Ratanakiri is a beautiful airport to fly to in Northeast of Cambodia. The airport has a control tower, a dirt strip and a lot of children with muddy red little hands that love to touch airplanes. 
Just North of the Airstrip is the Terres Rouge Lodge owned by Pierre-Yves and Chenda. They welcome guests to come and stay with them, and they have a very unique style of safari taking people to visit the hill tribes in the surrounding mountains. They will soon be offering horseback and elephantback safaris. Pierre-Yves grandfather was a pilot and early pioneer in Cambodia.

Email Pierre-Yves at Terres Rouges Lodge

At the Lodge, you can find a delicious meal and traditional colonial lodging with carefully restored surroundings at a very reasonable price.
Just to the East of the airport, you can fly over the Crater Lake. Pierre-Yves and Chenda have a car which can pick you up at the airport and take you to the crater lake.

This is an aerial view of Ratanakiri Airport looking to the North.

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