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Directed by Khun Thanit Jitnukul (Thailand's Best Director in 2001 for Bang Ra Jan), "FIRST FLIGHT" is on its way to becoming a classic. There is romance and adventure, but the music, images and the story line give the appearance of a creating a film that will "Gin Jai" (eat your heart). It is a film about a little guy with the dream in the magical era of innocence and youth. On the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight in 1903, this will be the first time that a Thai film has an opportunity to make "its own First Flight" by using actual aerial footage!!! Stay tuned...

The lead actor in the movie is Sonram Tepitak. His father is also an actor in the film and plays the role of a Village elder, who allows an airstrip to be built nearby the village. None of the actors playing the roles of "pilot" in the film have ever flown in a small airplane, so part of the preparation for the film involved each of these pilots taking his own "first flight," so that he could get the actual feel of flying for the first time. In acting class, all the actors were taught, "acting is believing." One of the most important tools to use while acting is to know or create the character's "background" and "motivation" for each particular scene. The script is in Thai, and the actors are speaking Thai and French. Communication is the challenge.
Director: Mr. Thanit Jitnukul

Co-producer: Mr. Saharut Vilainate

Production: RS FILM

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