Notes on Indonesian Flying

Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 11:42 AM
Subject: Indonesian Immigration

Please note that if you enter Indonesia as crew, and do not therefore have the 'passenger landing card' or chop in your passport, you should make sure to do the following;
1. Make an extra copy of the arrival General Declaration, have the immigration officer who clears you "IN" chop and sign it, and return it to you.
2. Keep this Gen Dec with you whilst in the country, as evidence that you have been cleared in properly.

You may wish to do the same for departure, just so you have evidence that you have been properly cleared both inward and outward.

No big deal, but every one is becoming more security minded now, and I am sure this new (?) requirement is no hardship.

I was stopped in Semarang on Sat night and asked for this. Didnt have it! Had to produce all kinds of receipts etc showing I had been cleared inwards in Palembang 5 days earlier. I wasnt entering or departing, just a domestic flt in transit and night stopping.