There is a procedure if you want to import your aircraft into Thailand. It is not always clear, but if you do not follow the procedure, then you will have many problems and it can take a very long time. One member of the Thai Flying Club imported his Rockwell Commander aircraft into Thailand. It took him only 3 months, and it cost him only 100,000 Baht in Lawyer's fees. This was a very successful process, and here is a brief summary of the procedure that Tony followed.

  1. Go to the Thai DCA and explain that you wish to import your aircraft. They want to see if you are an "acceptable person." You will probably have to present a letter from the Police Special Branch of your country that you are a person in good standing with no criminal history. You may also need to have a company in Thailand or a home or a Thai partner.
  2. You may be asked to go and get a Thai Radio License to bring in your aircraft, so you will have to go to the Telegraph Department. Tony was able to get the Thai Registration Number for his aircraft from the DCA first, so then he had a number to present to the Telegraph Department for obtaining his Thai Radio License.
  3. Then you can bring your airplane it. You must have a "Certificate of Export" confirming airworthiness from the country of origin.
  4. Tony's Lawyer (Khun Suthin) went to the DCA to process the documentation. There are several documents to be processed including the Five Year Permit and Certificate of Export, etc.
  5. Tony's port of Entry was Chiang Mai, because it was convenient routing for his arrival from England.
  6. You will have to pay the tax on the aircraft (not very high) and perhaps the VAT (not sure). The Lawyer's fees are approximately 100,000 Baht.
  7. Tony completed the process in 3 months (including the 5 year permit).
  8. It is very important to ask the procedure from the DCA first, and then to follow the procedure. It is also important to allow your Lawyer to work with the DCA, so that there is clear communications and procedures are followed without misunderstanding.
  9. We salute Tony on pioneering this excellent way of importing an aircraft into Thailand.

Tony is a member of the Thai Flying Club and a keen aviator. Please email him if you feel that you are an "acceptable person" and would like to bring your aircraft to Thailand. --

(posted May'09)

Hi Tony
The DCA seem to be making an issue of radio licences and Tom suggested I email you as you had gone thru the procedure.
I have import licences for 2 radios in my aircraft but I never got round to asking for the user licences. Did you get one and is it the same thing as the 'licence for radio aparatus' that the DCA stipulates has be in the plane along with the 5 year permit, C of A etc?
- radio import license
- personal radio license
- aircraft station license
Khun Robert at Phuket Airpark paid 24,000 baht fine for not having license for radio and transponder. (May 2009)

Hi Paul,
It is a two stage process first I applied directly at the Office of Post and Telegraph prior to bringing in my Rockwell and obtained a temporary licence/permit which cost about two hundred Baht and at that time I gave them a full list of the radio equipment in the aircraft. When I brought the aircraft in, and as part of the C of A process, an appointment was made with the Office of Post and Telegraph and a representative came an inspected the equipment. I also had an engineer available because they wanted to check serial numbers on some of the equipment. They were not too happy when they saw my ELB was of a portable type but apparently after some discussion (I was not there so I could not tell you what exactly went on) they did accept it. I also had to have my transponder recoded with the new Thai Call Sign.
After the inspection the paper work/license was issued and that now forms part of the documents I carry in the aircraft.
Attached are:

1. Letter to request license prior to arrival here I asked for a renewal because I was delayed from my original departure date and the first license I applied for had expired. I cannot remember what the validity period was.

2. A letter requesting an inspection

3. Radio Communications Station Licence for the Rockwell

4. For each piece of equipment a Licence for the Operation of Radio Communications (this one is for one of the Garmin GNS430s I have)

It is 4 years ago now but the telephone number I used then was 02 271 0150 ext 709 and they did not speak English. After I arrived in Thailand I let my lawyer act on my behalf and it worked well.
I hope this helps