Name: Nok Airport - VTCY
Coordinates: 18*40.5' N x 099*06.6' E
Frequency: 123.0 (CTAF pattern) // Chiang Mai Approach 129.6
Runway Heading: 34/16
Length: 850 meters x 10 meters
Surface: Tarmac/Grass (max takeoff weight not to exceed 7,500kg)
Slope: none
Elevation: 988'
Traffic Pattern: Runway 16 Left Circuit / Runway 34 Right Circuit. // The Chiangmai ATC has carved out a Class G airspace 30* slice up to 3,000' for Nok and Ban Thi Airports to operate (according to Aviator Ed).
Attention: Active R/C flying 1km to the SW of threshold for Rwy 34 // Nok Airport is 270 meters East of the threshold of Lanna Airport. Be on the lookout for aircraft from each of the airports. We welcome visiting aircraft. 
Location: 12 nm SE of Chiang Mai Town // 270 meters East of Ban Thi Airport //
Activities: Private airport. Airport was approved and licensed by Thai DCA in April 2005.
Current Weather:
Contact Information: // JUL 2016: Email or call KOI -- 0816418990 (updated Jul 2016) // Notice: The current president of Nok Airport is Khun Koi // Previous contacts: Khun Phunsin Buntum and Pierre Yves Vandermeersch (not in residence) Email Yves.
Other links: For additional information: DOA Aeronautical Information Service, Tung Mahamek, Bangkok 10120, Thailand -- tel: 02 256 0922 // 02 286 0922 // fax: 02 287 4060 // AFTN: VTBAYOYX.
Recent News: Some aviators in Thailand were recently discussing the idea of joining Ban Thi (Lanna) Airport with Nok airport (by extending Ban Thi's runway) to make them both one airport. Since the airports are so close, this would be an excellent way to increase safety and promote General Aviation in Thailand. If Ban Thi and Nok were joined, then this would create the largest airpark in all of Asia.
07 Mar 2011 -- NOK FREQUENCY -- The 123.00 frequency for NOK local procedure was confirmed and agreed by Khun Somboon (Aerothai CNX) - provided pilots first tell ATC on 129.60 and remain within NOK Class G airspace below 2000'. Before terminating it would be desirable to call CNX App.129.60 to tell them - you will still be required to call the tower by telephone with landing time. They (CNX ATC) will not be monitoring 123.00. We (NOK) will publish the procedure in our Ops Manual/ Club Noticeboard and website.
Picture of Airstrip: VIEW AIRPORT DIAGRAM (pdf) UPDATED (Nov 2016)