1. The Club will be known as "The Thai Flying Club" or TFC
2. The address of the Club is 942/1 Soi 18 Phaholyothin Road, Bangkhen, Bangkok. (It has been moved to 891 Rama 1 Road, Bangkok 10500)
3. The emblem of the Club is as shown.


4. The Thai Flying Club has the following objectives.
4.1 To promote civil aviation to the general populace regardless of their sex, nationality or religion.
4.2 To promote unity and provide entertainment among members and to uphold the honour of the Club.
4.3 To promote sport for health benefit.
4.4 To provide charitable support for the public.
4.5 To promote the advancement of technology in every educational field, especially, in aviation. In all cases it will be non-political in nature.
4.6 To create a pool of reserve pilots for use in case of national emergencies.


5. There are three categories of members:
5.1 Ordinary Members
5.2 Extra – ordinary Members
5.3 Honourary Members
6. Ordinary Members are those who wish to fly and possess the qualifications in 6.1
6.1 Qualification required for Ordinary Members:
6.1.1 Be 18 years if age, or if under 18, have written permission from his / her parents.
6.1.2 Possess a definite homicile and nationality.
6.1.3 Be of good conduct, free from indeptness and drug or alcohol addiction, not being prosecuted for criminal case, not having been sentenced to a jail term except in a civil case, and not having been declared bankrupt.
6.1.4 One Ordinary Member to act as proposer and one Ordinary Member to act as seconder.
6.1.5 Having passed Mathayom six according to the standard of the Ministry of education, or equivalent.
6.1.6 Be of good physical and mental health and fit for flight as approved by the health authority.
7. Extra – ordinary Members are :
7.1 Persons who are interested in the activities of the Thai Flying Club and apply for membership according to the regulation .
8. Honourary Members are persons considered suitable and have been extended invitation by the General Committee.
9. Applicants for membership will be accepted by a unanimous vote of the General Committee. Applicants accepted for membership must abide by the Articles of Association and all Byelaws in order to have the following privileges:
9.1 To make use of the facilities and services provided by the Thai Flying Club.
9.2 To bring family and friends to make use of the facilities and services provided by the Thai Flying Club.
10. Only Ordinary Members, who have been a member for more than one year, have the right to vote at the General Meeting.
11. Membership will be terminated for the following reasons :
11.1 Resignation or death.
11.2 Lacking qualifications stipulated in the Articles of Association.
11.3 By order of the General Committee.
11.4 Having served the jail term and have been released for more than 5 years.
12. The Thai Flying Club shall be governed by the General Committee which has been elected in accordance with the Articles of Association. The General Committee consists of :
12.1 The President
12.2 The Vice-President ( no more than four people )
12.3 The Secretary General.
12.4 The Treasurer
12.5 Members of the General Committee not less than five and not more than twenty in number. Members of the General Committee must be Ordinary Members.
13. The President shall be elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. He shall then appoint the Vice-President, The Secretary and the Treasurer. The General Meeting shall then elect the other members of the General Committee.
14. The President’s duty is to oversee the management of the Club so as to conform to the policy and goal submitted to the members unless the General Meeting decides otherwise. The President will represent the Club for all external activities.
15. The President, with the approval of the General committee, may appoint sub – committees consisting of members and / or non-members to assist the General Committee.
16. If the President or the Vice- President is absent an acting President will be appointed from member of the General Committee. This appointment will be made by the President, or if he fails to do so, by the General Committee.
17. The president will call the meeting of the general committee once a month or at any time as he may see fit. The quorum in these meetings will be seven members.
18. The Vice-President’s duty is to assist the President in the management of the Club, carry out duties as delegated by the President, and act on behalf of the President in the latter’s absence.
19. The Secretary’s duty is to carry out and oversee in the operation of the Club in accordance with the Articles of Association and all Byelaws, including the management of staff members.
20. The Treasurer’s duty is to control all financial functions in the Club, to be responsible for its accounting, and to present financial statement at the Annual General Meeting.
21. The General Committee shall draw up its goal, policy, and budget so as to meet the commitment presented at the Annual general Meeting or Extra-ordinary Meeting.
22. The General Committee shall announce to members the goal, policy and budget mentioned in clause no. 21 within 60 days after the election, through suitable medias or by posting at the Clubhouse.
23. The General Committee may nominate suitable persons to become Honourary Members in accordance with Clause no.8.
24. Decision taken at the General Committee meeting will be by a majority count. If there is a tie the chairman at the meeting will cast the deciding vote. The voting may be done openly or in secret as deemed appropriate.
25. Membership of the General Committee may be terminated for the following reasons:
25.1 The end of the term
25.2 End of membership in accordance with Clause no. 11
25.3 By decision of the members at the General Meeting.
If there is a vacancy in the General Committee the President shall nominate a replacement from the Ordinary Members.
26. The term of the President and the General Committee is two years. They may be re-elected after the end of the present term. After the election, the outgoing General Committee will carry out its duties until the new General Committee takes over, a period which should not exceed 30 days.
If the Presidency is vacated the acting President will call an Extra-ordinary Meeting to elect a new president within 30 days. The new President will then from a new General Committee in accordance with Clauses no. 12 and 13 to take over from the previous General Committee.
The President and General Committee elected in accordance with Clauses no. 25 and 26 will serve until the end of the term of their predecessors.
27. The president may appoint a group of advisors consisting of not more than 7 Ordinary members. These advisors will hold meetings in the same manner as those of the General Committee. Its term will be in accordance with clause no. 25.
28. The Advisors may attend meetings of the General Committee and may make suggestions but may not exercise the voting right. The Secretary will notify the advisors of the scheduled meetings.


29. Income of the Thai Flying club are :
29.1 Subscription fee
29.2 Donation
29.3 Other
30. Expenses of the Club are for the management of the Club as outlined in the annual budget.
31. The President has the authority to order payment to meet expenses in accordance with clause 30.
32. Income and expenditure will be in accordance with the financial regulation of the Club.
33. The treasurer will prepare a monthly statement of account for the General Committee, and the annual financial statement as approved by an auditor for the Annual General Meeting.
34. The General Committee will make a record of all assets to be kept by the treasurer.


35. The General Meetings consist of :
35.1 Annual General Meeting
35.2 Extra – ordinary Meeting
36. The Annual General Meeting will be held once a year within 30 days after the date the Balance Sheet is finalized.
37. The Annual General Meeting is held for the following purposes:
37.1 To elect the President and General Committee in accordance with the Articles of Association.
37.2 To adopt the Balance Sheet
37.3 To appoint an auditor
37.4 To acknowledge reports of past activities by the General Committee.
37.5 To discuss other businesses.
38. An Extra – ordinary Meeting is a General Meeting called by the General Committee or by the request of at least one third of the Ordinary Membership
After receiving the request the secretary will announce the Extraordinary Meeting with in 15 days.
39. A quorum at a General Meeting will be not less than one-fourth of the Ordinary Members.
40. The secretary will notify members no less than 15 days in advance for the Annual General Meeting and no less than 7 days in advance for an Extraordinary Meeting.
If there are less members in attendance than that required for a quorum, a second meeting
will be called with no less than 3 days advance notice. The quorum for the second meeting will be no less than one – sixth of the Ordinary Membership.
41. In the General Meeting the President, Vice- President or a General Committee member will act as the chairman.
42. The Resolution at a General Meeting are :
42.1 Ordinary Resolution, which requires a simple majority. In case of a tie the Chairman will cast the deciding vote.
42.2 Special Resolution, which requires a Three- quarter majority.
42.3 Only ordinary Member present at the meeting may cast a vote, one vote for each person.
43. The following motion require a Special Resolution at a meeting
43.1 To remove the President, a General Committee member or the whole General Committee.
43.2 To modify, delete or add any clause to the Articles of Association of the Thai Flying Club.


44. To carry out the intent of the Articles of Association, the President with the approval of the General Committee may issue Rules, Regulations and Byelaws which are not in contradiction to the Articles of Association.
45. In case the The Flying Club is to be dissolved the assets of the Club will be given to another juristic person having the same objectives, or to the Royal Thai Air Force, as approved by members at the General Meeting.
46. The Articles of Association will be in force from 21st April 1977.