Procedure to fly from Thailand to Singapore (3 parts)

1. Get a Flight Clearance to fly into Singapore.
2. Get a Flight Clearance from Thai DOA to fly out of Thailand (and to return to Thailand).
3. Approximate cost information and fuel availability.

Part 1. - Singapore Flight Clearance.

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Singapore Changi Airport
P.O. Box 1
Singapore 918141
Fax: (65) 5421231

Aircraft Entry Requirements
1. All private and nonscheduled commercial aircraft, registered in any ICAO Contracting States with which Singapore has diplomatic relations, intending to overfly or land for noncommercial purposes need not obtain prior permission, but must provide advance notification by flight plan to the Singapore Air Traffic Control Center (AFTN: WSJCZQZX) at least 2 hours in advance of the aircrafts arrival into the Singapore FIR. In the case of aircraft intending to land for noncommercial purposes, the advance notification by flight plan should be addressed to both WSSSYNYX (for aircraft landing at Singapore Changi Airport) or WSSLYOYX (for aircraft landing at Seletar Airport) and WSJCZQZX at least 2 hours before the aircrafts arrival at Singapore Changi Airport or Seletar Airport or 2 hours prior to entering Singapore FIR, whichever is the earlier.
2. All nonscheduled commercial aircraft landing for commercial purposes must obtain prior permission from Director General of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Singapore Changi Airport, PO Box 1, Singapore 918141, (Telegraphic Address: AIRCIVIL SINGAPORE; Telex: RS 21231AVIATEL) (Telex: 065-5456515) at least 7 full working days prior to the aircrafts arrival or departure into/from Singapore. Only the aircraft operator may apply for permission to operate a nonscheduled flight.
3. All requests must include:
a. Name, address and nationality of operator.
b. Type, registration marks of aircraft, and carrying capacity.
c. Name of pilot-in-command and number of crew.
d. Date and time of arrival at, and departure from, Singapore.
e. Details of route, points of landing, and final destination.
f. Purpose of flight including number of passengers and/or description and quantity of cargo (inbound and outbound).
g. Name, address, and business of charterer.
h. Name, address, and telephone number of local agent.
i. Details of passenger fares and/or charter rates.
j. Name and address of tour organizers, if applicable.
k. Name and address of consignees and consignors, if applicable.

Special Notices
1. All private and nonscheduled commercial aircraft up to size FK27 will be required to land at Seletar Airport.
2. Singapore Changi Airport is not available to all nonscheduled civil aircraft 40-seater or below except in special circumstances. Any aircraft larger than the above category shall not plan its arrival between 0900-to 1559 UTC.

Aeronautical Information Source
AIP "Singapore"

International NOTAM Office

Aerodromes of Entry
Singapore Changi - WSSS - 0122'N, 10359'E
Customs: 24.
Singapore/Seletar - WSSL - 0125'N, 10352'E
100, JA1
Customs: 24.

NOTE: Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Singapore 819-643. Telephone: (65) 542-1122 and 541-2373.
Fax: (65) 542-1231. Telex: RS21231 AVIATEL.

Part 2. - Clearance out of Thailand (and back)

Submit the following to Khun Manee,
Air Transport Control Division,
Thailand Department of Aviation
Office hour - Fax: 66 2 287 3139, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
After office hour - Fax: 66 2 286 6239, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
7 days before flight (if you ask politely, maybe 3 days is possible):
1. Name, address and business connection with the aircraft of the applicant.
2. Owner, type, nationality and registration mark of the aircraft.
3. Name of operator.
4. Purpose of flight.
5. Routing, including aerodromes before/after Thailand.
6. Names of aerodromes to land in Thailand.
7. Dates and times of its arrival and departure at each aerodrome.
8. Give your telephone and fax number, so they can send you the permit.

Part 3. - Cost

Coming soon.