"OSHTAK 2005"


10-12 December 2005

Flying MediaDon't miss the largest and most exciting General Aviation and Sport Flying Extravaganza in Asia. Oshtak is Thailand's version of "Oshkosh" up in Tak, and it is a lot of fun. This event which is held annually in Thailand shows the tremendous growth of General Aviation in Thailand. Thailand has made great advances in promoting sport flying and aviation safety. Oshtak this year is unique, because it will be supported by the Thai Department of Civil Aviation. The Thai Department of Civil Aviation wants aviators to feel welcome to enjoy flying and to learn how to follow the rules and increase aviation safety.

Thai Flying Club is the representative to IAOPA in Thailand, and the new president of the Thai Flying Club, Adjan Krisda, is a great supporter of Oshtak. The Air Rally will be organized by RTAF 604 Squadron and if you would like to join the Air Rally please email Joe (Chidsanupong Namkaew). If you would like to book a balloon flight email Terapat Tunsuka. Foreign Registered Aircraft are welcome to join Oshtak and may obtain their flight clearance online via the Oshtak Webpage. Free food, hotel, landing, parking fees for all aircraft flying into Tak Airport. Fuel will be available to buy from PTT.

One of the highlights of Oshtak this year will be the historic AIR RACE between an aircraft and a Jet Ski along the Ping River. Jet skis these days can obtain speeds of up to 95 MPH, so this will be an exciting event to watch. It brings back memories of the early days of Aviation in America when there was a historic air race between a Stanley Steamer Car and a Curtiss Jenny Aircraft. Let's see who wins!

One of the most unique aspects of Oshtak is the tremendous variety of aircraft and visitors. This year, we will have a brand new Pilatus PC-12, Thai Military Aircraft and Helicopters, Royal Rainmaking Aircraft, Airplanes from almost every flying club in Thailand, Ultralights from everywhere, Paramotors, Paragliders, Parachutes, Balloons, and Kites! This is the beginning of Kite Flying Season in Thailand, and Kite Flying is a very ancient sport in Thailand. We will have a chance to learn about this history and see the Stunt Kites of today in action. There will be a large collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and classic cars on display. The Kingdom of Siam was the first country in Asia to have an aviation program, and next year we will all be able to relive this proud history with the premier of the Thai film First Flight.

After Oshtak, you are welcome to fly to Umphang and visit Teelorsu Waterfall or to fly up north to explore Mae Hong Son or Mae Sariang. Come and join the fun!

If you have any questions, please contact Khun Niwat via Sport Flying Association. He is working hard with the Thai Department of Civil Aviation to make Oshtak a great success.

Thank you to the Director General and The Thai Department of Civil Aviation for their support of this historic event in Thailand.  


See you there!