Aeroclub du Cambodge

Articles of Association: Constitution and Bylaws



ARTICLE I:  General Information

Section 1:  The name of this association is “Cambodian Flying Club” or CFC.  The club will also be known as “Aeroclub du Cambodge” or “_________________________(in Khmer)”. (pending translation).

Section 2:  The headquarters of this club will be at ___________________________. (coming in due course).

Section 3:  The emblem or logo of this club is as shown above. (coming soon).


ARTICLE II:  Purpose and Objectives

Section 1:  The objectives of the CFC are:

A.     To form a non-political, private flying association that will provide members with a venue for discussion and sharing information about aviation related issues and to provide members with advice, assistance and information concerning general aviation and their personal flying.

B.     To promote, preserve and represent the interests of General Aviation in Cambodia  (General aviation is defined by the ICAO as all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and nonscheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire.)

C.     To promote the economy, safety, and use of general aviation aircraft for personal transportation for both business and non-business purposes, including recreation.

D.     To work with the national authorities to assist with the development of enlightened regulations, procedures, systems and facilities in the best interests of General aviation and the country of Cambodia.

E.      To promote tourism and to generate positive public relations that will elevate the international status of Cambodia through flying and aviation related activities and events.


ARTICLE III:  Membership

Section 1:  Any individual who has an interest in aviation can be accepted as a member of the Cambodian flying club.   Members must remain in good standing with international and local laws and national authorities, remain free from drug or alcohol abuse, be without a current criminal record and in good mental health.

Section 2:  Membership will be granted by the current Board of Directors and will be either as a Regular Member, Honorary Member or Patron.  Membership can be revoked by a decision of the Board of Directors based on section 1 above, or on other documented reasonable cause for dismissal.

Section 3:  Regular Membership will be for all members who pay the yearly membership fee as set by the Board of Directors.   Regular members are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting and are entitled to use CFC facilities as available.

Section 4:  Honorary Membership will be granted gratis to certain VIP individuals who will also have rights as Regular Members.

Section 5:  The CFC patron is a member as extended by invitation of the Board and will hold a position of honorary representative of the CFC.  The Patron will have no voting rights.


ARTICLE IV:  Officers and Board of Directors

Section 1:  The Officers will be CFC members in good standing and will be voted into office at the Annual General Meeting.  CFC Officers will consist of:

  1. President:  Responsible to oversee the management of the CFC and ensure the objectives of the CFC are being upheld.  The President will be the Chief Officer and will represent the CFC to all relevant agencies and government authorities.  The President will be chairman of the CFC Board and will hold such powers as the Board subscribes to him.
  2. Vice President:  Will assist the President and assume his duties and responsibilities during his absence.
  3. Treasurer:  Responsible for all financial issues relating to the CFC. 
  4. Secretary:  To document and organize club meetings and activities.
  5. Honorary Member:  To offer advice and representation for the CFC.

Section 2:  The Board of Directors will consist of the Club officers and is responsible for administration of the CFC and the facilitation of the CFC activities and responsibilities.  The Board will meet at least quarterly.


ARTICLE V:  Meetings

Section 1:  General Meeting - The General Meeting will be held once a year to elect the CFC Officers and to conduct other business as required.  Quorum at a General Meeting will be not less than ¼ of the Regular Members.  General Meeting resolutions need a simple majority to pass. 

Section 2:  Board Meetings - Board Meetings will be held at least bi-annually and more frequently as needed.   Board Meetings will be called by the CFC President and Administered by the CFC Secretary.  Quorum for the Board is 4/5 Board Members.   Board Resolutions are passed by a simple majority vote.

Section 3:  Member Meetings - Member Meetings can be called as needed by any member of the Board of Directors.   Member meetings are informal meetings that can be used for any purpose, including official discussions or simple social gatherings.   Items or resolutions proposed during member meetings will be brought to the next scheduled Board Meeting for discussion.

ARTICLE VI:   Finance

Section 1:  The income of the CFC will consist of yearly membership fees, donations, and sponsorships as available.

Section 2:  The budget of the CFC will be drawn up by the Treasurer and approved by the Board.   Any expenditure outside of the budget must be approved by the CFC President prior to remittance.  

Section 3:  The Treasurer will control all funds and will keep proper accounting records including a quarterly finance statement to be presented to the Board.


ARTICLE VII: Amendments

Section 1:  These bylaws may be altered by a majority vote at a duly called meeting of the members, provided that the Board of Directors shall have notified the membership at least 10 days in advance.