From: Mr. Kasemsook Lokakalin - "Captain" -  anchan70@hotmail.com
Subject: Flying Insurance
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004
Paramotor and Utralight Insurance.
The Muang Thai Insurance Co,Ltd ref:No: 233/2004 that confirm as following;
Ins: Premium for Paramotor = THB 2,000.- per machine including VAT and Stamp Duty.
Ins: Premium for Ultralight = THB 3,500.- per machine including VAT and Stamp Duty.
Period of insurance one (1) year at date to be advised.
Limit of Liability THB 500,000.- combined single limit any one
occurrence and in aggregate for bodily injury and property damage
Coverage The Insured’s legal liability to Third Parties for
accidental bodily injury, including death and accidental damage to property
arising out of the insured’s operation and/or ownership of Paramotor and/or
Ultralight described in the schedule.
*** note: The SFAT try the best to do whatever we can do for all member, and
this is one of the good answer for us. This is confirmed by Muang Thai Ins:
Co,Ltd who wish to have business with us. The price I do try make better
than other that we have been used. Today we get this we hope future we will
some more better. Think it over, better give this company a chance.
More detail U can call… Ms.Wimol (Direct Business Marketing Manager)
Tel: 02665-4155 email: wimol_l@mtins.com or Ms.Sirilax Siraphan Tel:
02665-4000 Ext:4180 email: sirilaxs@hotmail.com
Dear Tom;
Understand Insur:for paramotor is OK LiB:for 500,000-baht and prem: 2000
baht but mistake of Ultralight Lib: have to be 2,000,000- so 3,500-per year
they change ple:recheck???
Dear Tom
This si the other answer from Muang Thai Insu: Liability(Lib)
2,000,000-for 2 seats by law Ultralight-Microlight is so hight. They miss
understand so they RVG premium.
We are pleased to inform you about the premium for microlight. The premium
is Bht. 3,500 (include vat & stamp) per limit of third party liability at
Bht. 500,000. So for your request the limit of third party liability at
Bht. 2,000,000, the premium will be Bht. 14,000 per year.
If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you very
much for your reliable on us to quote your property.
Kindest regards,
Sirilax Siraphan
Muang Thai Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Dear All
Paul appears to have found medical insurance worth considering whether you are a pilot or not. We want to make up a group to benefit from the discount scheme they offer.
If you're interested can you please inform either me or Paul soonest ?
From: Paul
Date: 11/08/04 22:41:42
Subject: Fw: insurance
 Hi all
 I think I have found a good year-round, global medical insurance which does
not appear to exclude sport flying and even includes cover for a period in
the States each year.
 See the website at www.fbainsurance.com
 I was recommended this insurance by an expat I know and I am going to get a
detailed quote. If others are interested, I will ask for a group discount.
 (Tom can you forward this to anyone else whose e-mail I don't have and may
be interested.
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To: "Paul" <contactpaul44@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2004 10:32 AM
Subject: Re: insurance
Many thanks for your e mail. The detailed Rules are at : http://www.medicare.co.uk/indi_rules.asp  and
I cannot see any exclusion for sport flying. You have obviously seen the web site and really the choice is : Standard : in-patient witrh no out-patient cover Executive : in-patient and out-patient cover with Sterling 50 deductible on out-patient only.  The site has most details and you can complete a simple e form for a
detailed quote.
>> Please come back to me with any points or questions
>> With kind regards
>> Peter Coeshott
> mobile : 66 (0) 1 841 2011
> www.fbainsurance.com
> peter.coeshott@fbainsurance.com