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HUNARYAR Omid Afghanistan Dear Tom, First of all I hope that you are heal and healthy, and then every thing is going fine. Tom I sent you two e-mails, but I havenít received any response, well I know you are busy, but you have to help your colleagues in was of establishing Afghan Flying Club. Tom we are gathering here in Kabul in order to put some steps in way of establishing AFC, therefore I need the Rules & Regulation (Constitution) of Thai Flying Club that can enormously help us in AFC Regulations. So would you please send me a copy of the TFC Regulations? Best wishes, Omid - Afghan Flying Club
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Co-Founder / Disaster relief operations expert & "Wild Thing" Pilot
Tom Claytor USA Co-Founder / Bush Pilot
Richard Ries USA N3N owner and Chief Counsel to The Royal Order
Chris Harbourne UK Adventurer / Financier / Pilot
Ron Cheney USA out of date email Tom, Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I'm curious as to the conditions that exist in Afghanistan for maintenance and repair, parts availability, etc. How many members are there interested in the flying club at this time? I do know of many planes that are in excellent condition available for sale here in Texas. What kind of money can be pooled together to purchase one? I have excellent contacts for this.
John Woodberry

I donít know most of you but I would just like to add a few thoughts from my end. I have just recently left Afghanistan after managing the PACTEC flight program in Afghanistan for 9 years. We fly to 28 airstrips in Afghanistan for the NGO and Aid community. You can read about our operation an AOPA article printed last year. It is also on our web page. (

I am sorry to say this, but my opinion is that now is not the time for a flying club in Afghanistan that actually operates an aircraft. The club and card are great but that is all you should do right now. Anything else would be better well down the road.  The civil airport is very busy and we have to import Avgas from another county. This is a very difficult process. The Aviation School is also at the very beginning of its development.

I wish you all the best in your endeavor but I believe now is not the proper time about what I mentioned above.

Have a good day. Blessings, John

Matthew Lazenby USA Aug 12, 2008 -- Well...I'm not quiet sure who will be reading this email, but to all who open this...hello. My name is Matt Lazenby and I ran across this website for the Afghan Flying Club recently and I wanted to see if it (the club) was still active, and if it was, how it progress was coming on putting it together and aquiring an airplane. My interest stems from a couple of things. First...I served in Afghanistan very early in the war (I was among the first U.S. Army units in the country and I helped build the U.S. base at Bagram, as well as repair the runway at Masar-e-Sharif in early December of 2001. While there I was not a pilot, I knew that I wanted to be one and I used my time deployed in that country to study for my pilot training that I was going to recieve when I was released from the Army. During the many hours I spent repairing the runway at Bagram, I would dream of one day returning and flying in that country...not wearing a military uniform...hopefully carrying aid to the people...and being able to live amongst them off of a U.S. base and being able to actually experience the culture of the people and that land. I haven't made too much progress in these regards (kind of spinning my wheels and not really knowing where to start). I have become a pilot (I have been flying commercially for about six years now and currently I train pilots for Japan Airlines at their Flight Crew Training Facility in Napa California) and I sitll dream of one day returning to Afghanistan. Recently I decided to try my hand at writing a that would involve two things that are very much near to my heart...flying, and Afghanistan. Doing a little research for this novel (once again...kind of spinning my wheels...kind of seems like a recurring theme in my life) is what brought me to your web page for the flying club. So, I just wanted to say hello, and mention that I am interested in your plight as well as becoming a member. I would also like to correspond with anyone that might be able to help me with information that might help in the writing of my book. I look forward to hearing back from someone...anyone...and I hopeyou are all doing well. One last vote for an aircraft for your club would be a turbocharged Cessna 182. Just my two cents, for what it's worth. Take care and best wishes. Matt
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