The Phuket Flying Club Ultralight Flying School is under the direction of our Club President, Captain Watana. The club currently is operating a Zenair CH701. As more aircraft become available, there will be more options available to students for flight training. If you are interested in learning to fly, the procedure is as follows:

1. Join the Phuket Flying Club - 6,000 Baht -- FORM // JOIN CLUB

2. Get your SPL (Student Pilot License) - 200 Baht -- FORM

3. Pay 10 hours Flight Training advance - 60,000 Baht (we charge for the 10 hour block to make sure that you are serious about starting your training).

4. Study the Online Groundschool --

5. Fly a minimum of 15 hours instruction with Captain Watana or Captain Suchard and 3 hours solo (as per DCA requirements).

6. Pass the DCA written exam.

7. Pass the DCA flight test.

8. Receive your Thai UL License.

We currently have 6 students enrolled in our flying program. If you are interested in learning to fly, please call the Phuket Airpark Office to get your SPL and Membership form -- 076 529543.


Zenair CH701 UL aircraft