Procedure to fly from Thailand to Laos (3 parts)

1. Get a Flight Clearance to fly into Laos.
2. Get a Flight Clearance from Thai DOA to fly out of Thailand (and to return to Thailand).
3. Approximate cost information and fuel availability.

Part 1. - Laos Flight Clearance.

Department of Civil Aviation
2 Pangkham Street
P.O. Box 119
Fax: (856) 21-512216

1. All private and nonscheduled commercial aircraft overflying or landing for commercial or noncommercial purposes must request clearance at least 15 days prior to departure.
2. All requests must include:
a. Type of aircraft and registration marks.
b. Radio call and frequency.
c. Name and nationality of pilot and crew members.
d. Complete route of flight.
e. Dates, times of entry and exit from airspace of Laos.
f. Dates and times of arrival and departure, if landing.
g. Flight altitudes.
h. Reason for flight.
i. Number and nationality of passengers and type and amount of cargo.
j. Name and address of aircraft operator and owner.
k. Type and amount of fuel required.


Vientiane/Wattay - VLVT - 17*59'18"N, 102*33'48"E (100, JA1. Customs: PT.)
Luang Prabang

Part 2. - Clearance out of Thailand (and back)

Submit the following to Khun Manee,
Air Transport Control Division,
Thailand Department of Aviation
Office hour - Fax: 66 2 287 3139, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
After office hour - Fax: 66 2 286 6239, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
7 days before flight (if you ask politely, maybe 3 days is possible):
1. Name, address and business connection with the aircraft of the applicant.
2. Owner, type, nationality and registration mark of the aircraft.
3. Name of operator.
4. Purpose of flight.
5. Routing, including aerodromes before/after Thailand.
6. Names of aerodromes to land in Thailand.
7. Dates and times of its arrival and departure at each aerodrome.
8. Give your telephone and fax number, so they can send you the permit.

Part 3. - Cost

Landing and parking fee schedule for U.S. aircraft includes the following:
Landing charges range from USD 3 per ton up to 20 tons to USD 370 plus USD 5 per ton for weight above 100 tons.
Additional nighttime landing fee.
Parking charges of 10 percent of the landing fee for each 24-hour period after the first hour.
A passenger fee of USD 5 per person.
Overtime for airport staff of USD 3.50 per hour during the day and extra charges for nights, weekends, and holidays.
Communications charges of USD 160 for a piston driven aircraft, USD 240 for turboprop, and USD 320 for Jet
En route navigation charges ranging from USD 160 to USD 250, depending upon the route used.