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? Khmer pending honor of response Honorary Patron
SSCA CONTACTS 2003 Khmer   Honorary Members
Remy Ky Khmer  POBox 1625, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 012 840625 Acting President / pilot (present)
Viseth Diep Khmer c/o Remy Ky / 012 833366 Acting Treasurer / non-pilot
Mr. Un Rithy Khmer Fax: 855 23 217769 / tel: 012864342 pilot
Rithi Tep Khmer Power Investment Group / 012 802839 / 012 804677 (present)
Be Phal Khmer c/o Remy Ky ATP pilot
Dominic Cardy
British / Canadian Program Manager, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs Phnom Penh  / 012 906 596 I imported my AirBorne Wizard 582 trike earlier this year, and have been happily flying since then, from a field near Phnom Penh. Thanks; please keep me up to date if the Club becomes more formalized.
Tea Ung Khmer in Montreal, Canada H.Phone: (514) 336 8294 
Office: (514) 2408065
Profession. Industrial Engineer & Pilot (PTL Lic.# 900974). As of today, I still have to complete my PTL training and different ratings or endorsements: Instructor & float. I have the intention of coming back to Cambodia in 2004 to set up Flying School. Note to Remi: I fly C-152, C-172 and Diamond D-20 Katana for my private training and Piper Sencal 310 for my commercial Training. Note to Prince Panya: I'll call you on your partner MP later on today.
Phillippe Lenain French 012 821320 Indochine Insurance / pilot
Prince Panya Souvanna Phouma Lao 012 909253 pr/mkting for Kep / pilot
Steve Nyirady & Aem USA Tel: 012 812212 Riverhouse / pilot
Tom Claytor USA  Bush Pilot 
Kevin Treloar NZ 016 814254 / 012735216. Helicopters / Flying Academy / Glen is current pilot // #10, 310 Street. / HF 8822 (30 flts per mos) //
Chanthol Sun Khmer c/o Kevin  66 1 6357677 in Thailand / non-pilot (present - Min of Transport)
Philipe Monnin French c/o Denis 
(knows Mr. Pok, SSCA) 012 767011
Ultralight on floats / taught Kevin (present)
Ken Merlet French Fax: 430204 // 012 806740 Ultralight on floats
David Cowled


David V Cowled
President SR Branch & Member:
Mobile: +855 12 726 758 855 + (0)12 726758
Paraglider pilot in Siem Reap (starting flying club near Angkor Wat) UPDATE -- Jan 2007 -- I am still in Siem Reap and haven’t been flying for a few years (unfortunately) but am about to restart though with some flying around Kom Pong Thom and Preah Vihear Province , easier for permission than Siem Reap area. I can be found most nights at the Balcony Café in downtown Siem Reap. Let me know about membership payments. Look forward to seeing you again if you pass through this way
Denis Leluc / NO French 012 808705 CAMS, OPS / student pilot
Florent Dewarren French 012 851197 SCA / student pilot (present)
Sebastien Sugier / NO French 855 23 890023 CAMS, security / "Ballast!"
Amelie Douay / NO French 012 732943 CAMS, HR / non-pilot
Elisabeth Fournel / NO French   CAMS / non-pilot
Kim Sovann Khmer   CAMS / non-pilot (present - Siem Reap OPS)
Saichon Pingsakul Thai 016 771135 / 016 777700 CATS, Director / air nav fees in Cambodia
Jean-Michel Khao ? c/o Ken 012 813776 Ultralight owner
Winston & Ruth Ussher Australian 012 879426 (9?) MAF / pilot
Anthony Sandford Australian? Mekong Airlines
I am very interested in joining the proposed flying club. I have worked off an on in Cambodia's aviation industry for the past 10 years. I am a licensed aircraft engineer by profession and I hold a current Australian PPL.
Wayn Tan Singapore 012 924680 Publicity / non-pilot
Pierre-Yves Clais French 012 959115 // 075 974051 Lodge des Terres Rouges, Ratanakiri / non-pilot (present)
Henri de Fraham Belgian   NGO / pilot
Denis Guillot Swiss c/o Ken Glider pilot
Claude Du Dinh Tan French BP1. PTT. Sihanoukville, Cambodia  012 824870  Scuba/ Paragliding in Sihanoukville
Bernard Babbot French Amanjaya Hotel, Phnom Penh pilot (present)
Bernard Loyer Canadian Siem Reap pilot / ULM quicksilver
Craig ?  Australia Living in East Timor pilot / C172 in Australia
Tommy ? German 012 765434 ?
Joseph Zucha  Private pilot and owner of Beech aircraft. Would like to base and ultralight amphibian in Sihanoukville
? Swiss c/o Claude Du Dinh Tan coming to Cambodia. Wants to set up flying.
Kwanlar Tumchandee ? ACM 012 821259 ?
Andy Ashley NZ 012 814500 Cambodia Helicopters / Siem Reap / pilot
Tim McLaurin ? c/o Winston Ussher Computers / age 18 / non-pilot
Robert Scott USA 012 862850 Security Business / pilot
David Teng     Tiger Beer / non-pilot
Jean-Yves Catry French Medicom, #22, St. 184, PoBox 2462, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia 012 804122 Pilot 
Matthieu J. Cognac   GRET - EMT
Phnom Penh, Cambodia    (855) (0)12 738016
I understood there was no flying school in Cambodia. Is there any now? If so, I would be VERY interested in obtaining more information / 
Denis Cahour Calarec c/o Prince Panya, Indochine Insurance: PoBox 808, 
No 55 Street 178, Phnom Penh.   012 979429
pilot / friend of Ken Merlet / Kep airport project
Souphaph Phonthaasa USA   817 8316404 Founder Lanxang insurance & financial services / PPL pilot
Yeow Meng Ng Singaporean   (65) 96863777 Founder of Pilot in Singapore and Malaysia, Johor Flying Club. Co-owner of Cheerokee 140 (PAID FOUNDING MEMBER $50 - Sep02)
Hana Zejdova Czech Republic   I am glider pilot-woman flying in Australia.
Chee Kian Koo Singaporean   interested in the club.
Max Levell British  44+1753683500 Trainee JAA ATPL pilot
Nick Doyle UK  I am a student pilot and something of a Cambodiaphile, having just got back from a trip over there, I was very interested to know more about flying training and flying employment opportunities in Cambodia. On arrival in Phnom Penh I was pleased to see that light aircraft were operating out of Pochentong, but I had no opportunity to explore this further. Any information you are able to provide would be very gratefully received!
Dominic William Cardy British / Canadian c/o NDI-Cambodia, #11B Street
308 Sangkat Tonle Bassak Khan, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, 
Cambodia  855-23-983-072
ultralight pilot / moving to Cambodia in November. (sending payment for membership by post)
HRH P. Sihariddh Norodom Khmer Royal Air Services Near Intercon Hotel.
Michele French Tall guy. Was Siem Reap. SCA. /
Jersey German   Caritas Aid - Afghanistan. Moving to Cambodia. Keen aviator.
Rev. Don Cutting USA  Minister / owns C172 / pilot
Mark Daniels USA  66 1 8834819 in Thailand Aeronautical Archaeologist / pilot (PAID MEMBER 2000 Baht - Aug02)
Richard Ries USA / Singapore FAA Safety Inspector / Founding Member of the Royal & Ancient Society of Bush Pilots
Archie Hall USA   Aviation Writer / FAA instructor pilot
Saburo Fukushima Japanese 66 1 8198722 in Thailand Thai Flying Club / pilot (PAID MEMBER $50 - Aug02)
Junji Kawakami Japanese 66 981 49575 in Thailand Thai Flying Club / non-pilot (PAID MEMBER $50 - Aug02)

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