Procedure to fly from Thailand to Cambodia (3 parts)

1. Get a Flight Clearance to fly into Cambodia.
2. Get a Flight Clearance from Thai DOA to fly out of Thailand (and to return to Thailand).
3. Approximate cost information and fuel availability.

Part 1. - Cambodia Flight Clearance.

Direction de l'Aviation Civile
62, Boulevard Preah Norodom
Phnom-Penh, Cambodia
Fax: (855) 23-26169

Aircraft Entry Requirements
1. All flights into, from or over the territory of Cambodia and landing in such territory shall be carried out in accordance with the valid regulations of Cambodia regarding civil aviation authority. Aircraft landing in or departing from the territory of Cambodia must first land at or finally depart from an international airport.
2. Private and nonscheduled commercial flights should apply for permission to the Royal Cambodian Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 1 copy should be addressed to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Kingdom of Cambodia (CAAKC). 62 Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penm, Cambodia. All requests must include:
a. Name, address, and nationality of owner.
b. Nationality, type and registration marks of aircraft and radio call to be used if any.
c. Name of pilot and names and qualifications of crew members.
d. Purpose of flight.
e. Complete route of flight including intermediate stops from point of origin to final destination.
f. Names and nationalities of passengers.
g. Type and amount of cargo.
3. Additionally, prior permission must be obtained independently from the CAAKC.
4. For scheduled commercial and technical or other flights should apply or request to:

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Air Operations Department
62 Preah Norodom Blvd.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Fax: 855 232 6160
Telephone: 855-232-7141

AIP not yet available. Necessary AIS materials will be provided upon request through the CAAKC.
International NOTAM Office

The International Notam Office is combined with the Flight Plan Department located at Pochentong International Airport. (AFTN): VDPPYAYX.

Aerodromes of Entry
- Phnom-Penh (Pochentong International)
- Siem Reap

Part 2. - Clearance out of Thailand (and back)

Submit the following to Khun Manee,
Air Transport Control Division,
Thailand Department of Aviation
Office hour - Fax: 66 2 287 3139, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
After office hour - Fax: 66 2 286 6239, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
7 days before flight (if you ask politely, maybe 3 days is possible):
1. Name, address and business connection with the aircraft of the applicant.
2. Owner, type, nationality and registration mark of the aircraft.
3. Name of operator.
4. Purpose of flight.
5. Routing, including aerodromes before/after Thailand.
6. Names of aerodromes to land in Thailand.
7. Dates and times of its arrival and departure at each aerodrome.
8. Give your telephone and fax number, so they can send you the permit.

Part 3. - Cost

Coming soon.