Procedure to fly from Thailand to Myanmar (Burma) (3 parts)

1. Get a Flight Clearance to fly into Myanmar.
2. Get a Flight Clearance from Thai DOA to fly out of Thailand (and to return to Thailand).
3. Approximate cost information and fuel availability.

Part 1. - Myanmar Flight Clearance.

Department of Civil Aviation
Headquarters Building
Yangon International Airport
P.C. 11021, Mingaladon, Yangon
Fax: (95) 1-65124

1. If an operator intends to perform a nonscheduled flight or a series of nonscheduled flights into the Union of Myanmar for the purpose of overflying, he shall apply to the Director General, Department of Civil Aviation, Yangon International Airport, Mingaladon, P.C. 11021, Yangon. FAX 951 665124 (AFTN address VYYYYAYX) in advance of 7 days from the affected date.
2. All applications must include in the following order:
a. Name of the operator and the mailing/billing address.
b. Type of aircraft and registration marks.
c. Full itinerary on schedule including point of departure, point of destination, date and time of overflight.
d. Purpose of overflight (passenger or cargo) or freight, if cargo and freight, to declare nature of cargo/freight.
e. Consignee/Consignor or charterer.
f. Fax number, SITA address, AFTN address, contact person.

Corporate Aircraft Constraints
Nondomestic corporate flights within Myanmar are not permitted without specific, high-level clearance from the Government of Myanmar. Such clearance is rarely given. Normally, corporate flights are only permitted to land at Yangon's Mingladon Airport, and the only when specific advance approval has been obtained.

Special Notices
1. The Myanmar Government is particularly strict in enforcing customs and currency control regulations.
2. Visitors entering Myanmar should complete accurately and in detail the customs and currency declaration form they will receive upon arrival. There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency and travelers checks which can be brought into Myanmar, but they must all be fully declared and any currency exchanged must be exchanged at an official exchange facility and noted on the back of the currency declaration form. No Myanmar currency (Kyats) may be brought into or taken out of Myanmar. The penalty for violation of this law is a 6 months minimum prison sentence and/or a fine. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. For the convenience of the visitors, Foreign Exchange Certificates (FECs) are issued by the Central Bank of Myanmar to use during their stay. It is compulsory for a Foreign Independent Travellers (FIT) holding Entry Visa Tourist (EVT) to change on arrival a minimum of US $300 units. This is the minimum amount to be spent by a tourist during his/her stay. (All currency brought in must be exchanged and exchanged at the official rate only.)
3. Personal baggage is subject to a thorough search both on arrival and departure. All valuables such as cameras, radios, tape recorders, and jewelry must be declared on entry, and full duty must be paid on any item left in the country, for whatever reason (such as being lost or stolen). Departing tourists must have receipts for all items purchased in Myanmar and the amounts of their purchases must tally with the amount of foreign currency exchanged for Kyats.
4. It is impossible to cash personal checks in Myanmar. Credit Cards may be used at Government Hotels and certain government stores if the card is registered with customs on entry. Acceptable credit cards are American Express, Diners Club, Master, Visa and JCB.

Aerodromes of Entry: Yangon/Mingaladon - VYYY - 16*54'26"N, 96*08'00"E

Fuel other than 100 octane available if requested in advance. Customs: 24 hrs.

Part 2. - Clearance out of Thailand (and back)

Submit the following to Khun Manee,
Air Transport Control Division,
Thailand Department of Aviation
Office hour - Fax: 66 2 287 3139, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
After office hour - Fax: 66 2 286 6239, AFTN: VTBAYAYD
7 days before flight (if you ask politely, maybe 3 days is possible):
1. Name, address and business connection with the aircraft of the applicant.
2. Owner, type, nationality and registration mark of the aircraft.
3. Name of operator.
4. Purpose of flight.
5. Routing, including aerodromes before/after Thailand.
6. Names of aerodromes to land in Thailand.
7. Dates and times of its arrival and departure at each aerodrome.
8. Give your telephone and fax number, so they can send you the permit.

Part 3. - Cost

Coming soon.