Experiences of Foreign Aircraft Flying in Thailand


Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 7:18 AM - 
Subject: Selangor Flying Club, Malaysia - flight to Bang Phra

Dear Khun Wichai, Khun Supap, Khun Add and All

Thank you for the warm hospitality and help during our short stay in Bang
Phra. We must keep our contacts so that we can be closer in our ties
between our flying club members and yours. We would also be delighted if
you could invite us to participate in your fly-ins around Thailand and

We left Bang Phra airfield at 0830 on 2nd December 2002, and headed for
Prachuap to avoid the King's Palace at Hua Hin. The weather was IMC at
Prachuap and we had to backtrack to Hua Hin where permission to land for 30
minutes to ride out the storm was denied due to no prior permission from
. We orbited outside the restricted area for about 15 minutes and
received a weather report that the Prachuap weather was better and we flew
at 2000 feet to Chumphon. The weather was better there with the thunder
and lightning on our port side, we climbed to 7500 feet after Chumpon and
flew uneventfully to Phuket.

At Phuket we had to fax Bangkok to explain to them why we left for Phuket
earlier than the letter we faxed to them from Bang Phra
on 1/12/02 asking
for a delay of up to 1 week due to weather and the possibility of returning
to KL by Thai International for work. Anyway we received permission to
leave the Kingdom and arrived at Penang at 1850hrs just 10 minutes from
sunset. We left Penang on the morning of 2/12/02 and arrived in Kuala
Lumpur at 0930hrs.In future we will inform Bangkok at DOA before we file
any flight plan in Thailand as they wish to know of our movements in
Thailand, and that will prevent flight delays and will not upset the DOA.

Thank you again for your help and hospitality, and we look forward to our
next meeting. Hopefully you can fly into KL and we can reciprocate yoiur

With sincere regards

Ernest Yong, Patrick and Lynn