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 AFC granted provisional membership of IAOPA in 2006  

This is the webpage on the progress of the Afghan Flying Club. Afghanistan has been through a lot of turmoil in its past. There are now several foreign aid organizations working in the country. A few individuals working with these organizations are interested in sport flying. Some of these people are also interested in private flying as a means to assist with their work in the country, because travel by road is still dangerous. Afghanistan is a very high country. Kabul is approximately 5,850 feet elevation and many of the passes are over 9,000 feet. The Afghan Flying Club is looking for a light aircraft that is affordable, easy to operate, and will be able to fly in these conditions. We are looking for a 2 - 4 seat aircraft. We are not sure if we need a turbo for this altitude. We would like the aircraft to be suitable for STOL operations. We are thinking about a Zenair, a Supercub, or a Husky, but we have not been able to test these up at 9,000 feet yet. At the moment, we are interested in building a list of individuals who might be interested in private flying in Kabul, Afghanistan. We think the quickest way to get life back to normal, is to show the Afghan people some of the privileges and opportunities that life in a free country can provide. If you are interested in being a "Founding Member" in our unique little club, please send us an email. Email AFC
Omid Hunaryar - acting president of AFC.The Acting President of the AFC is Omid Walizada Mobtaker. Omid is based in Kabul and is very keen to get the club going. He is currently putting together a list of interested members and drafting the Afghan Flying Club bylaws. Our past acting president was Jersey Siepel, from Caritas Germany, who has almost 200 hours flying in private aircraft. He loves sport flying, and is one of the driving forces behind starting a flying club in Kabul. Jersey has spent much of his life working in Africa and other areas of the third world. He knows the value of aircraft in assisting with development and aid work.
MEMBERSHIP - Lao Tzu said, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." We don't have an airplane yet, but we do welcome you to join The Afghan Flying Club. All of our members are quite unique, so we only have one class of membership -- Extraordinary Member -- and the cost of membership with photo ID card is US$20. We will ship your membership card to you anywhere in the world. 


22 July 2009 -- Dear Afghan Flying Club, I am a documentary filmmaker and have just finished the feature film "Afghan Star" which is now playing in cinemas in the US. I won Best Director and the Audience Award at Sundance film festival 2009 - you can see a trailer on I am returning to Kabul (August 2009) and am filming with a family who have three daughters. One of them longs to become a pilot and I want to organize some way she can meet with a pilot, fly with them and get advice. She is 17-years-old. Do you know anyone who could help me with this? Thank you for your help, Best wishes, Havana Marking -

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