Aircraft Insurance in Thailand

The Thailand Department of Civil Aviation requires a minimum of 12.5 million Baht 3rd party Liability Insurance for Private Thai Registered Aircraft in Thailand (10 million Baht 3rd party Liability for Experimental Aircraft and 15 million Baht Liability for Light Commercial Aircraft). Note - Please confirm these details directly with the Department of Civil Aviation in case they change.

Many Aircraft owners in Thailand have been searching for alternative sources for Aircraft Hull and Liability Insurance.

Grimme Butcher Jones is a registered Lloyds Broker in London, England. They are specialist aviation brokers. Roger Ogden is their local agent based in Thailand. If you have an aircraft and are looking for insurance, it may be in your interest to request a quote from them. They deal directly with Lloyds in London, and they may be cheaper than your current insurance providers. It doesn't hurt to get a quote from them to compare to your current insurance quotation.

1. Fill out the Aircraft Insurance Questionnaire.

2. Email the completed Questionnaire to Khun Pui.

3. You will then receive an insurance quote by email.