Name: Chiang Khong Airport
Coordinates: 20*11' N x 100*24' E
Runway Heading: 18/36 (approximately)
Length: 700 m (measured by Tom)
Surface: Laterite and Grass
Slope: none
Elevation: ??'
Obstructions: 1 tree on the South end of the runway / wires on the North end
Location: Far North Tip of Thailand bordering the Mekong River / on the West side of the road
Activities: Not used / Inspected by Tom (May09): Overgrown with grass with Concrete poles lying on the Western edge of the strip. Length measured at 700 meters /
Contact Information:
Other links: For additional information: DOA Aeronautical Information Service, Tung Mahamek, Bangkok 10120, Thailand -- tel: 02 256 0922 // 02 286 0922 // fax: 02 287 4060 // AFTN: VTBAYOYX.
Map of Airstrip:

Airstrip looking North

Looking North - Looking South - Tree on Southern end of strip (June 2009)