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Malaysia has created regulations that makes learning to fly helicopters very easy. Now Cliff Fournier has built Solaire Helicopters with a fleet of 10 private helicopters under Malaysian and USA N-registration, so that you can learn to fly. Cliff has also become a trusted source for people looking to buy any type of helicopter in Asia. He has the contacts and the experience to advise you on your helicopter needs. If you are interested in taking an introduction flight, or on getting your helicopter pilots license, or buying a helicopter -- then contact Cliff at Solaire Helicopters -- cliff4nier@yahoo.com -- +6019-231-7778.


Malaysia is to be congratulated on their relaxed aviation regulations that has allowed this splendid growth of general aviation in Malaysia.
  • Foreign helicopters can be based in Malaysia (many Singaporeans own N-registered helicopters and base them at Subang).
  • You can land anywhere in Malaysia (Malaysia follows USA FAA rules and does not require a certification for an airstrip -- this means you can land in a field or behind a house or on a beach. This is what helicopters were designed to do -- fast, efficient, convenient transportation for improving tourism and saving lives).
  • You do not need a DCA flight clearance to fly in Malaysia (you just file a flight plan and go).
  • Solaire has been operating for 9 years without any accidents (they train pilots to have good judgement).
  • There are now 100 private helicopters operating in Malaysia (this provides employment for Malaysian people as mechanics and staff of companies to assist with maintenance and handling).
  • You can fly N-registered helicopters with your FAA license in Malaysia or convert to a Malaysian license to fly 9M-registered helicopters.
  • To date, Solaire has trained over 25 helicopter pilots for private and specialized training.
  • Solaire can do the Malaysian DCA PPL-H license.
  • Solaire can train you for the FAA Helicopter license (but you will have to have a USA security check and then go to USA to do your check ride, but Soliare can easily organize that for you).


FAA BFR flights available in MalaysiaFAA regulations stipulate that for pilots certified in helicopters and airplanes, a BFR (Biennial Flight Review) conducted in an aircraft is good only for airplanes -- whereas a BFR conducted in a helicopter is good for helicopter and airplanes. Solaire Helicopters are able to conduct BFR flights in their R44 and A109 helicopters to allow rotorwing pilots in Asia to maintain their rotorwing BFR currency.


LOCATION: Subang Airport, Malaysia (WMSA)
Solaire Sdn Bhd, Gate 39, Terminal 3
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
47200 Subang Selangor Darul Ehsan

Please check www.solairehelicopters.com for cost confirmation
R22 usd $265 per hour, with or without instructor onboard.
- R44 usd $465 per hour, with or without instructor onboard.
- Augusta 109 also available.
* If you pay for 20 hours in advance then you get a $40 discount per hour.
These prices may seem high, but if you look at the costs in USA, its about $225 per hour in a 22, and the UK is about $325 per hour. The costs for fuel, insurance, and the maintenance requirements are all higher here than the US. And the good thing is the food, and housing is so inexpensive here, that it makes good sense to come here rather than to go to the US. Well that is my thought anyway. Cliff Fournier. 

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Tel: +60192317778.

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R44 with floats

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