Procedure to fly from Thailand to China (3 parts)

1. Get a Flight Clearance to fly into China.
2. Get a Flight Clearance from Thai DOA to fly out of Thailand (and to return to Thailand).
3. Approximate cost information and fuel availability.

Part 1. - China Flight Clearance.

Director General
Civil Aviation Administration of China
P.O. Box 644
Beijing, China
Fax: (861) 64014104

Aircraft Entry Requirements
All private and nonscheduled commercial flights overflying or landing for commercial or noncommercial purposes must obtain prior permission through one of the following channels:
1. Airline companies on the Civil Aeronautics Board's list of approved charter operators to China may apply directly to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in accordance with Annex 11 of the U.S. PRC Civil Air Transport Agreement. Applications should be made at least 10 days in advance, and include the following information:
a. Purpose of flight.
b. Nationality of registration, owner and operator of aircraft.
c. Type of aircraft.
d. Identification marks and call-signs of aircraft or flight number.
e. Name of Captain and number of crew members.
f. Proposed flight plan (including route, date, hours, and destination).
g. Identity of charterer (s).
h. Number of passengers and/or weight of cargo on board.
i. Price charged by airline to each charterer.
2. All other private and nonscheduled flights should make application by direct contact with or telegram (not TELEX) to the U.S. Embassy, Civil Aviation Officer, Economic Section, 17 Guanghua Lu, Beijing, China. It is very important that in addition to the above, the following format be followed to the letter in the proper order:
a. Approved weather minimum of pilot.
b. Date and estimated time of departure from last airport prior to entering Chinese airspace.
c. Estimated time of arrival in Chinese airspace.
d. Details of path of flight through China.
e. Estimated time of departure from China.
f. Fueling requirements in China.
g. Purpose of flight.
h. Chinese sponsor.
3. All flights may be required to be accompanied by a Chinese escort crew (including a navigator and a radio operator), although this requirement is seldom imposed.
Corporate Aircraft Constraints
None reported
Special Notices
1. Any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States or any corporation, partnership, organization or association considering the operation of an aircraft into the People's Republic of China must review current Department of Commerce and Department of State regulations providing guidance relating to trade and other transactions involving the People's Republic of China.
2. In the interest of flight safety, all international flights entering China territory shall transmit flight plan messages to the relevant ATC services prior to departure and departure messages after take-offs in accordance with the relevant provisions of China. Otherwise China will not undertake any responsibility for all consequences arising therefrom.
Aeronautical Information Source
AIP "China"
Aerodromes of Entry
Beijing/Capital - ZBAA - 40*04'48"N, 116*35'04"E
100, JX
Guangzhou/Baiyu - ZGGG - 23*11'00"N, 113*16'00"E
100, JX
Hangzhou/Jianqiao - ZSHC - 30*20'00"N, 120*14'00"E
100, JX
Kunming/Wujiaba - ZPPP - 24*59'33"N, 102*44'36"E
100, JX
Lanzhou/Zhongchuan - ZLLL - 36*31'00"N, 103*37'18"E
100, JX
Prior notice required.
Shanghai/Hongqiao - ZSSS - 31*11'53"N, 121*20'11"E
100, JX
Taiyuan/Wusu - ZBYN - 37*44'49"N, 112*37'43"E
100, JX
Tianjin/Zhangguizhuang - ZBTJ - 39*07'00"N, 117*21'00"E
100, JX
Urumqi/Diwopu - ZWWW - 43*54'26"N, 87*28'27"E
100, JX

Part 2. - Clearance out of Thailand (and back)

Submit the following to Khun Manee,
Air Transport Control Division,
Thailand Department of Aviation
Office hour - Fax: 66 2 287 3139, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
After office hour - Fax: 66 2 286 6239, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
7 days before flight (if you ask politely, maybe 3 days is possible):
1. Name, address and business connection with the aircraft of the applicant.
2. Owner, type, nationality and registration mark of the aircraft.
3. Name of operator.
4. Purpose of flight.
5. Routing, including aerodromes before/after Thailand.
6. Names of aerodromes to land in Thailand.
7. Dates and times of its arrival and departure at each aerodrome.
8. Give your telephone and fax number, so they can send you the permit.

Part 3. - Cost

Coming soon.