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Dear Pilots,
Everyone is now welcome to become an Extraordinary Member of the Afghan Flying Club. Extraordinary Members are not normal members, and the Afghan Flying Club is not an ordinary club. For one thing, we don't have a plane yet. However, we do have an avid and committed President -- Mr. Omid W. Mobtaker. Omid has worked tirelessly to promote the club and to convince Afghan officials the importance of establishing General Aviation in Afghanistan. We are honored to assist him in his endeavors by joining his esteemed ranks as Extraordinary Members. If you think that you have what it takes to become an Extraordinary Member, then we welcome you. Our cards are very attractive on PVC plastic with your photo and Membership Number. Please click the Paypal payment below (attach your JPG photo), and we will send you your card. Welcome to the club.


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Afghan Flying Club granted provisional membership of IAOPA
Welcome letter from John Sheehan
Congratulations to Acting President Omid of AFC

From: []
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 3:20 PM
Subject: Re: IAOPA membership

I understand your position regarding members' voting status and eligibility requirements. However, you could make a provision that those members joining within the first year of the organization's existence would be considered founding members, who are exempt from piloting or ownership qualifications.

We will still grant your organization special provisional membership, but would like you to incorporate some membership entry requirements prior to full IAOPA affiliation. This is done to protect the integrity of our organization and its affiliates, who have piloting and aircraft ownership requirements.

I would appreciate an update on this issue prior to 1 December 2006. At  that time we will review the status of your application for full IAOPA affiliation.

Thank you and welcome to the IAOPA family of affiliates.



International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations

421 Aviation Way, Frederick, MD 21701, USA

Tel: 301/695-2220 – Fax: 301/695-2375




Date:                March 24, 2006

To:                   Omid Hunayar, Acting President

                        Afghan Flying Club

From:               Phil Boyer, President

                        IAOPA Headquarters

Re:                   Afghan Flying Club Affiliation


The IAOPA Secretariat has reviewed your application for affiliation with the International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA) and found that because of the lack of members and aircraft available to the Afghan Flying Club regular membership processing is not possible at this time.  However, in an effort to assist your organization we are granting the Afghan Flying Club special provisional membership.


This level of affiliation will permit your club to claim affiliation with IAOPA and use the title “AOPA Afghanistan” until 1 December 2006 when we will review your organization’s status.  At that time we will expect your organization to have increased its membership and to have at least one general aviation aircraft available for use by your members.  If you have become a viable organization at that time we will process your application for regular affiliation.  Please forward a corrected copy of your constitution and bylaws.


Welcome to the family of IAOPA affiliates.  Please stay in touch with John Sheehan for assistance and to keep us up-to-date regarding your progress.


Review of Achievements - 2005

During 1 Year of AFC Members’ Contact




t was 27 September of last year when I sent the first e-mail to Tom, Jersey and Cheney, making queries regarding Afghan Flying Club. And it took a while to receive a signal from these people. Suddenly one day I saw that my mailbox was hosting an e-mail from Captain Jersey and I found that these men were still working on AFC project. Thus, we had exchange of e-mails discussing issue related to AFC and finally we decided to push for progress. We started with contacting interested members. The first guy whom I supposed to meet was Steven Speter, an Austrian pilot working with Tryco International in Kabul. But as he was out of Kabul by then, I met the Director of Tryco Mr. Franz Zenz and he told me that they were also planning such things; so we thought that we might be able to help each other.


Then we contacted Bertrand Bert a private pilot himself and working in one of French grand aviation school; to profit from his experience. Here a sad news “Captain must leave to Africa instead of Afghanistan”. And as Captain headed Africa, he appointed me as a rolling key to follow club affairs.


So as we had in mind that what the basic steps are to work on, I demanded Tom to help us form the regulations of AFC. And on 16 of December’04 we received an e-mail from Tom along with tips and source to form AFC regulation. While discussing issues through exchange of e-mails, heeeee-re we have a draft of AFC Regulations after some discussions & amendments this regulation platform was approved. As we have regulation it comes to have a logo. After hard work on logos, which included many discussions and changes, we could choose a nice, embedded logo for AFC. While we have regulation platform, logo why not to have a stamp, so we designed a pretty stamp as well.


At this stage we tried to expand the circle of contacts and interested members, and we did it as today we have contacts with many aviation enthusiasts from throughout the world.







Tom Claytor


Adventurous pilot & founder member of AFC


Jersey Seipel


Pilot and founder member of AFC


Bertrand Bert


Private pilot




Starting aviation NGO dealing with cargo, medivac


Joseph Sandlin


Chief pilot of North Shore Airway, Flying Club in Hawaii


Graham Wotton

New Zea.



Dylan Fast


Owning a small charter company in Canada


Mark Biron




Bryan Bssette


A&P mechanic


Robert Bouclin


Aviation enthusiast


John Woodberry


PACTEC Afghanistan/Pakistan Country Director


Then we decided to open a bank account and an independent webpage for AFC, but then we postponed this plan.


Then we worked to get an official recognition for AFC from the Government of Afghanistan and we had negotiation on this with the Ministry of Transport, Office of Administration Affairs, and President Spokesperson Office. But we faced some difficulties, which didn’t allow us till today to officially operate.


Finally we decided to have some letters of intention from our interested members to prove to the Government of Afghanistan that this is new beginning in Afghanistan, which can serve Afghanistan especially civil aviation.

And yet we have received 2 letters of intention and still waiting for others.


Strong points during 1 past year:

  • Strong enthusiast and relation between members and with project, even though, nothing practical has been achieved during this 1 year.
  • Preparation and print out of Regulations.
  • Having specific logo.
  • Having specific stamp.
  • Having worldwide support and contacts.


Weak points: 

  • Not officially recognized
  • Slow Progress
  • Members being long while incommunicado.
  • Project being treated as sub-project.

espectfully submitted,

Omid Walizada Mobtaker
Afghan Flying Club


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