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This is the webpage on the progress of the Cambodia Flying Club - Aeroclub du Cambodge. This country has great potential for General Aviation. There are many enthusiastic Khmers and expatriates who are working hard to develop sport aviation in the country for pleasure. There are also a large number of airports scattered across Cambodia. The Department of Aviation has a clear book of regulations and a very positive attitude for flying and aviation safety. Royal Cambodia Flying Services has negotiated to waive the Air Navigation Fees for their fleet of small private aircraft in Cambodia. They have set up base in Phnom Penh, and they are now training students and conducting commercial flights in Cambodia. This is a great beginning for General Aviation in Cambodia. If you would like to fly in Cambodia, or if you have any questions -- Email CFC. Au Kun Jiran!

UPDATE - After a great start, the Government of Cambodia has made it impossible for the Flying Club to continue due to high navigation fees and too much bureaucracy. This means that pilots cannot train in Cambodia, so Cambodia will lose the money and the prestige of training their own pilots. It is now impossible to charter an aircraft to visit the different airports in Cambodia. Now, the only hope for General Aviation in Southeast Asia is in Malaysia and Thailand. If you would like to learn how to fly, go to Thailand -- -- For more information on General Aviation --

The Royal Cambodia Flying Services Fleet - May 2005
now closed - May 2011

Submitted by Luke (October 2005) - The flight school is now operating in Phnom Penh. General aviation in Cambodia is progressing. Cambodia's latest GA operator is Wild Aid who are a NGO monitoring forestry/wildlife using an R44. This brings a total of four GA operators here now (Royal Air Services, MAF, Helicopters Cambodia, Wild Aid). As for private GA there are a number of people now flying in Cambodia using a validation of their foreign license, and a number of people working towards obtaining their Cambodian Private Pilots License. These numbers look set to increase with the amount of enquiries we are getting. (a lot through the Cambodia Flying Club website thanks) As for Royal Air Services. I have a list of 11 students currently learning to fly. Of those one has been solo and clocked up quite a few hours on his own, there are  3 more who should go solo in the coming month or two. Introductory flights have been popular for people interested in learning to fly, those who would just like to have a go at flying an aircraft, and also a few as gifts from others. We have done quite a number of charter flights. Phnom Penh-Siem Reap and Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville seem popular. Have covered the majority of airports here now on various charter flights including standard A-B passenger flights, photography and aerial observation. Our latest project is getting a regular domestic service operating here which if all goes to plan will begin operating early next year.
Introducing Simon (June 2010) - Have a look at
Cambodian Civil Aircraft Register -

Early Dreams of a Flying Club in Cambodia - December 2002

Map of Cambodia

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