Name: Chantaburi Airstrip VTBC - Royal Thai Navy
Coordinates: N12*38' x E102*02'
Frequency: 119.7 Utapao Appch // 126.2 Mobile Ground // 121.0 (latest in Jan 2015)
Runway Heading: 17/35
Length: 1050 meters (50 meters wide)
Surface: gravel and grass
Slope: none
Altitude: 120'
Obstructions: none // windsock on end of runway 35 //  
Location: Southeast of Bang Phra // The strip is approximately 11 km from the town of Thamai.
Activities: Royal Thai Navy airstrip // ADF 1125
Contact Information: The procedure to land at this airstrip:
1. Contact Royal Thai Navy 24 hours before departure - Telephone Kruu Piya - 098980052.
2. File flight plan to VTBC and U-Taphao will notify the airport.
3. Contact Kruu Piya again before departure - 098980052.
4. Approaching contact Chantaburi Mobile Control on VHF 126.2
5. They will close the road across the end of the runway, so you can land.
6. No parking overnight.
7. Please pay the gentleman at the airstrip 100 Baht fee and tip (up to you) for his service.
8. Other contact information: You can call the airport Wing Commander to advise him of your flight to be sure that he is aware of your flight plan.
// Contact Tel: 038+431003 (Wing Commander) Operation hours: sunrise to sunset. // You can call U-Tapao approach 119.7 then Mobile Control 126.2 as you approach the airstrip. // call 15-20 DME inbound // Note: This airport is about 70 NM Southeast of Bang Phra near the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. This airstrip is not used that much, so look out for holes, and there is a road across the end or runway 17, so be alert for traffic.
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