Coordinates: 08*01.1' N x 098*24.2' E
Frequency: 122.3 (pattern only)
Runway Heading: 31/13
Length: 500 meters (40 meters wide) // Runway 13 and 31 has an additional 50 meters overrun on each end. 
Surface: grass
Slope: none
Elevation: 20'
Obstructions: n/a
IMPORTANT: You must establish radio communication 40DME from PUT VOR Phuket Approach 124.7 of  Phuket International Airport // You must have an WRITTEN INVITATION FROM PHUKET AIRPARK before landing, because this invitation is faxed to Phuket International Airport so they are aware of your arrival and can vector you to Phuket Airpark.
Runway Information (May 2013)
1. RWY from numbers to numbers (13/31) is 500m.
2. Landing: Due to growth of trees (100’ tall) during last 1-2 years on West end for approach Rwy 13 it is recommended a RWY 31 usage for landings, even with 1-7kts tail winds.
3. Landing RWY 31 and departing RWY 13 there is 650m of useable runway without obstacle due to a combined 150m over-run extensions (50m on East end & 100m West end)
4. Landing aircraft should use 122.3 for current winds and traffic advisories
5. Anyone planning to arrive Phuket airpark is welcome to contact me directly for changes or other information.
6. Short field flight operation procedures required for all takeoffs and landings
7. Contact Pat James for information…66 (0) 8525 80006
Procedure (arrival):
1. You must have a transponder.
2. Contact Suchard - // Tel: 087-4178399 - and ask for an invitation to fly to Phuket Airpark.
3. Contact Phuket Approach 124.7 before 40DME VOR "PUT" 116.9
4. Ask for vectors to Phuket Airpark
5. Report at "YN" -- N08*07.0' x E098*37.0' (Koh Yao Noi)
6. Phuket Airpark is 8DME on Radial 140 from Phuket VOR/DME "PUT" -- 116.9
7. Call Phuket Tower to cancel Flight Plan after landing -- FLIGHT PLAN PHONE: 076-327205.
Procedure (departure):
1. Call Suchard -- 087-4178399 -- and advise him you want to leave Phuket Airpark.
2. File a Flight Plan one hour before departure -- FLIGHT PLAN PHONE: 076-327205.
3. Call Phuket Tower and advise prior to take off -- TOWER PHONE: 076-327269.
4. Once airborne, Contact Approach on 124.7
5. Phuket Airpark is 8DME from Phuket VOR "PUT" -- 116.9
6. If you fly more than 10DME from Phuket VOR and stay below 1,000', you do not need to talk to Phuket Approach because of terrain reception difficulty.
Location: East side of Phuket Island
Activities: Phuket Airpark --
Weather: WEATHERLINK -- current Wind, Temp, Rain at the Airfield
Contact Information: Khun Suchard -- 087-4178399 --
Post Address:
Phuket Airpark, 65/8 Moo 2, T. Paklok, A. Talang, Phuket. // Airport opened on 14 March 2008 with approval by DCA //
Other links: For additional information: DOA Aeronautical Information Service, Tung Mahamek, Bangkok 10120, Thailand -- tel: 02 256 0922 // 02 286 0922 // fax: 02 287 4060 // AFTN: VTBAYOYX.
Road Directions: From Phuket International Airport:  Turn right (South) out of airport - Drive 1.4 Kilometers. Turn left (East) - Drive 4.04 Kilometers. Turn right (South) onto road 402 - Drive .68 Kilometers. Turn left (East) onto road 4027 - Drive 13.15 Kilometers. Turn left enter Phuket Airpark. From Central Festival Mall:  Drive past central (on your left, North) on the pass road - Drive 7.55 kilometers. Turn left North West on road 402 - Drive 3.76 kilometers. Turn right (around circle) - On road 4027 - Drive 6.35 kilometers. Turn right enter Phuket Airpark.  
Map of Airstrip:

Phuket Airpark - August 2009