Phuket Airpark is Limited Company with 9 shareholders headed by Khun Suchard Raksangob. They have invested a lot of money into the airpark to share their love for flying with others and to promote General Aviation in Thailand. We all are very lucky to have such passionate aviators in our midst. In this light, we have outlined some guidelines to help everyone understand clearly how we can make this project work.

First of all, we need to sell properties to recover the funds that were invested in this project. People who buy a property at Phuket Airpark are members of the Airpark and are entitled to use the runway and keep their aircraft at Phuket Airpark. Thank you for joining us.

Some people already have a house in Phuket, or are not quite sure if they want to buy a property. They are permitted to base their plane at Phuket Airpark for a period of 6 months to see if they like it. The hangar fees are 10,000 Baht per month for an aircraft and 7,000 Baht per month for an ultralight. After 6 months, they are requested to pay a "Membership Deposit" of 500,000 Baht (per aircraft) to remain at Phuket Airpark. If they decide to buy a plot at Phuket Airpark, this money will be credited towards the purchase of their property. If they decide not to buy a plot, they will receive their deposit back only after the 43 Airstrip Plots at Phuket Airpark are sold. This Membership is transferable, so they are welcome to sell it to another person if they decide to leave Phuket Airpark for any reason. The person that they sell or give their "Membership Deposit" to will need to be approved by the Phuket Airpark Committee (appointed by Khun Suchard). The reason for this pre-approval is because of the close proximity of Phuket Airpark to Phuket International Airport. We do not want people who do not respect rules and who might risk the future of the Airpark by flying recklessly.

Owners of Lakeside Condo properties are permitted to keep one plane at the airpark. House owners can have as many aircraft as they can fit on their property. Additional planes can be kept in the Airpark Hangar. If they are just in the owner's name, they will only have to pay hangar fees. If they establish an owner's consortium, then the aircraft will need to pay the 500,000 Baht "Membership Deposit" if any in the consortium are not property owners. This deposit is refundable after the 43 properties are sold. If a property or condo owner does not have an aircraft, it is possible to purchase from them or use their right to keep an aircraft at the Airpark.

Anyone who brings an aircraft to Phuket Airpark is welcome to put their plane in the name of the Phuket Flying Club. This can make it fast and easy to register an aircraft in Thailand (otherwise you will need to set up a Thai company or have a Thai partner own the aircraft). This way, any member of the club will be legal to fly that aircraft (otherwise you will need each person's name to appear on the 5 year permit). Only the approved pilots will fly the plane, and the owner will receive 90% of the wet lease price propose to the club.

Because we love flying, we will endeavor to keep the airport open every day and to fly as much as legally possible. Fuel is the owner's responsibility and should be stored in a safe location (as decided by Khun Suchard and fellow pilots at the Airpark). Phuket Airpark has the intention to have a security fence around the property with an access gate to control and record visitors. Hangars will have locks. The Airpark will also post signs to assist with important information like reminding pilots to file flightplans, to cancel them after flying, and to remain clear of Phuket International Airspace. It is also the intention that a mechanic will be hired to help look after aircraft and this cost will either be covered by individual owners when they request maintenance or a salary covered by a monthly Airpark maintenance fee. After many plots have been sold, Khun Suchard will appoint a "Members Committee" to help assist with recommendations for running the Airpark safely and smoothly.

Owners of Homes and Condos will be responsible for a monthly Airpark Maintenance Fee of 3 Baht / sq. m. (based on the land footprint or sq. m.) This can range from 300 Baht to 9,600 Baht per month depending on the size of the property. This fee can be reviewed by the Property Members Committed when it comes into existence.

Late payments to Phuket Airpark will be charged an additional 10% for every 30 days that they are late.

Property Owners have an easement on the runway and on the roads to their houses. In the event of Khun Suchard's (or any shareholders) death, the unsold properties will pass to the heirs of the shareholder. Property owners will retain their titles and easements to their properties and the runway. If some large developer wishes to purchase the entire property, they would have to approach the owners with an acceptable price for their property and easement on the runway and access road. If a person has made a "Membership Deposit" of 500,000 Baht and not purchased a property, in the event of Khun Suchard's (or any shareholder's death) or the Airpark closed before all 43 properties sold, that person would receive their deposit back, less 50,000 Baht per year that they had been based at the Airpark.

Aircraft Owners already realize that it is required by law that they carry in their aircraft a current: Certificate of Airworthiness, Certificate of Registration, Aircraft Radio License, Insurance (liability 2 million for U/L, 10 million for less than 1,700kg., 20 million for less than 5,700kg.), 5 year Permit, Aircraft Journey Log, Pilot's License, Medical Certificate.

We hope that these guidelines are helpful. If you have any additional suggestions for safety and success of the Airpark, please let us know -- EMAIL SUCHARD.

Thank you,
Suchard Raksangob
Managing Owner



1. File Flight Plan (1 hour advance) ---> 076 327205
2. Call Tower (5 min advance) ---> 076 327269 // 085 1236253
3. Local Traffic (pattern 800') ---> 122.3 Mhz
4. Phuket Tower (5-20 DME "PUT" VOR 116.9 Mhz ---> 118.1 Mhz
5. Requested Flight Plan MUST BE CANCELLED if not airborne within one hour of ETD (or you must call to EXTEND your Flight Plan) ---> 076 327205


1. Close Flight Plan (on ground) ---> 076 327269 // 085 1236253
2. Sign Airport Log (in office)


GPS: N 08*01.0' x E 098* 24.3'
Rwy: 31 / 13
Length: 800 m
Elev: 20'
Surf: Grass
Slope: 1/2* to Southeast
Frq: 122.3 (pattern) // 118.1 (tower) // 124.7 (appch)




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