
Fax: +49-12125278-17217  I am an Ultralight Pilot since about 10 years and owner of an biplace aircraft RANS S6 Coyote II "Super Six". It might be of interest for me to be member of the PFC. My interest in this connection is ultralight training or the realization of sightseeing flights.
Natan Fish Israel  I am interested in being a founding member of Phuket Flying Club.
Gerrit Bijlsma Holland  I am happy that there is a initiative to create a Flying club in Phuket and I would certainly become a member. I live in Phuket and I am currently doing the ground school for PPL at Sparkair in Bangkok. Maybe we should look for an airstrip on the water around Phuket (there is plenty) so we can use seaplanes. We have intentions to buy a seaplane or amphibious aircraft stationed in Phuket. 
Claude NOUVEL French  Mobile 0607517724  I am French and private pilot. A flying club in Phuket is a wonderful idea. I love Phuket, and I' m enthusiast and interested, I would like to become a member of Phuket Flying Club. 
Murray Gilchrist British 01 8058788  I live between Phuket, Bangkok and Isaan. I am thinking of bringing in a couple of light AC from the USA. 

If you would like to become a MEMBER of PFC or to UPDATE INFORMATION by your name:

Email Tom Claytor